Can You Hear the Planet Roaring?

Are we ready??

In what has felt like the longest summer on record, there have been a few festivals here and there, but this week feels like the starting point for the Duran Duran tour for Paper Gods. It is getting to the point where I am needing to refer to the events calendar (have you checked it out yet?) on a daily basis to know what is going on…and I like it that way.

We’ve been so busy, both with the blog as well as adjusting back to our normal “school-year” lives, that we forgot to do a review this past week…and no, we don’t need reminding that in a matter of days, Amanda and I will be together again for another Duran Duran tour. This time, we’ll cover about 1,000 miles in about four days, driving up and down the state of California to attend shows at the Hollywood Bowl, the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, and back down to Agua Caliente. Only three shows this time, but it’s just a taster for what we’re hoping will be a longer tour (for us) next year.

We’re crossing our fingers that the bands tour schedule for 2016 allows for us to do shows during our spring break, which is in the latter part of March this school year…or…that they wait until early summer to properly tour the US. Or…that we find ourselves winning the lottery and able to travel abroad again.  (dreams are still free!)

It feels like forever since Amanda and I were last together for a series of shows – this past April aside because it was only one show, three songs at that – and even longer since we last really mused over the possibilities for a set list. We can’t wait to hear some of the new music live and see the band in front of us. For many of you, the Duran Duran tour begins TONIGHT with a special show at Terminal 5 in New York City!!

As always, if you’re seeing the show tonight, or are going to be at ANY of the upcoming shows and/or appearances and want to write-up something for Daily Duranie – we will happily publish and credit the writer.  Even if you have photos and want to do a photo layout – we can certainly work with that. Contact us at our gmail (dailyduranie(at)gmail(dot)com), and let us know.  Amanda and I cannot possibly be everywhere, and yet we want to cover as much as possible, so we need help.

Before I forget, I want to thank everyone for the blog’s “birthday” greetings.  My husband has asked why we call it a birthday instead of an anniversary. That’s a good question. I suppose that at least to me, this blog really is like a child.  Amanda and I have created, nurtured and watched it grow. It seems strange to just call it an anniversary – because it’s really become its own entity at this point. Besides, a birthday feels much more like a reason for a party!

Yesterday, as I was watching some of the more recent videos we included in our birthday playlist (which is still online at YouTube), I had a bit of a “moment”.  It occurred to me that at the inception of the blog back in 2010, we were anxiously awaiting All You Need is Now.  Here we are, five years in, and now we’re writing about Paper Gods. We have come full circle, preparing ourselves for another series of shows and touring ahead. I did take a minute to marvel that not only are Amanda and I still writing, but we trust one another now more than ever, and this little blog of ours has grown by leaps and bounds. I really never thought we’d last this long, and I am extremely proud of what this crazy idea has become.

With that, I need to start my school day…and I’m sure those of you going to Terminal 5 tonight are getting very anxious to see the band. I can’t wait to hear all about the show.

The coming weeks are what we’ve all been waiting for, and now that they’re here, I can’t wait to get this party started!


2 thoughts on “Can You Hear the Planet Roaring?”

  1. Terminal 5 was great. SO happy they played “Paper Gods.” Really wished they played more material from the new album (I love it and my kids love it). Great version of View to a Kill. Can’t stand when the play White Lines. Precious concert real estate wasted on a cover song. They also played “Too Much Information.” Would have rather heard at least one song from AYNIN. But still, great show. Band seemed to be really enjoying themselves. They also played “Dancephobia.” What a silly, silly song.

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