Can’t We Just Love Them All?

I touched on the whole guitarist debate yesterday, and I realized I had something else to write.

Why does it really matter? What is it about Andy, Warren and now Dom that makes all of us feel the need to debate their worthiness?

Let’s face it, Andy was with the band during much of their climb to the top. He helped write many of the songs we continue to hear on the radio, and in their live shows. There’s no denying any of that, and I don’t think anyone is trying to rewrite that history. However, there’s also no debate that Andy has left the band at this point. He did his job, and from everything that I can see, it would appear that he’s happy to remain outside of Duran Duran.

On the other hand, Warren took up where Andy left off.  While Andy was chasing a solo career, Warren made himself available and willing. He wrote a lot of the music that many love most, and at least two of the songs that are still played most on the radio. No one is trying to rewrite THAT history, either. However he too is no longer in the band at this point, regardless of how that happened.

Lastly, there is Dom, who is not a band member in the same respect as the other two. He began as a studio musician, a hired “gun”, so to speak, standing in for Andy while he was sick. Then again as Andy was away due to his father’s death, and carried on after he quit. He has been given writing credit on a few of the band’s albums in the years since, and while many have settled in with his presence onstage, still others choose to ignore what they cannot accept.

After a lot of needless, useless time spent defending Dom over the years – he doesn’t need defending – I realized that it doesn’t matter.

IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER  (although sometimes I still forget)

Andy and Warren are ex-bandmembers. They no longer play with Duran Duran, no matter how amazing they were. There’s no debate there, even though I know that some fans are intent on having one.   Even if Dom weren’t with the band, it would still be someone else other than Andy or Warren playing guitar, and we would still be hearing that they aren’t as good as <fill in the blank here for whatever the reason>.

It is a pretty unfair battle when you think about it. Can’t we just love them all?



8 thoughts on “Can’t We Just Love Them All?”

  1. I think maybe some of us just loved the contributions of Andy and, in my case, Warren, so much that it made us a little closed-minded. I have the video of one of the Big Thing concerts and while I am a Nick girl, Warren just exuded sex appeal and magnetism. A powerful combination when coupled with his fearless talent. I took time warming up to Dom. Why? I don’t know. He is clearly competent.And reading your posts and love of him did make me look closer at him. My appreciation grew. And then the December show at the Cosmopolitan sealed it. The man was on fire,and just owned the music. Even that which he did not write.I am glad I did not close my mind to him, but it did take your friendly pushing to make me really embrace Dom.Maybe the band like him too much to make him a member. They have a dynamic from knowing each other as very young men and it might be better to spare Dom all of that.

    1. I have to chuckle at the comment, “Maybe the band like him too much to make him a member.” LOL That could very well be the case!


  2. I personally feel that each one has given all their best in Duran Duran. Andy, Warren,and Dom. I find it a pity to make comments. This is there job, and I have to say, they do it very well.

  3. I am soooo sick of the guitarist debate: it is not a question of being unable to love them all. The question is: can we listen to each of their song without thinking of who plays the guitar on?
    Let’s wrap it up fans, please, we are getting ridiculous, also within the rest of non-DD fans.
    Let’s enjoy the music, let’s stop marking the differences on the guitars on any song we hear.

  4. I think there is a huge difference between politely discussing the different guitarists and drummers and going off on a rant. I welcome discussion because it can clarify or illuminate something.each of them has their own passions and bring it into the performance.The first time I watched Dom perform I was impressed at how clean his notes were. Brought a new dimension to a well loved song.A better dimension? I’m not saying that. A new flavor. I will not stop marking the differences on the guitars on the songs as I enjoy the contrast. On that note, I loved MNDR at my first concert.She was keeping it on point, but on You Tube I caught one in which it seemed she was relaxing into it and playing a little.NOT comparing her to Nick, but appreciating her work.

    1. Hi Lyria,

      I don’t think I responded – it’s been so busy at my house lately. I agree, there is a huge difference between polite discussions and a rant. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, suffice to say that I love talking about music with people who know and understand music, and that’s always welcome. Some of what I was referring to in my blog (much of it, actually), is something quite different.

      I saw MNDR during the Paper Gods tour as she filled in for Nick. I will never stop applauding for her performances because she stepped in and did extremely well for Nick, which I very much appreciated. I am not saying she should take his place (impossible!), but I am saying that I very much appreciated her hard work and tenacity. Both Amanda and I felt that way then, and we still do now. -R

  5. Can you just imagine the feelings MNDR might have had when Nick approached her about filling in? I’d think it was a thrill, an honor, and perhaps a little frisson of fear. Nick is so beloved. Was she worried about acceptance? I’d love to read an article by her with her experiences on tour with Duran.

    1. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine what it must have felt like to have Nick ask her to fill in. Amanda and I tried very hard to champion her on that tour, because with out her, there would have been no shows. I thought she was outstanding, and I’m so grateful to her. I hope that tour was the ride of a lifetime for her, too! -R

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