Careless Memories…for a price.

Due to technical difficulties…the review we had planned for today will not run. Instead we bring you the following piece of news from Duran Duran and Denis O’Regan.

This sounds like a wonderful collection and something to treasure.. take heed, my fellow Duranies…to own this book, it’s gonna cost ya. A lot. $400 USD for the least expensive book option. I am certain some will happily pony up the cash, and that’s great. I need to put my kids through college and be able to retire at some point, to be blunt!

And I’ll follow this up with an additional item: Durandy (Andrew Golub) has come out with his own coffee table format book of Duran concert posters…full color, and done with all the love and care in the world because he’s a fellow fan, and while I do not know the full price, I am willing to bet my own poster collection that it’s less than this. I’m working on editing an interview I just did with him via email that will be up on the blog next week.  Andy is a fascinating person who has put so much effort and time into maintaining his archival collection of Duran Duran ephemera – I can’t wait to share the interview with our readers.  Watch this space!

See original press release here. 
November 21st, 2013  

Duran Duran and photographer Denis O’Regan release new coffee table book: ‘Careless Memories’
On December 15th 2013 Intense Books will publish Duran Duran’s ‘Careless Memories’, a limited edition coffee table book by photographer Denis O’Regan, documenting the band’s record breaking 1984 ‘Sing Blue Silver’ tour. Containing hundreds of exquisitely restored, previously unseen photographs, taken mostly during the North American and Japanese legs of the band’s tour, ‘Careless Memories’ provides an unparalleled visual history of Duran Duran’s ascent to the top, with a commentary from the band members themselves.
Priced from £250, each special edition ‘Careless Memories’ large format, hard cover book (373mm x 249mm) will be bound in cloth, and will contain 200 pages of both colour and black and white images. The deluxe edition (priced from £500), will be signed by all five original band members, and is delivered in a cloth-bound presentation box that will also contain limited edition, signed photographic prints, published by Off Beat. Five Unique Editions of the book (priced at £2500) will also be made available, containing contemporary fine art prints and 1984 vintage prints, together with handwritten lyrics of one of the band’s classic hits by Simon Le Bon.
A selection of photographs from the book will be on display at a dedicated pop-up store, at 15 Foubert’s Place, off Carnaby Street, in Central London, (not far from the band’s original 1984 office) from November 20th to December 6th. The night before the exhibition closes, members of Duran Duran, Denis O’Regan and Intense will host a launch event for ‘Careless Memories’, with the proceeds of a silent auction that will run throughout the life of the exhibition, going to the Ace Africa charity.
Speaking from their studio in London, where they are working on a new album, keyboardist Nick Rhodes said “There was a growing sense of achievement as we got further into the tour – we were winning over the audiences and the reception we received was astonishing every night. As we traveled from city to city, it almost felt as though we were on a political campaign trail, but having an awful lot more fun. It was undoubtedly the ’84 tour that sealed our reputation in America, and as it drew to a close, I think we all knew that it was never going to be the same again.
“We chose Denis to accompany us on tour based upon his work and his reputation. He was one of a small elite group of rock photographers who really knew how to shoot a live show properly. We had seen the stunning results he achieved with other artists and wanted him to do the same for us. It helped enormously that his personality fitted in so well too, we laughed a lot together. If you weren’t able to keep up with the constant humour we survived on, you really didn’t stand a chance. Denis rose to the occasion admirably!”
Lead singer, Simon Le Bon added: “Photography has been massively important to us throughout our career, as it enabled us to maintain a worldwide presence while we were on tour. Denis’s photographs provide a wonderful document from that period.”
1984 was a particularly exciting year for Duran Duran, as this was when they really conquered the US market, playing their first arena tour amidst the kind of mass hysteria from their fans that hadn’t been witnessed since the Beatles had first set foot on American soil, some twenty years earlier. They were touring in support of their third studio album ‘Seven and the Ragged Tiger”, which spawned a series of hits, including their first international #1, ‘The Reflex’. It was a year in which they won two Grammys, graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine (who donned them ‘The Fab Five), and played to more than three quarters of a million people in less than five months. With MTV now a powerful promotional vehicle for bands such as Duran Duran, who had been quick to embrace the medium, the stage was set for the five boys from Birmingham to become what appeared to be an overnight global sensation. In actual fact, this period followed five intense, non-stop years of hard work, as the band toured the world, breaking territory after territory.
Photographer Denis O’Regan exclusively captured Duran Duran’s Sing Blue Silver tour, joining the band in France, where they were filming the video for their single ‘New Moon On Monday’, and staying with them until the end of the run, covering their Japanese and North American dates, as well as a number of other European shows and promotional appearances. His unprecedented access to the band gives the ‘Careless Memories’ book a never-before-seen insight into the lives of Simon, Nick, John, Roger and Andy as they won hearts around the world. It documents the excitement of the shows, the hysteria and mayhem that surrounded them, and the tedium of life on the road as they became prisoners of their own success.
Denis O’Regan has toured the world as official photographer to David Bowie, Queen, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Spandau Ballet. He was the official photographer at Live Aid, and continued that tradition as official photographer at the Concert For Diana, MTV European Music Awards, and most recently Download, Coachella and Glastonbury festivals.
‘Careless Memories’ will be available for pre-order at
The ‘Careless Memories’ exhibition runs from November 20th to December 6th.

12 thoughts on “Careless Memories…for a price.”

  1. I was not nearly as kind as you in your post. In my blog, I pretty much asked if they were all smoking crack. I tweeted to @duranduran and THE WRONG Denis O'Regan. I told them both to kiss my white Irish a$$, and was immediately retweeted by the wrong Denis O'Regan. Luckily he took it well and it made him laugh.

  2. I love that you tweeted the wrong Denis O'Regan. LOL 😀 I have days like that. Like the day that I had written the entire review for (I'm Looking for) Cracks in the Pavement only to go back the next morning and see that the entire thing…well, *my* portion anyway, was completely gone. Gone. Erased. Buh-bye.

    That was this morning. After I'd already forgotten to set the alarm and woke up 45 minutes late, only to see that my son – who was due to leave for school with his dad and sister, hadn't yet gotten up and didn't have a lunch made. It's raining today in So CA, which normally would make me absolutely thrilled, but today I'm accompanying my daughter's kindergarten class on their very first field trip. 33 kindergarteners dressed in their finest (they had to dress up) to go to a high school play…tromping through puddles. This is gonna be FABULOUS.

    And about that book… it's grossly priced. I've already seen that people are trying to buy it though…and then they wonder why things like this continue to cost so much. Well gee… It's because we'll pay it. Every. Single. Time.

    Not this girl. No way. -R

  3. That price is just insane. As I already said elsewhere, for that price I'll take a pass. If I am feeling nostalgic, I'll go to my dad's attic to find the copy of Sing Blue Silver that's up there someplace! There is just no way would I spend that kind of money on a book, could justify spending that kind of money on a book, no matter how badly might want it. Too many other places that I could put that kind of $$$ to good use. I am sure there will be people who will buy it though, and it will sell out. I won't be one of them though. I'd love to know what their rational was for setting the price, but I guess we'll never know!


  4. if that book was price at $200, i'd be on it. i love the photos Denis O'Regan took during that time but i don't $400 love them. it makes me angry that they're pricing it so high but i guess they do have studio time to pay for. i'm just not going to help them.

  5. The idea of a super deluxe edition of this book is great. It's just too bad it didn't occur to anyone to also make a regular edition that is affordable to most fans. If I should have a spare couple hundred dollars to spend on this band, it's going straight into the ticket & tour fund 🙂

  6. Oh, have NO doubt Lori, people will buy it, and it will sell out. There are a lot of fans out there who have the money to spend or aren't afraid to put themselves into debt to get it. I'm just not one of them. -R

  7. More than my mortgage & car payment combined, lol. For $2000 Simon better hand write some lyrics on my…. (I'll leave it up to the imagination! hahaha)

  8. My next purchase is the Steve Malin's unauthorized biography “Notorious”. Steve's e-book on Kobo is 12 Euro.
    I find it an interesting reading: it is amazing how journalists can “build up” a celeb's public life thru the interviews they released.
    There is a similar-made biography on Freddie Mercury that encouraged me to search for Steve Malin's book on Kobo.

  9. Sometime, Rhonda and I should blog about that book. While it might be a good read for fans who are missing a lot of information on the band, we found the book to be…disappointing. He just seemed to summarize other articles, which doesn't make a quality read.


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