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Today in Duran History – Power Station in Philadelphia and Girl Panic in Durham

On today’s date in 1985, Power Station played at Spectrum in Philadelphia. 

Also on this date, but in the year 2012, Duran Duran played at the Durham Performing Arts Center in none other than Durham, North Carolina!  This, my friends…was a great show, and the night began with a fantastic meet up at the West End Wine Bar just a couple of blocks away from DPAC in Durham.  Approximately 100 Duran fans came to the meet-up before the show and began the party with Stolen Leopards (a Duran-inspired drink created for that evening by the bar), mingling, and even a little Duran in the background and on TV screens over the bar as an appetizer for what was to come later.  It was a great time, and we continue to thank Karen Booth and Kim Buchanan for helping us organize and plan such a great meet-up.  Let’s do it again!!!  -R

Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC
Pre-show meet-up Durham NC



Today in Duran History – Verona, Italy

On today’s date in 2012, Duran Duran played at Verona Arena in Italy.  This date was of course part of the most recent All You Need is Now World tour.  Oddly, this is one of the very few dates in the tour archive on that does NOT have a setlist or tour notes included.  My failing memory doesn’t allow for me to remember if this was a special show or if something bizarre happened that might account, so if you happen to have been there or remember the night, feel free to comment!

I found a clip of Mediterranea from that show to share:




Today in Duran History – Argentina

On today’s date just a mere two years ago, Duran Duran played at Luna Park in Argentina.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but even though I know this was just two years ago at this point – it seems like so long ago now.  While I might be ready to consider the idea of going to some shows again, I suspect that the band has other plans given that there’s no end date in sight for the new album to be released…may as well get comfortable in those easy-chairs, I suppose!  🙂


How Many Shows of the All You Need Is Now Tour (Feb. 11, 2011 to August 24, 2012) Did You See?

I am continuing in my quest to find out about Duran Duran fans and their touring experiences.  First, I asked about what year people first saw Duran.  Then, I asked which tour people first saw Duran.  Now, I will break it down into specific tours.  People wondered which tour was most popular.  This is my attempt to figure that out.  Thus, I am curious how many shows people went to during the All You Need Is Now Tour, which lasted from February 11, 2011 to August 24, 2012. Please note, I’m not trying to make this a competition or show that some fans are better/bigger than others.  This is part of the reason I created a poll.  All you need to do is indicate how many shows you went to on this poll.

Today’s Date in Duran History – Perth 2012

It is hard to believe that two years ago, we were reading postcards from the band while they were touring Australia in support of All You Need is Now.  I can remember seeing pictures of band members basking in the sun on a boat and having “such a rough time” touring.  Because it’s really hard having to remember to put on sunscreen and enjoy the day on the water, you know.  It’s HARD to be a rock star, right??  That just seems like it happened a few weeks back, not two years!

Where does the time really go?!?  On this date in 2012, they were in Perth, playing in Swan Valley.  Who was there??


You Come on Delicate and Fine

Yesterday, Duranland celebrated an anniversary.  It was the second anniversary of the physical release of the album, All You Need Is Now.  As soon as this became a topic around social networking, I immediately began thinking about everything that happened, everything I experienced related to this album.  As I tweeted to Duran’s twitter, in some ways, the release of the album felt like yesterday and, in other ways, it felt like it has been in existence forever.  Certainly, since the album was released, the band has been through quite a lot.  On a personal level, I, too, feel like I have been through quite a lot. 

Thinking back to the Duran universe before AYNIN was released, I remember the usual excitement over an album release but I also remember an underlying nervousness.  After all, the band’s previous release, Red Carpet Massacre, created quite a divide within the fanbase.  Some fans loved it and others hated it and all that it represented.  I think it is safe to say that many fans were anxious to put that chapter behind us, if it meant that the fan community could come together in celebration over Duran music once again.  For many fans, RCM felt like Duran had turned their back on who they are and what their music should be like, for whatever reason.  On top of that, they seemed as far away from the fans, emotionally, as possible.  Their paid fan community in DDM was shrinking rapidly and there was no interaction with fans online from the band.  It seemed to me that Duranland was not the happy place, for many fans, during the RCM era.  Perhaps, it wasn’t a happy place for the band, either.  Out of this, AYNIN came about.  For many of us, Mark Ronson was the perfect producer as he not only was a fan but knew how to get the best out of the band.  As more and more of the music came to light, many fans seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.  It was, indeed, save to return to the fold.  It was safe to be a Duran fan once again.  Then, by the end of 2010, the band was reaching out to make connections with fans in ways that I never thought they would by appearing on twitter and facebook.  The release of the album, in many ways and for many fans, felt like the dawning of a new day.  The clouds had moved on and the sun was shining brightly on all of us. 

Then, of course, there were lots of wonderfully fabulous moments, including amazing shows, a live DVD documenting the tour, the Unstaged performance on youtube, playing at the Olympics, and so forth.  Yet, it wasn’t always a smooth ride, especially when Simon lost his ability to reach all notes and shows had to be canceled or when Nick got sick at the end of the last leg of the tour.  Those moments were tough as many worried that the end of Duran was near.  Of course, these challenges, in the end, perhaps, taught us all the real meaning of “all you need is now”.  We were reminded to “stay with the music” and to “let it play a little longer”.  Many of us adopted this philosophy as we decided our tour plans and opted to embrace the now and to live without regret.  Thus, for many within the fandom, this era represented a new beginning as the fans felt loved and connected with a band making some of the best music in decades.  This feeling was so strong that it was able to endure those long, challenging months when the future of Duran’s career and Simon’s, in particular, were in question. 

Was my story surrounding AYNIN similar to most in the fandom? In many ways, it was!  The blog began in September 2010, a few months before both the digital release and the physical release of the album.  The album, obviously, gave us plenty to talk about.  Now, that we have started talking, I don’t see an end in sight.  I won’t lie.  Like many in the fan community, I felt this sense of renewal with the album and was thrilled that I had this place to express it.  Duran Duran was back, I believed, with every fiber in my being as soon as I heard it.  On top of that, I was motivated to take any and all opportunities to embrace the now.  What this meant, of course, is that I did as many shows as I could over the course of the AYNIN tour.  I even traveled to the UK twice!  Looking back, to the shows, I don’t regret one single moment.  I don’t even regret the first trip to the UK when we all found out that Simon was unable to perform.  In many ways, that trip solidified, strengthened, reinforced my love for the band as I truly knew how much they meant to me when I had to face a possible end.  Then, of course, the return trip, the one filled with shows, was a dream.  It was the best tour I could have imagined with amazing performances and meeting and getting to know so many new friends.  That’s truly the other piece to the past two years since AYNIN came out.  This album, the tour that followed and their social networking presence brought me in touch with so many new people, so many fabulous people.  I have friends now that I didn’t have two years ago.  With every new friend I have because of the band, I thank them.  I thanked them a lot in the last couple of years.  Of course, since starting the blog and since AYNIN, my friendship with Rhonda remains as strong as ever.  We faced this whole period of time together as best friends, as “business” partners of sorts and as fellow fans. 

Truly, my feelings of love toward the band has never been higher than they were during this era of All You Need is Now, which is truly saying something as there were other times that I thought would never be beat.  Those Astronaut shows of 2005 were pretty amazing.  Yet, I now realize that those were just the warm up for what I, what we all experienced since the very end of 2010.  I know that I will always look back with fondness on this era in Duran history and in my history as a Duranie.  At the same time, my hope, my belief that the next era will be just as special, if not more so, remains strong.  After all, I learned the lesson of AYNIN well.  I learned that the now really does matter the most.


Year End Katy Kafes

What does a Duranie do when moving off the couch seems like a lot of work due to being ill?  This one listens to the year end Katy Kafes on  Katy Kafes are one of the true privileges of being a member of DDM, I suppose.  Although, highlights from each of them were posted on as each of the members wished Katy and the fan community a happy holiday season.  This blog will attempt to summarize the important or not-so-important points of each of them and give a brief review because that is what we do here, people! 

I listened in order of how they were listed on the page.  I might assume that they were recorded in that same order, but I really have no idea.  In fact, the only one a definite date is known for is John’s, which was after his last book signing, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  In the beginning of the Kafe, Simon needed a refresher on what actually took place during 2012.  At first, I was critical of that until I realized that I had to think about what Duran did this year, too!  I could blame the bad head cold for my lack of memory, but it is probably just old age setting in.  Then, Simon discussed touring and some of the dates that were highlights for him.  Some of the shows he mentioned were the Switzerland date in January, Dubai, Latin America, Greece, Exit Festival in Serbia, Italy, France, the Olympics, and the US.  The part of that discussion that I really enjoyed hearing were the stories he told.  For example, he talked about skiing with Yasmin and Amber in Switzerland or how he hurt his knee in Latin America.  That is a lot more interesting to me than a list of fabulous dates.  When it came to the US dates, he talked about disappointing it was to Nick and the fans that the last of the dates had to be canceled.  He talked about he went ahead to Atlantic City and mingled with the fans.  Some of those fans were angry, which he felt was “inappropriate”.  I assume here that they were angry with Nick and/or the band rather than angry at the situation.  If that is true, I have to agree with him.  It wasn’t like Nick could control his health.  Sickness happens.  I know.  Outside of touring, he talked about Nick’s 50th birthday surprise with artwork from guests and other invited people.  He also discussed how he is enjoying his time off and being able to spend time sailing, being with the family, and being able to travel to India.  He also hopes a new Simon’s Reader will be coming soon.

Like Simon’s Kafe, Nick began by discussing the tour and specific shows or places that were real highlights.  Some of Nick’s were South America, Exit Festival in Serbia, the Olympics, and the US.  He moved on to some of his traveling highlights, which included a few days in San Francisco where he enjoyed numerous art shows, including people like Cindy Sherman and Man Ray.  As someone who enjoys arts and art museums, I loved hearing about these shows.  I, too, would love to see the Cindy Sherman show, in particular.  Nick recommended looking online for some of these shows even if one is unable to travel to attend in person.  Good advice.  He also took the time to talk about Second Life and how those who are left have created and maintain a creative community.  I will have to take his word for it because it isn’t any place I go and spend time in.  He did say that he hoped to pop in before the end of the year, which is rapidly approaching.  Heads up, then, to all of you who do participate in Second Life!  A Kafe with Nick wouldn’t be normal if there was no discussion of movies.  He mentioned how he wants to see Lincoln (he totally should as I cannot recommend it enough) and Hitchcock but he did enjoy the latest Bond and the latest Tim Burton films.  Travel was part of his Kafe as well since he took a holiday to Bali, which doesn’t scream Nick Rhodes to me but cool.  He, apparently, wore shorts.  Other highlights for him for 2012 included visiting the Rio boat and his 50th Birthday Bash. 

Roger’s Kafe began with a discussion on weather, snow, and children’s first snowfall as both Katy and Roger have young children.  This made me giggle since we have had so much snow here.  I have to admit that I still feel like a kid with the first season’s snowfall and this year was no exception.  Roger did not talk about many specific shows on tour when he began discussing his highlights for the year.  He did mention the Olympics and how big it was, especially since his whole family was there, watching.  The other show he said was Rome.  Now that the tour is over, he is glad to be home and spending time with his family.  He does look forward to going back into the studio with Mark Ronson in March and figures that he might be itching to get out on the road by summer.  Hmm…Outside of Duran, he has been DJing some, including with his son, James, which is good because James brings a different kind of taste in music.  He hopes to get to South America to DJ in maybe January.  There was a visit to Peru to visit family as well as a trip to Miami for vacation.  The other highlight that Roger mentioned was John’s book, which I thought was very nice and thoughtful of him.  He said that he thought the book was lovely and that John was lovely.  He is pleased that it did so well and that he is very happy for him.  🙂

John’s Kafe was a little different from the rest as he had not only the band stuff to talk about but the book stuff as well.  He said that he thought it was a good year for the band.  Some highlights were the Olympics and the Exit Festival.  It wasn’t always easy, though, as he did feel overworked with both touring and writing the book.  Once the book was written, though, it was fun to put it together, pick out pictures and get ready to promote it.  This surprised the publishers who really only wanted him to go to London and New York.  John said that the Duran team had to fight for every city.  As for expectations, he tried not to have any as he had no idea how it would sell or how the fans would react.  Obviously, the results have been very satisfying and the in-person readings and signings have been great.  He is excited that it is getting translated into other languages.  That said, he is ready for a break.  In fact, he would find himself grumbling that the rest of the band had been on a break and that he needed his, too.  I can completely relate to this as I often find myself diving from one project to another without any real break.  He plans to spend his holiday in England and has a trip coming up, but didn’t say where.  He looks forward to getting back in the studio with Mark Ronson and thinks that they can build on what they did with All You Need Is Now, which sounds wonderful to my ears!!!  He hopes it will be out in early 2014.  At the end, he stated how this felt like a very successful year as many connections were made, which I have to agree.

I always enjoy listening to these.  I feel like you can always gain an insight into the band members by what they say and I often feel like they can give subtle hints about what is happening behind the scenes.  This time, though, I didn’t sense any of that, which is a bummer. I am also bummed that they don’t give Dom a chance to do a Katy Kafe about his year.  I am looking forward to March when they get back into the studio.  Will Roger be right that they will be ready to hit the road by summer?  Will John’s prediction of early 2014 be off by 6 months?  A year?  Three?  I kid.  I only tease because I love.  I would obviously love the album by then and I would love dates by summer.  Who wouldn’t?!  To summarize, 2012 was a year of touring for the band.  They also traveled both on tour and on their own.  They spent time with their families and paid attention to art shows, books, and movies.  That wouldn’t be a bad year for any of us!  Now, I’m looking forward to 2013 and it sounds like they are, too!


Withdrawal Symptoms

I woke up this morning sick to my stomach.  The symptoms clearly said it was some sort of flu with nausea, stomach craps, alternating between chills and sweating and exhaustion.  Of course, I posted my illness on my personal facebook while I called the campaign I’m working for to tell them that I needed someone to cover me at today’s canvass.  The consensus on facebook was that I had been pushing myself too much and that a day off would do me good.  While it could be a virus or a virus that was able to hit due to working so much, I suspect that there might be something else going on.  I was able to put it together after receiving an email from Rhonda and seeing her facebook status.  She, too, has been battling illness this week and experienced insomnia last night.  My sleep has been awful lately as well.  Now, we don’t live near each other.  I’m in Wisconsin and she’s in California.  There is no way that we have the same virus or do we?!?

Today is September 22nd.  Where were we one month ago?  We were in Portsmouth, Virginia, going to our final show of the All You Need is Now tour.  This was the last show for probably years and we both were well aware of that on that day.  Strangely enough, I also had a weird dream last night in my very restless sleep.  The location of this weird dream:  Portsmouth, Virginia.  When I woke up this morning, I thought it was a strange location to dream about since we weren’t there very long and it wasn’t the most memorable location or show of the tour.  Yet, my subconscious was thinking about it.  Clearly.  In this dream, I had to get to a show.  I was in a rush to get there but I kept running into roadblocks, both literally and figuratively.  Traffic was a nightmare in my dream as was road construction.  I only had a few hours to get there, to the show.  Rhonda, too, was struggling to get there.  I assumed that she wasn’t going to make it.  I found myself slowly accepting the fact that we weren’t going to make it on time for the show.  In fact, I decided I wasn’t even going to see Rhonda.  I tried to accept it.  At the last minute, Rhonda showed up in what I assumed was a hotel room.  The last thing I remember saying to her was, “We might make it but it isn’t going to be easy.”  When I woke up, I thought I was talking about making that show and maybe I was.  Now, though, I think it is bigger than that. 

This dream connected with my symptoms, Rhonda’s symptoms and today’s date only means one thing.  We are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Yes, this means that we are addicted.  We are Duranaholics.  I am standing up as I type this and admitting it.  My name is Amanda and I’m a Duranaholic.  Clearly, now I know that this addiction isn’t just mental but physical as well.  Now that I have taken the first step and am not longer trying to deny this addiction, what do I do?  Do I try and break the addiction?  If so, this means I have to continue through this detox and, frankly, I have no choice as there is no time with the band in my future.  Although, I keep hoping, despite all evidence that it won’t happen, for at least, a tiny fix with a John Taylor signing in…say…Chicago.  Okay.  *deep breath*  So, I must continue through detox.  Then what?  Meetings?  Do they have to be in person meetings or can twitter and facebook be enough?  I know that there are many Duranies in the Madison area or within driving distance.  Should I organize DA (Duranaholics Anonymous) meetings?  What if I’m the only addict?  Yes, many people may be able to enjoy Duran in small quantities and might be able to really control their usage.  Do you think that they would be able to encourage my change in lifestyle or will they be enablers by showing Duran clips or playing Duran music?  Then, there is the issue of Rhonda.  Will she walk this path with me or will she continue to use? 

Of course, I could just decide to keep using.  Maybe I can do enough Duran like to keep the mental and physical suffering away for the most part.  What should I do?  Which path should I choose?  How do I survive until the next fix?  How are the rest of you surviving without Duranlive?! 


P.S.  I do truly understand that real addiction is a disease that should be taken seriously.  I was only comparing fandom to real addictions for fun.  No offense was meant.  I promise.  🙂

Taking Off Makes Motion Sickness

I hope everyone has been appreciating the John Taylor lyrics as blog titles for the last few days.  I just can’t seem to stop focusing on that bass player guy for some reason.  It’s bad and I don’t even have the book yet.  *Deep sigh*.  I did note an article yesterday that featured John but had much more of a focus on Nick, his illness and the band as a whole.  The article was featured in the Huffington Post UK and can be found here.  The article provided additional information on Nick’s illness but also pondered the future of Duran.  According to the article, Nick had “hit the wall” from working too hard.  He then began to have fainting spells, which resulted in seeing a doctor and being directed to rest.  John points out how Simon had lost his voice early in the tour and Nick had this at the end.  As John points out, these illnesses were warnings to them all and that they may need to rethink the way that they tour.  Lately, their tours have consisted of 3 or 4 shows a week, usually never in the same place two shows in a row.  It is not uncommon for them to be in three different states in one day.  Obviously, as I read this, a thousand and one thoughts popped in my head.

First and foremost, I thought about Nick.  I can’t imagine how scary it is to have fainting spells like that.  It isn’t like getting a cold or an upset stomach in which you know that you will be feeling better in a few days.  No, something like this could be caused by many things, serious and not-as-serious causes.  Now, it sounds like in this case that the conclusion is these spells were caused by working too hard.  This gives me some relief as there is a simple, not serious cause and a simple, easy way to treat it.  As much as I am hating the idea that Duran won’t be in the studio until February or won’t be touring for a long time, I’m glad that Nick will have plenty of down time.  It sounds like he needs that.  Part of me feels like I can relate–not to his job or his schedule but I know what I have felt like when I have been working two full time jobs, doing this and trying to maintain my day-to-day tasks.  There have been times that I truly question how much my body can take and I’m younger than Nick.  I have had times when my caffeine intake has been through the roof along with getting only 3-4 hours of sleep a night and being under a tremendous amount of stress.  Thus, I sympathize with Nick.  I’m sure that he just wanted to get through the tour.  He might have even been counting down so that he could rest and relax.  Unfortunately, his body forced him to rest and relax early.  I’m hoping he is already feeling better.

Second, I thought about the theme of this last album and tour.  All You Need is Now.  I thought we had learned that lesson with Simon.  Heck, I was already ready to live up this past tour even before that as evidenced by the fact that I flew to the UK in the first place.  The point that is again emphasized by Nick’s illness is that nothing lasts forever.  Nothing.  While we would all like to think that Duran will play forever and that their tours will last well into the following decades, we don’t know that.  Foxwoods could have been their last show.  Obviously, we hope not!!  That said, every show, every album, every tour could be their last.  I have to admit that I was shocked by all of the people who didn’t go to a show this last tour and could have.  Most of the reasons I saw had to do with seeing them earlier in the tour or being sick of the setlist.  That said, there was an underlying assumption there that there would be a next time.  Do I think that there will be more?  Yes, I do.  They haven’t altered their plans to go back into the studio so I have confidence that they will do this next album.  My point is, though, we should embrace the now because tours, opportunities may never happen again.  Thus, if, for example, John does do a signing that I can reasonably do, I’ll go.  I am not advocating being illogical with what one can do but I am saying that people should do what they can, when they can.  No putting off what can be done today. 

The last thing I thought about with reading this article was about how Duran tours might be different in the future.  I couldn’t help but to think about this past summer tour.  I pointed out how hard it must be on the band to do outdoor venues in the summer.  I still think that.  The heat might have been a contributing factor to Nick’s illness.  While I understand that the band allows their tour people to organize the tour, I think it would be both practical and beneficial for them to do more than one show in a place.  I’m not advocating for them to do a whole run of shows in some place like Vegas but why not do two or three shows in the major cities.  I’m sure that large cities would have a big enough draw to bring people to the shows, which would keep ticket sales up.  It would also help the band in that they wouldn’t have to travel as much and would have more time to rest in between shows.  For those of us who travel, it would be SO nice to see shows this way.  It would save us money and give us a chance to enjoy the places we are traveling to.  I’ll give an example.  During the 2008 tour, we did the Atlantic City show.  We had done the Foxwoods show the previous night and did the Montclair show the night after.  This resulted in us being in Atlantic City for less than 24 hours.  I feel like I was never there because it was so fast. 

While Nick’s illness is not a positive, I’m hopeful that it turns into a positive in the long run.  I’m hoping that it is a reminder to the fans to do what we can when it comes to the band and I’m hoping that it results in a better touring schedule for all involved!