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Duran Duran History – London Bass Show

Duran Duran history for March 2nd: in 2014, John Taylor appeared at the London Bass show in support of his autobiography, In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran. He spoke about his career, his book, and also played his signature Peavey Bass.

We know there were more than a few Duranies in attendance, share your photos and experiences!!  -R


Duran Duran History – Chic

Duran Duran History for February 23: On this date in 1999, Chic: Live at the Budokan was released, which featured a performance of “Notorious” with Simon LeBon.

Interestingly enough, Nile Rodgers has a special recollection of this performance on his own blog that we’ve referred to here from time to time.  That performance of “Notorious” from Budokan was from  the last concert that Nile would do with Bernard Edwards before his death. In fact, during “Notorious”, Bernard was behind the drum riser, receiving oxygen while he continued to play. For those that did not know, Bernard had apparently been fighting Pneumonia and did not want to cancel the performance.  Bernard passed away later that evening or next morning in his hotel room watching television, as Nile discovered upon finding his body the next day after Bernard failed to answer his wake-up call.

Each time Nile recounts the events of that performance and evening which can be found dotted throughout his own Walking on Planet C blog, you can still very much sense the pain and anguish. While there is little that can be done to lessen the pain, it continues to teach me that nothing is guaranteed. We don’t know when will be “the last time”. The DVD is of course special simply because it is the last with Bernard Edwards, but it also features the magic – the friendship, the family, the music –  the very reasons we choose to attend concerts.


New Duran Duran Events Page

Duran Duran events are beginning to trickle in, and we’re finding ourselves slowly ramping up to keep track of what/where/when…and if you’re like us…HOW are we gonna get there!  Today we are unveiling a new calendar on Daily Duranie in order to track what the band is doing and what might be coming up in the future.

We are constantly trying to improve the site, making it more informational and interactive, while also keeping a good sense of community. Our hope is to keep up with all Duran Duran events, shows, and appearances so that our events page can be a one-stop “shop” for seeing “where in the world is the band today?!“.  Additionally, we are completely open to posting and promoting meet-up and Duranie-party information for our fellow fans.  Basically, if you have a Duranie get-together or other Duran Duran events coming up and you want the world to know about it, let us know and we’ll put the dates on the site for you, where it will then be publicized to the Duraniverse.

You may continue to see improvements in the events page as we learn to use and customize it ourselves in the coming months!


Duran Duran History: Formel Eins

Today’s Duran Duran history takes us back to 1984 when the band was completing a lot of promotion on their album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger.  Some of this promotion included TV shows like the German TV chart show Formel Eins.  In this case, the band lip-synched a performance of Union of the Snake.  Since the band was actually in Japan on this date, it is likely that the performance was filmed sometime in late 1983.

I was able to find a clip of this performance:

What do you think?  Reactions?


Duran Duran History – Jack Docherty Show

Duran Duran history for January 19: on this date in 1999, Duran Duran tapes an interview and performance for the Jack Docherty Show (UK) at Whitehall Theatre, London.

Incidentally, a few songs from this performance (Girls on Film, Ordinary World and Electric Barbarella) are included in a well-known Duran Duran bootleg titled “Advertizing Music”.


Duran Duran History – OW on Top of the Pops

Duran Duran history for January 14th – On this date in 1993, Duran Duran performed (lip-synched) Ordinary World on Top of the Pops.

I found a clip on YouTube of their appearance. I ask you – is there really a better lip-syncher out there than Simon LeBon?  What I also find amusing about this particular YouTube posting is that the person who posted it made the comment that this is a LIVE performance (yes, the band was there live and in person…true.) and that this was back before singers were made on TV shows (X Factor, American Idol, etc.)  The funny thing is, of course, that Top of the Pops required that the performance be lip synched as to live, but I appreciate the sentiments of the poster!  -R