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Duran Duran History: Formel Eins

Today’s Duran Duran history takes us back to 1984 when the band was completing a lot of promotion on their album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger.  Some of this promotion included TV shows like the German TV chart show Formel Eins.  In this case, the band lip-synched a performance of Union of the Snake.  Since the band was actually in Japan on this date, it is likely that the performance was filmed sometime in late 1983.

I was able to find a clip of this performance:

What do you think?  Reactions?


Duran Duran History – Jack Docherty Show

Duran Duran history for January 19: on this date in 1999, Duran Duran tapes an interview and performance for the Jack Docherty Show (UK) at Whitehall Theatre, London.

Incidentally, a few songs from this performance (Girls on Film, Ordinary World and Electric Barbarella) are included in a well-known Duran Duran bootleg titled “Advertizing Music”.


Duran Duran History – OW on Top of the Pops

Duran Duran history for January 14th – On this date in 1993, Duran Duran performed (lip-synched) Ordinary World on Top of the Pops.

I found a clip on YouTube of their appearance. I ask you – is there really a better lip-syncher out there than Simon LeBon?  What I also find amusing about this particular YouTube posting is that the person who posted it made the comment that this is a LIVE performance (yes, the band was there live and in person…true.) and that this was back before singers were made on TV shows (X Factor, American Idol, etc.)  The funny thing is, of course, that Top of the Pops required that the performance be lip synched as to live, but I appreciate the sentiments of the poster!  -R


Today in Duran History – Viper Room, Voodoo and even UCLA…

On today’s date in Duran history….there has been a few exciting things to happen.

The thing is, we have a spreadsheet that we use to create this blog each day. I won’t go into a ton of detail (because it’s boring and none of you care), but we’ve got a ton of different things to share, so each day of each year we try to share a different “thing”.  For example, next year on October 30, I’ll be sharing something different than I will this year.  In any case, for this year I’m supposed to be following the tidbits for each date in column “C”.  Well, if you know me, you realize I don’t like following all the rules. So I’m not today.

On October 29 of 1995, Neurotic Outsiders played the Viper Room. Now that’s exciting because…well, it’s John Taylor. Enough said, right?

Except that, also on October 29, but in the year 2006, Duran Duran played the Voodoo Festival. The memory of this particular festival lies close to my heart because my friends – I survived Voodoo. I stood in the heat all day. I moshed (mostly against my will) along with thousands as My Chemical Romance took the stage. I sweated while praying that “the human hamster ball” would come nowhere near me while The Flaming Lips were onstage…and then, I was pushed, shoved, nearly tackled and CERTAINLY defiled by a very tall man’s arm pit as Duran Duran took the stage that night. What’s more, I can laugh about it now. But I’m still not doing another festival. Well, at least not sober. Probably.

ALSO on October 29, but this time in the year 2009, John Taylor spoke on a panel at UCLA for the 40th anniversary celebration of the internet. The topic was how the internet has changed music, or fandom…or all of it…and this, my friends, has everything to do with this blog, our research and manuscript in many ways, and even the fact that John Taylor joined Twitter and social media… until he apparently left Twitter (and social media) for the most part, because some people just do not understand boundaries or little things like common decency. Regardless, I strongly urge you to give his portion of the panel a listen. John is a fantastic orator, and it wasn’t long after this talk that he suddenly appeared on Twitter for the first time.

In fact, I found his speech on YouTube…check it out:

So, October 29th has historically been a pretty interesting day for Duran Duran…even if this year seems to be a bit quiet.  It’s the calm before the storm….