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Today in Duran History – Peter Powell

On today’s date in 1981 (which feels like a very long time ago as I type this…), Duran Duran recorded a performance for Peter Powell’s show on Radio 1 in the UK.  It was not transmitted on this date, however…that came later in August of the same year.

I’m guessing that most people from the UK recognize the name Peter Powell, but for those of us in other parts of the world, his name may not be quite so familiar unless you’re very well-read on Duran history. Peter Powell was a DJ from Birmingham (of all places!). He was hired by Radio 1 in 1977 and shortly thereafter added being a presenter on Top of the Pops to his resume as well.

His shows on Radio 1 included the weekday late afternoon time slot (3:30-5:30 pm) but in 1981, the year that the band performed on the show – he took over the weekday teatime slot from 5-7pm.  Here in America we call that the “drive home” time slot, incidentally! From what I read, he was paramount in getting new bands airplay by introducing new music on his show.  He was a champion of bands like Duran Duran (Culture Club and Spandau Ballet are also cited), and he is still very influential in the industry by owning a large management agency in the UK.

There are four songs from the session included on what I believe is the latest EMI/Duran Duran remaster of the 1st album. If you have a Spotify account you can hear them there, or obviously if you’ve got the most recent remastering – they’re on disc 2 (after the Air studio and Manchester Square demos).  The songs included are Night Boat, Girls on Film, Anyone Out There, Like an Angel and they are labeled BBC Radio 1 Peter Powell Sessions, recorded 19 June 1981 transmitted 11 August 1981.




Today in Duran History – Top of the Pops

On today’s date in 1982, Duran Duran performed Hungry Like the Wolf on Top of the Pops.

On another note…on today’s date in 2007, I was getting ready to go to the fan show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.  It was one of the nicer VIP parties I’d been to…but I did not care for my “VIP” seat in the balcony.  I literally sat across from the sound board (which was really interesting – I’ll give them that), but those seats were much too far from the stage to really feel VIP.  I felt incredibly removed from the show, not to mention that the show itself was not one of the best I’d ever attended.

Maybe VIP really isn’t “VIP” at all.   Hmm..


Today in Duran History – Access Hollywood

On this date in the year 2000, Duran Duran appeared on Access Hollywood.  Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be video from this appearance anywhere on YouTube.  On this same promo tour (and a day prior) though, they appeared on the CBS Early Morning Show and taped Lava Lamp and Girls on Film, so I’m sticking with that clip instead!  Once again – this clip isn’t from Access Hollywood, but I’m posting it anyway.  It’s a bonus!




Today in Duran History – Bananas!

Sometimes our notes for the Day in Duran History are just flat out silly sounding.  Take today for instance…on today’s date in 1984, Duran Duran lip synched The Reflex on a German TV show called “Bananas”.

Wanna see the performance?  Of course you do!  I was astounded that I found it so easily on YouTube.   This just reiterates what I’ve always thought about YouTube…you can find ANYTHING on there.

Enjoy some Thursday Eye Candy, thanks to YouTube!


Today in Duran History – Someone Else Not Me in the UK

On Today’s date in the year 2000, Duran Duran performed Someone Else Not Me on Springer in the UK.

Interestingly enough, when I read this on our trusty calendar, I thought maybe there was an error…because I had thought that only the US had been…err…lucky(??)…enough to have Jerry Springer gracing our television airwaves.  Unbeknownst to me, Mr. Springer has done more than one show in the UK, and from what I can tell – Duran Duran performed on one of the original shows broadcast before it’s name was changed to Late Night with Jerry Springer.

Regardless, I think I’ve found some video from the show (it wasn’t dated) so enjoy, and if it’s not the right video…still enjoy it as a bonus!!

Today in Duran History – Loveline

On today’s date in 1998, John Taylor appeared on KROQ’s Loveline.  What is “Loveline”, you ask??  Well…let me enlighten you!

To give some background, KROQ is an LA-area radio station, known for (at least back in the 80s and 90s) playing Alternative music.  In the 80s that meant New Wave. I’m very proud to say that KROQ introduced me to Duran Duran’s music. In the 90s, Alternative meant a lot of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam…at least until mainstream radio got hold of ’em.

Back in 1983, Loveline was a Sunday night dating/relationship advice show on the station. It was hosted by DJs “Poorman” , Swedish Egil, and for a short time, Scott Mason (whom I barely remember).  The show began seriously, but over time – a really short time – it became a show that taught me (keep in mind that in 1983 I would have been 12 or 13 years old), all about sexual transmitted diseases, some of the strangest sexual positions and fetishes I’d ever heard of…and a plethora of other delights that, had my father been aware I was listening…he would not have been pleased.  (Thank you to my ever-trusty Walkman radio)

The show was wildly popular here in the LA area. I can remember going to school on Monday morning and exchanging chuckles and stories with my friends – who were also listening with contraband Walkman radios in bed at night.  We sure learned a lot from that show, I must say!  In 1984, the show began talking to Dr. Drew Pinsky – who was a 4th year medical student at USC at the time, and ended up with his own fan base from doing the show.  Now he’s known as Dr. Drew and has his own show on HLN, I believe. (and what’s really funny, at least to me – is that back when I listened to the show, I thought he was a grown up even then…and the man honestly hasn’t aged a bit since those days. I, however, have aged 30 years. How does that happen?!?)

The show was syndicated nationally beginning in 1985. At one point, MTV picked it up as a television program, following the same general format but with different hosts and a live audience.

And…because my research skills are impeccable…I found the actual tape of John Taylor on Loveline.  The link is below!

Loveline with John Taylor 5/14/1998