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New Duran Duran Events Page

Duran Duran events are beginning to trickle in, and we’re finding ourselves slowly ramping up to keep track of what/where/when…and if you’re like us…HOW are we gonna get there!  Today we are unveiling a new calendar on Daily Duranie in order to track what the band is doing and what might be coming up in the future.

We are constantly trying to improve the site, making it more informational and interactive, while also keeping a good sense of community. Our hope is to keep up with all Duran Duran events, shows, and appearances so that our events page can be a one-stop “shop” for seeing “where in the world is the band today?!“.  Additionally, we are completely open to posting and promoting meet-up and Duranie-party information for our fellow fans.  Basically, if you have a Duranie get-together or other Duran Duran events coming up and you want the world to know about it, let us know and we’ll put the dates on the site for you, where it will then be publicized to the Duraniverse.

You may continue to see improvements in the events page as we learn to use and customize it ourselves in the coming months!


New DD Calendar for 2015!

I wasn’t at all surprised to see that Duran Duran was releasing another calendar for 2015, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the photos were going to be recent, shots taken while recording #DD14 in the studio.

Last year, I was openly critical of the calendar because I felt it did a disservice to the band in their current form. Don’t get me wrong, the 80s were lovely in nearly every way, but it’s now 2014. For a band that prides themselves on not being nostalgic, why bother? Sure, we could certainly point to Careless Memories, the yet-to-be-released photo book that Denis O’Regan has been working on, and say that provided the motivation, but given that Andy was artfully removed (cropped) from every shot, overall it felt like a big attempt to reach back than a true step forward. Some might say that my comments were unsupportive of a band I claim to love. I would say that my comments are a doseof reality – whether that dosage is positive, negative or neutral. People read our blog because we’re truthful.  Being supportive does not mean being just another “yes person”. It means being honest and giving real feedback. We have always said that if the band REALLY wants to know what fans think, then they should read our blog, and we continue to stand by that assertion.

This year, however, is a different story. I am cheering for the use of recent photos. 2014 was a year spent in the studio, and it’s great to see that time documented. No, the pictures may not end up being as flashy as the #duranlive photos we’ve all grown to love, they’re real-life moments during the rigors of recording an album. How can we not love that?? Granted, the more selfish, insistent part of me wonders what pictures will show up on the calendar….but today I’m settling on being happy a 2015 calendar with recent photos will be coming out. Who would have ever thought in 1985 that I’d still be hanging Duran on my wall?? I’ll be buying one for sure!

Duran Duran announced the calendar on their Facebook account this morning, and it will be available to order from their web shop on November 27th…. If you’re in the US and  waiting for your turkey to finish roasting that day (it is the US Thanksgiving holiday on 11/27), you’ll have time to order!!  DDHQ also mentioned that maybe we’ll be getting a sneak peak beforehand – and if that happens, you can count on seeing a blog about it here!





Look Into the Future and don’t be afraid

Things are getting busy…or at least they seem to be for this upcoming week.  We’ve had a few inquiries about what is coming up and when, along with times, places, etc.  

When Amanda and I moved the blog to WordPress, our original intention was to expand beyond the one-blog-a-day model. We were looking to do more of a website, a one-stop shop for as many fan-related Duran things as possible.  With that in mind, we keep expanding and evolving, with more ideas coming. 

One thing we’ve worked on and are ready to unveil is our “Look Into the Future” page. This is a page that will be constantly updated with the upcoming events for Duran Duran. Whether it’s a TV appearance, an upcoming live gig, interviews, fan meet-ups for Duranies, etc, we’ll post it.  That means not only will we post things that the BAND is doing, but if you have fan events that you’re planning and would like listed, please let us know and we’ll gladly include it and give details.  While it’s not absolutely “Perfect” (I’d love something much more calendar-like with links to dedicated pages or smaller windows/boxes that open to give details about each event), this still works until I come up with something better. As we update the page, we will tweet and post the link to Facebook and likely call attention to it on the blog as well.  

Additionally, if you just want a quick glimpse of what’s coming up – you can always look at the top left of the home page here on Daily Duranie. There’s a sidebar that lists upcoming (within a week) events.  We will keep that updated as necessary. We’re hoping this helps everyone keep up!!’

Go check out the page for yourself here


I Try to Leave the Memory Behind

Some weeks it feels pretty quiet in Duranland, especially during Duran downtime or when the band is in the studio or on vacation.  This week wasn’t that.  No, this week featured some news regarding a coffee table book of photographs by Denis O’Regan from the 1984 Sing Blue Silver tour and a Duran Duran calendar for 2014.  Both of these announcements got a lot of attention from Duran fans who are anxious to purchase anything and everything Duran, especially from those who are serious collectors.  Rhonda touched on the coffee table book on Thursday.  I can’t help but add my two cents here about that as well as about the calendar, especially as they are connected.  The 2014 official Duran calendar will feature some of the same pictures as the book, according to the Ask Katy, which you can read here.  You can also see the cover of the calendar there as well.  The calendar will be available for purchase on November 28th and unlike the coffee table book the pricing information is unknown.  We do know the prices for the coffee table book, which are on the (VERY) high side starting at $400.

Count me as one of those Duranies who had a moment of excitement and internal jumping up and down in joy at seeing the announcement of the Denis O’Regan book before I came crashing back to reality.  I had been hearing about that book for a long time now and couldn’t wait for it to come out.  I had always been a fan of his work from those initial photographs in the paperback, Sing Blue Silver book, that I still owe today.  He captured that tour so well, in my opinion, and definitely wanted to see more and packaged in a way deserving of such quality.  Then, I saw the prices.  Ouch.  Really big ouch.  Painful ouch.  Unattainable ouch.  As much as I’m sure that this is an amazing set of photographs of a really iconic time in the band’s history, there is no way that I could afford that.  Okay.  Let me be frank here.  I could afford it but it would be at the cost of something else…something else that is just more important to me.  That $400 price is more than a plane ticket to see my brother or my nieces or Rhonda.  That is more expensive than a VIP ticket to a Duran show.  While, yes, I would have that book forever, I prefer to focus my extra spending on experiences with the people I love.  On top of that, I couldn’t justify it.  I know of many other “coffee table books” that are expensive and high quality.  I can’t think of one that is THAT expensive.  It leads me to wonder why.  I’m not naive.  I understand that you have to make money doing art or providing whatever service or product you do, but you don’t need to go overboard.  It doesn’t feel very respectful to the fans.  I could see charging something like $100-$200 as many of my friends have suggested.  Double that suggested price just feels wrong.  I suspect that it feels wrong to many Duranies, too.
This, of course, leads me to wonder about how many people will buy it.  As Rhonda has stated, she is sure that it will sell out.  I’m sure she is right.  Yet, I’m a little sad by that and not because I don’t want people to have the product.  I do.  I wish that every Duranie who wanted it could have it.  I just worry that the people who pay the price for this is reinforcing the high price of Duran related products.  After all, I can’t blame anyone for charging high prices.  Everyone wants to make money and be successful.  Yet, buying products at those prices will ensure that they stay that high whereas not being willing might effect prices in the future by having them be lowered.  Let me give you an example from Duranland.  VIP ticket prices started out around $300 in the Astronaut tour days.  As 2008 came around, the prices started creeping up closer and closer to $400.  I noticed that less and less people would pay for them at that price.  I will be honest.  I didn’t.  I bought VIP twice before 2011 and both tickets were less than $400.  Clearly, then, something changed.  VIP prices went down, for the most part, in the US.  They are closer to what…$250.  Now, of course, some may argue that they offer less, too.  True.  Yet, no matter, more people, like Rhonda and myself, are buying because of the lower prices.  My point here is simple.  What we as fans decide to buy and for what price sends a message to the powers that be, which is either that we are willing and able to spend or we are not.
Immediately following the announcement of the coffee table book was the announcement of the 2014 calendar.  This, again, excited a lot of Duranies.  After all, many, like myself collect the official calendars, and many fans were excited for an opportunity to own some of those great Denis O’Regan photographs at a reasonable price.  I have no doubt that the band and the powers that be heard the fans requesting an official calendar.  I have had a new Duran calendar every year that they have come out since the reunion.  I looked forward it.  I didn’t know what the pictures were going to be of since they hadn’t done much together, publicly.  Then, I thought, maybe, they would be from the MoMA event and the screening of Unstaged or simply stills from Unstaged as a way to please the fans with a calendar and promote Unstaged.  Yet, no, they chose to go with the photos from the 1984 tour.  On one hand, I get that.  It gives fans a chance to own some of those photos at a cheaper price and, on the other hand, it helps to promote the coffee table book.  Yet, as soon as I looked at some of the finer and not-so-finer details, I worried.  
My concerns about the calendar center around a big elephant in the Duran Duran room, which is the line-up.  I cannot be the only one who likes the current line-up of John, Simon, Nick, Roger AND Dom.  I know I am not.  I would like my current calendar to reflect the current state of Duran.  After all, a calendar represents present day and the present year.  Plus, Duran Duran has been about embracing the present, the now and not about looking back.  For me, that means those five guys–the four original and the guy that should be officially in the band.  In 1984, though, as we all know, Andy Taylor was in the band.  Is he then included in both the coffee table book and the calendar?  Mixed results, it seems, there.  According to the press release on the coffee table book, the deluxe edition has signatures from the original five, which, obviously, means Andy.  That makes sense to me since he was in the band then.  Does the calendar show the same?  From the picture included on the Ask Katy, I see NO pictures of Andy.  Is this due to the fact that the calendar is “current” and since he is not currently in the band, he can’t be included?  I suspect that is the case.  Now, I get how complicated situations like this are.  I have no doubt that there is much behind the scenes about contracts and what/where/how Andy can and should or should not be included.  Yet, for fans, this kind of thing can hurt.  On one hand, the band seems to be celebrating Andy Taylor with the coffee table book.  On the other hand, they are pretty open about saying, even so, he is not part of the current line-up.  Even worse, if he is not in the calendar at all, is that like changing history?  Ignoring a big part of the 1984 Duran Duran?  That can’t feel good for Andy fans.  Then, there is Dom and his fans.  I am sure that he understands projects or other moments focusing on the past, on the times before he was around.  Yet, a NEW calendar comes out and doesn’t feature what is current, doesn’t feature him.  Ouch.  Again, that can’t feel good for Dom fans and those of us embracing the now.  
I wanted to be excited for both the coffee table book and the calendar.  I really did and I was for both, briefly.  My calendar collection needed a new edition and my coffee table could have made room for a fabulous new book.  My books on fandom and fan conventions that currently occupy a corner of my coffee table could have been moved for something cool and new.  Yet, my pocket book won’t be buying either one.  Now, I’m sure that there are many fans who will and that’s fine.  I, instead, will think about how that money will be saved to be used later for the next tour or trip.   

Calendars, Tour Books and Collections…Oh My!

I was thrilled to hear/see that Duran will have a calendar for 2012!  I so missed having one for 2011 as I have all of their recent calendars (2006-2010).  This year I decided to pick my favorite picture for any given month to display since there wasn’t a current calendar.  That worked out fine but it wasn’t very functional and often had to remind myself that it wasn’t the current year.  In case you have not heard, their calendar for 2012 will be available to purchase from the store on Monday, November 7th.  (Happy Birthday to Rhonda!)  Now, I suppose that I should wait to purchase it until I come back for the UK or simply put it on my Christmas wish list since all of my extra money will be going towards the trip, but I probably won’t.  I get too worried that it will sell out, which causes me to buy right away, which is strange because I’m not really like that with anything but Duran.

I admit it.  I like Duran stuff.  They make a lot of money off of me as I’m someone who buys merchandise.  I have a ton of t-shirts, which include ones that I bought at a show and ones that I bought from the website.  I already mentioned the calendar.  I have posters.  I have keychains and I have buttons.  There are tons of bags that have some Duran logo in my closet from various tours and VIP packages.  Heck, I renewed DDM and did the Gold package in order to get the message bag, t-shirt, bookmark, etc.  I am such a sucker for Duran related items.  I am weak.  I admit it.  They must love having fans like me (other than the part that I voice my opinion about what they are doing and sometimes it isn’t all that…flattering or positive). 

I was like this as a kid, too.  Like everyone else of my Duran generation, I had the tons and tons of posters on my wall and saved up money to buy this week’s copy of Bop or Tiger Beat.  I bought every album and singles, when I could.  I even had Duran Duran pajamas!  How cool was I when I pulled that nightshirt out at a slumber party?!  Of course, I purchased copies of Sing Blue Silver, Dancing on the Valentine and their other major videos.  I also saved my money to buy larger books of Sing Blue Silver, the photograph book, and the Book of Words.  How could I not?  I wanted to buy as much Duran as I could, including one of my favorite Duran items of all time…the Into the Arena board game!  I still have my original board game despite it being away from me for awhile.  I bought the game when it came out and even attempted to play it a few times.  The directions still dumb to me but the pictures were pretty!  Anyway, at some point in my childhood, I decided that I should try to move on from Duran for various reasons.  Yet, I couldn’t just get rid of everything so I did the next best thing!  I gave my stuff to one of my good friends!  Years later, then, she asks me if I wanted the stuff back!  Of course, I did!  Thus, items like the board game were returned home to their rightful place.  I went to my first Duran show with this friend and we went to a few more after that together.  Now, I will see her during our UK tour as she will be hosting Rhonda and I and going to the Glasgow show with us! 

My childhood revolved around getting Duran items so it isn’t super surprising that my adulthood is filled with that as well.  One of my more recent items is this tour’s tourbook.  I have the ones for Astronaut and RCM.  (By the way, who didn’t think the Astronaut one was cool as hell?!?!)  I have fond memories of both of them.  My friends and I purchased our copies of the Astronaut tour book in Chicago in March of 2005.  It provided fun reading material as we drove from Chicago to Milwaukee to the show there the next night.  Likewise, I purchased the RCM one in Chicago in May of 2008 but didn’t have fun with it until I purchased one for Rhonda.  Then, I could go through it and highlight the fun parts for her.  We did the same after purchasing copies of the Ask Katy book, “Would Someone Please Explain?” and read it together on a flight to Philadelphia in December 2008.  Therefore, we decided to purchase this year’s tourbook.  Originally we planned to buy it in the UK.  Thankfully, we didn’t as the size is…uh…an issue.  It is 12 inches by 16 inches and is way too long to be user friendly. 

As far as this year’s tourbook content goes, there is some positive aspects and some…I think are lame.  The cover is a shiny silver with a big pink D on it.  It fits with the theme of the album art.  It has many photographs of the band members taken live but they aren’t my favorite as the photos are more artistic and less clear.  They are also in black and white.  That said, there are colored photographs that are quite lovely.  Unfortunately, the crease of the book gets in the way at times, including blocking Nick in one picture and Dom in another.  Lame.  Some of the photographs were those that were used to create the album cover.  Again, I didn’t think they were necessary.  Call me crazy but I would rather have photos of the guys!  Most of the photographs besides the live ones were of the band, either as a group or as individuals.  Yes, most of those photos were quite attractive!  They did include a page with photos of Dom, Anna and Saxy Simon. 

Beyond the photos, they did include some written content, which I was generally disappointed with.  One page included the news story from the Man Who Stole a Leopard.  Really?  That was necessary? Then, there were pages where the band and Ronson discussed making the album.  Typically, this type of content would thrill me.  It didn’t, in this case, because I had all ready heard it on the DVD for the album.  Nothing drives me more crazy than when they recycle material.  The one part of the writing I really did enjoy, though, was when each band member was given the same series of questions.  I loved reading their answers and getting an insight into how they think.  A few answers really stuck out to me.  Clearly, Nick is obsessed with time and getting things done as he listed his greatest fear as running out of time and listed wasting time as his greatest extravagance.  Roger dislikes his nose and thinks that he is lazy.  Simon actually gave much longer answers and told a beautiful story about when his eldest daughter, Amber, was born.  John wishes that he didn’t care what others thought of him.  Very interesting, overall. 

Thus, while the tour book had some great photographs and some lovely insights into the boys, I wished for much more content.  I also wish it was smaller to be easier to store and travel with.  Despite its limitations, I’m still glad that I have it.  I’m glad that I have all of my Duran stuff, including the tourbooks, t-shirts, videos, calendars, bags, posters and board game.  Do you collect Duran?  If so, what is your favorite item?


I’m a girl and I guess I’m in a panic….

No, I really don’t think I could be any more “corny” today.  (Actually, I probably could.  Nobody needs to see that though, am I right??)

There are days when it has already been predetermined what I am going to blog about, and this is supposed to be one of those days.  Luckily for me though, Amanda lives nowhere near me and can’t come “get me” if I choose to ignore our plans!  There is just simply too much being posted for this blog to solely be about Simon and John’s appearance on the Morning Buzz on VH1. (I could say something here about how I probably didn’t even say that right – the name of the show anyway – and I really don’t give a damn….but that would be FAR too cornball….)

Their appearance was about 8 and a half minutes in length, and I’ll admit that I was fairly entertained.  I’m always amused by the interviewer(s) who talk to the band because it’s almost ALWAYS a female and they always admit to being huge fans.  Aren’t we all?  😀  I really think there’s some sort of scientific method to determining how big of a fan the interviewer is by the amount of giggling they do within the first 30 seconds of the interview, and in this case, the girl is off the charts.  I applaud that, I do.  I know at times Amanda and I can be really tough on interviewers because we don’t love the giggling and stupid questions, but sometimes it can be charming and aside from one brief moment where I felt that she was gushing WAY too much over Simon – in fact I yelled “Don’t feed the bear!” because she was going on about how gorgeous he is (seriously, he’s got a pretty big ego as it is, doncha think??), admittedly I lived vicariously through her a bit.  I’d probably need to be doing some major self-talk through an interview with them, reminding myself not to gush and reminding myself to remain composed! So, I give her credit.  I think it was especially clear that she was a fan when she asked John to sign her poster at the end of the segment.  I dare to dream.  🙂

Notice I didn’t mention much about the main subject of the interview?  That’d be Girl Panic!  the video…

That video will be premiered on Monday, November 7th.  Happy Birthday to me.  😀  Until then, there have been a series of sneak peeks posted on Duran Duran’s Facebook wall that I’ve watched.  Each snippet is about 10 seconds in length, and so far what I’ve been able to extrapolate is that the video is about 9 minutes in length (Longer is ALWAYS better, although it’s what they do with the length that matters most….*curtsies* Yes, that’s some cheek for ya on this lovely Thursday), and that for some reason, they thought it would be cool to have each of the supermodels play a different person in Duran Duran.  I’m not sure how on board I am with that concept yet, but we will soon see.  I also saw one snippet this morning that reminded me very much of the hallway in the movie “The Shining”…you know, the one with the twin girls?  I would SWEAR they were going for a moment like that, but without seeing the whole video it’s hard to really tell for sure.  They’ve been posting sneak peeks all morning without any sign that they’ll be stopping or continuing, but it’s been interesting to see what they’ve got so far.

I will say this – I’ve yet to see a sneak peek with Yasmin, but out of what I’ve seen so far, I like Cindy Crawford as John the best, although I’m still not sure I like the whole idea.  I can’t wait to see the video and review it though.  Nine minutes can’t be a bad thing!

It was also announced that Duran Duran is coming out with a new 2012 calendar, also due out on Monday via the DD store on their website.  I know many a Duranie who is thrilled to hear this is coming, and I must admit that even I am somewhat tempted.  I’ve never bought a DD calendar, believe it or not!  I have a daily calendar that Amanda created that I use every year – for each day she’s found a photo and a “what happened on this day” tidbit on there.  I love it!

Rumors continue to circulate regarding the possibility of yet another US tour next year.  I’ve heard several dates mentioned – most swirling ’round about springtime.  Mind you, not one single date has been leaked or venues mentioned and already there are many complaints coming from all directions, whether its “Why are they going back to the US AGAIN without coming to X (country) first.  It’s not right!!” or my favorite “They are ignoring my city AGAIN and you know, they always go to LA and NYC.”  I get it. I understand the disappointment, and yes I know that not everyone can afford to travel…and some won’t even drive out of their way to see them, so yeah, it’s disappointing when they won’t play near us in favor of playing in a larger city that will afford them more concert ticket sales.  Or that they made a different choice altogether and say…completely missed St. Louis and a thousand other places which makes no damn sense at all…but hey I’m not complaining.  I’m just saying that I get it.  Vent away, but do it in a way and at a time that makes sense.  None of us even know if they really are for sure coming back that soon, and certainly none of us know where they are planning to play.  Its one of those things that surprise me even though I know it shouldn’t.

In the meantime, I’m working on UK details for the Daily Duranie.  We’ve got hotels – or as we like to call them – places to store our luggage.  (we hardly sleep, so it seems)  We’ve still got to get a flight from Glasgow (or actually Edinburgh since that’s where we’re staying in Scotland) to London the day we fly back to the US, but it’s all working out.  I’m starting to feel a sense of panic (hence the title of the blog today) over the idea of leaving my kids again…especially my little one…but it’ll be fine.  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.  We leave in 26 days.  AAHH!!