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Today in Duran History – A View to a Kill & Get it On

On today’s date in 1985, American Top 40 featured A View to a Kill at number 11 and Get It On (Bang a Gong) at number 9. ¬†With side projects, Duran Duran et. al surely dominated the charts at the time. Little did we realize back then that we were in the beginning of a long drought.


Today in Duran History – Is There Something I Should Know?

Wanna feel old for a second? ¬†Today is Andy Taylor’s son’s birthday. ¬†Lovingly referred to by many as A2 in the community, today is his 30th birthday. ¬†That’s right friends…THIRTY. I announced that¬†he apparently miscounted the years and went about my day, because that “I’m 30” business is just nonsense. ¬†Between that and Roger posting a lovely photo of VERY GROWN Elliot and Ellea to his Facebook yesterday, I’m just done. ¬†

Back to business….

On today’s date in 1983, American Top 40 featured my very favorite Duran Duran song, Is There Something I Should Know at #7 on their weekly countdown. ¬†Only #7??? ¬†ūüôā

Here’s the video. ¬†Today hasn’t started off so great here, so I’m just going to take the opportunity to try and reset Wednesday – my least favorite day of the week. ¬†Cheers! ¬†-R




Today in Duran History – Chart Success

On this date in 1985, the American Top 40 charts featured A View to a Kill at number 11 and Power Station’s Get It On at number 9. ¬†Clearly, at this time, everything that they did was successful. ¬†For John and Andy, they had two massive hits on their hands. ¬†As we know, A View to a Kill peaked at number one and was on the Hot 100 singles chart for 17 weeks. ¬†Get It On, on the other hand, peaked at this number 9 position and was on the charts for 15 weeks.

In order to celebrate these two hits, let’s watch a couple of clips of them!

A View to a Kill (Live from London 2004):

Get It On (Live Aid 1985):



Today in Duran History – Out of my Mind

On this date in 1997, Duran Duran’s song, Out of my Mind, peaked at number 21 in the UK. ¬†This song, of course, was on the Medazzaland album, but it was also released as a single on the soundtrack for the movie, The Saint. ¬†In terms of Duran singles, it was their 28th single. ¬†The single featured two b-sides: ¬†Sinner or Saint (written specifically for the movie) and Silva Halo.

So, what do you think about this song’s chart position? ¬†While it peaked at number 21 in the UK, it got to number 14 in Italy, according to Duran’s wikipedia page. ¬†It did not chart in the States. ¬†The other single from Medazzaland, Electric Barbarella, peaked at number 52 in the States and number 23 in the UK. ¬†Thus, Out of my Mind did better than Electric Barbarella in the UK. ¬†Fascinating. ¬†Reaction?

Do you own the single?


Out of my Mind single

Today in Duran History – Meet el Presidente

On this date in 1987, the song, Meet el Presidente, peaked at number 70 in the U.S. ¬†It was the third song off the album, Notorious. ¬† ¬†According to Duran Duran Wiki, which you can read here, the single version was different from the album version. ¬†Another fun fact, according to that page, this was the first single to be released as a CD single. ¬†How about that?! ¬†Obviously, this song did not chart well. Do you think it was a bad choice? ¬†If so, what would have been a better song to go with for the 3rd single off that album? ¬†If you thought it was a good choice, why do you think it didn’t chart better?

Like the song or not, it seems to me that today might be a good day to go ahead and watch the video.  Enjoy!