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Duran Duran is Going to Iceland!

Packing up from the polar sheet

Wanna see Duran Duran this summer? Well, your options just expanded to include ICELAND.

That’s right! For the first time in fourteen years, according to DDHQ – the band is returning to Iceland. They will be performing at Laugardalshöll in Reykjavík, Iceland on June 25. Tickets go on sale April 24th through

It’s funny because a while back, DDHQ asked where we’d want to see a show if money were no problem. The thought of Iceland went through my head – it is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s a dream vacation spot for me, not somewhere I think I have a snowballs’ chance of ever visiting with two kids currently in college and one still at home. Regardless, Duran Duran has now upped the ante by announcing a concert in Reykjavik. Well done, my friends….well done.

While there’s little point of me even whispering the word “Iceland” in my husband’s ear – particularly today, the day after tax day, I can certainly encourage others to make great choices! (My husband took the day off yesterday to file our taxes. He never takes time off unless he has no other choice, and trust me it was not a happy day. That is how much fun we’re not having here…)

However, I am here to convince the rest of you to buy the damn ticket and go!

I am a signal somewhere in your bliss

I took the liberty (ha!) of doing an online search of things to do in Reykjavik during the summer….aside from seeing Duran Duran perform, of course! A list has been compiled, and while I know it would have been smart to link it all in a way where if someone booked something that Daily Duranie would make money off of it, that isn’t the case. The links are purely informational and fun…and I will never retire at this rate. Or travel, apparently!

If you want to stay the night…here’s ten things to see in Iceland!

  • The midnight sun!!! That alone is worth the trip, in my opinion. On the waterfront in Reykjavik (by the time I get finished with this post I hope to be able to spell “Reykjavik” without having to look!) there is the Solfar Sun Ship sculpture that puts on a fantastic light show.
  • Nauthólsvík Beach is a geothermal beach created by a large sea wall that allows the (very) cold sea and hot geothermal waters to mix. It is summer, go sunbathe, enjoy the hot tubs and check out the beach.
  • The Perlan Museum, right in Reykjavik has a planetarium, a man-made ice cave, and looks really cool for an afternoon of exploring.
  • If you’re staying longer, do me a favor and go visit the West Fjords – a place I’ve always wanted to see!! Waterfalls, wildlife, it looks amazing.
  • PUFFINS!!! Go to the Westman Islands for this, take a photo of the little guys and send it to me!
  • If you go early, you can check out Iceland’s National Day of Independence on June 17th. There are parties throughout the country on that day – and what Duranie doesn’t like a party?!?
  • Speaking of parties, ever heard of the Secret Solstice? Well, this Midnight Sun music festival takes place from June 21-23. Just in time!! If that doesn’t grab you, the nightlife in Reykjavik should! Check it out!
  • The Blue Lagoon! Wanna soak in a natural, geothermic spa right in the heart of a volcanic landscape? Yes. Yes I do. Duran Duran who??? Oh that’s right…we’re going for the party!!
  • The Reykjavik Food Walk. What better way to really experience a country than through it’s food? I hear the ice cream is fabulous – and I’m hoping someone checks on that for me! If that doesn’t work for you, do what Amanda and I would do, and check out the local distilleries!!
  • Glaciers! I’ve never been to a glacier. Most people think you can only see the glaciers during the winter, but this is untrue. If I were going to Iceland, I’d be taking a tour to a glacier for sure!

Nothing I would rather like

I think I’ve given enough suggestions to pack a week’s worth of activities in around the concert. I wish I were going, but I’m going to have to live vicariously through the rest of you, or win the lottery. Quickly.


Where To Play?

I love the fact that Rhonda has started some conversations on our social media about Duran Duran. First, she asked about people’s song preferences from the album, Thank You. Then, she wondered where people would love to see the band play. I am still trying to play catch up so I didn’t have a chance to look through all of the answers or even give one myself. Maybe, now is the time that I do!

Does It Matter?

When I first saw the question, I wondered if it really matters where they play. Obviously, Rhonda was asking fans where *they* would like to see Duran play if time and money were not an issue. Many fans had responses so maybe it does matter. Some of the responses clearly focused on the city and others were about specific venues. Still, I wondered if it matters to me. When I think about Duran shows I have been to, did the location matter? Hmmm…my favorite shows had more to do with the show itself than where. A lot of times, my favorite shows are connected with having great seats and a fabulous time. Some places I thought would create the best shows didn’t really produce the best shows and other places that I thought wouldn’t be the best ended up being the best. For example, I couldn’t wait to see the band play in Birmingham. Interestingly enough, the Birmingham show I went to wasn’t the best one of that UK tour, at least for me. That said, it still felt magical seeing them in their hometown. Then, one of my favorite shows of the Paper Gods Tour was at the California Mid-State Fair. A fair, people. With livestock. Okay. So maybe I need to think of the question differently.


What if I imagine the best time and the best show possible in various cities? Where would be a great place to have a tremendous Duranie time? Hmm….when I think in that way, I think about cities that I would love to visit either for the first time or again. The first city that pops into my head is London. While I am extremely fortunate to have seen the band in the UK, I never got to see them play in London. Then, selfishly, I would love to see them play in Madison. They have played in Wisconsin before. I have even seen them in Milwaukee in 2005 but never in my city. (Fun fact: They played Madison in 1984, long before I lived here.) It would just be so nice to not have to travel at all to see them. Lastly, there are so many cities that I haven’t had a chance to visit that I would love to have an excuse to visit. Duran Duran’s tours have often resulted in me traveling to a new place solely to see a show or two.


Interestingly enough, many Duranies answered the question by mentioning venues. Many of the ones mentioned were pretty iconic like Red Rocks in Colorado or the Hollywood Bowl. Again, I totally appreciate those answers and get them. I have often found myself terribly excited by the idea of going to what many say are amazing venues to see Duran Duran. Yet, I worry that, sometimes, those types of venues create a lot of pressure on the band. Plus, sometimes, those places are hard to get good seats for. That said, one place that I wish I could have seen the band play at is the Louvre in Paris as they played there in 2008 with Mark Ronson. Do I wish I was there because art museums are super cool? Maybe. I suspect that a big part is that I love the clips from that show that I have seen. Seemed like a musically magical night.


Does size of the venue matter? Again, I’m not super sure about it. I suppose smaller venues are nice because everyone in the place has a good chance of having an amazing view, which I can appreciate and applaud. Yet, I have also had great experiences in large venues, especially when it feels like thousands are all united in loving a song, a moment, this band. I like great sound quality but that can often change depending on where you are located in the crowd. I have heard both smaller and larger places have good and bad sound.

After all that, I’m thinking that I don’t know if it matters. At the end of the day, I love seeing them play anywhere. I’m like the opposite of the main character in the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham. The main character does not like green eggs and ham anywhere or with anyone. I am the opposite. I love Duran Duran everywhere and with everyone.