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Seven years of burning the ground, and we reached our resource limit!

Crazy things happen. For example, last Thursday afternoon, someone let us know that our blog was displaying a strange screen instead of our website. I checked it out, and sure enough, our website was nowhere to be found. Instead, viewers were told that we’d reached a 508 resource limit.

(I sound like I actually know what I’m writing about. Amusing.)

Here’s the deal: I’m no webmaster. I try my best, but in actuality, I am  learning as I go. Seven and a half years ago, I was scared to death when Daily Duranie went “live”. I had no idea what I was doing.  A bit later, and I do the unthinkable. I decide we can self-host, and I have the audacity to think I can actually keep it all working. I move the blog to our own shared server space, and it works fantastically. Until of course, it doesn’t.

The thing is, starting out, MOST websites work unless you’re using a theme or plugins that don’t. However, when you’ve got seven years under you, there’s a lot of stuff. Things need cleaned. They need maintenance. It is like owning a seven-year old vehicle. Sometimes, things need fixing. I am not a mechanic.

So my Thursday night was spent getting close and personal with the back, back-end of the site. The first thing I had to look up was what a 508 resource limit meant! Then I looked at stuff on our back-end that, to be honest, I’d never looked at before. One thing I learned was that our server has its own site metrics, and its own stats. Both files are frighteningly more accurate than what we’ve got through WordPress.

I learned that we have, quite honestly, ten times as many unique page views as I’d ever thought, on SLOW days. During times when Amanda and I are actually on the road together, our traffic here is almost alarming. At first, I sat staring at the screen saying, “That’s just not possible. It just can’t be.”

Amanda and I had a good laugh, admitted our naivety, and surmised that this is exactly the kind of thing that would happen to the two of us. It explains a lot of things, though…including the problem at hand.

The 508 resource limit, which I didn’t know how to fix. I read some articles, and I watched a few YouTube videos.  (You can learn ANYTHING on YouTube!) It came down to a couple of basic things: 1. This site needed to be optimized. 2. I needed to clean out the crap. I did both, but once a site reaches your resource max – that means that you’ve used up all of the resources your server has allocated to you for that given period. I had to wait for the site to renew our allocations. Thankfully, that meant waiting until the following day. It worked. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen again.

I’ve done all that I can do at this point to ensure we never hit a resource limit again, primarily because I’m out of time, out of knowledge, and out of money. In order to ensure we never run out of allocated resources, we’d have to upgrade our hosting. As I said, we get quite a bit of traffic, and on a busy day –  if the site isn’t running at its optimum, we could easily run into resource limit problems again. As it is currently, the site costs us a fair amount of money each year to host. Upgrading isn’t cheap.  So how to make the site pay for itself?  Good question. Our ads never quite paid off for us, so I took them down. They looked like crap, and no one clicked on them anyway. That said, Amanda and I cannot afford to put more of our money into the site at this point.

You may or may not have noticed a new addition to the home page. If you look near the top right corner, just under our menu – there’s a “Donate” button. It’s not very big. It doesn’t have bright neon lights shouting it’s presence. But it is there, quietly asking for your support.

Amanda and I love Daily Duranie. I think it’s fair to say we loved it before anyone besides the two of us read a single word. We wrote for the love of the band, and we wrote for the love of being fans. We still do. That said, it costs real money to keep the site running. It costs real money to put on a convention, to do meet-ups, and to have fun. We are asking for your help – whether that is a few dollars, or a bit more if you are able and so inclined. If you know Amanda and I, you realize how difficult this is for us. We’re not very good at asking. I read a book about that once, and here I am. I need to ask for your help. I worry about doing this because I hate being vulnerable. It’s uncomfortable, and we wouldn’t do it if we really didn’t need your support. We’re not asking anyone to pay us a salary, or to fund the next tour.  We just want to keep the site running. Anything extra would be used for future conventions and meet ups, should we be so lucky to be offered that much help.

If you click on the link, it will take you to PayPal, where you can type in a monetary amount of your choosing to donate to “Discord & Rhyme”. That’s actually Amanda and I, so don’t worry! We’re trying to change that back to Daily Duranie, but for now – it’s Discord & Rhyme.

This isn’t going to be like your local PBS station continually asking for donations. The button is going to stay for a while, but this is the one and only blog I’m going to be writing about it. Should we want to try something different for fun, and we might as time goes on here, we may write about it, but other than that – it’s back to business as usual here with NO resource limit on the fun stuff! Love, friendship, music, party times, and Duran Duran.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep this site up and running. We really appreciate the love, kindness and support.


On a Wandering River

Amanda and I have been trading emails over the past few days, and I realized yesterday that in a week, this little blog will be six years old. Another “birthday”, so to speak, and change is ahead.

Oddly, it is slowly getting to the point where I can’t remember life before Daily Duranie. I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it certainly does mean it has become a fixture in my life. Each weekday I wake up, come downstairs, feed the cats and dog, start the coffee and sit down to check in with the world and blog. It is a habit, and something I’ve gotten used to doing now, six years in.  In a lot of ways, blogging has become a sort of journal for me. I try to keep my posts loosely centered around fandom, but as my sister told me over the summer—she also reads to find out what’s going on here with me and the kids. I value my time writing here, and I enjoy the habit!

(We’re fine! They started school yesterday and so far, Gavin is realizing that his senior year is sort of the payoff for buckling down the first three years! More on that another time…)

As I mentioned yesterday though, this year is bringing change to my household. I have spent the last twenty years, nearly to the day, at home with my kids. Prior to that, I worked as a staffing manager for a temporary service.  For me, it was a “job”, not really a career, and it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the next thirty or forty years. My husband’s career, on the other hand, required a lot of travel and late nights anyway, and I recognized one of us needed to be at home.  In the years since, I won’t lie—I’ve wondered what it was like to have a career. I envied Walt, and I still envy a lot of you. Creating this blog has been the closest thing to a career I’ve ever had.  I care a lot about what happens here, and while I haven’t been wise enough to really make it into something that could support either Amanda or I financially, I’ve treated it with that kind of seriousness.  I don’t want to see what we’ve done so far, die. That said, it is time for me to earn a real salary.

So today, I am going to my first job interview in about twenty-two years.  The job isn’t full-time, it’s merely the “office lady” job at my kids’ school.  As most know, my kids are in an independent studies program (more independent for Gavin than my youngest of course!), but the charter school also operates a resource center where the kids go for class. So, should I get the position, I’ll be working in the office. It’s a solo-person job, so I’ll do everything from handling band-aids to ordering supplies and working with the parent committee.  My theory is that while it would be good to help out with the cost associated with sending our kids to college, and possibly have money for a show or two from time to time – I didn’t want to work full-time unless it was at writing.  (working on that goal!)

This will change blogging for me a bit, since I really don’t know how or when I’ll blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For those of you in the UK and elsewhere in the world, it is likely that you won’t see blogs on those two days and instead get two on Wednesday and Friday, depending upon timing. I’m just not sure.  The important thing is that I don’t plan to quit.

I have a lot of emotion about this. I don’t do well with change, I guess.  In some ways, I feel like I failed here with Daily Duranie.  I can’t really explain that feeling without going into  lot of detail that I don’t have time to do right now (and while I’m pretty open on here, there are some things about myself I just don’t want to talk about publicly).  All I can say is that I guess I just believed that the more I blogged and the more I wrote, that somehow, someway—something would come out of it and fall into my lap. You see, I really do want a career of my own.  I have friends who remind me that being a mom is a huge career, and while I suppose in some way that’s right—I never intended to be a stay-at-home mom for my entire life. My youngest still needs me though, so I’m glad that this position is something that works, and she is really excited by the prospects of having Mom right at school!

I do believe that the universe has a way of sending signs, and I just keep waiting in hopes that eventually, I’ll know what I should be doing. For all I know, this IS the sign. Oddly enough, as I checked the directions to where I’m going today, it turns out that the main office is about a mile from where my parents lived before my dad passed away.  I have no doubt that if my sister is reading, she’ll smile at that. I did.

So, as I close this and get ready to go, please send some positive thoughts my way. I’m finding that it isn’t even so much as I need this job as it is that I need a change of direction and some new opportunity.  And, I promise the blog will still be here!  🙂



I Can Share

Did you read the blog yesterday?  Our blog statistics showed that there were a number of you who clicked the link and read it, which I appreciate tremendously.  We also received a number of comments on Twitter, which we were grateful for.  On Facebook, it appeared to be a pretty popular post as it reached over 900 people, had over 20 people like it and over 20 comments.  Some of these comments had to do with the premise of the blog, which was that as much as any fan thinks s/he knows the personality of the band members, s/he does not.  It takes a lot more than reading/watching interviews, a ten minute meet and greet experience or even a few lengthy conversations.  I explained by giving an example from my own life and how my colleagues don’t really know all of me despite working side-by-side in an intense job for a year and a half together.  Other comments, though, focused on the first line of the blog, “How long have you been a fan?”  Those responses included either the year that they became fans or how many years since they first became Duranies.  Others wanted to share their meet and greet stories to explain how the band member(s) in question were or were not like what they thought they would be.

I have to be honest here.  I was disheartened that it seemed so many only read the first sentence as opposed to clicking on the link on reading the entire 800 words.  While it is true that Rhonda and I write for ourselves, it is also true that we have hopes that others will read what we write.  I welcome the dialogue, the discussion in hopes of getting a greater understanding of myself, others, fandom, etc.  Yet, that dialogue can only happen when people read it.  Writing the blog is a commitment that I take seriously.  I ensure that it is included in my list of things to do.  My schedule is pretty full (which is probably an understatement since teaching requires about 60-70 hours of work a week and Rhonda and I are starting on a new book project.)  It means that I will sacrifice working on those tasks as well as some of the basic necessities of life like relaxing and/or sleep.  Thus, it hurt a little when people chose not to read the entire blog yesterday.  Yet, as with so many other things, I learned from the experience.

First, I learned a little bit about writing yesterday.  While the first sentence was definitely a hook that got people’s attention, it was always too good of a hook.  I didn’t provide enough of an enticement to keep reading, I guess.  People didn’t have a reason to go beyond what they saw in the little blurb.  Thus, I learned a little about how to write better for my specific task of this blog.  It is funny because I always teach my students that it is important to take my audience into consideration when writing.  For example, my students just finished an assignment in which they were activists trying to convince the American public to do something for a specific cause during the Progressive Era (women’s suffrage, civil rights for African-Americans, working conditions, etc.)  That writing is different than the essay they will write later in the month on U.S. Imperialism in the 1890s.  Therefore, their writing must be different based on the task.  I need to always remember that, too.

The second thing I learned has to do with our fandom.  It was clear by the number of responses just how many fans REALLY want to talk about their fandom story and their stories of when they met the band.  All they needed was a very simple question to just start talking.  This leads me to wonder what Rhonda and I could do to allow more of this needed conversation to happen.  Right now, we have the following means:

  • Guest blogs in which people could share their stories of when and why they became fans
  • Guest blogs in which people could share their meet and greet stories
  • Our message board which could include discussion on both fan histories and meet and greet stories

What else should or could we do?  I just wonder if people had the opportunity to talk about their own experiences, perhaps, they would be more willing to look at what Rhonda and I are saying with our blogs.  Of course, it is possible that people still would not want to go beyond the opening snippets of our blogs for whatever reason.  Perhaps, it is the teacher in me that wonders if there isn’t a better way to reach fans.  What do you think?


Tonight’s PARTY!!!

It is party time!!!  Well, it is almost party time!  That’s right, tonight is our Dancing on the Valentine Party!  The purpose of tonight is super simple!  It is to break the feeling the “winter marches on” feeling, to celebrate Duran Duran and to have fun!!!  What could be better than that!?!  I know that I’m really looking forward to it as real life has been a lot tiring and stressful as of late.  We hope that you, too, are looking forward to it and ready to have some fun!!!

Onto the details!  This is an online party!  That means you don’t have to travel anywhere or brave winter winter to get to the festivities!  You can enjoy it from your own house or from wherever you can get the internet.  How do you attend the party?  Simple!  You do two easy things.

  1.  You tune into the playlist that we will be making public and starting at 8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific on the Daily Duranie YouTube channel, which you can find here.  The idea is simple.  We all watch the same things at the same time then we chat, laugh, squee and whatever else seems appropriate at the time.
  2. The conversation part of the party will be taking place on the Daily Duranie message board, which you can get to here!  Once there, if you haven’t already registered, do that.  Then, scroll to the bottom of the board to see the “SHOUTBOX” area.  This is where the live chatting will take place!  Make sense?

Now, it wouldn’t be a Daily Duranie party without a drink for the night!  Our very timely drink is called “Valentine Stones”.  The ingredients are super simple:  Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Lime over ice. We recommend making and drinking this throughout the night (You all know that we will be!).  The drink, in fact, could be consumed while playing tonight’s Dancing on the Valentine Drinking Game!

Dancing on the Valentine Drinking Game Rules!

Take one sip of the beverage of your choice (alcoholic or not) when you see any of the following in the videos that we put together!

  • Any dorky dance moves/dancing
  • Any references to sex
  • JoSi moments
  • DoJo moments
  • Roger twirls his stick (drum stick, people…get your mind out of the gutter!)
  • Nick takes a picture
  • John claps
  • Simon plays an instrument (his voice doesn’t count here, people.  We don’t want people to actually die playing the game!)
  • The color RED is shown
  • The color PINK is shown
  • One of the band members uses the word “LOVE” in a song or interview
  • Anyone in the video is seen drinking
  • A party is shown

I recommend printing the drinking game list or writing it down so it is right in front while you watch!  That said, I’m sure that we will all be reminding each other while we watch and party together tonight!

I think that covers it!  If you have any questions between now and party time, feel free to ask away on the Event Page from our Facebook Page, which you can get to here!

Now, I better make sure I have enough vodka to get me through the night!  Looking forward to being with all of you later!


Dancing on the Valentine Party!!!

I was hoping to review/give highlights/commentary on the latest Katy Kafe featuring one Mr. John Taylor, but…I cannot get the video to work for me despite trying on three different devices.  Hopefully, I will be able to do that for tomorrow.  Yet, I hope this post brings something better…or….just as good…or kinda good.  Well, at least, Rhonda and I think it will be good and VERY FUN, which is news of an online party!

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about how this winter has been getting me and lots of other people down, which you can read about here.  Yes, obviously, there is good reason for this feeling.  Instead of focusing on all that has been lost, it seems to me that this would be a good time to celebrate.  We can celebrate our fandom, our friendship and what is to come.  It can remind us why we love Duran Duran and that within that love is fun and friendship.  Therefore, Rhonda and I will be hosting the…DANCING ON THE VALENTINE PARTY!  No, it isn’t a super original name but it fits since it will take place on Saturday, February 13th.  Here are all the details:

What:  Dancing on the Valentine Party!

Who:  Everyone, Everywhere!

Where:  It will take place online!

When:  Saturday, February 13th starting at 8 pm central/6 pm pacific

Why:  To have some fun and to celebrate our mutual love of Duran and our friendships!

How:  This party will work like many of our other parties.  There will be a YouTube playlist.  “Attendees” will click on the playlist.  Then, we will comment, laugh, sing along with whatever we are watching!

Some other important details to note!

  1. We need people to send in suggestions for what to watch.  Everyone knows what Rhonda and I like to watch!  We want all attendees to have a voice in what is played!  Therefore, please send video requests to us through email, comments here on the blog, comments on our Facebook page, tweets…It doesn’t matter how–just send them in!  As people send in their suggestions, we will find them, put them on a YouTube playlist so that we will be good to go!  Now, I realize that some of you will say:  “I don’t know what I want to watch!  I can’t think of anything in particular!  Everything is good to me!”  Try this.  Decide if you would be in the mood for live footage, interviews, documentaries, videos.  Then, figure out what years or eras you would like to focus on more.  That usually helps me narrow my thinking.  🙂
  2. There will be a drinking game for this party!  Once we have our playlist set, Rhonda and I will come up with things to watch for to have a sip/drink of the beverage of your choice.  We are recommending a little Vodka and Cranberry for the evening.  In fact, on that day, we will declare the official drink title to be Valentine Stones.  Fitting, yes?
  3. A Facebook event page will be created once I have some time after grading my semester finals.  People can then get the details, RSVP for the party, share with other friends and other Duranie groups they might know of/belong to.
  4. The other important detail that we will be sharing later is where/how we are going to communicate throughout the party.  In the past, I have focused on talking to people on the Facebook event page and Rhonda has tweeted about it from our account.  The problem with this is obvious.  It starts to feel like 2 different parties are going on and the whole group doesn’t get a chance to “hang out”.  We would like some online place in which everyone can be on together!  It would be WAY more fun!  So, watch this space for details!!!

I think I have covered everything!  I will update this post once the event page is up.  More details about the drinking game will follow as will where the party will be held, in terms of an online location.  In the meantime, start thinking about what you want to watch and send us your suggestions!!!!  Suddenly, those semester finals don’t seem so tough to finish grading since now I have something to look forward to!


Happy Birthday Rhonda!!

Today is a special day in Daily Duranie-land!  It is Rhonda’s birthday!!  I start looking forward to writing this blog about the same time as when I start pondering what to buy/make for her birthday!  (Fun Amanda fact–I love giving gifts!!!)  I want every birthday blog to be unique and special, including this one.  After 11 years of friendship and 5 years of doing this blog, I have learned a lot about Rhonda and about myself.  Most importantly, though, I have learned a lot about friendship!

Vodka is hobby

By now, all of you have heard about how/where Rhonda and I met.  Virtually, we met on the no longer in existence message board,  In person, we met at the Duran Duran Fans Convention called Friends of Mine in September 2004.  Besides our mutual love in Duran Duran, we quickly discovered that we enjoyed having fun on a night out and laughing!!


From there, we discovered that we both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE talking about anything and everything Duran Duran.  In fact, when others seekindred fansm to tire of the conversation or got other interests, there we were–still talking, still thinking, still analyzing.  We understood that we truly loved the band in the same way and for the same reasons.  Kindred fans.

Then, we discovered that our similar fandom philosophies carried over into toBiloxi lineuring!  Once we toured together, we knew that we had found our touring partners for life!  It seems to me that a lot of people can be friends and be good friends, but it takes something special to be able to travel together.  The two of us have been to many places around the country and to the UK twice.  We have been on planes, trains and automobiles together.  There have been many, many, many hotel rooms throughout our friendship history.  concert ticketsTraditions have been established and we fall quickly into routines when on tour together.  It is like we were born to tour!!!  In fact, I would go so far as to say that touring is really where we are most happy.  Of course, a big part of that is seeing those litle Duran Duran concerts but it is also where our friendship comes alive and gets renewed!

Of course, we didn’t stop there with just conversations about Duran Duranbest friend or going to see the band on tour.  No…we had to do more!  So, I said, “Let’s write a book about fandom!”  Rhonda said, “Cool!  Let’s do a daily blog, too!” And this little entity was born!  This monster, this beast, this larger-than-life thing is more than just a book or a blog or a website or many social media handles or meet-ups or conventions or a message board.  It is something much much larger than the sum of its parts.  No matter how we describe it or define it, it is truly our baby.  We gave birth and have nurtured it all along the way.  It has grown and developed and we couldn’t be prouder.

crazy friendLife, though, is not always smooth or perfect.  There are bumps along the way, especially when turns are taken.  At those times, when bruises are fresh, our friendship, our bond and our fortitude has gotten stronger.  Why?  Simple.  We have each other’s back, no matter what.  I have often thought about the friendships between the guys in Duran.  They have experienced the ups and the downs of life.  Throughout it all, they have managed to be able to work together, to create together, and to be friends together.  It seems to me that this gift is really rare.  How many people can say that they can work with their best friends?  How many people can travel with their beloyal st friends?  How many people have stuck with their best friends through all that life throws at them?  I suspect the number is really pretty low.  This is why I know how special my friendship is with Rhonda and I assume that she feels the same about me.

Amanda & Rhonda Ace RooftopOn this day, the anniversary of the birth of my best friend, I find myself feeling like the person who has received a gift.  I got the best friend I could ever ask for.  She is someone who makes me laugh and laughs at my wacko sense of humor.  She is someone who shares my passion for Duran Duran and is willing to work her ass off right along side mine to show that love and devotion through everything we have created together.  I couldn’t ask for a better touring partner-in-crime as we certainly know how to have fun together and always will and, most importantly, I couldn’t ask for a more loyal friend.  She will always have my back and I will always have hers.  We will always, always be there for each other.  Truly, we share in this gift of friendship.  Durham drunk

Happy Birthday, my dear friend!  I absolutely wish that this is the best year of your life (until the next one!) and that you experience nothing but joy, laughter and fun as well as a little/lot of Duran Duran!!!  Love ya lots!!



Miss me yet?

Did you notice I was gone last week?  While I feel badly about not blogging at all, there’s a certain part of me that is glad I didn’t. Many of you probably know that my oldest moved to her college dorms and last Thursday was move-in day. My week was spent doing about 50,000 loads of laundry, packing bins and boxes, and admittedly – fighting back a lot of tears. My feelings are very mixed right now. I’m proud and happy, but also a tiny bit sad and even a little bit lonely. Heather is my oldest, my first baby – the one I had to “learn” on, and she’s been my buddy since the day she was born. As she got older, we grew closer, despite those nasty teenage years (I was lucky with this one, but I suspect her younger sister will be a force to reckon with) Now she’s at my alma mater, having what I believe will be the time of her life. I’m here at home, watching Bachelor in Paradise and Cutthroat Kitchen by myself.  It isn’t just an adjustment for me, but one for the entire family. My youngest has decided that throwing a tantrum or two (she’s a very young seven who is used to being doted on by her older sister) is the way to go. So it’s been delightful as I calmly but firmly redirect. (sometimes, not so calmly…) We’ll all adjust eventually…I hope.

The good news here is that most people might not have even noticed I was gone, despite the lack of a daily post.  Each day, readers should have seen a new picture poll posted, and probably even some discussion up on our Facebook page about the new album. Friday, Saturday and even Sunday there were blogs just as normal…and all of it due to Amanda.

Over the past five (yes FIVE!) years we’ve written and operated Daily Duranie, it has become increasingly apparent many have absolutely no idea that there are two of us here doing the work. Amanda will be on Twitter chatting with people on our @dailyduranie account, and they’ll automatically assume she’s me, even though she always “signs” her tweets with “-A”.  The same happens with email, or even when people have something they want to share…they address emails, messages, etc. solely to me. While I love talking with anyone and everyone about this band, I have to wonder why no one seems to recognize or acknowledge that Amanda is easily the hardest working one out of the two of us…and she really and truly IS. So, maybe readers can share some of your perceptions with us.

With that in mind, I think it’s time for a little Daily Duranie “Primer”:

I am not the sole owner of Daily Duranie, and Amanda is absolutely not second-in-command. We are equal partners in every single way.  When we first began the blog, she and I agreed that I would be responsible for writing blogs Monday through Thursday, and she would write Friday through Sunday. Over time, we began adding things like the daily questions, polls, and chatting with everyone on social media. Amanda does most of that, to be honest. We both keep the calendar updated, I handle the website maintenance and upkeep (I hate that part), we both answer comments, and thank GOODNESS we’re in this together. I could never do it all alone and I wouldn’t have ever even tried if it hadn’t been for her.

Perhaps, Amanda and I complement each other so well that no one realizes we’re two people! I’m far more casual in my writing. I wear my feelings on my fingers, so to speak. My blogs read similarly to how I might write an email or talk to a friend. I figure we’re all friends here, anyway. Amanda is definitely the more intellectual one. She is a thinking-person’s sort of writer, and she knows her Duran Duran history better than anyone I have ever met.  In contrast, I still struggle with the band’s birthdates, regularly forget names of songs, etc. (I also call my children by every OTHER name than their own, so there’s that). Amanda seems to know every date in Duran history, while I can’t seem to remember when Rio was released. I do my best, and fall woefully short much of the time. I handle the backend of this website (which sounds far dirtier than it is), and I don’t think Amanda has ever dared tread around back there…yet she’s definitely the more detail-oriented one out of the two of us. I’m more of a “big-idea-with-no-plan-for-implementation” person. I’ll come up with dumb-ass ideas like “Let’s ask Dom Brown for an interview!” and not have any clue how to reach him other than, for example, throwing a note up on stage at a show.  (This didn’t actually happen…but it makes a good story, doesn’t it?!! I actually sent him an email, with my hands shaking the entire time. Thank GAWD he didn’t request a phone interview because I’m pretty sure I would have turned blue and passed out from a lack of oxygen.) On the other hand, Amanda has a calendar at home that she keeps updated with what we have planned out for the two of us to do. If it weren’t for Amanda, nothing would get done here much of the time.

What is particularly frustrating and very discouraging for her is that she’s not acknowledged for the amount and quality of her work. It is apparent that many automatically assume this is completely my deal, or that Amanda is my supporting player. That couldn’t really be further from the truth, and is not the image we care to present. Selfishly, the last thing I need is for the world to assume that I am somehow the only face behind Daily Duranie! Over the years, we’ve been contacted by a variety of people for a plethora of reasons; whether it’s fellow fans asking a question, authors wanting  a book reviewed, or even people inviting us to things – and usually they typically only ask for me. I am left wondering why. I would love to read your perceptions, dear readers. This question really isn’t about why you might like my writing or Amanda’s writing.. (in fact I would very much appreciate those opinions being left to oneself). I am asking why it may seem, or IF it seems that Daily Duranie is only one person.  Bonus points for examples!

As always, I look forward to reading your well-thought out insights.


Crisis Equals Opportunity: The Daily Duranie Facebook

Today has been quite a day. During the summer, Amanda and I have committed ourselves to working on projects together via Skype, and today was no exception. We got online, chatted a bit and settled down to work. That’s when the day was completely derailed.

Amanda went to log on to our Daily Duranie Facebook account like normal, only to find that she couldn’t get into our account. We were locked out and Facebook wanted to confirm our identity…something that has never happened before. It wanted government ID, a birth certificate or something similar. While we acknowledge that Daily Duranie has taken on a life of it’s own….it’s not quite THAT big. We thought we’d been hacked, to be honest.

So, we settled into trying to understand why this happened. In a nutshell, Facebook wants to “encourage” people to only use their real names for personal accounts. This is of course, because they want businesses, public figures, bands, magazines, entertainment entities, authors, etc to create a Facebook Page instead. Pages are more of an advertising type of entity as opposed to a personal account for regular ole folks. Pages are fine, but the main problem is that in order to get your posts widely seen – EVEN by those who follow – you must pay to have the posts “boosted”.  That’s great if you’re a business who has a revenue stream to support such activity, but if you’re a small blog like us?  That’s an issue, and that’s one reason Amanda and I agreed to stick with a regular account, and all was fine until today.  Today Facebook decided that we weren’t getting in. Period. No warning, no measure for helping or allowing us to just move the account to a page, nothing. We could try to appeal (which did not work), or move forward.

So we set about creating the new Daily Duranie Facebook Page, and fretting about all that we’d lost. Maybe none of you realize, but we’re talking nearly FIVE YEARS of hard work. Posts. Pictures. Nearly 2500 friends. Real friends from around the world. The more I typed, fixed profile pictures and cover photos, messaged Duran Duran pages and groups…the bigger the knot in my stomach and throat became. We have put blood, sweat and tears into this blog in a way that no one on the planet can really understand. It has felt at times that for every two steps forward, we’ve taken five backward. Yet, I couldn’t separate myself from Daily Duranie even if I tried, because it’s ME. It’s Amanda. It’s US.  And a large part of the two of us is now in Facebook jail. Welcome to Tuesday, my friends.

As I set about understanding the reasoning why our account – out of all the thousands of FB accounts who go by pseudonyms instead of birth names – was chosen today, I discovered that the only way Facebook really keeps track is if they were told about us. That means that someone, most likely a “friend”, made the point to tell Facebook about us and mention that we’re not a real person. Except of course, we are.

Upset? Yes. Wounded? Sure. Done? Not even close. We’re just getting started.

So instead of working on the other projects today, Amanda and I have been scrambling to get the page together, tell people what happened, we’ve BEGGED Duran Duran to retweet our page link (nothing yet, but we’re hopeful – surely they have to know how much we’ve done for this community in the past five years???), and mostly – WE NEED YOU.

Please, please, PLEASE come to the new page. Like it and then share the link with others. We’ve tried to go to some of the pages and groups we know, but to be honest – there are thousands of groups and pages, and only two of us. We need help. Desperately.  Here is the new link to the page, and we hope to see you there.  Send us a note, post to the page…make us laugh, and let’s keep this party going.

Amanda and I like a good challenge, and maybe this will end up being a good thing in the long run. John Taylor has this saying that is from Eastern philosophy that is on the cover of his (solo) Feelings Are Good CD. Crisis equals opportunity.

We’re going to go with that.


Daily Duranie Spring Break

Originally, this blog – this post – was to be about a great many things. Simon’s recent interview, what fandom really means, and a plethora of other things that I wrote, re-read and deleted. Repeat.

Instead, this blog post is going to be a good-bye of sorts. I don’t want to get into the details, because in this case, they really do not matter to anyone but Amanda and me. What matters most is that Amanda and I have agreed to take a break, and it will be the most significant break we have ever taken from Daily Duranie. We’ve been at this for four years, six months and three days, as of today. I don’t even know how many posts that is offhand, but it’s a lot. Our collective spirits need a break. It’s not that the blog or being a Duran Duran fan isn’t fun….but it isn’t very much fun right now. We need a real refresher, with hopes that if and when we get back to it, we’ll be recharged and ready. So, we’re calling this our “Spring Break”.

For the next few weeks or so, you can imagine that we’re on a beach somewhere. Well, I am anyway…. Amanda probably isn’t because she’d be telling me that she’s baking alive or something like that. Maybe just imagine us in a bar somewhere. Having many vodka tonics and not talking about Duran Duran or fandom. That’s probably more accurate (well, the vodka tonic part certainly is). The good news is that we can make this whole bar scene happen in a couple of weeks when Amanda arrives in California for a visit.


Happy Holidays from Daily Duranie!

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

We would like to take a minute to wish each of you a wonderful holiday season. While we still enjoy writing the blog each day, we are very much looking forward to the prospect of shows to attend and review, and seeing many of you on our various journeys. It has been far too quiet around here!!!

Additionally, we would like a word with the band, if any of them ever happen to stumble upon this blog…

We’ve been VERY GOOD FANS this year, and as such, we’re begging, please finish the album and do some shows next year! We wish everyone: band members, “permanent” band members, “founding” band members, “back-up” band members, and even “former” band members and management, a wonderful holiday with your friends and families, and we really hope to see YOU on stage and hear you coming from our stereos with new music in 2015!

Merry Christmas!!!

Amanda & Rhonda