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Show Me For Yourself

Yesterday marked the official end to my school year. It goes without saying that this was an extremely odd one and certainly one of the most challenging. I’m willing to bet, though, that if I checked out the archives to this blog, I would find similar posts last year, the year before that, five years before that, etc. You get the idea. The end of the school year always bring some introspection on my part and this time is no different. In fact, it might bring more as next year is filled with question marks and concerns on a big picture scale. Then, I have some worries about my position, specifically.

I’m at a weird point in my career. I am probably about 10-12 years away from retirement. Trust me when I say that typing those words are as weird as thinking them. I’m not that old after all, right? In many ways, I wish that I was ten years younger or older. If I was younger, I would have more flexibility when it comes to thinking about my career and if I want to stay in the classroom. I would not lose as much, if I walked away. That said, if I was ten years older, retirement would be just around the corner, which would definitely keep me in place with little thought to switching jobs now. Unfortunately, I am in neither position.

Six years ago, I moved into my current place and took a new position at a high school teaching history. It truly felt like a chance to start over and, for a long time, the positives overshadowed the negatives. I love teaching history and women’s studies, which was added in my second year. My students keep me going with their questions, their thoughts, their passions and even their actions. I have witnessed many students turn their young lives around to being happy with themselves and their situations. Some of my students have followed in my footsteps as far as getting involved in the political sphere. Many have demonstrated their activism in the last few years. I am proud of the work that I have done.

At the same time, forces working against this outside of the four walls of my classroom have increased in both amount and intensity, making it difficult to focus on the benefits of my job. I have witnessed non-stop attacks on my profession from politicians and the public. Now, others have added to those voices, including ones with more direct impact. This, as you can imagine, has added stress to what is already deemed a very problematic period of history. That said, what does this mean for my fandom and this blog? How are those connected?

Fandom, like everything else, does not exist in a vacuum. I am not *just* a Duranie. I’m that and so much more. Life affects fandom and fandom affects life. At times, in my life, fandom has become almost all-consuming in that my focus was only on that. At other times, fandom has been placed on the back burner. It feels like this is a time in which fandom is in the background of my life. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not leaving fandom. No. It is part of who I am and always will be. It just means that right now, my brain is thinking about other things like my career. I’m certain that once it is safe for the band to play shows again, it will grab a lot more of my attention. Likewise, when #DD15 drops, the music will definitely get most of me! I think this is all very common and normal.

So what about this blog? If fandom is more of a supporting player rather than a starring role in life, should the same thing be said for the blog? I don’t agree. When I think about the fact that we have been doing this for almost a decade, I feel a sense of pride, just like when I think about the successes of so many of my students. On top of that, it reminds me of an assignment my students did this spring. Since we are living in a pandemic, I asked my students to document their lives in some way. Some students chose to just journal. Others created slideshows with pictures. A few chose to vlog or to create a podcast. While the goal was for the kids to document life in a safer-at-home order during a pandemic, I found that my kids veered from that goal, at times. This, in itself, shows that life is not one-dimensional, even during a global health crisis. No matter how often or how little they referenced COVID, they still created a primary source document that could live on beyond them.

The same thing is true for this blog. It has captured not only our experiences, our research and our feelings toward fandom and Duran Duran, it has also captured so much of our lives. I think about writing when my grandma passed away in 2010 or through all the elections I have worked on. Rhonda, too, has written about the trials and tribulations surrounding her life and family. In many ways, the blog is more than the sum of its parts. It has grown beyond its original purpose. I, for one, am glad that we have it still as it has documented our lives and our fandom in a way that I could not have imagined when we started.


With Chickens Standing Round

Caught inside MY own motion

Hello Wednesday! Today’s blog is going to be short, because I am injured. Yesterday, as I was trying to go in and clean up after my chickens, I stepped up into the coop only to trip, drop the 40 lb bag of stall refresher I was carrying and fall face first onto the floor. I tried to break my fall with my hand, but only managed to somehow jam my pinky into the chicken ladder leading up to their roost. At first, I thought I was fine, but my stupid finger is definitely not “fine”. I can’t imagine I broke it, but it’s not super straight right now, it’s bruised, a little swollen, and it hurts like hell. Typing is a challenge. On top of that, I managed to really scrape my left arm and shoulder, along with banging up my right knee. As I said to my friend Lori last night, I’m one fall away from a hip replacement. This is dumb and I object!

Meanwhile, there is this post to write!

If you haven’t followed, liked or subscribed…

I wanted to make a general appeal to the people who follow us on Twitter, or the folks who see our posts on Facebook. First of all, if you see our posts on Facebook but haven’t taken the time to like/follow our page – there’s no time like the present! The next year is going to get busy, and if you want to stay updated – that is the best way to do it! If you’ve already done that, please subscribe to this site and blog! We would really like to make more of an impact on Google, and that is one way to really help us with our visibility.

Ads, ads, ads…

I know many of you see the ads and hate them. I get it, and I recognize that they might be a put off. The fact is, we’ve been running a website now for nine years, and we get enough traffic to where we had to adjust our server accordingly. What was once a cheap hobby is now not so inexpensive on a yearly basis, and the ads along with our donate button help Amanda and I to cover some (but not nearly all) of those costs. We certainly appreciate your support. During the next year, I am hoping to upgrade our sound and video equipment so that when we travel or even do video calls at home, I’m able to put together reasonably decent footage rather than our current (very) amateur hatchet jobs . Many have asked us to do podcasts, and somehow, I suspect we will be doing some during the next year. They’ll never take the place of our blog posts or even the videos, but they’ll be additional to our content.


Another housekeeping issue is the security “issue” that seems to keep cropping up for some (including myself, which is funny) when they try to open the site. First of all, let me assure you that Daily Duranie isn’t trying to “spoof” anyone. We aren’t trying to get your financial or personal details, and so the security notification many of you seem to get is unsubstantiated. That said, let me try to explain what is happening. When one owns a website, there is ample opportunity to buy a ton of crap for it that isn’t needed in every case. Security certificates are one of those things.

That certificate merely says that the site isn’t trying to steal information, and that it is keeping every transaction private. That is wonderful to have…if you’re selling something. We however, are not. We DO accept donations through PayPal, though. When you click on the “donate” button, you’re taken to PayPal directly in a different window, so the transaction isn’t happening on this site, and we do not save the information. When you click on “subscribe”, however, WordPress does save your email address. That’s it. The bottom line is that I felt buying a security certificate would be overkill for the few donations we receive. If this site began selling things or started to be a vendor marketplace for collectibles (for example), then the story would be different.

So, why does the screen pop up then? A lot of times, this happens after you’ve updated your device. It is not a “site” issue, it is a user-browser problem. It seems that once you’ve visited the site (and yes, you CAN visit the site even after that screen pops up. Simply just clicking on “visit site anyway” will get you here.), the problem goes away. I know we’re not the only website to have the issue though, and I am looking into what options I have, including just buying the certificate.

It’s time for a makeover!

Lastly, once my finger is better – I am likely going to be taking the site offline for a few days. Not even Amanda knows this, but I need to work on archiving some of our very old blogs because the site is huge (note to self: LEARN HOW TO DO THIS). Additionally, I’d like to completely overhaul the site with a makeover in honor of 2020 and #DD40! While I like the current site set-up, it’s time for a change. In order to do it though, the site has to be down for a bit so I can tinker, rearrange, and figure it all out. I’ll let you know when that is going to happen before I take it down though. If anyone has any ideas for things they’d like to see here – pass them on to us though our gmail!

Okay, despite my typing on just four fingers on my left hand – my pinky is throbbing, so I’m done for the day. I’ll be back tomorrow!


My Finest Hour

Tuesday was Election Day in Wisconsin. While I have worked on campaigns before, this spring campaign marked the first one I have been the campaign manager for. This means that I designed the plan on how to reach as many voters as possible and convince them that my candidate was the one to vote for. The plan was an ambitious one that required a heck of a lot of time and work but I felt strongly that we needed to approach it that way since our opponent had so much going for him. He had name recognition, lots of media attention and support and big donors. We knew that it would be an uphill battle as we braved one of the harshest winters on record to knock on over 4000 doors and spoke to over 2000 people. Tuesday night, we gathered together to see if this plan worked. We managed to get over 35,000 votes to secure ourselves a win!! To say that we are thrilled would be an understatement! The lyrics to Duran’s song, Finest Hour, reminded me that “you’ve got to fight for what you believe.” Indeed, we did and came out winners!

Now, as I settle back into life with only one job, I find myself looking forward to getting more sleep, watching more TV, being a Duranie and more once I catch up on life. I also fully expect myself to have the time to pay attention to Duran Duran and all the happenings of our fan community. That said, I wonder if I will need more than just to slowly integrate myself back into Duranland. You know what I would really like? I wouldn’t mind a little mini-tour to plan for, to look forward to. Yes, yes, I know that we just had one one in February. That is totally true, but I wasn’t feeling the best and too tired to enjoy it as much as I could. Plus, why wouldn’t I want more shows like the ones we saw in February as they were absolutely fabulous?! Okay. So I cannot have that. What would be the next best things? I have two ideas.

Anyone up for a party?

While I would love, love, love to set up a Duranie party, I’m not certain that I could do that super quickly. After all, it takes time to plan for something like that well. So, if I cannot have a tour or a big Duranie party, what could I do? You know what I could do?! I could host an online one, couldn’t it? Rhonda and I have done a few of those over the years. Why not now? Usually, we do these online parties for some anniversary or holiday or something. I like to think of this one being for multiple things. First, it is to celebrate my campaign success and I cannot think of a better way than with Duran Duran. Second, it is to celebrate my return to Duranland. Third, my Duranie anniversary is this month. The last reason is just to do something fun! Who is with me?

Of course, I’m hoping that Rhonda would do this with me but she has no idea that I’m even proposing it. (Sorry—Rhonda! It just hit me and I went with it.) Hopefully, we can come up with a good date and what exactly we want to do with it. Social media? YouTube playlist? Something else fun? A contest? A game? What would all of you like for our online party? Stay tuned and watch this space!

Got something to say

My other idea is a simple one. While in Vegas, Rhonda and I mentioned that we both wanted to start writing again. I suggested a little project that we had already outlined. I think this would be a fun one to focus on because it is all about the fabulousness of Duran Duran and would definitely bring me back into the fold. I would love to see us write this and get it out this summer, too. Personally, I think we can do it. It would mean some focus during the summer along with probably a conference call or ten but I think we could do it. Heck, maybe, we should plan a get together to get it done. I like that the possibilities seem endless right now. It is all good.

So, people, as I bask in the glow of victory, I am giving you a little warning that Amanda, the Duranie, is feeling good and ready to have some fun around here once she gets some sleep.


You’ve Got That Thing Which Makes Them Smile

To say that I have not yet recovered from my trip to Vegas would be an understatement. I feel like I haven’t slept in a decade and I’m struggling to get going. My to do list is long and I am cannot get motivated no matter what I do. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping that I bounce back super soon as time is of the essence. Is this because part of me is still on tour? Still in Vegas? I’m sure. I also think that I want time to process last weekend and have had minimum time to do that. Despite that, I did realize something while I was in Vegas.

Could you describe yourself in one word? The other day Rhonda blogged about how she did not want to be defined solely by the term fan among others. It feels to her that being known for just one thing limits her and I totally appreciate that. After all, I don’t want to be known just as a “teacher” or “fan.” I am more than that. Yet, I do think that I could give one word to describe myself. That word is organizer. I certainly feel that in the classroom as I have to organize lessons and curriculum while organizing groups of children. Beyond that, that word fits when I think about my role as a campaign manager. I have to organize materials as well as events and volunteers to implement a plan. With both of my official jobs, I like the challenge of trying to figure out a game plan and how best to implement it. Not only do I like it, but I think I’m pretty decent at it, too.

Last weekend, in Vegas, we opted not to organize a big thing (ha!) or plan a real formal gathering. Instead, we went with the flow and had more unofficial meet-ups. While I enjoyed all of these gatherings, there was a part of me that felt removed, away from the action. Over the course of the last year or so, I have pulled back from the Duran community. There are a few reasons for this. Some of the reasons I have written about previously, including my incredibly busy life. Part of it, though, I realized, is that I don’t feel my participation adds much. I’m not terribly clever online and I don’t have any real insight into the inner workings of the band. I could talk about campaigning for hours. I could talk about fandom for hours but neither of those is what people look for in members of a fan community. People don’t share juicy gossip with me and even if they did, I don’t share what people share with me. I am pretty private so a lot of people don’t gravitate to me. On top of that, I don’t think a lot of people can relate to my life.

I hope this does not sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself because this is not what this post is about. I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure myself out and develop self-awareness. I know who I am and am okay with myself. Likewise, I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to get, to understand fandom and fan communities. Here is what I have realized by all this. I like organizing events for the fan community. Does it make it easier for me to socialize and people with me? I’m sure but it also feels right. It is something I like and am good at. It gives people a way to get past my private exterior and gives me a way to open myself up in ways I cannot get otherwise. I won’t ever be that bubbly personality that everyone wants to know. I certainly won’t ever be that person with a connection to the band or to insider or even interesting info. What I can be, what I am, though, is an organizer.

It was right for us not to organize anything big this past weekend but I missed it and hope that when more shows come our way that we can go back to doing something.


Seven years of burning the ground, and we reached our resource limit!

Crazy things happen. For example, last Thursday afternoon, someone let us know that our blog was displaying a strange screen instead of our website. I checked it out, and sure enough, our website was nowhere to be found. Instead, viewers were told that we’d reached a 508 resource limit.

(I sound like I actually know what I’m writing about. Amusing.)

Here’s the deal: I’m no webmaster. I try my best, but in actuality, I am  learning as I go. Seven and a half years ago, I was scared to death when Daily Duranie went “live”. I had no idea what I was doing.  A bit later, and I do the unthinkable. I decide we can self-host, and I have the audacity to think I can actually keep it all working. I move the blog to our own shared server space, and it works fantastically. Until of course, it doesn’t.

The thing is, starting out, MOST websites work unless you’re using a theme or plugins that don’t. However, when you’ve got seven years under you, there’s a lot of stuff. Things need cleaned. They need maintenance. It is like owning a seven-year old vehicle. Sometimes, things need fixing. I am not a mechanic.

So my Thursday night was spent getting close and personal with the back, back-end of the site. The first thing I had to look up was what a 508 resource limit meant! Then I looked at stuff on our back-end that, to be honest, I’d never looked at before. One thing I learned was that our server has its own site metrics, and its own stats. Both files are frighteningly more accurate than what we’ve got through WordPress.

I learned that we have, quite honestly, ten times as many unique page views as I’d ever thought, on SLOW days. During times when Amanda and I are actually on the road together, our traffic here is almost alarming. At first, I sat staring at the screen saying, “That’s just not possible. It just can’t be.”

Amanda and I had a good laugh, admitted our naivety, and surmised that this is exactly the kind of thing that would happen to the two of us. It explains a lot of things, though…including the problem at hand.

The 508 resource limit, which I didn’t know how to fix. I read some articles, and I watched a few YouTube videos.  (You can learn ANYTHING on YouTube!) It came down to a couple of basic things: 1. This site needed to be optimized. 2. I needed to clean out the crap. I did both, but once a site reaches your resource max – that means that you’ve used up all of the resources your server has allocated to you for that given period. I had to wait for the site to renew our allocations. Thankfully, that meant waiting until the following day. It worked. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen again.

I’ve done all that I can do at this point to ensure we never hit a resource limit again, primarily because I’m out of time, out of knowledge, and out of money. In order to ensure we never run out of allocated resources, we’d have to upgrade our hosting. As I said, we get quite a bit of traffic, and on a busy day –  if the site isn’t running at its optimum, we could easily run into resource limit problems again. As it is currently, the site costs us a fair amount of money each year to host. Upgrading isn’t cheap.  So how to make the site pay for itself?  Good question. Our ads never quite paid off for us, so I took them down. They looked like crap, and no one clicked on them anyway. That said, Amanda and I cannot afford to put more of our money into the site at this point.

You may or may not have noticed a new addition to the home page. If you look near the top right corner, just under our menu – there’s a “Donate” button. It’s not very big. It doesn’t have bright neon lights shouting it’s presence. But it is there, quietly asking for your support.

Amanda and I love Daily Duranie. I think it’s fair to say we loved it before anyone besides the two of us read a single word. We wrote for the love of the band, and we wrote for the love of being fans. We still do. That said, it costs real money to keep the site running. It costs real money to put on a convention, to do meet-ups, and to have fun. We are asking for your help – whether that is a few dollars, or a bit more if you are able and so inclined. If you know Amanda and I, you realize how difficult this is for us. We’re not very good at asking. I read a book about that once, and here I am. I need to ask for your help. I worry about doing this because I hate being vulnerable. It’s uncomfortable, and we wouldn’t do it if we really didn’t need your support. We’re not asking anyone to pay us a salary, or to fund the next tour.  We just want to keep the site running. Anything extra would be used for future conventions and meet ups, should we be so lucky to be offered that much help.

If you click on the link, it will take you to PayPal, where you can type in a monetary amount of your choosing to donate to “Discord & Rhyme”. That’s actually Amanda and I, so don’t worry! We’re trying to change that back to Daily Duranie, but for now – it’s Discord & Rhyme.

This isn’t going to be like your local PBS station continually asking for donations. The button is going to stay for a while, but this is the one and only blog I’m going to be writing about it. Should we want to try something different for fun, and we might as time goes on here, we may write about it, but other than that – it’s back to business as usual here with NO resource limit on the fun stuff! Love, friendship, music, party times, and Duran Duran.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep this site up and running. We really appreciate the love, kindness and support.


On a Wandering River

Amanda and I have been trading emails over the past few days, and I realized yesterday that in a week, this little blog will be six years old. Another “birthday”, so to speak, and change is ahead.

Oddly, it is slowly getting to the point where I can’t remember life before Daily Duranie. I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it certainly does mean it has become a fixture in my life. Each weekday I wake up, come downstairs, feed the cats and dog, start the coffee and sit down to check in with the world and blog. It is a habit, and something I’ve gotten used to doing now, six years in.  In a lot of ways, blogging has become a sort of journal for me. I try to keep my posts loosely centered around fandom, but as my sister told me over the summer—she also reads to find out what’s going on here with me and the kids. I value my time writing here, and I enjoy the habit!

(We’re fine! They started school yesterday and so far, Gavin is realizing that his senior year is sort of the payoff for buckling down the first three years! More on that another time…)

As I mentioned yesterday though, this year is bringing change to my household. I have spent the last twenty years, nearly to the day, at home with my kids. Prior to that, I worked as a staffing manager for a temporary service.  For me, it was a “job”, not really a career, and it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the next thirty or forty years. My husband’s career, on the other hand, required a lot of travel and late nights anyway, and I recognized one of us needed to be at home.  In the years since, I won’t lie—I’ve wondered what it was like to have a career. I envied Walt, and I still envy a lot of you. Creating this blog has been the closest thing to a career I’ve ever had.  I care a lot about what happens here, and while I haven’t been wise enough to really make it into something that could support either Amanda or I financially, I’ve treated it with that kind of seriousness.  I don’t want to see what we’ve done so far, die. That said, it is time for me to earn a real salary.

So today, I am going to my first job interview in about twenty-two years.  The job isn’t full-time, it’s merely the “office lady” job at my kids’ school.  As most know, my kids are in an independent studies program (more independent for Gavin than my youngest of course!), but the charter school also operates a resource center where the kids go for class. So, should I get the position, I’ll be working in the office. It’s a solo-person job, so I’ll do everything from handling band-aids to ordering supplies and working with the parent committee.  My theory is that while it would be good to help out with the cost associated with sending our kids to college, and possibly have money for a show or two from time to time – I didn’t want to work full-time unless it was at writing.  (working on that goal!)

This will change blogging for me a bit, since I really don’t know how or when I’ll blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For those of you in the UK and elsewhere in the world, it is likely that you won’t see blogs on those two days and instead get two on Wednesday and Friday, depending upon timing. I’m just not sure.  The important thing is that I don’t plan to quit.

I have a lot of emotion about this. I don’t do well with change, I guess.  In some ways, I feel like I failed here with Daily Duranie.  I can’t really explain that feeling without going into  lot of detail that I don’t have time to do right now (and while I’m pretty open on here, there are some things about myself I just don’t want to talk about publicly).  All I can say is that I guess I just believed that the more I blogged and the more I wrote, that somehow, someway—something would come out of it and fall into my lap. You see, I really do want a career of my own.  I have friends who remind me that being a mom is a huge career, and while I suppose in some way that’s right—I never intended to be a stay-at-home mom for my entire life. My youngest still needs me though, so I’m glad that this position is something that works, and she is really excited by the prospects of having Mom right at school!

I do believe that the universe has a way of sending signs, and I just keep waiting in hopes that eventually, I’ll know what I should be doing. For all I know, this IS the sign. Oddly enough, as I checked the directions to where I’m going today, it turns out that the main office is about a mile from where my parents lived before my dad passed away.  I have no doubt that if my sister is reading, she’ll smile at that. I did.

So, as I close this and get ready to go, please send some positive thoughts my way. I’m finding that it isn’t even so much as I need this job as it is that I need a change of direction and some new opportunity.  And, I promise the blog will still be here!  🙂



I Can Share

Did you read the blog yesterday?  Our blog statistics showed that there were a number of you who clicked the link and read it, which I appreciate tremendously.  We also received a number of comments on Twitter, which we were grateful for.  On Facebook, it appeared to be a pretty popular post as it reached over 900 people, had over 20 people like it and over 20 comments.  Some of these comments had to do with the premise of the blog, which was that as much as any fan thinks s/he knows the personality of the band members, s/he does not.  It takes a lot more than reading/watching interviews, a ten minute meet and greet experience or even a few lengthy conversations.  I explained by giving an example from my own life and how my colleagues don’t really know all of me despite working side-by-side in an intense job for a year and a half together.  Other comments, though, focused on the first line of the blog, “How long have you been a fan?”  Those responses included either the year that they became fans or how many years since they first became Duranies.  Others wanted to share their meet and greet stories to explain how the band member(s) in question were or were not like what they thought they would be.

I have to be honest here.  I was disheartened that it seemed so many only read the first sentence as opposed to clicking on the link on reading the entire 800 words.  While it is true that Rhonda and I write for ourselves, it is also true that we have hopes that others will read what we write.  I welcome the dialogue, the discussion in hopes of getting a greater understanding of myself, others, fandom, etc.  Yet, that dialogue can only happen when people read it.  Writing the blog is a commitment that I take seriously.  I ensure that it is included in my list of things to do.  My schedule is pretty full (which is probably an understatement since teaching requires about 60-70 hours of work a week and Rhonda and I are starting on a new book project.)  It means that I will sacrifice working on those tasks as well as some of the basic necessities of life like relaxing and/or sleep.  Thus, it hurt a little when people chose not to read the entire blog yesterday.  Yet, as with so many other things, I learned from the experience.

First, I learned a little bit about writing yesterday.  While the first sentence was definitely a hook that got people’s attention, it was always too good of a hook.  I didn’t provide enough of an enticement to keep reading, I guess.  People didn’t have a reason to go beyond what they saw in the little blurb.  Thus, I learned a little about how to write better for my specific task of this blog.  It is funny because I always teach my students that it is important to take my audience into consideration when writing.  For example, my students just finished an assignment in which they were activists trying to convince the American public to do something for a specific cause during the Progressive Era (women’s suffrage, civil rights for African-Americans, working conditions, etc.)  That writing is different than the essay they will write later in the month on U.S. Imperialism in the 1890s.  Therefore, their writing must be different based on the task.  I need to always remember that, too.

The second thing I learned has to do with our fandom.  It was clear by the number of responses just how many fans REALLY want to talk about their fandom story and their stories of when they met the band.  All they needed was a very simple question to just start talking.  This leads me to wonder what Rhonda and I could do to allow more of this needed conversation to happen.  Right now, we have the following means:

  • Guest blogs in which people could share their stories of when and why they became fans
  • Guest blogs in which people could share their meet and greet stories
  • Our message board which could include discussion on both fan histories and meet and greet stories

What else should or could we do?  I just wonder if people had the opportunity to talk about their own experiences, perhaps, they would be more willing to look at what Rhonda and I are saying with our blogs.  Of course, it is possible that people still would not want to go beyond the opening snippets of our blogs for whatever reason.  Perhaps, it is the teacher in me that wonders if there isn’t a better way to reach fans.  What do you think?


Tonight’s PARTY!!!

It is party time!!!  Well, it is almost party time!  That’s right, tonight is our Dancing on the Valentine Party!  The purpose of tonight is super simple!  It is to break the feeling the “winter marches on” feeling, to celebrate Duran Duran and to have fun!!!  What could be better than that!?!  I know that I’m really looking forward to it as real life has been a lot tiring and stressful as of late.  We hope that you, too, are looking forward to it and ready to have some fun!!!

Onto the details!  This is an online party!  That means you don’t have to travel anywhere or brave winter winter to get to the festivities!  You can enjoy it from your own house or from wherever you can get the internet.  How do you attend the party?  Simple!  You do two easy things.

  1.  You tune into the playlist that we will be making public and starting at 8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific on the Daily Duranie YouTube channel, which you can find here.  The idea is simple.  We all watch the same things at the same time then we chat, laugh, squee and whatever else seems appropriate at the time.
  2. The conversation part of the party will be taking place on the Daily Duranie message board, which you can get to here!  Once there, if you haven’t already registered, do that.  Then, scroll to the bottom of the board to see the “SHOUTBOX” area.  This is where the live chatting will take place!  Make sense?

Now, it wouldn’t be a Daily Duranie party without a drink for the night!  Our very timely drink is called “Valentine Stones”.  The ingredients are super simple:  Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Lime over ice. We recommend making and drinking this throughout the night (You all know that we will be!).  The drink, in fact, could be consumed while playing tonight’s Dancing on the Valentine Drinking Game!

Dancing on the Valentine Drinking Game Rules!

Take one sip of the beverage of your choice (alcoholic or not) when you see any of the following in the videos that we put together!

  • Any dorky dance moves/dancing
  • Any references to sex
  • JoSi moments
  • DoJo moments
  • Roger twirls his stick (drum stick, people…get your mind out of the gutter!)
  • Nick takes a picture
  • John claps
  • Simon plays an instrument (his voice doesn’t count here, people.  We don’t want people to actually die playing the game!)
  • The color RED is shown
  • The color PINK is shown
  • One of the band members uses the word “LOVE” in a song or interview
  • Anyone in the video is seen drinking
  • A party is shown

I recommend printing the drinking game list or writing it down so it is right in front while you watch!  That said, I’m sure that we will all be reminding each other while we watch and party together tonight!

I think that covers it!  If you have any questions between now and party time, feel free to ask away on the Event Page from our Facebook Page, which you can get to here!

Now, I better make sure I have enough vodka to get me through the night!  Looking forward to being with all of you later!