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Question of the Day: Friday, September 6, 2019

46% of the people who voted yesterday have the Wedding Album on compact disc, 27% own it digitally, 18% own it on cassette, 7% on vinyl and 2% do not own it.

Which of the following formats of Thank You do you own? Remember that you can add answers and indicate if you do not own it.

On another note, the question of the day will take a break for the Vegas shows. It will return on Tuesday!

Question of the Day: Friday, August 30, 2019

The best 9 tracks of Paper Gods, according to our voters:

  • Paper Gods
  • Pressure Off
  • Face for Today
  • What Are the Chances
  • Change the Skyline
  • Butterfly Girl
  • Only in Dreams
  • The Universe Alone
  • Northern Lights

The question of the day shifts into a new type of questions about what Duranies own, in terms of Duran music, etc.

Which formats of the first album do you own? Please click all that apply to you!