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It’s You I Got to Know

As Rhonda mentioned yesterday, if things went as planned, instead of sitting on my couch, I would be in Birmingham with my partner-in-crime for the convention.  Unfortunately, real life got in the way for both of us.  For Rhonda, because she isn’t there, she could attend a family member’s funeral.  For me, it means that I’m enjoying my first real day off since the tour.  Yes, that tour.  The summer tour.  The one that ended in August.  While technically, I didn’t go to work last Saturday and Sunday, I was busy doing grades.  I now know, for sure, that I made the right decision to not go.  Why?  Well, it felt SO nice to sleep in.  I have enjoyed my day so far, which has included lunch with a friend, going to the movies (gasp!) and dinner with my parents.  It feels so good to know that I don’t have to rush to get to the next activity or to get another task done.  I needed it.  Desperately.  Of course, there is a part of me, a big part of me, that wishes I could be at the convention as well.  Who doesn’t?!  The biggest reason I wish I could be there isn’t to bask in all things Duran.  Nope.  It is all about the people.

Rhonda and I have been very lucky to have met a bunch of Duranies in the last couple of years.  Many of these people are now people I consider genuine friends.  We connected because of Duran, yes, but that was just the starting point.  This reminds me about the true value of fandom, in my opinion.  Connections.  Of course, many (all?) of us spend time worrying about connecting with the band, but in the long run, it won’t be about the band members.  It will be about other fans and about lifelong friends.  I have been incredibly lucky in that department.  For example, my weekend of grading was spent in Chicago.  Why was I there?  I was there to visit friends.  (Luckily, they understood that I had to do grades!  Ugh.)  One of the friends is from Minneapolis and she stopped in Madison to pick me up on the way down.  The other two friends are from Chicago (one from south side and the other north side).  Three of us are the same age and the last one is a lot younger.  How did we meet?  It wasn’t because we were neighbors, colleagues or school friends.  We met through fandom.  Once upon a time, I ventured into another fandom.  In this case, it wasn’t about music, but about a TV show.  They, too, wandered into that fandom.  After speaking online for awhile, we planned to meet up.  That was in November of 2002.  10 long years ago.  During that first meetup, we talked about the show.  Now, we never mention that show.  Instead, we talk about our lives and what we are into now.  That show brought us together but friendship is what has kept us together. 

Obviously, the same kind of story could be told for Rhonda and myself.  We met, first, online and later in real life at another convention, the one held in New Orleans in 2004.  Like my weekend buddies, Duran brought Rhonda and I together but we stay because we are real friends.  In fact, we have become best friends despite our differences or our distance from each other.  The connection, the bond was formed and remains strong today.  As I think about the convention taking place this weekend in the band’s hometown, I can’t help but to hope that attendees there will be as lucky as I was in 2002 when I met my TV show friends or as lucky as I was in September of 2004 when I met Rhonda.  In both cases, we all hit it off and learned to appreciate each other more as time as gone on.  Now, I cannot imagine my life without them.  Thus, I hope that people are able to really connect at the convention and that lifelong friendships are formed. 

On this note, I leave you with the demo, Salt in the Rainbow, from the album, Astronaut, as I believe it sums up friendship within fandom. 


Returning to Now

If all had gone according to plan, I would be packing for another trip to the UK right now.  I would have left this afternoon from LAX to Heathrow, and I would have arrived Friday morning ready to meet my partner-in-crime for another fun trip. Truthfully, I was insistent about this trip since the convention was announced.  Never did I consider that I would NOT be going, but alas… I am not packing, and I will not be leaving this afternoon, nor arriving at Heathrow in the morning.

What is odd, at least to me, is that I have had a general sense of unease about going on another trip since August.  I pushed the feelings aside and remained steadfast until I began to see that things around this house, in my real life so-to-speak, needed more attention than my fandom. That is when I gave in to my sense of dread and admitted that I truly could not go to the UK this weekend.  As soon as I made the final decision, the nagging feeling I had in me since August went away and I could better focus on the tasks I had at hand.

Last Thursday, I received word that one of my younger “second” cousins had passed away suddenly.  He was only 24, and from what I have been told, he had been sick with pneumonia.  He had called his mom (who is a nurse) to ask about taking something to fight the fever that he couldn’t seem to get rid of, and she suggested that he take some Advil (Ibuprofen).  The next thing she knew, a few hours later she received a phone call from his girlfriend saying that she had come home only to find him dead.  Naturally my family was very shocked. No one ever expects someone so young to die.

As a result, I am packing to get in a car and travel tonight with my mom along with the rest of my immediate family to the funeral, which will be held tomorrow.  Had I not canceled my trip to the UK for the convention, I wouldn’t be going to the funeral.  I would feel horrible about going to a party while the rest of my family was grieving.  It’s funny how things work out.

I really hope that all of the fans who are attending the convention have an outstanding time.  I really do wish I could have been there. Birmingham is a special place, and I can’t think of a better setting to celebrate the band who brought us all together, along with the friendships we’ve made along the way. This is a unique opportunity for everyone, and I really hope you all make the most of it!


Duran Duran – the band designed to make US party!!!

As it happens, this coming Saturday, the 17th of November – we hear there is a big party happening in Birmingham England of all places!  In our final sneak peek behind the scenes of the event, we hear from Dave Stott – the testosterone behind the event!  We’ll be checking in on Twitter and even Facebook this Saturday in hopes of hearing from all of you who will be attending, and as always – if you happen to find yourself in Birmingham on Saturday and want to do a little “On the Scene” reporting for Daily Duranie (by way of submitting a blog), we would love to hear from you!  Drop us a line at our gmail!  


by Dave Stott

Well, this is a first for me… A blog. A mini bio of the Big Man from the DD UK Convention team.  Where do I start? What useful information shall I impart on your minds for the next few minutes about who am I? Well….

According to both Laura and Michelle, my fellow co-organizers (and now great friends by the way!) label me with “The Controller” tag for this Convention. Maybe I am, but I prefer to think I’m part of a great little team. Team DDUKConvention.

My name is Dave, some call me Big D due to my height and large frame. Big D suits me well, but I’m a gentle giant with an on-going passion for Duran Duran. I couldn’t imagine a day in my life without this band in my day in some way shape or form. This band has now been in my life for 29 years, not as long as some of you I know, but a lifetime for others.
I discovered Duran by accident. I had heard most of the singles and seen the videos from the Rio album in my first year at Secondary school but hadn’t bought an album at that point. Then Is There Something I Should Know hit Number 1 in the UK… Most of my classmates in school at the time thought they were the coolest band in the world, but I simply didn’t get it. I was still searching for the music I liked and would buy from the local record store, but hadn’t decided on Duran at this point. Well, not yet anyway.

Then a friend who thought the band were cool decided following the release of Seven & the Ragged Tiger that they were no longer, how fickle you people and pop music are! He subsequently sold me this album for £2 and this was a bargain! I then became hooked and Rio and Duran Duran albums were added to my collection very quickly. Singles followed, then 12” singles. Then I started looking at Imports from Japan…When will this collection ever end?

Fast forward a few years (Circa 1988/9) and I was a regular reader of a UK fanzine (Name escapes me now). Then bang, they stopped writing it and disappeared for good! Shame as it was really good and I enjoyed reading it. So I had this thought, “How Hard could it Be?” (to start my own fanzine). Lake Shore Drive Fanzine was born. Over the next two years with some help from a few other fans / friends, a bi-monthly fanzine was published. By the point of the last publication, we had over 200 worldwide readers. No mean feat in an age before the internet, emails, social media and mobile phones. This was the days when we simply wrote a letter to people. 

In early 1991, I wrote to each band member and asked them their thoughts and permission to organise a Fan Convention. So in October 1991, the Lake Shore Drive Fan Convention took place in Nottingham. 145 of our fanzine readers bought tickets and enjoyed a great Duranie Fandom evening.  The event ended my time with the Fanzine and sadly it ended very soon after.

Over the course of the next 20 years though, my passion never waned.  I always got excited to hear Duran were recording, releasing new material. Always hoping they would gain the success they seemed to deserve, but many albums would pass with little success or critical acclaim. But this didn’t matter to me; I loved their music and still do. Over the years I have seen Duran live around 25 times, again not as many as others but I have loved very gig. My most memorable gig, The Forum in London in October 2003 – The Fab Five back together for the first time. A gig I will never ever forget. My ears rang for days from the crowd screams throughout the gig. One to tell the grandkids about.

In August 2011 I was offered an unwanted Rehearsal gig ticket for Oxford in early September. After the disappointment of the cancelled UK shows in May 2011, I was keen to see the guys again in an intimate environment. So, I said yes. I grabbed my ticket and queued – for nearly six hours. This queue changed my life. I met for the first time, Jacky Carroll, Amy Grenville Gilbert, Frank Colley, Sam Bramley to name a just a few…. But most importantly for you guys, I met Michelle. Something weird happens when you are in a queue in Britain. You talk to people. And Michelle and I hit it off almost immediately. We talked and talked and talked for hours… These conversations led to the discussions Michelle mentioned in her blog. Without that ticket purchase offered by a fellow fan, next Saturday wouldn’t be happening! I wouldn’t have met Michelle. In turn I also would not have met Laura.

We have a fantastic venue, fantastic tribute band with Durand Durand, and of course the fantastic donations from Simon, John, Katy Krassner, Patty Palazzo and the band themselves. We will have a fantastic evening!

I have been asked a few times, will there be another convention next year? 

My response is simple at this point in time…. Let’s get the 17th November out the way first…. But it is not a NO at this stage!

Dave Stott is the big guy on right (who is in fact bearded even though Rhonda is too blind to see it) in this picture, and he is one of the masterminds behind the DDUK Convention to be held on Saturday November 17th in Birmingham, England. 

What can happen when the minds of great Duranies come together…

Today we feature another sneak peek behind-the-scenes of the upcoming DDUK Convention being held November 17th in Birmingham…just 9 days away!!  *gasp*  Amanda and I are still envious of all who will be in attendance that evening, but we plan to join in the fun however possible!  


By Michelle Coldwell-Simons

Along with head honcho Dave Stott and music maestro Laura Balshaw I was asked by those amazing Daily Duranie girls to write a little blog about my part in our first Duran Duran Fan Convention to be held in just a few weeks…..eeek!

Dave will probably explain in his blog that he and I had a lengthy chat in the queue for one of the special rehearsal gigs that Duran did last year. As we stood, all day, waiting for the doors to open we discussed that all these people in this queue had only one thing in common, Duran. Wouldn’t it be good to have a get together with these fans? We could just hang out and talk about our mutual fondness, listen to some great tunes……Then Dave explained to me that he had once organised his very own fan convention in the 90’s. I was fascinated. It sounded like a lot of fun. There and then the idea for our convention was born!

My part in the convention has been mainly emailing….or that should read bugging people for things! I managed to get the publisher of John’s book to send us ten signed copies. I also persuaded Paul Edmond to part with one of his fantastic framed prints from his Duran Duran Unseen exhibition to auction too as well as too-ing and fro-ing with the official merchandise people Crewe Issue to get them to be part of our little get together. 
I also roped my husband into designing a lot of our branding – the picture on the website is one I took of Duran in Brighton on the All You Need Is Now tour, the way the wording looks and how it is set out is my ever suffering husband’s work! I hand drew the idea for our laminates for the event – my husband made them real. I am constantly badgering him for more items, poor man. He is the art director of a magazine – he has real work to do but I am constantly badgering him ‘Gary, have you made my signs yet? Have you made that extra laminate yet? Have you sorted out my quiz sheets?’ He for one can’t wait for this convention to be over!

And the quiz. That’s my biggest contribution to the convention. I have collated a quiz that in my mind isn’t really like your conventional quiz. I have (hopefully) made it a bit more amusing than your usual run of mill quiz, it’s a bit sillier!  I just hope people take it the same way! I mean, you have to have a laugh being a Duran fan, don’t you? Is doesn’t HAVE to be serious!

We are raising money for a great charity on the night too, The Children’s Air Ambulance. What more could you ask for? Great music, good fun, an amazing charity……hopefully it will all add up to a bloody good night.

And who knows…..if it all goes well, we may do another one!

Michelle Coldwell-Simons, ancient Duran fan, writer of the Duran Diaries, co-organiser of the Duran Fan convention 2012, wife, mother, photographer, medical receptionist, taxi driver to her daughters and drinker of cheap white wine. 

Put on your Dancin’ Shoes….

It’s nearly November…which means the highly anticipated DDUK Convention is almost here!   On November 17th, Duranies from around the world will converge upon Birmingham – the “birthplace” of Duran Duran, for a night of friendship, fun, a celebration of fandom, and just the right bit of debauchery!

While it goes without saying that the mere idea of a convention for fans likely needs no promotion or hype, we thought it might add a bit more excitement to get to know each of the hard working convention organizers a bit better in the weeks leading up to the date!

Each week we’ll feature a short blog written with love by the three brave souls who have dared to put their personal lives aside to plan this fantastic convention.   This week, we will get to know Laura, otherwise known in the Twitter world as @Queenofthe80’s (follow her if you’re not already!)  Read on, Duranies!



By Laura B.

I am the music maestro for this fabulous Duranie event on the 17th November 2012, otherwise known as the DD UK Convention!  My two counterparts, Dave and Michelle, talked about the convention to begin with, and then I got involved as I am a DJ/presenter, a long-term Duranie…and FREE!  I agreed to take on the playlists and function as the presenter (emcee) that night.

I’m sure you’re all wondering – is this an easy job?  Well, no!  However, it is a lot of fun attempting to put together the perfect playlist for over 200 Duranies who have traveled worldwide to the “Holy Land”….Birmingham. (cue angels and harps)  Fans are coming for the ultimate Duranie party, and we plan to deliver!  So after months of pondering, picking the brains of other Duranies, following Daily Duranie’s exploits on Twitter, messaging other fans on Twitter, Facebook messages and hundreds of emails…the question becomes, will the hard work pay off?  Most definitely!  The lovely JT is fully aware of the event, and I have asked him to tell us what he believes is the ultimate Duranie song.  Of course, I’m still waiting for his answer on that…but when given a task that monumental, even JT needs time to deliberate!

What has been the most interesting to me thus far has been the sheer number of requests for material off of the most recent album (All You Need is Now), as well as gems that the diehard Duranies love but the band has yet to play on stage.  I’m not quite finished getting the playlist completed, and will probably be in my own bit of “Girl Panic” the day before the convention, but one thing is for sure: There will be something for everyone!  Do NOT leave your dancing shoes at home!!

Laura B. is by day Insurance Broker, but by night a hospital radio presenter of 11 years who loves the 80s and is a Duranie who in 2012 is stepping out with the ultimate playlist for DDUKconvention 2012.

I Can’t Escape from the Feeling…

Normally, when I blog, I have a topic in mind and a point that I’m generally trying to make.  Tonight, I don’t.  I assume that a topic helps me focus and be a better writer.  Besides, I’m pretty sure that people come to read the blog not to read me rambling aimlessly about whatever but to check in on the Duran fan community and Duranland.  Today, I’m not feeling very focused.  Why is that?  On one hand, I could give a simple answer.  I’m exhausted.  I have worked 80 hours this week and have 12 hour days coming up this weekend.  I am surviving on coffee and not much else.  On the other hand, the answer isn’t that simple.  I think, though, that this lack of focus on a topic is a symptom of a larger problem. 

It is the end of October.  Two months ago, I was on tour.  Rhonda and I were driving around the southeast, rushing to get to our meetups before seeing some great shows!  Now, that feels like FOREVER ago.  Seriously.  It does.  Reality, or real life, or whatever you want to call it, has returned and returned in a big, fierce way.  This shouldn’t surprise me.  This has happened before after a tour but it hasn’t happened to this extent in a long time for me.  Yes, I’m working and campaigning full time.  This overload of activity does become hyper-intense in such a way that not much else gets through.  That said, I shouldn’t feel so far removed from Duranland.  I shouldn’t.  While there might not be shows coming up (that we know of), there is still activity.  This flurry of activity surrounds John Taylor, too.  I should be glued to social networking and re-reading his book for the 3rd or 4th time.  Instead, I feel like these events are passing me by quickly and that I’m only seeing bits and pieces out of the corner of my eye.  It feels so weird.  I don’t like it, but part of me doesn’t have a choice with my insane schedule.  The other part of me thinks that I should get it together to feel like a part of it.  I guess that is really the problem.  I feel like the release of JT’s book here in the States happened and that I’m not a part of it.  Of course, this gets even more illogical because I have decided to take a risk by going to the signing in Chicago.  I should feel a part of it.  I don’t. 

One of the reasons I decided to go to the signing was to try to get myself back into the Duran groove.  How did this happen?  How did I get so emotionally removed?  How???  It isn’t like I haven’t been doing the daily question and day in Duran history.  It isn’t like I haven’t been blogging.  It isn’t like I haven’t been talking about Duran at all.  Yet, I barely remember what I have talked about on the blog lately and why.  I see snippets of stories from fans who have been to signings but I haven’t been able to take the time to really take it all in and react to it.  I hate that.  I like feeling part of a fan community.  I like being happy for others.  I like hearing about what they experienced.  I like being excited about something.  I wish that I felt normal about Duran and Duranland.  I know this much.  It is nothing that the band did.  It isn’t even anything I did, intentionally.  I’m trying to fight this lack of energy for all things Duran.  I decided to go to the signing to fight.  I am trying to get a meetup planned for before the signing.  If you want to join, the link to the facebook event is here.  I’m hoping that this will really kick start my energy towards all things Duran.  Yet, other things are blocking this fight. 

Unfortunately, due to life, work, money and more, I have decided not to attend the convention in the UK.  While I have no doubt that being in Birmingham and being with a ton of Duranies would restart my fandom, I just couldn’t do it.  I can’t take off of work and really can’t afford the trip after touring this summer.  Besides, the next time I go to the UK, I want to be able to relax and enjoy it.  This would have been such a short trip that I couldn’t justify the cost (including not getting paid at work) and wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.  I know that this is the right decision, logically, but I’m sad that I will be missing so many friends there and people I was looking forward to meeting.  I’m sure that this doesn’t help my current state.

For now, all I can do is push through this fog until I am back where I should be with my fandom.  Tomorrow, my plan with the blog is to try and catch up on some of the JT media that I have been missing all week.  Then, Sunday, I finish discussing the documentary.  On Monday, which I am excited about, our book club starts with JT’s book!  Please, be prepared to discuss Chapters 1-6.  Until then, I’m going to try and get some sleep.  If I’m lucky, good Duran dreams might get me back on track!


Anxious for What Comes Next!

 It seems to me that there is much to look forward to in Duranland.  Right now, we are in a bit of a quiet period (which, personally, works for me as my life is insane right now), but there is much to anticipate!  Duranies have gotten pretty used to Durantime and pretty used to long stretches of time when nothing much seems to be happening in Duranland.  This is one of those times.  Normally, when there is a bit of downtime, I notice more drama between fans.  I haven’t seen a ton lately.  Is that because there really isn’t much or because I have no time to check in and notice?  Anyway, if there really isn’t drama, is that because we all know that this downtime is short lived?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we do have many, many things to look forward to.  Now, I realize that not every fan in every corner of the world will get to enjoy as much as others but I always get excited that Duran is doing something!  Let’s recap what’s coming!

First, Duran Duran have announced an appearance on Good Morning America here in the States on June 18th.  According to the band’s official website, this will be a performance.  It is an interesting choice since Duran isn’t doing anything in the States until August.  I can’t imagine that it will be to advertise a new single.  It is also right before the tour in Europe starts.  While I may not understand the point of it, I’m still excited.  It will be the first Monday I won’t be at work for the summer so I can watch it live.  I’m sure that Rhonda and I will comment on it.  I hope that everyone outside of the States will get a chance to watch it, somehow. 

Second, Duran starts their tour of Europe a week after that on June 25th.  I realize that some of their originally scheduled shows were never re-scheduled, which has got to be upsetting.  Nonetheless, I still look forward to the tour.  No, it isn’t because I’m going to any shows but I do like to hear from others who have shows!  I get excited for others!  Plus, of course, in this day and age, I get to see clips via places like youtube.  I hope that everyone who is going to a show(s) reports in and tells us all about it!  Of course, as part of this European tour, Duran will be playing at the Olympics.  Again, I’m not sure what I will get to actually watch.  I’m excited for the band, no matter what/how much I get to see.  🙂 

Third, A Diamond in the Mind live DVD is also being released during the summer.  I SO look forward to this!  I will get to re-live the fabulous UK shows of last winter!  This will also get me even more excited for the tour in August.  Of course, like Good Morning America and the Olympics (if we get a chance to see the performance), Rhonda and I will review it!  By this time, we better have our plans set for the tour in August!  Here’s a hint, DDHQ, we would really like to get things situated with our shows, but it is hard to do when we can’t buy tickets for Atlanta yet!  Of course, we won’t be able to go to all of the shows so we will need to hear from others about their shows!

Lastly, the fall will bring the convention in the UK.  Rhonda and I are also looking forward to that!  We will get to see friends and a city that we have come to really enjoy!  I suspect that we will take some time for a real Duran tour then.  I’m hearing rumors about a mini-bus, champagne and more!  Can you just picture it now?  A mini-bus full of Duranies driving around Birmingham?  I can’t wait!!!  The fall will also bring John Taylor’s book and book tour!  Obviously, I’m hoping for a stop in Chicago in order to be able to go see him without too much cost and without taking too much time from work.  It will also provide more for us to review!  The new year promises a return to the studio for the band based on what I have heard and read, which means that we have another Duran album to look forward to at some point. 

Overall, there is a ton of stuff to look forward to in Duranland!  It is good to remember all that is coming!  Some days, some times don’t need heavy deep subjects.  On those days, we all could benefit from looking forward to the future!  It is good for all of us to be excited about what is coming!!!  It is a good day and time to be a Duranie!



One of the reasons I love blogging and writing in general is the whole aspect of “sharing”.  Sure, I tend to “share” my opinion a lot. I won’t dare argue that one. I put myself out there on the blog, and while at several points I’m wincing as I hit “publish” and sort of praying that I don’t end up at a public flogging ceremony somewhere, the whole point is to be brave and move forward.  Funny. It’s the exact opposite of how I am in person. I’m mostly shy and quiet unless I’m comfortable. Blogging and writing is how I share a little of myself.  I like seeing the reactions to the blog, even if they aren’t always favorable, because that’s also how I learn. I really enjoy the social aspect to the internet.  It’s incredibly easy to become closed off these days.  We can order virtually anything we wish via the internet and never need to leave our homes.  We have iPods or iPhones that can download music at the blink of an eye.  There’s never a need to leave the house, even for new music.

I miss the days of going to the record store, and I do mean record store. Just this past weekend was Record Store Day.  Independent record stores all over the world celebrated the day, and there were several limited releases available.  I have to admit, I didn’t take advantage and go shopping. I suppose it’s a well-meant idea by having a day to highlight vinyl and encourage music lovers to check out their local record store(My closest record store is about 20 minutes from my home.), but I’m one of those people that also believes the idea is just a little bit absurd. It’s just a tad pathetic that we need to drive people out of their homes with the promise of special purchase limited editions and whatnot.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that for the life of me I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to go to a record store on any other day of the year.  There is something very special about record stores.  When you walk in, your senses are immediately put on high alert.  The colors.  The boxes, the smell of cardboard.  Used records are the best.  I love holding them in my hand and seeing the dogeared corners.  No, those aren’t good for the value of the cover art, but I look at those marks as signs of a well-loved album.  Those bent corners and worn edges whisper (and sometimes shout) their past. I used to enjoy going to Tower Records and spending hours going through the racks.  Occasionally I’d talk to someone who would turn me on to something new, and I’d undoubtedly come out of the store excited about my new purchases and run home to hear them.  With the iPod, it’s not quite the same.  There’s no real exchange between people and I do miss that social exchange that goes along with sharing music.

Even John Lydon agrees with me to a certain extent.  He believes that iPods definitely won’t unite us.  MP3’s can be a very individual thing, and when you add in the whole earbud aspect – it’s very individualizing.  You see them all the time – those people who walk around, virtually everywhere with the telltale earbud cords running from their ears into their jacket.  Sometimes I wonder if they’re really listening to anything at all or if they’ve just got the earbuds as a prop or sign that says “Please leave me alone.”  Is our society getting to the point where we just don’t wish to connect with anyone, or are we just in the middle of a cultural shift?

There are signs that I’m not the only one out there missing that social aspect. While it would be relatively easy to retreat from the world and hide behind a computer screen each day (That declaration sounds extraordinarily familiar…), it’s important to learn and remember that the world wide web is only a tool meant to be used in conjunction with our lives, not AS our life. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about curated playlists, and I’ve mentioned them here in the blog a few times.  I can’t tell you how excited I became this morning when I saw a tweet from none other than John Taylor suggesting that we check out the playlist he curated for @skaisttaylor on Spotify.  This is GOOD.  I applaud your efforts, John…and they did not go unnoticed.  I was especially overjoyed because he created the playlist on Spotify. I hope he finds the time to do this more often.  I actually found some new music to check out, and I love that!!

To anyone who is trying to find his playlist that is not on Facebook, allow me to share the link here.  If you’re not currently a member of Spotify – I’m honestly not sure what it will do, so if you can’t reach it and want to at least know his playlist, I’ll go ahead and add the details in a comment below.

On the other end of the spectrum entirely, but still in that “sharing” theme, I’ve been reading a lot about a new application being developed by the group Anonymous.  They aren’t a music group, they’re a group of “hackivists”, basically! I don’t want to get into a lot of detail about the group itself (primarily because my head swims whenever my son – who is nearly 13 – tries to explain their purpose to me.  I start hearing “Charlie Brown” adult-speak whenever he starts in about them, and the whole discussion goes downhill from there), but I have to admit some curiosity about their project in general.  They have developed an app that is still in beta-stage called Anontune.  Many, many bloggers out there are casting the app aside, but I think they should probably hold off on the judgement just yet.  In the most basic terms (for my benefit!), I’ll quote directly from Alan Cross and his blog from today on the subject,“….an app that scans your music library and then augments it by sourcing out more tunes from YouTube, SoundCloud and other online resources, AnonTune works much the same.”  You can read the rest of Alan’s blog here.

The good folks planning the DDUK Convention have scoured their cabinets and drawers and have come up with just a few extra tickets to the convention in November.  If you don’t already have tickets to this event and are able to make the trip to Birmingham, I highly encourage you to grab a ticket while you can (once these are sold they’re gone forever!).  Daily Duranie will be in attendance, and we’re even going to plan a get together at a nearby pub and go clubbing on Friday night! Only After Dark will also be taking place that weekend (A dance club in the same basic vein as Rum Runner)…and you don’t want to miss out!  Go to the convention site for tickets and info, we’ll see you there!!!

One last item to “share”…have you bought your copy of Blue to Brown yet??? These are still in pre-release, so hurry!! Go to Dom’s website and grab one while you can!  

Sharing is good.  


Announcing the DD-UK Convention 2012!!

I’ve been sitting, waiting for this news since I went to the UK in November, and I’m not exaggerating.  Going to see the band’s homeland was really fun in May.  Going to see the band PLAY in their homeland was phenomenal.  The idea of going back again (3rd time in what – 18 months?) for the DD-UK Convention is brilliant!

After a few spoilers, the announcement was made this morning on Facebook.  A couple of things I want to point out in advance:

1. YOU MUST APPLY FOR TICKETS.  If you haven’t done this already – go do it!  Do it now!!! Spots are limited.  Apparently the city of Birmingham can’t possibly handle ALL of the Duranies in the world…so if you want to go, now is the time to say so!  The application portal is open until January 31st!

2. Amanda and I are definitely going.  Yes, I just typed that.  We really are!  Even if we don’t get tickets to the actual convention, we will be there and there *will* be a party.  We’ll definitely do a get together on Friday night before the convention – so plan to get to Birmingham the night before if you can!   Now if someone wouldn’t mind letting my husband know of my impending absence….that’d be fab.  Thanks.

For those who haven’t seen the information, look below!

Ok here we go guys, the moment you have all been waiting very patiently for….. Oh, don’t forget to share this news on Facebook and Twitter.

After three days of small spoiler announcements it is finally time for us to reveal the full details of the DDUK 2012 Fan Convention. So here we go

DATE: Saturday 17th November 2012.
THE VENUE: Crowne Plaza Birmingham City Centre
Our venue of choice is within touching distance of the band’s beginnings in Birmingham.

TIMINGS: From 6pm to Midnight – After event at Only After Dark to 3am (Additional Cost May Be Involved at the OAD Door)

TICKETS: Standard entry tickets fare £30.00 each. Entry ticket with a buffet meal price is yet to be confirmed.


1: A LIVE Duran Duran Tribute Band who will be Performing a FULL Set List
2: Late Bar Disco
3: A Merchandise Stall with Plenty of Goodies to Purchase
4: Prize Raffle Draw with Duran Goodies up for Grabs
5: An Opportunity to Meet Other Duranies from Across the World

We are also working on a few additional surprises as well, which we hope to share with you all very soon. At this stage we cannot promise the band or individual band member will attend the convention, although open invitations have been given to them all through their management – only time will tell if they appear.

To apply for tickets for this event, please visit our ticket application portal at the following web address –

The ticket portal is open now and will close for applications on Tuesday 31st January.

The DDUK 2012 Fan Convention is a NON-Profit Making event and any profits made will be donated to a charity of Duran Duran’s choice.

Let the planning commence!!!