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Parachutes, Sparkly Pants, Froggies and Diamonds…

How about that Facebook Digital Premiere of A Diamond in the Mind?

Rhonda and Amanda spent their afternoons glued to our computers, cell phones, iPads, Facebook, Twitter and who knows what else watching the premiere.  There is much to be said, applauded, lauded and laughed over….which will be done in tomorrow’s edition of Daily Duranie.  We hope you’ll check it out and laugh with us.

In the meantime, we are putting out a personal appeal – did you see it?  What did you think?  Here is your chance to sound off!  Send us a comment here, Facebook, or Twitter.  We want to hear from you!!

Until tomorrow, may your dreams include sparkly pants, tambourines, leopards, guitar picks, drumsticks and a generous helping of JoSi.

Rhonda & Amanda

Today’s the Day!!!

It is an exciting day in Duranland!  Duran’s latest DVD, a concert performance entitled A Diamond in the Mind, is being premiered via Facebook at 2 pm EST.  For some of us, it will be the first chance to see most of the performance (I have seen a few clips like Planet Earth and Wild Boys).  Others have had the DVD in their hands.  Yet, for all of us, it will the first time to see the live question and answer session with the band.  Also, and perhaps more importantly, it will be the only time to watch something like this together.  Yes, obviously, all Duranies can’t be together today but we can via the internet!  It reminds me of those Live from London screenings that others mentioned earlier this week on this blog.  For those of you who weren’t able to attend one of those in late 2005, it was a great time!  I was lucky enough to be able to drive to Chicago and see the screening with friends.  There were 10 screenings around the country in which the Live from London DVD was shown in movie theaters.  The band had filmed some introduction that was also aired.  Now, some could argue that it seemed wasteful to watch a DVD in a movie theater, it was completely worth it.  The theater was full of Duranies and by the second song, we were all singing along.  It felt very similar to a regular concert atmosphere.  I suspect this will feel the same!!!  Of course, I think this might be a step better as it isn’t limited to people close to 10 screenings but is open to everyone!  Yes, the time doesn’t work well for everyone but it still allows for everyone (no matter where they live) to participate if they so choose.  Also, instead of filming a clip, the band will appear live to answer actual fan questions!  We didn’t have that opportunity for Live from London. 

I will be watching today’s premiere from a friend’s house.  It will be a little Duranie party!  I will also be in communication with Rhonda (duh) but I hope to be around various social networking sites so that I can participate with all the Duranies around the world!  See, to me, this truly is a win for the fans.  We get to watch Duran all together.  We get to ask questions of the band.  It has all of the best qualities of fandom, in my opinion!  So, how about the rest of you?  How are you going to watch today’s premiere?  Will you be watching by yourself?  With other Duranies?  What about questions to the band?  Did you ask any?  I confess that I asked one.  Obviously, I won’t hold my breath that my question gets asked as I’m sure there were TONS of great questions asked!  Will you be participating with other fans online?  Where?  Twitter?  Facebook?  Message boards?  Some other place? 

I’m sure you all won’t be surprised to know that Rhonda and I will be reviewing it all tomorrow.  I’m not sure how much detail we will go into about the actual DVD part as we might wait to do that when we actually get our copies.  Yet, I’m sure that we will talk about the question and answer session.  We will also be discussing what it was like for the fan community!  As you can tell, I’m excited!  I can’t wait to see the show!  I can’t wait to see my local Duranie friends!  I think today will be fun to be online and react to everything together!  It is a good day to be a Duranie!


If you need more information about today’s digital premiere of ADITM, I refer to Rhonda’s posts earlier in the week, which you can read here.

Salt in the Rainbow

I’m having difficulty getting started today…and no, it’s not a hangover from fireworks, food and a few adult beverages over the course of our Fourth of July festivities yesterday.  In many ways, the holiday was really a rainbow of sorts, and today is the salt.  It feels very much like a Monday, which is a sick, cruel joke (Midweek holidays are just wrong.), and it’s also a sad six month anniversary for a friend of mine who lost her twelve year old daughter named Jessie to cancer (DIPG, you can google it) earlier this year.  I think of that family nearly every day, and whenever Jessie comes to mind, I give my kids an extra tight hug.  I’m a mom first and foremost, and I just can’t imagine what it must be like to lose a child – regardless of whether your child is four-legged and furry or human.  So to Stacey and Erik and your family, I hope you are all hugging one another tightly today.  This road seems impossible at times…but I know you’re navigating the best that you can. I hurt for all of you.

What I would like to do here though is put out a bit of an appeal with regard to our book and the chapter I am currently working on, which is conventions and meetups.  I myself have planned a convention for Duran Duran fans in 2004, but I would really like the insight of others to include in my research on the topic. Have you been to a convention (even if it was the one in New Orleans in 2004)?  Were you there as an attendee or a planner??  Have you ever attended other Duran fans meetups or other events?  What about Duranie sleepovers or parties?  If so – I want to hear from you!  I’d like to know about your experience, how you felt when you attended such events or planned them.  Did it help you participate more fully as a fan?  Did you learn to appreciate being part of a community?  Do you think you became a bigger or more loyal fan as a result?  Please note than when I ask if you became a bigger fan – I don’t mean in relation to others – I mean did you feel like you loved the band even more than you did prior?  If you have anything you’d like to share with regard to that topic, please email me (Rhonda) at  Please put “Convention Chapter” in the subject line, thanks!

Have you bought your ticket to the Facebook Premiere of A Diamond in the Mind yet??  If so, I’ll see you on Sunday….look for me, I’ll in the front on Dom’s side!  


I Take the Dice…or a Diamond…or just a piece of cake!

I love it when good things come together.  Some of my favorites?  Peanut Butter and jelly, ice cream and hot fudge, cheese and crackers….

Duran Duran, Qello (pronounced “kwellow”…like yellow) & Facebook….all rolled up in one yummy premier.

After getting myself thoroughly confused yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Hagan Blount of Qello yesterday afternoon.  Hagan is the Director of Social Media for Qello, and he was kind enough to walk me through what Duran fans might hope to gain by grabbing a premiere ticket to see Diamond in the Mind on Sunday.

Ultimately, this premiere isn’t meant to draw from DVD or Blu-Ray sales, and that’s an  important point.  This show will be sort of like the frosting on a big cake, because while the show itself will be amazing – through the power of Qello, I’ll be able to squeal with delight over JoSi moments with Amanda, even though we live thousands of miles apart.  I’ll be able to chat with my dear friend Fabiana, who lives in the opposite hemisphere, about her painted face appearing above the band in Rio…and I hear that the band has even done an exclusive audio commentary for the premiere!  When the show is over, I might even have a chance to tell the band just how incredible it was to see them perform in their own country, since the band will be calling in from their tour stop in Istanbul to do a special Q&A session for the Facebook Premiere after the show.  It’s adding another dimension to our viewing experience, and while sure – it’s going to be great just to get the DVD or Blu-Ray, I think there’s something extra special in watching with other people who get Duran Duran just as much as I do.

It’s the sweetness of the extras that put me over the edge, and yeah…for less than $5.00 I’m willing to bet the cake is going to taste delectable. I can’t even get a large coffee at a local Starbucks with all the trimmings for that.  The number one comment I have read in the past 24 hours regarding the Facebook premiere is “Why should I pay for this when I’ve already paid to get the DVD?” While I would agree that on first glance it might seem to be the very same thing as watching the DVD once it’s delivered on the 10th of July, it’s really not for one simple reason: community.

One constant that Amanda and I come back to over and over during our research on fandom is the idea of community.  While the band and their music was/is the catalyst; it’s the community, the connections people have made with one another, that keep us returning through fantastic music, rough moments, and hopes for the future. I have to admit, I don’t even have the DVD or Blu-Ray on pre-order yet because watching it here alone doesn’t hold the same excitement that seeing a live show with friends would.  I’ll eventually order it (I promise!), but while I’m interested – I guess I wasn’t that excited.  Until today.

One of my biggest concerns with the premiere was my overall confusion as to where to get what and when.  The answer is embarrassingly easy.  One needs to buy the ticket through the Premier application on Facebook. (You can find this right here.)  I did have concerns about Facebook security, purely because like most of you – I’ve heard enough nightmares and had my own account hacked more than once.  I’ve been assured though, that since Facebook bought Zynga (who powers the Facebook “credit” application), those issues have been addressed.  While I can’t promise my readers the unthinkable will never happen, I can say that I did go back and buy the ticket and I refuse to live in fear.  Concern, maybe…fear?  Nevah!  Once I purchased the ticket, an email was delivered to me with instructions of how I can go over to Qello to experience my 30 day “All Access Pass”.  I took a quick peak, but I can promise – I’ll be going back over there during any spare time I can carve out of my day.  Did you know they have the Rio Classic Album video over there? They have videos from Culture Club, INXS and much, much more…and this is just in beta. On the day of the premiere, I understand that there will be a link that those of us who bought tickets will be able to access, and I’ll be there waiting for the show!  As I said yesterday, I really think Qello is worth checking out, and I can imagine that in the coming years, we’ll be buying tickets to experience more and more concerts “live” online.  Can you imagine the day when we never have to miss a single Duran show simply because we can’t travel to get there?  I can…and I think the day might have arrived.

So, after chatting with Hagan, he convinced me to run and buy my ticket, so I did.  I know many of you are yet to be convinced, and perhaps my blog does nothing to sway you. While I can understand that, I also have to say that it’s less than $5.00 to try this out.  Many of us spent over $60.00 to order the deluxe package sight unseen that we’ll watch in our own homes with no one around to be excited with (in most cases, anyway).  I paid less than five bucks to watch the presentation, hear an exclusive audio commentary, chat with friends during the show, and participate in an online Q&A after the show with the band.  Seems like a pretty fair deal.

Now to win one of those VIP tickets….(I have no idea what’s included with those, but I want one!)  See you on July 8th, make room for me in front of Dom!


Want You More (Well, Duran Duran anyway!)

I’m still trying to figure out Qello…the Premier application on Facebook…VIP tickets…and all of the contests leading up to when the postman finally delivers my copy of Diamond in the Mind to my house. It’s Monday, and my head swims. Could be from a very long weekend, could be confusion, but could also very well be from the pitcher of sangria I made yesterday for the adult family members present at my sons thirteenth birthday party….

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been hesitant to sign up and pay my $4.90 to see Diamond in the Mind “live” next Sunday (July 8th). It’s not that I don’t want to part with my money, it’s that I really just don’t get it…and I don’t mind saying so. Surely I can’t be the only one out there that is a little befuddled. I had a fairly good run of keeping up with the technological advances until now. I knew and understood the varying sources of social media and entertainment. I was a whiz at Facebook, and while I still don’t love Twitter, I use it. More and more often now though, I’m hearing of new apps and things that I not only have never heard of, but embarrassingly enough, I have no idea what they are for, how to use them, or why I’d even feel like I need them. Should I just go grab my rocking chair and be done? Probably not. So, like the good Duranie I am, I did some reading this morning and I was rewarded not with answers, but with more questions. This is troubling.

I guess part of my trouble is that of course, the concert isn’t really live. Not that it should be, but it’s more of a case where I’m wondering if it’s really worth paying to see it online as opposed to popping the disc into my Blu-Ray and watching it when it finally gets to my home a few days later. I see that they are promoting the event as something that will be broadcast worldwide, so of course that means that while I’m watching here at home in California, theoretically Amanda will be watching in Wisconsin, my friend Michelle will be watching on the east coast, and my other friend Michelle will be watching in the UK…and so forth. I see there is also to be a live Q & A with the band as they call in from Istanbul immediately following the broadcast on Facebook…or is it Qello?? I took some time this morning and checked out the Qello website. It would seem that for a music fan that likes an abundance of concerts and things, Qello is the sweet spot. It reminds me of a cable TV station that solely runs concert video, along with some extra yummy tidbits on the side. If I were sans children…I’d consider an ongoing membership, but for me, getting TV time is difficult, and my computer time seems to be spent writing and blogging with very little actual video viewing. After thoroughly reading up on Qello (and no I still don’t feel as though I’m an expert), I checked out the Duran Duran Facebook page. Apparently this premiere is being done through streaming on Facebook (Again I must ask – wasn’t this originally going to be streamed using the Qello app?  I’m confused!), and in order to “attend” this premiere, you’ve got to buy tickets, which appear to only be available through Facebook unless you really want to spend $4.99 a month to have “all access” through Qello.

I have no trouble with the money to see the premier. I want to make that clear. I know many fans who have a real axe to grind regarding that, but that isn’t where I’m headed. Those of you who do have a problem, I get it – and if you want to write a blog about that, feel free. My trouble is that I don’t like the idea of giving my credit card info to Facebook due to their continued security issues, and yet it’s not clear what is the best way to use Qello…or if I should just view the show through Facebook…if that’s even going to work. (I’ve got visions of the whole thing crashing due to site traffic, but that’s just me overthinking it all, I’m sure because that sort of thing never happens, right??) I just don’t quite get it.

I don’t necessarily think that this is a case of mixed messages or lies of omission…or impropriety on the part of the band (Just trying to cover all arguments I’ve seen, some of which I feel are ridiculous.), I think it’s mainly a case that I’m completely misunderstanding, and I’m sticking my neck out to say that perhaps I’m not the only one. If I am, well…it wouldn’t be the first time. I really can’t tell from looking at my “friends” or even Daily Duranie’s Facebook “friends” just how well “attended” this premier will be. However, I do believe that with a little more explanation as to how this will work, those like myself who might be on the fence will be happy to jump on over.

Here’s hoping someone will read, notice and be willing to help some confuzzled fans!


Duran on Film!

Duran Duran has been one busy band lately!  At least, it feels that way to me as I think that I could spend all day, everyday just trying to keep up with the latest!  After all, the band is on tour (woohoo!!!) and has been doing much press, especially since they have a new DVD coming out (can’t wait!) and will be playing the Olympics in less than a month.  Thus, I think it might be good for all of us to spend part of our Saturday catching up with some of the latest video clips.  If I have missed some (and I probably did), please link them in a comment!  The more Duran clips, the better! 

Daybreak in the UK on June 28, 2012:

I’ll keep my comments brief so that you all just enjoy the clips but I do have to comment on a few things.  First, every time I see a clip of the DVD, I swear I get all excited all over again!  Those UK shows were something special and if the DVD can capture 10% of that, we are all in for a treat!  Second, hearing Simon tell the story of his vocal problem of last year just makes me appreciate that he did regain the use of his voice.  It amazes me how removing himself from the focus of getting better helped.  That is advice we should all remember when facing problems in our own lives.  Lastly, I got a kick of Roger’s worry that some thing horrible will happen before every show.  This sentiment sure shows how human he is.  🙂

CNN on June 29, 2012:

Here’s my advice to Simon:  No more tweeting after you have been drinking!  People pay attention to what you say and will ask you about it!  As for the interview, I liked how the interviewer used Girl Panic to ask Duran about whether they plan to keep making music!  Research is a good thing!

Fuse TV Part 1 on June 28, 2012:

I absolutely adore hearing stories like these!  Two of them I had not heard before!

Part 2:

My response to Roger in this one:  I sure hope I can sense the chemistry between band members when watching the DVD!  ;D  Also, I have to agree with Simon that their audience isn’t ready or old enough to be content with a mid or low tempo performance. 

Press Conference in Poland from June 25, 2012:

While there was a lot of discussion surrounding football (soccer for us Americans), I am sure that I’m not the only one who heard that Duran plans to work with Mark Ronson again!  According to Nick, the plan is to start writing in February and to bring Mark in during the early summer of next year.  Obviously, as a huge fan of AYNIN, I couldn’t be more thrilled with this information!  On a deeper level, I, sometimes, have to take a step back and realize how lucky we are that this band we love is continuing to tour, to make new music.  We are truly lucky.

I hope that I’m caught up with the latest news in Duranland and I hope I helped you as well!  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Promotion Clips and Excitement

Could my blogs get any later in the day?  Of course, the answer is yes.  I still have over 4 hours in this Saturday.  I don’t really have a good excuse to the tardiness of this blog.  Today was the first day that I didn’t go anywhere in months.  Months.  I know that I confused my poor cat, which couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t jumping out of bed to get ready to go.  While part of me thought it might be good to take this day to get a lot done, the other part of me preferred to do not much.  I did get a few things done, in between naps (I took two!), including a few Duran related items!  First, I hooked up my new blu-ray player in order to be ready for the upcoming release of A Diamond in the Mind.  (By the way, I’m sure that Rhonda will either be entertained or horrified that it took me since the end of April to do this task!)  The second thing I did was to try to catch up on the news front, the Duran news front, that is!  Some of what I found I will be sharing here!

Obviously, part of what I learned about what has been happening in Duranland has to do that upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release.  Apparently, the band announced a digital premiere of it on facebook.  The news release can be read completely here.  I’ll summarize what I understand about it here by using those fantastic journalistic questions of who, what, when, where, why and how.

Who:  Obviously Duran Duran

What: “Duran Duran to stream their latest concert DVD, A Diamond In The Mind with EXCLUSIVE Audio Commentary and LIVE Q&A.”  As I understand it, this commentary and Q&A session will be special to this streaming, which I’m sure is done to encourage viewing.

When:  July 8th at 2 pm EST 
For some people, like me, this would be the first chance to see it and, for others, the DVD will already be available.  Again, though, I guess with the additional commentary and Q&A session, the date isn’t so important.  I do find it interesting that it is on a Sunday afternoon.

Where:  Facebook through some application called Qello.
Is this a case of Duran acknowledging the number of fans on Facebook or a case of them encouraging fans to join facebook?  Both?  No matter, I find it interesting that they are once again acknowledging social networking like they did with the youtube streaming of the show directed by David Lynch last spring. 

How:  This application, Qello, will cost $4.99 for a 30 day all access membership. 
I know nothing about this app, but it appears to be new based on this quote from the news release:  “The program launches June 18th with several weeks of festivities on the Duran Duran Facebook page, including Digital Premiere ticketing, and VIP Ticket and CD giveaways. To promote the Premiere, and make the experience more social, fans that post about the event via Facebook will gain access to a special sneak preview.”
Will this $4.99 be worth it?  Is it lame that they are charging money for this streaming?  Like many other things related to Duran, I find myself assuming that I will be purchasing this app in order to watch, assuming that I can figure out what to do when the time comes!  I’m such a sucker!

Now, if all of that didn’t get you excited for ADITM, my friend, Faby, found a lovely, lengthy preview on youtube, which I will now share with all of you after she shared with me:

Of course, beyond ADITM, there have been TV and radio appearances.  I am focusing here on the TV appearances because I haven’t been able to find many (most) of the radio interviews.  If you know where to find them, please post the link for me and everyone else!  Thanks!  As for the TV appearances, I know that Simon appeared on Loose Women in the UK.  I also read about appearances on Sky Sunrise, ITV Daybreak and CNN.  Again, I completely suck because the only one I could find was Loose Women, which I have included below.

My reaction to this clip was that it was enjoyable despite being like every other interview on TV with the list of successes in the beginning and the video montage, which, of course, included Rio!  I’m not sure what the deal was with the bananas but I like seeing the silly side of Simon!  On a more serious note, one comment I found interesting was when Simon stressed that the band only focused on the songs and not the videos, back in the day.  Of course, I think that they focused on the music more but following that statement up with the intelligence of the managers imply that the managers did everything with the video.  I always had the impression that the band gave input to the videos.  Am I wrong?  Also, on a serious note, I loved the statement about how ADITM was a celebration of being able to sing again.  On a personal level, the UK tour felt like a celebration for me, too!

Now that my blu-ray player is hooked up, I have seen that long preview, and had Simon describe ADITM as a celebration, I’m really ready to see it!!!  I can’t be the only one, right?  Right???? 


Anxious for What Comes Next!

 It seems to me that there is much to look forward to in Duranland.  Right now, we are in a bit of a quiet period (which, personally, works for me as my life is insane right now), but there is much to anticipate!  Duranies have gotten pretty used to Durantime and pretty used to long stretches of time when nothing much seems to be happening in Duranland.  This is one of those times.  Normally, when there is a bit of downtime, I notice more drama between fans.  I haven’t seen a ton lately.  Is that because there really isn’t much or because I have no time to check in and notice?  Anyway, if there really isn’t drama, is that because we all know that this downtime is short lived?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we do have many, many things to look forward to.  Now, I realize that not every fan in every corner of the world will get to enjoy as much as others but I always get excited that Duran is doing something!  Let’s recap what’s coming!

First, Duran Duran have announced an appearance on Good Morning America here in the States on June 18th.  According to the band’s official website, this will be a performance.  It is an interesting choice since Duran isn’t doing anything in the States until August.  I can’t imagine that it will be to advertise a new single.  It is also right before the tour in Europe starts.  While I may not understand the point of it, I’m still excited.  It will be the first Monday I won’t be at work for the summer so I can watch it live.  I’m sure that Rhonda and I will comment on it.  I hope that everyone outside of the States will get a chance to watch it, somehow. 

Second, Duran starts their tour of Europe a week after that on June 25th.  I realize that some of their originally scheduled shows were never re-scheduled, which has got to be upsetting.  Nonetheless, I still look forward to the tour.  No, it isn’t because I’m going to any shows but I do like to hear from others who have shows!  I get excited for others!  Plus, of course, in this day and age, I get to see clips via places like youtube.  I hope that everyone who is going to a show(s) reports in and tells us all about it!  Of course, as part of this European tour, Duran will be playing at the Olympics.  Again, I’m not sure what I will get to actually watch.  I’m excited for the band, no matter what/how much I get to see.  🙂 

Third, A Diamond in the Mind live DVD is also being released during the summer.  I SO look forward to this!  I will get to re-live the fabulous UK shows of last winter!  This will also get me even more excited for the tour in August.  Of course, like Good Morning America and the Olympics (if we get a chance to see the performance), Rhonda and I will review it!  By this time, we better have our plans set for the tour in August!  Here’s a hint, DDHQ, we would really like to get things situated with our shows, but it is hard to do when we can’t buy tickets for Atlanta yet!  Of course, we won’t be able to go to all of the shows so we will need to hear from others about their shows!

Lastly, the fall will bring the convention in the UK.  Rhonda and I are also looking forward to that!  We will get to see friends and a city that we have come to really enjoy!  I suspect that we will take some time for a real Duran tour then.  I’m hearing rumors about a mini-bus, champagne and more!  Can you just picture it now?  A mini-bus full of Duranies driving around Birmingham?  I can’t wait!!!  The fall will also bring John Taylor’s book and book tour!  Obviously, I’m hoping for a stop in Chicago in order to be able to go see him without too much cost and without taking too much time from work.  It will also provide more for us to review!  The new year promises a return to the studio for the band based on what I have heard and read, which means that we have another Duran album to look forward to at some point. 

Overall, there is a ton of stuff to look forward to in Duranland!  It is good to remember all that is coming!  Some days, some times don’t need heavy deep subjects.  On those days, we all could benefit from looking forward to the future!  It is good for all of us to be excited about what is coming!!!  It is a good day and time to be a Duranie!


Tour update and other tidbits!

Duran Duran is still busy touring their album All You Need is Now, and the latest word from DDHQ is of several newly added dates to their summer touring schedule, which you can find asterisked below:  (Presale information indicates a DDM presale, NOT the public onsale date!)

May 08 Santiago, Chile at Teatro Caupolican
Tickets on sale!

June 25 Wroclaw Strefa Kibica, Poland at MUSICART in cooperation with Music Pool Tickets on sale !

June 27 Prague, Czech Republic at O2 Arena
Tickets on sale!

June 28 Budapest, Hungary at the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena
Tickets on sale!

July 06 Thessaloniki, Greece at Earth Open Air
Tickets on sale !

*July 07 Skopje, Macedonia, Skopsko Kale
Pre Sale Details Coming Soon!

*July 09 Istanbul, Kucuk Ciftlik Park
Pre Sale Details Coming Soon!

July 12 Novi Sad, Serbia as part of the Exit Festival
Regular tickets on sale, there was no pre-sale for this show

July 14 Ljubljana, Slovenia at Gospodarsko Razstavišče
Tickets on Sale!

July 16 Verona, Italy at the Verona Arena
Tickets on sale!

July 18 Rome, Italy at the Foro Italica
Tickets on sale!

July 20 Cattolica, Italy at the Arena Della Regina
Tickets on sale!

July 21 Lucca, Italy at the Piazza Napoleone
Tickets on sale!

July 23 Carcassonne, France at the Festival de Carcassonne
Regular tickets on sale, there was no pre-sale for this show

July 25 Monte Carlo, Monaco at The Sporting Club
Regular tickets on sale, there was no pre-sale for this show

*July 27 London, England Hyde Park, 2012 Summer Olympics/BT London Live Opening Ceremony Celebration Concert. No member pre-sale. Tickets on sale May 4th, 9am local time through

August 08 Saratoga, CA at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA
Tickets on Sale!

August 09 Saratoga, CA at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA
Tickets on Sale!

August 11 Costa Mesa, CA at the Pacific Amphitheatre/OC Fair
Tickets on Sale!

August 12 Tuscon, AZ at AVA Amphitheatre/Casino Del Sol
Tickets on Sale!

August 15 Catoosa, OK at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Tickets on Sale!

August 17 Memphis, TN at the Memphis Botanical Gardens
Tickets on Sale!

August 18 Biloxi, MS at Hard Rock Casino and Resort
Tickets on Sale!

*August 19 Atlanta, GA at Chastain Park
Pre Sale Details Coming Soon!

August 21 Durham, NC at the Durham Performing Arts Center
Tickets on Sale!

*August 24 Mashantucket, CT at the MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods
Pre Sale Details Coming Soon!

*August 25 Atlantic City, NJ at Revel Ovation Hall
Pre Sale Details Coming Soon!

August 28 Kettering, OH at Fraze Pavilion
Tickets on sale!

August 29 Highland Park, IL at the Ravinia Festival
Tickets on Sale!

*August 31 Orilla, ONT Casino Rama Entertainment Centre
Pre Sale Details Coming Soon!

If that news doesn’t excite your Duranie-senses, then perhaps the press release of Diamond in the Mind directly from will do the trick!


May 8th, 2012

“A Diamond In The Mind” DURAN DURAN LIVE IN CONCERT 2011
Recorded At Manchester’s MEN Arena
Stand-alone DVD, Blu-ray and CD
Deluxe Edition with all three formats and bonus features
Set for Release 02-07-12
Eagle Records & Eagle Vision
Following the phenomenal success of their recent “All You Need Is Now” UK arena tour, and the announcement that they will be representing England as one of the headliners at the BT London Live Opening Ceremony Concert in Hyde Park, to celebrate the London 2012 games, iconic British rock band, DURAN DURAN, are shortly set to release “A DIAMOND IN THE MIND” – a stunning recording of one of the band’s live concert performances on DVD, Blu-ray and CD.
Slated to hit stores on Monday 2nd July 2012, through Eagle Vision and Eagle Records, “A Diamond In The Mind” was filmed and recorded at Manchester’s MEN Arena in December of last year, where the band garnered some of the finest reviews of their career.
Shot in high definition by long-time Duran collaborator, director Gavin Elder, the recording of the show will be simultaneously released on multiple formats: standard DVD (Cat. No. EREDV941), Blu-ray (Cat. No. ERBRD5156), CD (EAGCD487), and the triple-pack Deluxe Edition, containing all three formats (Blu-ray, DVD & CD – Cat. No. ERBRD5158) in an 8 panel digipack with bonus features, and an expanded 20 page booklet, all inside a foil blocked slip-case.
The band’s first live release in almost a decade, “A Diamond In The Mind” bristles with classic hits alongside new tracks taken from their critically acclaimed album “ALL YOU NEED IS NOW”, which was produced by Grammy award winner Mark Ronson and hit the #1 spot on Download Charts in 15 countries (including the UK).
Known for their epic productions, amazing visuals, ground-breaking stage sets and iconic style, this is only the second time in ten years that the band have recorded one of their concerts in glorious high definition sound and vision, giving fans a rare and unique opportunity to relive the experience.
In addition to the songs themselves, both the DVD, Blu-Ray and Deluxe Edition releases also feature interviews with the band, alongside behind-the-scenes footage of the 2011 tour, together and bonus tracks ”Come Undone” and “Is There Something I Should Know.”
Talking from Brazil, where the band are currently on the South American leg of their world tour, keyboardist, NICK RHODES said “We wanted to create a dynamic, interactive show, combining new technology with edgy design. The brief for our lighting designer was ‘Pixel Punk’. This manifested itself in the convergence of hi-tech screens with a powerful, asymmetrical lighting rig. The primary aim was to re-invent our songs visually and introduce material from the new album as a unique sensory experience. With this in mind, the screens were populated by science fiction, supermodels, anime, psychedelic patterns and graphic design. Four massive mechanical arms were programmed to swoop down over the stage, firing beams of light, like the aliens in War of the Worlds. And the audience was integrated with the show, as live cameras were turned on them, projecting their images behind the band. Hanging high above the stage, four giant heads presented another dimension to the production, as they came alive as band members, skulls, robots and a girl transforming into a leopard.
The show is a journey. It was already our movie, but the challenge loomed to translate this into a film that tells the same story for those who were not there on the night. In this case we used many cameras, to ensure no detail escaped. We deployed both slow motion, animation and various stylized film grades, which give the performance a dreamlike quality in places; but most of all, I think A Diamond in the Mind truly captures the widescreen energy and vibrancy of what really transpired that night, when Duran Duran played live in Manchester.”
Adding to this, lead singer SIMON LE BON said; “The 2011 UK tour was particularly significant for all of us on a number of levels. In the early part of the year, I lost my voice and we were forced to cancel several months of touring, including all of our British dates. It was a really difficult time for us as a band as we had a new album out that we were just breaking in and loving playing live. When I blew my voice out in Cannes, at the film festival in mid-May, we weren’t sure when we would be able to resume and the summer wait was long and full of anxiety – especially for me. The UK shows which were finally rescheduled for December, proved to be some of the best we’ve ever done – so the year that had been rather a roller-coaster, ended on a really high note.”
Track listing for the DVD, Blu-ray & Deluxe Edition includes:
Return To Now 2) Before The Rain 3) Planet Earth 4) View To A Kill 5) All You Need Is Now 6) Blame The Machines 7) Safe (In The Heat Of The Moment) 8) The Reflex 9) Man Who Stole A Leopard 10) Girl Panic! 11) White Lines 12) Careless Memories 13) Ordinary World 14) Notorious 15) Hungry Like The Wolf 16) (Reach Up For The) Sunrise 17) Wild Boys/Relax 18) Rio 19) A Diamond In The Mind
Bonus tracks are: Come Undone and Is There Something I Should Know?
Track listing for the Live CD includes;
1) Before The Rain 2) Planet Earth 3) View To A Kill 4) All You Need Is Now 5) Come Undone 6) Blame The Machines 7) The Reflex 8)Girl Panic! 9) Ordinary World 10) Notorious 11) Hungry Like The Wolf 12) (Reach Up For The) Sunrise 13) Wild Boys 14) Rio
DURAN DURAN have become one of the most iconic British bands of the last three decades. Widely recognized as THE band that defined the MTV Video generation, Duran Duran single-handedly transformed music videos from a gimmicky marketing tool into one of the music industry’s most valued assets. Fusing pop music with art, fashion and technology, exotic locations, beautiful girls and stunning special effects, they took the visual imperatives of the New Romantic movement to another level.
Today with over 80 million records sold, 30 UK Top 30 hits and 18 American hit singles, they are an unstoppable force, with no fewer than six prestigious ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’ under their belt in the last few years from MTV VMA’s, the BRITS’s, the IVOR NOVELLOS, Q Magazine, the Spanish Ondas, and GQ Magazine.
Released 2nd July on Eagle Vision and Eagle Records &
I’m most amused by Nick’s explanation of the giant mechanical “arms” – lighting booms – that swoop down over the stage like aliens from Worlds at War.  I’ve seen their show several times this year, and never once did I think of THAT angle. The lighting arms reminded me more of being on a TV set – and with the screens in the background showing  various pictures of fans and other storytelling imagery – it tended to lend itself to feeling as though we were ALL taking part in a giant video each night. In any case, Diamond in the Mind sounds like it’s going to be amazing.  I only wish we were watching this in a theater again like Live From London!  

What’s New in Duranland

I figured it is time to summarize and comment on the latest news in the world of Duran Duran.  Their official website has been a pretty busy place lately with information regarding the upcoming DVD release, information about projects from Simon and John and tour information. 

First, more information was released regarding the upcoming DVD, A Diamond in the Mind.  This information included tracklisting, format information, list of extras, a synopsis and a tentative release date.  You can find the news release here.  Of course, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t have a couple of thoughts regarding what I read and comments I have seen from other fans.  I noticed that there will be a deluxe edition along with blu-ray and a cd.  What this includes I’m not really sure.  Do you get both the video and cd with the deluxe edition?  I’m sure that I will buy whatever format(s) in order to see and hear everything.  I also noted that the release date was in July.  This would be nice for a variety of reasons.  One, it would give Rhonda and I something new to review then.  Two, it would create excitement both for myself and for other fans with shows coming up.  Lastly, it will take me back to that wonderful UK tour that Rhonda and I had last year.  Now, of course, it wouldn’t be Duranland if I saw or heard no criticism.  It seems that some fans do not plan to buy it due to the setlist.  Honestly, here is where my eyes start to roll.  Why?  That makes no real sense to me.  Why wouldn’t a fan want to see a high quality performance from the band?  Plus, if that is the reason that someone did not go to a show, I would argue that they are judging a book by its cover.  In this case, it is judging a show based on the setlist.  If you didn’t go to a show then and you won’t watch/buy the DVD, you really can’t judge the quality of the performance or setlist.  Beyond all that, I do not understand why a fan wouldn’t want to see those 2011 interviews or behind the scenes footage.  I both look forward to those and dread those.  That time with the canceled shows and Simon’s vocal problems were extremely tough, emotionally, and I suspect that I will be emotional all over again by watching some of this footage.  Nonetheless, it is important to note what that time was like both for historical sake and for a reminder of why we should appreciate what we have now.  It is a lesson that should not be forgotten. 

Second, there were news releases regarding both Simon and John.  In Simon’s case, the news release was about a cause that Simon has decided to support and that is THE AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE (TAAS).  This service provides emergency medical service in England and one that he could back after receiving his own rescue in 1985 with the capsizing of Drum.  I think it is cool when the band decides to champion a cause, especially one that seems close to the band member’s heart.  The news release can be read here.  There are pictures of Simon’s visit on the official website as well.  As for John Taylor, he has been a busy man finishing his autobiography.  This week, he announced the title, “In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran” and where it is being published in some countries.  According to, it is due to be released October 16, 2012, here in the States.  On the day of the announcement, John spent part of it on twitter sharing the news.  Apparently, there will be an audio edition!  Obviously, this is one that I cannot wait for!  I am already planning my voicemail message, “Please do not disturb unless you have a Duranie alert.  I am reading John Taylor’s book.  I will return to the world of the living when I’m done!”  The Daily Duranie will be reviewing it as well!  Now, I have seen some people questioning the title.  I must give John credit as I know how hard it is to name a book.  Before you ask, yes, we have part of the title of our book ready.  We are still working on it and, no, we won’t share yet!  🙂  As for the quality of the title, I like it.  I feel like it fits John well, which is the key.  What do the rest of you think? has this news alert as well here and, like Simon’s, has pictures! 

Lastly, Duran Duran Headquarters continues to update tour information.  In the case of South America, they announced that the venues for two shows have been changed.  You can read it about it here.  They do not provide a reason but acknowledge that the dates are the same and that the tickets for the other venues will be valid.  I don’t know how much of a big deal this is.  Are the new venues close to the old ones?  Are the seating charts the same or are all the venues GA?  South American fans, I would love to know the impact of this on you guys!  Of course, the US tour keeps getting updated as well.  Presales have taken place for the following locations:  Saratoga, Tucson, Memphis, Biloxi, Durham, Kettering and Chicago.  In most cases, public sales for those locations have happened as well with the exception of Chicago, which takes place on the 26th.  Future presales with known dates include:  Costa Mesa (4/25) and Oklahoma (6/27).  How have the presales gone for everyone?  In my experience, I have appreciated the notice that has been given for them.  Obviously, I wish that they had better seats for Chicago.  I’ll be curious as to what tickets are offered for the public sale for that one.  It might really have to do with the venue and their donor ticket deal.  Fans are still waiting on venue and presale information for Atlanta, Connecticut and Atlantic City.  Of course, people are still wondering if more dates will be added.  In looking at the tour schedule, I can see some possible dates to add show to:  August 13th or August 14th, August 22nd or August 23rd, or August 26th or August 27th.  Thus, in my calculations, at most, they could add 3 more dates.  I, for one, would love to see a date added on the 22nd in between Durham and Connecticut.  I would say that Virginia or DC or Baltimore or other nearby places would be a lovely spot for another show, especially since Rhonda and I would love to get one more in that area…Ah, we can dream, right? 

All in all, I love that there is so much going on in Duranland.  We have many things to look forward to!!!