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Happy 10th Anniversary Dom!

I know that at least some of you have noticed that the site has been down for the past couple of days.  I’ll save you from the stupid details, but it comes down to two things:

  1. I am not a webmaster, tech-geek, web-designer…etc.


Regardless, we’re here…we’re working…I think most people should be able to see the blog now, and for that I’m thankful, even though I’m still ironing out the details of how to get things to look the way they once did. That will happen over the next couple of weeks, but for now, as I’m about to take off for a trip to Wisconsin tomorrow (of all places)…I’m hoping everyone can read this post. In all of the excitement (read: behind the scenes at my house stress), I nearly forgot an important date.


Ten very short years ago on this very date, Dom Brown played his very first gig with Duran Duran. I wasn’t there for it – I didn’t see him play until March of 2005, but I know many of our readers must have been there.

Dom wrote (!!!!) a very nice post for that you should check out. It is filled with nice memories and definitely chuckled over the fact that his wife Martha knew all the words to the Duran Duran songs – love that!

I write about Dom a lot on the blog, so if he really needs to see how much I appreciate his being on that stage – he probably doesn’t need to look very far. He is incredibly talented, but he also stepped into very large shoes. It could not have been very easy to not only be “the new guy” and learn all of the music, but also be the “sub”.  Yet he handles all of that, plus all of the criticism that comes his way as a result of not being Andy OR Warren with an enormous amount of grace. I have nothing but respect for him.

So Dom, if you’re reading – happy anniversary!  We’re glad you’re here, and thank you to your family for sharing you with us. I’m sure that part isn’t easy either.




Blue to Brown Under the Bridge

In case you missed it, Duran Duran’s very own Dom Brown posted a video yesterday from a gig in London. His band, Blue to Brown, supported Austin Blues legend, Jimmy Vaughn at Under the Bridge.

For those who are unaware, Dom is a well-versed guitarist who plays a wide-variety of music, particularly when he’s not onstage for Duran Duran. His band Blue To Brown, fronted by none other than his father Rob, concentrates on blues. So, the music you’ll hear Dom play for Blue to Brown or even his own solo work is a lot different than what we hear him do for Duran, but in our opinion – it also shows just how talented and versatile he is (and how lucky Duran is to have him as a guitarist!).

Check it out and feel free to leave FRIENDLY comments on YouTube.   Share the video on Facebook and Twitter, and spread the word. If you haven’t already followed Dom on Twitter, liked his page on Facebook, or done the same with Blue to Brown on FB…we’ve got links for you!

Dom Brown on Facebook

Dom Brown on Twitter

Blue to Brown on Facebook





John Frusciante and Duran Duran – a Red Hot Match up??

As many now know, it was announced last night that John Frusciante will be making a guest appearance on the next Duran Duran album.  News had initially been leaked early Monday morning (US time) through Guitar Magazine.  At that time, the news was largely dismissed as rumor, given that Duran Duran management (or as we lovingly refer to them – DDHQ) had not confirmed.

Let me kindly repost the statement, copied directly from

April 23rd, 2014

We were holding this exciting news because we were hoping to give you full details when we announced, but as word has leaked out, catching us rather off guard, we wanted to confirm… yes it’s true, the extraordinarily talented John Frusciante has indeed been doing some work from his home base in California on our new album. The tracks have been going back and forth via the internet, and we are thrilled with the results. We are all such big fans of John’s work and are honoured to have him adding his magic to the record! There are no current plans for John to tour with us, but his guitars sound incredible on the tracks.

Hoping to have more news for you soon.

– Simon, John, Nick & Roger”

Naturally, that news took many of us…many of us who are fans and supporters of Dom Brown, by surprise.  Would he appear on the album at all?  Would Dom tour with the band?  Thankfully, while I was in the midst of a book signing in LA (another blog, another time), @durantigger dared to ask the question to DDHQ and they responded quickly saying that Dom would appear on the album…and from what I know, he will also be touring.  

When news of John Frusciante guesting on the album first broke, I took to Spotify to really listen to his work.  I know the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers , but had I really listened to the guitar enough to draw any sort of conclusion?  Probably not. Then I listened to John’s solo work from Enclosure, a very recently released album.  It is incredibly different from his work in Red Hot Chili Peppers. Truly, the styling could not be more different.  Clearly he is a very talented and versatile guitarist, but whether or not his work will properly mesh with that of the band is yet to be heard (by fans). It is clear that most fans are thrilled with the news, with very few dissenting opinions.  

As I type this, I know what many of our readers are waiting to read. They’re hoping for some drama, some reaction from me on a personal level.  The fact is, I can’t comment or react to something I haven’t heard.  I won’t comment on their choice to work with someone in addition to Dom Brown, because truthfully, it is not my band. I’m just a listener.  I don’t have any idea what the band is thinking.  I never do. I know that I’m ready for some new music, and I’m hoping that at some point before I lose my hearing to old age, we’ll get some. I know that the band threw out a years worth of material to start anew here, and that it’s all part of the creative process. I also know that before this process ends for them, it is entirely possible that they change their minds again and start over. You never know, and I’m just not going to react to something until I’ve heard it.  And then…you’ll get my opinion on whether or not this worked.



Today in Duran History

Alright all of you 2005 Astronaut tour-goers, this one is for you!!

On this date in 2005, Duran Duran played at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA!  Who was there??

On another fun, yet entirely random note, I had a dream last night. It is very rare that I’ll dream about Duran Duran (because let’s face it – that’s a sign that it’s time for a vacation.), but last night it happened. I don’t know where I was or why I was there, but I was speaking with a woman who had short blonde hair.  She was thin, a little older than me, and spoke with a friendly, but clipped English accent (very similar to that of my mother-in-law, oddly enough).  I didn’t recognize this person, but in my dream I knew who she was and that she was to be trusted.  (dreams are so bizarre sometimes) For some reason I was telling her that we still (I’m assuming I must have been talking about Daily Duranie) get questions all the time about Dom and whether or not he’s touring with the band. For some reason it must have been quite a while since any of us had seen him with the band.  (Probably because it HAS BEEN…) The lady turned towards me and I noticed she was stacking Dom’s CDs on a folding table in front of us, and she said “Yes, but he won’t be touring with the band. He’s going north…and then on to Italy.”  Italy?!? Admittedly geography is not my best subject, but Italy is definitely not north of the UK on the world maps I’ve seen lately! I must have given her an odd look because she followed that sentence up with “You know he’s going to start playing oboe, right?”  <insert completely blank look here>

I remember going through the seven stages of grief right then in my dream, as I thought about how I was going to handle this information going forward, and then I woke up very confused.  What was that about?!

Oboe???  Interesting choice.

I need a vacation.  😀





Today’s Date in Duran History – Simon, Simon, Simon…and Dom

Some bands have large fan bases that are happy to get new music. They pay to go to shows, they have fun, and that’s about the size of the fan/band relationship. Then there’s Duran Duran. They have people like me…who are intense (let’s not call it an obsession), long-time fans.  Some of us even blog.

Aren’t they lucky?!?

Originally, I had a “Date in Duran history” all planned out for today, but during some research, I realized we had the date wrong on our calendar. There is a method to what might seem like madness here at Daily Duranie, and so rather than re-run a historical point that we did for this date last year, I came up with my own! The trouble is, it isn’t quite history yet. However, I break rules all the time, and today will be no exception.

Just a day or two ago, I may have casually mentioned that I was nearing the point of resorting to posting videos of Simon’s more “signature” dance moves over the years, using them of course as points of discussion…along with maybe some voting and judgment. (I call it “commentary”) Today I stumbled upon the following video link (linked because of these called “copyrights” that YouTube, and probably the band…insists we follow…imagine that!):

Simon’s short and sweet DD14 update!

So they’re in the “refinement” stage. You know what *I’d* like to know…if I were well, able to ask?? What do they ultimately end up doing with all of the material they scrap? Do they keep it in case they want to return to it at a later point, perhaps for another album or something? I can see a case being made either way. Maybe they want fresh material for each album, and maybe they figure that going back to look at earlier work isn’t exactly the same as starting fresh. But on the other hand, that’s so much creativity. Maybe keeping it all for future reference gets the juices flowing when they need ideas? If “someone” knows, I’d love to hear the answer and reasoning!

Can you imagine the amount of material they’ve scrapped over the years? I’d love to be let loose in that vault (of course that’s assuming they actually keep all of that somewhere)!

But of course, Simon was VERY quick to say he won’t give titles or any information and that we’re going to have to wait. Here’s the thing: I can understand the “No Spoiler” rule. There is something special about hearing a finished song or album for the first time without preconceived notion. Admittedly, it’s been a long time since that last happened for me. Like since hearing some of All You Need is Now. I am very much looking forward to the feeling that comes with hearing brand new music for the first time. Anticipation can be a wonderful thing. That said, hearing absolutely nothing from the band for months on end – or only hearing the things none of us really want to hear, such as: “We’re not going to tour anytime soon – we don’t NEED to tour” or “We’re not sure when the album is coming out, but it probably won’t be until at least 2015.” can be pretty disheartening. So Simon, it’s OK that you won’t share titles or information. I respect that (and I might not necessarily start posting those dance videos. Yet.) But sending us little clips now and again to let those of us who are not in the UK know that yes, you’re still alive and working, and maybe just telling us where you’re at in the whole process, isn’t so bad. It keeps that connection established from the last album going. Many of us have never even been in a studio, and  hearing about the actual process is interesting. It’s funny when you think about it – a lot of fans have been around for over thirty years now and yet there really aren’t many who know much about recording an album or all of the tedious work that goes into the effort. I know it’s commonplace to the band, but for us – the people who care – it’s kind of an intriguing mystery.

If Simon’s little video weren’t enough, I was pretty surprised yesterday afternoon as I checked into Facebook and Twitter between naps (I’m getting over a bad cold and the couch has been my friend this week) to see that Dom Brown is actually alive, and not just an enigma that briefly appears to announce his next gig date on Twitter or Facebook. No, no. Dom showed up yesterday to mention that his wife (I applaud Martha!) has been getting on his case lately (I believe the words “kicking my butt” were used – which makes me like her even more!) to engage on Facebook and Twitter more regularly.

Men are funny. I think they can be far more utilitarian in nature than women. We women tend to be (just a weensy bit) more emotional. We talk. For example, some of the shortest emails I EVER get are from my husband. I will send long, flowing emails to him and I’ll typically get a one or two word reply. (My reply: Really?? You were somehow able to extrapolate ONE thing out of that long email that needed a comment – and a one word comment at that?!) I think that many males, and celebrities are not entirely immune to this and  think that Twitter and Facebook are utilitarian devices only. They are to announce whatever important “thing” is going on – and briefly so. The idea of getting on there to actually chat and get to know people is probably mind boggling. “Why waste that kind of time” That’s why so many resort to only posting their latest sales pitch, their latest gig…and then they run. Fast.

Admittedly, it could be that female fans might be intimidating, downright scary at times…maybe we even “threaten” relationships in that if a wife/girlfriend/significant other sees tweeting or communicating with one specific person going on, she’s undoubtedly going to be concerned. Fair enough. I’m also married. I know how that can be, and I can’t promise that every female fan out there is going to be respectful. For that matter, even I can be cheeky – because it’s fun, and because I don’t actually take it seriously.  Others might, I suppose. But for the most part, I don’t think many of us are out to ruin someone’s life. My point is that we’re not that scary. While yes, there’s always a risk of running into a crazy person here or there, we as fans run that exact same risk, whether it’s with a band member or it’s other fans. You learn rather quickly how to deflect, avoid, and block. My question is how can Twitter be any more frightening than running into the same fans over and over on tour, at the studio, or anywhere else?? At least on Twitter and Facebook you can essentially block the people that scare you. In person, you really can’t.

I guess I’m in the camp that believes it’s important to engage with fans however you can and are comfortable. That last part is key – and I want to make sure that the people who are bound to reply to this post read that last part again. I’m not accusing anyone of misusing Twitter – because I think that everyone has to decide for themselves how to handle social media of any kind. Maybe that’s a departure from how I’ve felt in the past, and I’m OK admitting that.  So what do I mean by “comfortable”? If you’re only comfortable announcing your gigs – then hey, that’s fine. If you’re only comfortable keeping Twitter as a sales tool, then that’s what you have to do. If you’re the type that only uses Twitter to make statements and isn’t entirely interested in the back and forth type of communication that can happen – then that’s how you’ve got to keep it. That might not be ideal, but as I said, we all have our own areas of comfort.

Another issue I see: I don’t think that there’s anything necessarily wrong with replying directly to a fan, even a female fan, if you want; but I also know that not every musician or celebrity is comfortable doing so. I can’t decide if it’s because they’re worried about calling attention to a particular fan, or if it’s because they don’t want to see the “Please RT meeeeee!!!” tweets over and over. The same goes for following fans, I suppose. Once you’ve opened that door, it’s hard to explain why some are allowed through and others are not. I’m not sure that there’s a need to explain actions like that to anyone though. I certainly don’t substantiate the reasons why I’m friends with some people and not with others, but that’s just me. I can’t necessarily say where the line should be drawn – I only know how I handle it for myself. It’s tough thing to find fault with no matter what someone does, and each person has to find their own comfort zone. I have no way of knowing what it’s really like to be a well-known musician, rock star or celebrity because I’m just me: Rhonda from Southern California. I tend to treat people, my friends – whether they are male, female, rockstar or celebrity, pretty much the same. If I follow you on Twitter, I’m going to comment to you as though I think you’re reading, and I’m going to pal around with you as though we’re at least friendly if not actually friends. If that makes me odd, well…then I’m odd, and I embrace the description. I just figure that at the end of the day, we’re all just people anyway.

That’s the longest blog I’ve written in a long time.  Just imagine how it’ll be once the band actually DOES start announcing titles.  I’d better rest my fingers now while I can!







Guest Blog (gig reviews!): It was the hottest day in July….

By Bryony Evens

Last month there were two live Duranie experiences for sweltering Londoners: Joanne Joanne, the all-female tribute band (strapline: ‘We don’t do Rio’) and Dom Brown’s Blue to Brown set with his dad, Rob, and their band. I went to both, and here’s my review of the gigs, plus a few pictures and videos.

The first gig – Joanne Joanne – was on a Saturday night, so with it being a weekend there was an opportunity for a few Duranie friends to travel to London to see the gig. It was lovely to see Sarah and Eileen, whose husband drove them up from Kent and joined us for the show, and George who lives in London anyway. We all had dinner at my place then headed off to Camden Town for the gig. The first people I bumped into were half the band getting dressed up in their stage gear in the loos (yep, it was a small venue!), so I wished them luck. I’d actually met the singer in the loos at a another gig couple of week’s previously – it must be a thing! There were quite a few people in the audience who I recognised, some from other Duran shows/events, and some from other gigs around London.

They started with most of the band on stage playing the opening of Planet Earth, with one joining in after the other, until ‘Simon’ came onstage to start singing. They’re all great musicians and play very well together. They don’t stand on stage in the same order as the boys, but I wasn’t sure if that’s just because it was a really small stage or because it’s what they prefer. There was an interesting mix of them talking about the songs as though they were the original band in a spoofy sort of way, and chatting about their own arrangements of them, which was fascinating. They don’t play Rio because Duran do, and someone has to play the other songs; however, I noted that they played the album version of My Own Way, rather than the single version which Duran relegated to the ‘must never be played again’ pile many years ago…

I don’t remember the exact setlist or order, but it was amazing to hear some of my absolute favourites live again, including Hold Back the Rain and Last Chance on the Stairway. I think I’ve only ever heard Duran play Last Chance as part of the electro-set on the RCM tour, so that was brilliant! I’m pretty sure this list will be all the songs they played, but if you were there and I’ve forgotten any, or I’ve accidentally added some they didn’t play, please comment below!

Planet Earth
Last Chance on the Stairway
Hold Back the Rain
Anyone Out There
Faster Than Light
Late Bar – they’re recording this as their first single
New Religion – this was perhaps the most energetic of the night and was very good indeed. The band said on Facebook afterwards that it’s their favourite to play live.
Careless Memories
Friends of Mine
The Chauffeur

Two videos I filmed so you can see what they’re like live – there are better videos on the band’s Facebook page and on YouTube though if you look for them!

In summary, it was fantastic to hear these beloved songs played in an upbeat and fairly rocky way, in a small venue, with a packed audience of music enthusiasts (except for the big pillock in front of me – ugh!) Sadly they’ve just announced their next gig on 23rd August – when I’ll be at a gig in Glasgow, but if you’re in London and have the chance to go, take it – they’re brilliant!

A very short snippet of Faster than Light
A very short snippet of Last Chance on the Stairway 


The second experience was much stranger. The music was very straightforward the but the venue and clientele? Well…

George and I headed to the Voodoo Vault at the Embassy Club in Mayfair. All the tables were out on the street, leaving an empty restaurant inside. At the end of the empty room there was a door, leading into the dark. We followed a twisty-turny staircase down into the basement and as our eyes adjusted to the gloom, we realised Dom was standing at the bar right next to us. He’s quite small close-up, and was welcoming some friends. We beat a hasty retreat and tried to find the ladies – the place was  a bit of a rabbit warren but we eventually found them back up the stairs and down into another basement.

On our return to the venue, we queued up at the bar for a looooong time, eavesdropping Dom’s conversation with his friends (not really any way of avoiding it, we weren’t being rude, honest!) and eventually got served, for a vast price and including a service charge, despite having had to wait 5 minutes plus and having no table service! The menus were all photocopied and it looked like the venue had been kitted out really cheaply to look expensive. Some of the decor was pretty cool though, like the mirrored pillars with the strings of lights inside, but these did add to the general disorientation one felt in the room. It was also freezing with air conditioning, when the decor seemed to lend itself to being a hot-as-Hades dive bar…

We took our seats to one side in a sort of booth, so George had her back to the stage. We weren’t sure what to expect but it wasn’t too long before Dom, his dad and the rest of the band took to the stage. From where we were, the drummer was round a corner in an alcove so we couldn’t see him, but there was a bass player and keyboardist backing up Dom on guitar and Rob as singer and bongo player. The musicianship was faultless and Rob is a very entertaining frontman. He had a proper bluesman’s hat, and a stream of amusing patter, dealing with things like the sinking bongos and getting folk to sign up on the mailing list with wit and a gruff sense of humour. His voice is properly gravelly and suited the music perfectly . Sorry Rhonda, I’d never listened to Blue to Brown before going to the gig, so I can’t tell you what they played or if it was anything you particularly wanted to hear. However, great blues played live is the best way to hear it, I reckon! George and I both agreed that there was one track which particularly stood out for us – don’t know which one, I’m afraid, but it might have had a girl’s name in it?

By the time the band went into some cover versions (the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd), there were a few people dancing, including an older couple who obviously really loved the Stones. Dom’s rendition of Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix was a particular highlight for me. About half way through, some girls came to stand near us and one was doing really weird dancing right in front of the band, hitching up her skirt and not in time with music at all. In fact, the audience was quite a mixture of people who were obviously fans of the band and there for the music, and some who didn’t seem to know quite what was going on. The strange wavy girl was escorted away from the dance floor by friends towards the end of Blue to Brown’s set, though there were plenty of other people up and dancing and obviously having a great time.

I didn’t think I’d be able to face Rhonda if I didn’t take any pictures, so I did my best with my phone camera in the dodgy lighting. Sorry they’re not better!

In short, the music was great, though next time I’d like to be in a proper music venue with a good view of the stage to see what all the musicians were doing. My view of Dom’s guitar was blocked by something between our booth and the stage, which was slightly annoying. However, it was a free gig and the band obviously enjoyed the chance to play up a storm together live. I think I later discovered the reason for the strangeness – I mentioned it on Facebook and a friend told me that the venue is ‘a notorious coke den for the rich’. That would certainly explain it, so next time, I expect Dom to break into White Lines Don’t Do It!

Bryony Evens has been an unashamed pop music fan for the last 30-odd years. Here’s all you need to know in musical terms: first album: Super Trouper by ABBA; first single: Rio; all-time favourite song: Dr Mabuse by Propaganda; favourite band: you need to ask?!; favourite solo artist: Liverpool’s elusive Thomas Lang; all-time perfect non-DD album: ABC’s Lexicon of Love; guaranteed mood-lift song: the 12” of Walk Out to Winter by Aztec Camera; compulsory-to-dance-to song: OT Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like a Skyscraper mix); favourite classical music: Barber’s Adagio for Strings, Rach 3 and Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances; first gig: The Sugarcubes; bands seen live most often: either Duran Duran or Misty’s Big Adventure; next gig: Glasgow’s A New International – truly a band to discover; best new album: Electric by the Pet Shop Boys. She loves to sing. She also plays the viola badly.

Now is the time to come out of the shadows

So today I have a new challenge for myself. I need to announce my favorite band member and explain why in terms other than “He’s so cute!!”

This isn’t as easy as one might think, and not because I must use description words other than “hot” and “cute” (thankfully, the band is on vacation this month and is nowhere to be found….because this blog could get gushy, and I am really not a fan of them reading this kind of fluff from us anyway.) The fact is, while it’s true I may or may not have a soft spot for certain guitar players, I’ve written so much about that person that I’m not sure there’s much left to say. So this is going to be fun, and I need the writing practice anyway.

I am pretty sure it’s of no surprise to anyone who reads the blog that Dom is my current favorite…and he’s not even a founding member of the band. That alone probably seems like blasphemy to some out there who refuse to acknowledge his presence. (we know you’re out there) The fact is, Dom has earned his way – which is why I think I’m drawn to him.  Sure, he got the gig as a result of Andy’s absence due to his father’s death, his illness and later, his parting from the band, but I don’t believe that is something that should be held against him.  In fact, I find plenty of fault with the people out there that regularly point that out to me.  How is Andy leaving Dom’s fault again? I remember back in 2005 when I saw the band in Chicago. It had already been announced that Andy was sick and that he would not be at the show. Sure, the band could have just canceled the show and risked thousands of Duranies coming for them. Instead, they did the professional thing and found a stand-in.  I don’t know about other people, but I am thankful they did that. At that show I didn’t even notice Dom.  He stood in the shadows and played the part as written. It was only much later, when it was announced that Andy would not be returning for more shows or albums with the band, that I noticed Dom literally coming out of the shadow and playing on the stage with the band. It was evident that he was still hesitant to share the stage – but as time wore on, he grew more confident. I believe that at least some of that confidence came from fans like myself doing what we could to encourage him and make him feel welcome. Besides, I like cheering for the underdog! In the case of this band, where their loyal fans and followers have been around for over thirty years and still long for the “original fab five” – he had quite a road ahead to prove himself, and he still does with a lot of people.

Dom is one of the most humble, if not THE most humble musician I’ve ever met. I know I’ve mentioned meeting him on an airplane from Chicago to New Orleans in 2006 for the Voodoo festival. He was very nice and seemingly surprised when I congratulated him on his performance the previous evening. Then he asked me where we were all going that night.  I laughed as I answered that we were going to a fan get together thing at Club Ampersand in New Orleans – and then I told him he couldn’t go. (Yes, I really did tell him to stay away!)  I warned him that DD fans are somewhat rabid, and that it might be pretty overwhelming for him to show. So what does Dom do? He shows up that night. Why? Because he’s still thinking he’s like the rest of us. Um, no my friend – you are not. You are up on stage with the band, and we’re down on the floor screaming for you. See the difference? Well, I think he did that night. He lasted all of about 20 minutes – the entire time being surrounded by a group of well-intentioned if not a little overenthusiastic fans, insisting that he take photos, give hugs and be social – before retreating, stopping to give me a wave and a thumbs up as he left. I watched him leave, kind of chuckling to myself and shaking my head. Silly man, you are no match for Duran fans. Humble yes…but crazy! I never thought I’d actually share that little story here on line, but it’s been so long now – I think it’s just a good example of the man Dom really is, and I truly hope he stays that way. As a fan, someone on the outside looking in – I don’t think it’s especially easy to stay in touch with regular, normal people when you’re a rock star.  People always want things from you, and sometimes just as a way of self-preservation, I think they have to kind of retreat to a very small inner-circle – but I can hope that for Dom, it’ll be different.

There are plenty of reasons why I like Dom. I could say it’s his talent, or his looks, or the fact that he takes the time to smile and wink on stage – or even that he agreed to do an interview for Daily Duranie, but I guess I just really like the idea that he’s this guy who came out of nowhere to be in this band without assuming the place was made specifically for him or that he’s better than any other guitarist, meaning he’s got zero ego. I love that. Dom doesn’t even realize that there are Duran fans out there that look at him as though he’s nothing and that he’s just the hired gun and nothing more. He believes all of us are nice people, and that we’re all supportive. I wish that were the case, but I love his outlook. He doesn’t waste his time with bitterness, and I completely admire him for that. I hope others begin to see that he’s a lot more than just a hired hand – including the band themselves – because there are many of us out there that want band pictures including him. He’s EARNED that place, and his writing credit on All You Need is Now, as well as whatever credit he will be receiving on this one, is wholly indicative of that. It’s time to make room for him in those band shots, Duran Duran. I’d like to hear him be included in Katy Kafe’s and start being acknowledged. I’m not saying that I know what is best as far as contractual obligations between Dom and the band – that’s none of my business – I’m just expressing what I’d like to see as a fan of the entire operation. It’s time to include him beyond John Taylor saying “He’s a permanent member, but what he will never be is a founding member.” I think it’s time to stop with the distinctions as far as fans are concerned – those things are well-left behind closed doors –  and start including him in the ways that most fans can see and hear. That privilege has been earned many times over by now.

Yet, we’ll likely never hear Dom complain or say those words. That’s just not him. He does his job and keeps going. That’s why I like him. He’s real.


Happy Birthday Dom!

I feel a birthday in the air….

You might be wondering why I am blogging today. It’s Friday. That means it should be Amanda’s day, and I should be off enjoying the first full day of summer break for my kids. (I am, which is why I’m writing this on Thursday!) Well my friends, today is a special day. It is Friday, June 14…which is also a big holiday.  It’s Dom’s birthday! (face it Mr. Brown…it’s no longer a secret!) So, Amanda and I agreed we would trade days – she will blog on John’s birthday next week, and I will blog today.

Normally I gush on and on about how wonderful each guy is on his birthday. That would be fairly easy for me to do here…but instead, I’ve decided to pick a few of Dom’s songs and highlight them here….in addition to gushing endlessly, because well, it’s what I do.

Dom has been playing with Duran Duran since December of 2004 when Andy Taylor became ill while on tour. Dom stepped with just two days notice, which is ridiculously amazing. I’m still in awe that he was able to learn 20 songs in that span of time, but that should probably be evidence of Dom’s work ethic. There was a reason why it took us nearly three months to complete the interview we did with Dom last Fall – he is always working!  While on “hiatus” from Duran Duran (I use that term loosely!), Dom opened his own recording studio, and nearly every week I read that he was working with one artist or another, either writing, producing or both. This is not a man who rests!

In 2006, Dom joined the band as their guitarist on a permanent basis – although SOME of us are still waiting for his likeness to be sold on t-shirts and other Duran Duran merchandise.  My my count, Dom has been with the band as the “stand-in” as well as permanent guitarist for almost 9 years….seems like a t-shirt or poster wouldn’t hurt at this point. (I’m looking at you, DDHQ) I think that the arrangement has probably worked out well for both the band as well as Dom up until this point, but I have to admit that as a fan, I would love to see him be included in more group shots.

I liked Dom immediately when I watched him play, his talent shining through as he became more comfortable with the material to put a little more of himself and his own feeling into his playing. When I asked Dom about this, he said, “Over time I became more comfortable and could integrate and interpret with my own style and I hope that comes across. I am a strong believer in keeping to the original spirit of the song as much as possible.” As a fan, I appreciate that he strives to keep the integrity of the original work. None of us are really fans of having these songs we’ve grown to love so much completely changed due to an evolution in personnel, so hearing that Dom wants to keep the original spirit but add a bit of his own personality to the mix is reassuring. We are extremely lucky the band found him, and honestly I’m surprised to see he’s still with the band (although he’d better not leave!), because he has so much room to grow on his own. So I’m biased!

I have heard that Dom is not a big fan of streaming his gigs at The Bedford. I guess I’m punishing him by posting a few clips here…. but the fact is, the audio quality is not outstanding, and so if that is what bothers him, I guess I can begrudgingly understand. It does sound muffled a bit, but you can still hear him just fine, and I WISH he’d agree to have more of them streamed for his very loyal, outstanding fans elsewhere in the world who have been a pillar of support for him since the very beginning (am I laying it on thick enough here??)….*coughs*.

Changing – The Bedford
I don’t know what “Changing” is about, but I tend to think about how much of a change in direction it must have been for Dom to play in Duran Duran as a contract guitarist. It wasn’t his own band, and I think it must have (and probably still is) incredibly difficult of a position to be in. He isn’t even playing his own style of music in the band, although I do hear more and more how he brings his own personality to the writing process. He had to step (nearly literally) into Andy’s shoes and then face the ire of many a fan who still wishes that Andy were there instead. When I met Dom for the first (and only) time in person, that was the one sentence I said to him – that it could not have been very easy, and that I really appreciated his efforts.  
Day Turned Black -The Bedford
Day Turned Black is from Dom’s second solo album – Between the Lines. Again, I really don’t know what the song is about, but when I listen I think of the horror of 9/11 because it’s what hits closest to home for me. I suspect that this song was written following the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004 after the massive Indian Ocean earthquake – which was the deadliest tsunami in history, but I’m not sure. (Maybe we’ll get lucky and Dom will fill us in!) Regardless, it’s a beautiful song.
Crocodile Tears – The Bedford
On a lighter note, Crocodile Tears was the first song that introduced me to Dom’s father, Rob.  (Who is really funny in this video!) The song itself reminds me a lot of someone who cries wolf a lot and basically gets rewarded for bad behavior. Let’s just say the theme rings very familiar.  I think having Dom’s dad do the spoken word in part of the song is genius too – he fits right in, which isn’t a surprise given that Rob is a voice-over artist in the UK! 
Tricked Out – Duran Duran – 10/29/07
A disclaimer:  I’m not going crazy just because I dared to post something off of Red Carpet Massacre. I really do not have a lot of regrets regarding the band – but this? Yes. I wish I’d been able to see them do this one song live, although I probably would have completely lost it had I been anywhere NEAR the front. Although….if they should ever think to play it again, I’ll try to keep it all together. If there is any question about Dom’s talent, or any question as to whether he belongs in this band or not – watch the clip and then tell me all about it.
White Lines – Chastain Park, Atlanta 2012
Hands down one of my favorites that they have done live, and I think Dom does a brilliant job – this is a great example of how he kept the original spirit and flavor of a song and yet has changed the solo to incorporate his own style.  I know there are those out there that love what the guitarists before Dom did, and I can appreciate that – but the man can play!
When I first asked Dom to do the interview with us last October, first of all – I was very apprehensive about asking because the last thing I wanted to hear was the word “No”, and I felt that was very possible. I kept telling myself that it didn’t really matter, and that I had to get used to just asking. So, I did. I explained who I was, knowing there was almost no chance he’d have any clue who I was, and hoped for best. Well…and I’m still trying to decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing….he knew exactly who I was. (from the shows I’d attended in the past) That broke the ice (for me) a little, and I felt much more at ease. Thankfully, he was very receptive to the idea and made the interview incredibly easy. My goal with interviewing Dom was to try and make him a little less of a mystery, and a little more accepted among the fan base. It’s hard to explain to someone that while he’s loved by many, there are still those who take issue with his even being on the stage. Dom was so kind, saying that the fans he has met have been very nice to him and welcoming – which is great. He was extremely generous giving his time to us, and we really appreciated his effort. (even though he said he enjoyed answering!)
A couple more because it’s my blog and I’m not done yet!
I Get Loaded – Blue to Brown – The Bedford 2009
I’ve yet to see one of Dom’s solo gigs, or a gig with Blue to Brown, and I’m hoping to manage that some day. Going to the UK is not just a simple hop across the pond with my schedule, so it’s something that I have to plan at just the right time…but eventually I will get there…or else we will work very hard to convince him to come to the US!  I think that is probably a tough sell for someone without a huge touring budget…but you know, dreams are free!
One last one…just because it’s one of my favorites:
Queen of Spades – Blue to Brown – The Bedford 2009
Funny thing – if you would have asked me ten years ago if I ever thought I’d have another favorite in that band (being the diehard Roger Taylor fan I was the entire time growing up), I would have laughed. Are you kidding me?? I also remember how I felt the day that I heard Andy wasn’t going to be at some of the shows in 2004 and 2005…and especially how I felt in 2006 when they announced they had parted ways. I felt like they should never have another guitar player. In my head, that place permanently belonged to Andy, no matter that he couldn’t get along with the band and vice-versa. I’d already lived through another guitarist, and quite honestly – I was not up for Round #2. Sure, they needed someone to just play – and that was fine, but I never wanted to see another permanent band member. Then I went to a few shows, and I ran into someone on a plane to New Orleans who insisted on coming out that night to hang out with fans (Silly, silly man. I warned that they’d try to eat you alive!), and he slowly changed my mind.  More and more I found myself watching Dom at the shows, and now – well, I can’t imagine the band being any other way than it is now, and to me – he really IS Duran Duran’s guitar player. I don’t care about the business end of things – it’s not my business.  Fans are my business though, and I hope he really feels like the band is his home. I also hope that we fans continue to  embrace him as a part of our crazy family, because after all this time – that’s really what we are.  A huge, messed up, slightly dysfunctional, crazy family. Welcome!!
Happy Birthday Dom! I hope you have a fantastic day with your family, and that you remember your poor, sad fans across the world and tweet once in a while even when you don’t have a gig to announce…or cancel (!!!)…just so we know you’re alive and don’t have to do a health and welfare check to make sure your studio didn’t eat you alive. 

Unicorns, Fairy Tales & Loose Ends (no, this is not a lyric!)

Today I will see my son go through his 8th grade promotion ceremony. This is a huge accomplishment for him because last year at this time – I was contemplating as to whether he would LIVE to finish 8th grade. 🙂 He had given up, was failing out (He had to work really, really hard to nearly fail out!! I think at the time he was calling for help and thank goodness I listened – message received, my son!) and I was having to remind myself on a daily basis that he was in fact my child, and that good, bad or indifferent I was going to raise this boy to be a man, one way or another. Thankfully, I found an excellent program for him, and he went from failing to getting straight A’s this year. We both have a much better outlook, and as a bonus – he gets to live to see high school! Yesterday I saw my oldest dance for the last time at her old high school, and it was bittersweet. I’m excited for her future, but sad as well. It is not always easy to watch your children grow, evolve and follow their hearts. It is not completely lost on me that this is something we also do as devoted fans as well…but that’s another story for another blog!

Before I forget, we are doing another Birthday Promotion for Durandemonium 2013!  We seem to have to have a few band member birthdays coming up during the month of June.  So, from June 8th through June 20, you can buy your registration for $135, which will save you $20!  We have a great group of people coming and we hope you can be with us for some Duran Duran fun and even a few surprises that weekend!  For more information, please see the Durandemonium 2013 website!

I ran across an article today, thanks to my friend Lisa.  It is on the top ten ways a rockstar can ruin a concert experience. You can read the article here.

There are things on the list like showing up ridiculously late, playing medleys or playing perverse arrangements of their songs…things that yes, I would agree have at least the potential to ruin the whole experience.

However, I think the list missed something.  Remembering the lyrics to ones songs is usually kind of important.  I’m not talking about flub-ups.  That happens to everyone once in a while and I am very forgiving, because quite honestly – I like the idea that yes, these people are human. I have laughed right along with Simon when he’s made a mistake and he realizes that we, the audience, are singing the correct words.  He’ll smile, he’ll try to get back on point and we move on. It happens. That said, there was one tour not that long ago where it seemed like this was happening a lot, and I started to wonder if it was because his mind wanders when he’s up there on stage. (confession…I think mine would!!) I even started wondering if he was just bored with us! I know people openly started discussing whether or not he needed a teleprompter, and there was a lot of good (and not-so-good) natured teasing that happened about that. Interestingly enough, this last tour – I saw almost NONE of that.  Simon knew the damn words, and even if he had mistakes, most of the time they were small.  There will be no teleprompter just yet, dammit.  To be fair, Simon is by far not the only person on the planet to forget the words or lose his spot in the song.  I know plenty of artists that really DO use a teleprompter, and some seem to have trouble even keeping up with that.  I’ve been to more than one Psychedelic Furs concert, and Richard Butler never fails to mutilate at least one of his hits to pieces…and sometimes he has even fallen flat on his back on stage from tripping over things.  It’s never good when that is the most entertaining thing to come out of a show.

Then there are the things I totally agree with.

For example, I agree that never varying the set list is a problem. I know you all are very shocked by that statement from me, and you should probably sit down before you faint.  The article says it best, “Some artists have long catalogs of great songs, but their concerts tend to fall back on the same 15 songs they’ve been dragging out for decades. It’s like eating 10 chocolate bars for dinner; it’s not satisfying. Sure, the crowd wants to hear hits and you want to do anything you can to hold their attention, but you also need to challenge them a bit” Of course the argument then becomes how many hits to how many new/unheard/obscure songs…how can that be balanced best. Here is a hint: we have ALL heard certain songs quite enough. I don’t believe that anyone actually still comes to a Duran Duran concert SOLELY to hear Rio or Hungry Like the Wolf, and if they do, then perhaps they should buy tickets to a couple of different nights, that way you can play one of them one night, and the other the next. This way you have room to play a few more more unusual songs each night in your set and still have room to play SOME hits. Then the next night you play OTHER hits…and you might sell more tickets in the process than if it was the same show every single night – which is what I (mostly) found in the last few tours. Is that being unfair of me, to suggest that they split up the hits between two or several shows, basically saying that if you are insistent to hear every hit – that you should be prepared to pay? Probably. Ok, definitely. Especially when I bring up the next example…

Soaking the fans for every penny. To be completely honest, I think this is a problem industry-wide right now. Gigs are an absolute fortune to attend unless you’re lucky enough to be a big fan of someone who maybe plays gigs at venues like The Bedford with their blues band…who was ALSO willing to travel to do some shows for their poor, deprived fans in other parts of the world, like good old Southern California. Because while the gig is cheap, the flight to the UK from Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world is not. (Did you catch what I just did there???) Naturally, from the band’s point of view…if you’ve got the budget to have your band travel for gigs, it’s likely that you’re charging more than £20 or £30 a ticket! On the other hand, the article makes it pretty clear that if your band is charging $300 a show, those seats should probably be up on stage…which in the case of Duran Duran, could be dangerous for them. Those barricades are there for a reason. I’ve seen more than one fan decide that their time with Simon was in the middle of a set and they just went for it, only to have Mr. Dave Casillas kindly pick them up over his shoulder and head offstage. Good times. I myself have paid over $300 for a show, and I know I’m not the only fan out there to do so by a long shot, only to get the seat along with some hit or miss special VIP merchandise. No meet and greet, no stage side seating. These days, it is slightly more manageable price-wise, but I know plenty of fans who simply cannot afford those prices. Touring is incredibly important to a band’s bottom line these days, I think we all understand that. I just agree that there needs to be a better balance, and I’m not at all sure how that can be achieved. I don’t like the idea that the size of ones wallet or bank account should dictate fandom, but then I also believe in rainbows, unicorns and fairy tales, too. There are no easy answers to be found here.

Until then, I will just wait for my windfall so that I can fly to the UK and see a gig at The Bedford or Downstairs at Patrick’s Bar in between the years that DD tours…and if you’re still missing my sneaky point…you need to check out the brand new website for Blue To Brown. Like that plug, Dom Brown??


A top Duranie moment of the year

Happy “Day After” Christmas everyone!

After a full two days of excitement in my house, it is nice to wake up to relative calm. We have no presents to return or exchange and nothing to really do today except relax, which is nice. I can’t speak for everyone in my household, but I’m exhausted! I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful holiday, and for those who did not,  I hope you had a fantastic Tuesday.

I must confess that due to the fact my entire family, including my sister, is here – my blogs will be rather short until January 2nd. I had hoped that I’d have a few willing souls to write a guest blog. Alas, you have me instead!

So today I will give you one of my favorite “moments” in fandom for the year. This year, I have had many – and I count myself lucky. As I’m sure you know by now, last week we posted our interview with Dom Brown. We had a lot of people ask us how the interview came about, and how it was conducted. The simple truth is that we had an opportunity to ask, and so after some initial butterflies, we just asked.

I fully expected that he’d have no idea who I was or why we would want an interview, but we agreed to at least try. We talk about this idea of the band “knowing” us – not “us” as in Daily Duranie, but us as in “the fans”. It’s very difficult at times to pull ourselves out of our relative fantasyland of believing we’re really talking WITH band members on Twitter and Facebook. Amanda and I are not any different from anyone else in that regard. Of course we hope they see our tweets or posts. We are also well-aware that in sheer numbers, there are thousands of us and only five members of the band. The odds don’t really work in our favor. We also desperately want, and maybe even need to believe that when we’re at a show and they come over to the edge of the stage to jam that maybe, just maybe it was us that they were grinning at. “Did he really look at me???” I know that you all know what I’m talking about here. There’s always that moment where you want to believe that yep – out of the five thousand people in the audience, that it was definitely YOU that he winked at. I know this.  You know this. We like delusional daydreams on occasion, am I right? For me personally, it’s as though while I’m on a road trip or touring with Amanda – I can pretend anything I want.  Sure, I traded smiles with Nick. Yes, I shook Roger’s hand. Oh, I know that Dom recognized me and made sure to come over and coerce me into singing along. But once I get home, I forcibly snap myself back into reality. There is no way that band could possibly have any clue of who I am. I’m a mom and housewife and look like just about anybody else out there…meaning, I certainly do not stand out in a crowd. Yes, we write Daily Duranie. It’s a fan-blog. Why on earth would the band know or even care?? That’s pretty much how Amanda and I operate, and we are thankful that we can slap one another back down to Planet Earth if required.

So, when I asked Dom about the interview, I expected to either hear nothing or get a tersely worded email in exchange. I prepared for the worst, so to speak. It did not take long to get an answer, I must say. He very kindly wrote back, and said something that I was not at all prepared to read:  “I know exactly who you are!”


So the moral of the story? While I still feel pretty sound in my theory that it is just impossible for them to know all of us, and we should never expect friendship out of fandom (unless it’s with other fans), sometimes, it’s OK to be pleasantly surprised.

And I still say that Dom is a really nice guy.  Not that I want to gush…. 😀