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Post DDAD19 Thoughts

Yesterday was a busy, crazy day in my world. It started out by taking the niece back to college, including helping her move back into the house that she will be living in. It was tiring, especially once we got stuck in a massive traffic jam on the way back home due to an accident. As the minutes slipped by without moving, my impatience grew. After all, I had other plans! Eventually, I made it back home where I could join my partner-in-crime with our online Duran Duran Appreciation Day party.

I haven’t spoken with Rhonda this morning but I was pleased as punch with how things went yesterday. We had quite a good turn out on Twitter where we chatted with friends using the hashtag #DDAD19. One of the things I loved the most is how we had some people with us the vast majority of the time who participated with drink suggestions and tweets. Others came and stayed for awhile before moving on to life activities. Some came, left and returned again when they could. Of course, we probably had people who just watched the playlist and did not chat with us on Twitter. No matter how or how much people were with us, we appreciate each and every one of you. It made the day far more fun for us!

I don’t know about the rest of you but it has been a very long time since I have taken a huge chuck of time to simply watch Duran stuff. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it. I worried that I might feel guilty for doing so or feel like I should be doing twenty-five other things but it did not happen. Instead, I found myself watching and thinking about fandom and the good times I have had. In fact, there were a number of times that I found myself tearing up. For instance, as I sang along to the songs featured in Sing Blue Silver, I was transported back to my childhood watching the VHS copy that my friend, Beth, had. I remembered how we memorized lines and did everything that Simon directed the crowd to do. It reminded me that I have been a part of this larger story that is Duran Duran for over 30 years. Then, the end of the night featured A Diamond in the Mind. As I’m sure that many of you are aware but that era, the All You Need Is Now era, was a big one for Rhonda and myself. Not only did it mark the beginning of this blog, it also included the trips to the UK. Fandom became way more significant for us then. Because of that, that era will always have a big piece of my heart.

The online party brought more than an opportunity to bring back memories for myself but allowed me the time and space to talk with Duranies about a variety of topics. I haven’t talked Duran like that in forever! The best part was how something on the screen would bring up a topic on Twitter that would just flow from one idea to the next. Some of those topics included everything from the movie, Barbarella, to best concerts to how some songs are better live than others. At one point, I paused and thought, “Is this conversation really as positive as it should be for Duran Duran Appreciation Day?” Then, I realized that it totally was. What does it mean to really appreciate something? According to online dictionaries, it can be defined as “recognize the full worth of” or “understand fully.” Does watching various videos from the band’s career help us understand fully their history and who they are as a band? I think so. Does discussing any and every topic help us to recognize the full worth of the band? Again, I say yes.

Here’s the deal. I don’t believe that Duran Duran is “perfect.” No band is. Yet, I think that by understanding them and their history, both awesome and not, as much as possible through watching videos, through talking about, I can better understand and appreciate them. To me, that means that the day and our online party was a big win for this Duranie.


#DDAD19 Preview, Questions of the Day and more!

I am distracted this morning between having to pick up my niece at the airport, work related news and Duran Duran Appreciation Day. Normally, when I start to blog, I have a solid idea in mind along with a rough outline. Today, though, I’m sort of winging it. Maybe, I’ll address a number of random things.

Duran Duran Appreciation Day

It’s tomorrow! Is everyone ready? Did you read Rhonda’s blog yesterday? If not, it’s here. She gave you the scoop about our party details! I still have to go shopping for our drink suggestions. What about all of you? Again, if you don’t know, we are starting our online party at 1 pm Central or 11 am Pacific. We will tweet and post the YouTube playlist link in the morning. Then, of course, we will be live tweeting using the hashtag #DDAD19. It will be super fun to see how this goes with both Rhonda and I tweeting at the same time using the same Twitter handle. If nothing else, I fully expect Rhonda and myself to crack ourselves up and only ourselves. Cannot wait!!

How else are people going to celebrate besides partying with us? How many of you are wearing Duran Duran t-shirts, for example? I know that I plan to! I will be wearing it despite moving my niece into college in the morning. Maybe it will help to educate these youngsters about good music! I also noticed that Duran’s social media have encouraged people to change their profiles pictures to this:

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have seen a lot of people change to this picture on both Facebook and Twitter. It makes me feel really good to see all of the love for Duran out there. If you haven’t changed yours yet, there is still time.

On a related note, I asked the following question on Facebook and Twitter: What Duran Duran lyric describes what you appreciate about the band? If you haven’t answered yet, I would love to know what you all have to say. After all, while I can certainly write about what I love about the band but I’m just one fan who might miss a lot about what others appreciate.

The Best 9 Songs

Speaking of social media, I wanted to take a minute to address the questions of the day. The set of questions we are on have to do with picking out the best 9 songs from a particular era This idea came from a thought I had when thinking about Duran albums. It seemed to me that the first three albums were so solid because they only included 9 songs. The band might have worked on other songs but only included the top ones, the best ones. So, what if we did that with the rest of the albums? Then, I decided that I shouldn’t be the one to determine which songs are the best but let our voters decide. Now, here is where I need to add the frequently stated disclaimer. When I do questions of the day like this, it doesn’t mean that I think that Duran Duran songs are bad or that some of them are bad. It is just that some might be better.

The second part of the disclaimer goes like this: It is just for fun! There is a lot of serious, horrible things going on in the world. I do things like the questions of the day to escape a little of that seriousness. I want one thing that is not so serious. It really doesn’t matter which songs our voters choose to be included in the best of Astronaut. No one gets hurts. The band does not get hurt by this. In real life, in the real world, lots of people are getting hurt. That is not happening with our questions of the day. Now, all that said, if you don’t like what we are asking, okay. Cool. Feel free to not participate or to participate. We love to have people voice their opinions but I get that for some people, it just doesn’t work for them.

On that note, I probably should get this published and get to the store. I have supplies to buy including some mixers and snacks. Anyone know any fun Duran related snacks? “See” you all tomorrow!!


Join us Saturday for an Online #DDAD19 party!

Welcome to Thursday! Before we get too much farther into it, I apologize for not posting yesterday. It was school registration day for my youngest.

Yesterday was a big day. I had a nervous but very excited tween, and my attention for the better part of the morning needed to be with her. Next Wednesday is “back to school”. I think she’s excited and I’m still trying to understand how she could possibly be in 6th grade already.

By the time I got home, I had to get on a conference call, and then I had a meeting with Amanda about Duran Duran Appreciation Day plans that I’m about to share!

This year, celebrate Duran Duran Appreciation Day with Daily Duranie! We are hosting an online video party, complete with a “suggested” cocktail list!


When: SATURDAY, AUGUST 10TH. 11 am West Coast US, 1PM Central, 2PM East Coast US….please do the math from there to calculate the proper time for your area of the world. 🙂 This is a “Drop In” party, meaning that if you can’t make it at 11am, drop in whenever you’re able! We have a video viewing schedule that we’ll adhere to (see notes below!)

Where: ONLINE! We will be live tweeting throughout the day on Twitter, using the hashtag #DDAD19.

For ease of viewing, we compiled the videos into a single playlist, and I’ll tweet that out on Saturday. All you’ll need to do is hit “play”, then sit back, squee like a Duranie – and tweet with us! For now, here’s the general idea of what we’re watching and drinking.

Viewing Schedule with Progressive Cocktail Menu

  • Kennedy Space Center show (“Something Alien’s Happening” Pimms No. 1 Cup)
  • Behind The Music (“White Light Shining Bright” Gin &Tonic)
  • Off the Record from 1981
  • DD Talk Paper Gods (“High waters and neon” Green Screwdrivers)
  • Hollywood Bowl 2015 (“We drank all of the vodka” Vodka & Tonic)
  • Sing Blue Silver (“That’s what the band wants” Blue vodka lemonade)
  • Reunion documentary (“Why don’t we have decent glasses?” red or white wine of your choice)
  • Live from London
  • Diamond in the Mind (“If you made it this far, you’re probably drunk” Tequila shots to finish you off.)

No really, if you tried the entire menu, you’re done now. Go to bed and sleep it off. Trust us.

Cocktail Recipes and shopping list

Pimms No. 1 Cup

One part Pimms No. 1 base mix* (this is made with gin)

Two parts “fizzy lemonade”, or ginger-ale

Pour over ice in a tall highball glass. Garnish ideas: cucumber, mint, orange and/or lemon slices – whatever fruit you prefer.

*Simon’s recipe is to pour a “decent” measure of Pimms and top with ginger ale…. I’ll just remind everyone that the art of progressive drinking is a MARATHON, not a sprint.

Gin and Tonic

Does this really need a recipe? Just in case….

One part gin* of your choice, to two parts tonic in a glass over ice. Garnish with either lemon or lime, depending upon taste.

*Remember, it’s a marathon. 😀

Green Screwdrivers (there is a reason we went with a drink that is green in color for the corresponding videos. Maybe some of you will remember…) This drink has real measurements. A shot glass can be anywhere from 1.5-2 oz (or even more I guess. Good luck!!)

4 oz orange juice

1 oz vodka

1 oz Blue Curacao

2 oz lemon-lime soda

Pour over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with a cherry, sit back and enjoy!

Blue Vodka Lemonade

The name sounds more complicated than it is, I promise!! (although by now – you may have difficulty measuring. Best. Of. Luck.)

One part vodka

One part blue curaçao

Two parts lemonade

Pour in a glass over ice. Garnish with a lovely maraschino cherry!

Vodka & Tonic

By now, maybe you’re cursing at Amanda and I, and perhaps we even deserve it. We’ve chosen to make it easy on everyone, and just throw in our own personal favorite!

One part vodka

Two parts tonic

Pour over ice. Garnish with lemon or lime. (we usually go with lime)

Simple. If you’re calorie conscious, you could always substitute club soda for the tonic. At this point though, who cares?!?


This should be self-explanatory. I’ll just say here that mixing alcohol can be regretful and leave it at that.

Open bottle of red or white wine – your choice.

Pour in glass.

Done. Could it really be any easier?!?

Last but not least….

Tequila Shots

We can’t imagine anyone making it this far….but if you did, pour yourself a shot of decent tequila, get yourself some salt and a lime. Steady yourself, and see ya on the other side!

Shopping list!

  • Bottle of Pimms No. 1 Cup
  • Gin of your choice
  • Vodka of your choice
  • Blue Curacao liqueur
  • tonic
  • orange juice
  • lemonade
  • ginger-ale
  • lemon-lime soda (like sprite)
  • lemon
  • lime
  • fresh mint
  • cucumber
  • orange
  • maraschino cherries

We hope to see tweets from many of you on Saturday! Rock your fave DD t-shirt, listen to all of the music with abandon, and celebrate the sheer pleasure of Duran Duran’s music for the last FORTY YEARS. Even during these turbulent, screwed up times -we can take a day, or even just a few hours, to marvel in the music that as accompanied us along our way. Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!!


Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2019!

Does the date August 10th mean anything to you? If it doesn’t, it probably should! It is an international holiday celebrating Duran Duran. I have told non-fans about it and been disbelieved. They think I’m just making it up. Well, people, I’m here to tell you that it is a real, legit thing. Days of the Year website confirm the holiday. So, anyone have any plans? If not, maybe, you will want to join us! Yes, people, that’s right. Rhonda and I won’t allow this very significant day go by without doing something!

Well, if you have been around these parts for awhile, you know that it is pretty common for us to do a little online party. Let me explain the details for this year!

Like previous parties, there will be a YouTube playlist created that everyone at the party will watch! We have not come up with the list yet so if you have suggestions, let us know!

We will be starting at 1 pm Central Time on August 10th, which is 2 pm Eastern and 11 am Pacific. We will provide everyone with a list of what we will be watching when so that you can jump in at whatever time works for you.

Then, of course, we will be chatting, appreciating, teasing, reacting, etc. to everything we will be watching on Twitter that day. To that end, we will be using the hashtag #DDAD19. We would love to see it get trending!

Now, while all of that would awesome by itself, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t add something special to the event! So, who has heard of a progressive dinner? The idea behind a progressive dinner is that people participating go to different people’s houses for each course of the meal. Well, we thought it might be fun to do a progressive drinking party. What’s that? Simple. Typically, a progressive drinking party is similar in that each place you go to, you have a different kind of drink. So, here’s what we thought. We would recommend various drinks to go with whatever we are watching. So, each video on the list would go with a different type of drink. Obviously, if you want to have that drink, go for it. If you want to have something else, that’s cool, too. We are just making recommendations. Like the video play list, we will let you know what drinks we recommend in a bit. Don’t worry, we will give plenty of time for you to hit the store to buy any and all necessary supplies.

So, for easy reference, Duran Duran Appreciation Party 2019 details:

  • August 10th starting at 1 pm Central
  • YouTube Watch List (to follow!)
  • Live Tweeting will happen with the hashtag #DDAD19
  • Drink recommendations to go with the watch list

Questions? Suggestions? Excitement? We cannot wait to celebrate the day and Duran Duran!


Adding the link to the Facebook event here!

Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2018!

Our favorite day of the year has finally arrived!  While this year might be different for Rhonda and myself, we still appreciate Duran Duran and want to acknowledge them and all that they have given to us.  They have provided an extensive and fabulous catalog of music, videos and more.  On top of that, they have always been a catalyst to good times as they have brought so many of us together.  Sometimes, that gathering only exists online for a few minutes and other times that connection lasts a lifetime.  I know that when I look back on the best times of my life, it is pretty common to have Duran Duran factor in there somewhere.  My gratitude and love cannot be measured.

As I mentioned last weekend, this year’s special day is not as we would have liked.  Ideally, we would be hosting our convention right about now but it was not meant to be.  Then, we hoped to at least host a party online to bring people together to celebrate together.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards either.  I guess this just means that have to party it up twice as long or twice as intense next year, right?  That is what I think, anyway.  Of course, I cannot let the day go past with just this little blog post.  Nope.  I asked for songs, videos, etc. to include on a YouTube playlist.  I have included it below.  Heck, why not include previous year’s playlists, too.  Then, people can easily watch and listen to Duran Duran all day today (if not more).





On that note, Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2018, Duranies!  Hope the day is amazing for each and every one of you!!


Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2018 Prep

Sometimes, life does not work out the way you had hoped.  At the end of 2017, Rhonda and I began planning for another convention, bringing Duranies from all over to Las Vegas during Duran Duran Appreciation Day weekend.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and we had to cancel those plans.  Hopefully, we will be able to plan one in the next couple of years.  Then, summer came and I had high hopes that we might be able to at least host a party for our special holiday.  Like the convention plans, that idea had to be pushed aside as well.  My nieces will be in town that day as we prepare to take my eldest niece back to college on the 11th.  So much for celebrating Duran Duran.

Yet, I cannot allow that to happen.  I just can’t.  I have to do something to acknowledge the day, right?  So, how can I do that with very limited amount of time?  After all, the plan that day is to take my nieces to a nearby water park (something that I have been promising them for literally years).  Hmm…I think about what we have done in the past.  Well, during our online parties, we usually watch a playlist we put together on YouTube while watching together, enjoying a few beverages and chatting online.  While I cannot commit to watching together, I can at least put together a playlist for this year that people can enjoy whenever they are available.  Maybe people can have smaller parties, whether online or in person.

Let’s take this a step farther.  Why should I create the playlist all on my own?  While I think I have pretty good taste when it comes to all things Duran, it shouldn’t be about me or me and Rhonda.  It should be about all Duran Duran fans.  I will create the playlist from YOUR suggestions.  What do you think should be included in this year’s playlist?  What is something Duran that you have been really digging?  Maybe it is a new favorite song, one that you have a new appreciation for.  What is the video that you go to when you need a pick-me-up?  What about your favorite video, interview or live track?  Perhaps, you have some side project songs or videos that you love, love, love.  So, I’m asking all of you.  What should be included in this year’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day Playlist?


Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2016!

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day everyone!!  This year we are having a quiet celebration as Rhonda is on vacation with her family and I’m off to work.  (That seems really wrong, doesn’t it?!)  We figured that we did a lot of celebrating this summer on tour.  Next year, of course, we will be REALLY celebrating with Durandemonium 2017, the Duran Duran convention which we plan to hold in Chicago from August 10-13th.  Mark your calendars and ask for your vacation time NOW as we hope to see each and every one of you there!  We can then celebrate Duran Duran properly and all together!

This year, I asked everyone to send in favorites, including favorite song, video, interview and performance.  A lot of you did just that, which I really appreciate!  From there, I put everyone’s favorites into a YouTube playlist, which you can see below.

If you still would like to send in your favorites to be added in, please do!  If you want to share this playlist on your social media as I will be doing, the link is as follows:

As you can see, there is a lot of variety in this list, which I loved.  Yes, there were some duplicates, but not that many, which I think is pretty cool!

How else is everyone celebrating the big day?!


Duran Duran Appreciation Day ’16 Prep

It was brought to my attention that Duran Duran Appreciation Day is coming up!  In fact, it is on Wednesday.  Last year, we hosted an all-day, all-night party.  The party featured a video playlist in which everyone watched the same video at the same time and then talked about it on social media.  It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed picking out some of our favorite videos, which you can see here.

This year, though, we are unable to host a 24-hour party.  Rhonda is on vacation and I’m stuck at a bunch of work meetings.  Blah.  That said, we cannot allow the holiday to happen without doing something!

I would like everyone to pick out some Duran Duran videos on YouTube.  In fact, I want everyone to pick out 4 videos that fit the following categories (or to the best of your ability as these categories are tough to decide!):

  • Your Favorite Song
  • Your Favorite Video
  • Your Favorite Interview
  • Your Favorite Live Performance

Let me provide an example:

Favorite Song:

Favorite Video:

Favorite Interview:

Favorite Performance:

Then, send your 4 choices to us via Facebook, Twitter, here as a comment, or to our email ( by Wednesday.  I will create a playlist on YouTube of all of the choices so that everyone can see people’s favorites.  Of course, I would also encourage people to share those choices on personal social media accounts all day on Wednesday in order to get Duran Duran trending on our very special holiday!  For Twitter, we suggest that everyone use the following hashtag:  #DDAD16.

Let’s celebrate Duran Duran properly on Wednesday!


Appreciating Duran Duran Part 3

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day everyone!!  Our celebration began last night with our online party!  Come join us here!  We are going strong all day long!  Rhonda offered her holiday thoughts here and now I am summarizing the last 10 questions in our month long Daily Duran Duran Challenge!  If you want to read about the rest of the responses you can go here and here!

Song That Showcases Dom Brown:

We knew that some might not appreciate this question, but to us, he is the 5th member of Duran Duran and deserves all of the respect and praise that the others get.  Therefore, we couldn’t exclude him from the questions!  Interestingly enough, 11 different songs were given as answers.  Some of the more common responses were:

  • Mediterranea
  • Falling Down
  • Ordinary World (live)
  • Tricked Out

The most popular answer was this one below:

How did we respond to this question?

Rhonda–Day Turned Black


Song/Lyric That Best Represents You:

Like the favorite lyric question, I truly enjoyed seeing what people chose for this one.  24 different lyrics were chosen!  What songs produced the most answers?

  • Mediterranea
  • What Happens Tomorrow
  • She’s Too Much

The song that people quoted the most was this one:

What lyrics did we choose to represent us?

Rhonda–“Search like the crowd, I’m fixed on your face
I know it well, but it’s a dream I can’t place” (Pressure Off)

Amanda–“Spare us your lives while we need you.” (Winter Marches On)

Song/Video That Takes You Back to When You Became a Fan:

The answers to this question shows when current fans became fans. As you can imagine, the most popular responses were some of Duran Duran biggest hits, including:

  • Is There Something I Should Know?
  • Hungry Like the Wolf
  • Save a Prayer
  • Ordinary World
  • Rio
  • The Reflex

The song that transports most fans back to when they became fans:

What did we choose?

Rhonda–Planet Earth

Amanda–The Reflex

Favorite Song Post-Reunion

This song asked the question, out of all the songs released after Pop Trash, after the Fab Five reunited which is your favorite?  People could have answered from Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, All You Need Is Now, or even Paper Gods.  Indeed, all three released albums were represented.  Generally, the most popular answers were from All You Need Is Now and Astronaut.

  • Mediterranea
  • Sunrise
  • Girl Panic
  • Nice
  • Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
  • Before the Rain

The fans’ favorite song post-reunion?  This one:

How did we respond?  We both chose songs from All You Need Is Now.


Amanda–Before the Rain

Favorite Song from the Early Days (1981-1985):

Not surprisingly, 22 different songs were given as answers to this one!  Again, like the previous question, all albums from that era were represented.  Some of the more popular responses were:

  • Friends of Mine
  • The Seventh Stranger
  • Save a Prayer
  • Careless Memories
  • Planet Earth

What was the most given answer?  This one:

How did we answer?

Rhonda–Is There Something I Should Know?

Amanda–Planet Earth

Favorite Song from Notorious to Pop Trash:

Like the other similar questions about favorite songs from different eras, each album from Notorious to Pop Trash was represented in the answers given from the fans who participated.  The most common responses out of 24 different songs given were:

  • Someone Else Not Me
  • Serious
  • A Matter of Feeling
  • Winter Marches On
  • Notorious
  • Out of my Mind

The most popular?  Not surprising!

What were our answers?


Amanda–The Edge of America

Least Favorite Video:

We got 18 different videos as answers to this one.  Out of those 18, some of the most popular responses were:

  • Violence of Summer
  • Electric Barbarella
  • Wild Boys
  • The Chauffeur
  • Someone Else But Me

The clear winner (or loser) for this question was:

Our answers matched the rest of the fan base.

Rhonda–All She Wants Is

Amanda–Electric Barbarella

Favorite DVD/Documentary:

Interestingly enough, 11 different DVDs/Documentaries were mentioned!  Some of the more popular ones were:

  • A Diamond in the Mind
  • Rio-Classic Album
  • Live from London
  • Wild Boys Documentary
  • As the Lights Go Down
  • Extraordinary World

The most popular?  I bet we could all guess it…

Did Rhonda and I say the same?  Nope.  While we both love Sing Blue Silver, we really love this one:

Favorite Era:

This question, perhaps, could have used more of an explanation.  A lot of fans answered with a span of years while others mentioned albums.  Therefore, it was harder to figure out the most popular era.  That said, some of the more popular ones appeared to be:

  • Notorious
  • Wedding Album
  • Right now!  Paper Gods
  • All You Need Is Now

Overall, though, the most favorite time period for the fans was 1981-1984, featuring the first three albums!

How did Rhonda and I answer this one?  Easy!  Right now!

Favorite Fandom Moment:

This one is very, very personal as the answers can vary to include the first time someone heard a song or saw a video, the first concert, the best concert, meeting the band, meeting other Duranie friends and more.  I know this much–I’m enjoying reading every single response given!  In order to show a lot of why we write this blog or plan meet ups and conventions, here’s the slideshow Rhonda put together for Durandemonium, our convention in 2013.

So what are our favorite moments:

Rhonda–Having Dom Brown play White Lines right in front of her at the show in Durham in August of 2012. She tells me that she’d waited her entire life for that front row spot, and she finally got it thanks to a friend. Going up there was crazy enough, but once Dom saw her, he continued coming over there, bending down and playing. It was wild to see it happening, and I was worried she was going to need medical attention!!  (she survived, obviously.) 

Amanda–April 1st of this year.  The reason is quite simple.  We got to see a few songs performed.  Some pictures were taken with some band members and it was the best time with fellow fans.  Everyone had a good time and was excited for each other.  It is what I hope for with each and every show!

That’s it!  These are 30 reasons why Duranies appreciate Duran Duran!  We love their songs, their videos, their side projects, the band members, their live performances and all of the amazing moments and friends they have brought each and every one of us!  Of course, we aren’t quite done with our celebration!  Our online party goes for a few more hours and features some more Duran viewing and the drinking game that accompanies Sing Blue Silver and A Diamond in the Mind!  Join us and celebrate until we can celebrate no more!