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Guest Blog: Sears Center Show 2006

Look another guest blog!  This time it is our friend, Nat, who wanted to share about her experiences at the Chicago Sears Center Show in October of 2006.  If you something you want to write about in connection with Duran Duran or fandom, feel free to send it our way!  -A&R

By Nat Mingo

When you’re in a relationship, you celebrate moments. I’ve been listening to Duran Duran music since the needle dropped on the Seven & the Ragged Tiger album on my sister’s plastic Fisher-Price record player. So, yes, I’m in an active relationship with Duran Duran’s music. It’s SLB’s 60th birthday as I type this. Earlier this week, I was delighted to read an Instagram remembrance post about the band’s show at the Sears Center on October 26, 2006. I was also chagrined because I didn’t remember the exact date. Whoops! I should try to remember this date because it was my first …front row experience!

When Astronaut was released, I was teaching full-time and my funds were minimal. I went to the shows that I could afford. I was glad to be at the shows but felt unsatisfied with my view. I observed very happy fans sauntering to the first two rows. Afterwards, I promised myself that if the opportunity arose, I would try for a “VIP” seat. I was honoring that preteen who wore headphones while delving into the depths of the DD catalog and her hard work since then.

On the presale date, I remember sitting at my computer with sweaty palms while on the DDM site. Anxious thoughts were pervasive: “How does this work?”, “Will I get a get a good seat?”, “Am I a fool for trying this and going alone to a show?” Hours-no minutes- later, I scored a VIP ticket. Yaaasssss!!! I posted on the fan board that I was going alone and looking for meet up with other people. Two big hearted fans from Seattle and San Antonio said they would hang with me. I still appreciate their extended kindness and when fans embrace each other at shows.

I stayed at the hotel and got my ticket from the DDM staff. I opened the envelope and thought, “Hmm, this might be good.” A fan asked me where I would be sitting and when I told her, she walked away without speaking to me. Yikes! It was not a good way to start a show. Luckily, I met the two aforementioned fans and enjoyed spending time with others. We got to hear the band’s sound check and they rehearsed “The House of the Rising Sun” for the Voodoo festival which was a few days afterwards in New Orleans. I was thrilled for this unexpected and not repeated treat. I watched a fan get whisked away to meet the band before the show. When the fan returned, she was dazed but graciously accepted my congratulations.

I remembered walking toward my seat and asking an usher for assistance. She smiled and told me where to go. When I saw my seat and its proximity to the stage, my…heart…swelled. It was a palm to the chest moment. I don’t remember many specific moments about the show. They did play “Hold Back the Rain” which I miss in the set list now. I think we sang “Happy Birthday” to Simon. What matters is that I dared and enjoyed the experience.

I’ve purchased several “VIP” tickets since this show. “To VIP or not to VIP” will always be a question I will ask myself of the concerts I attend. I’ve learned that each show is unique. I’ve learned to have quasi-realistic expectations. No, John has never mouthed, “Hey, Boo” towards me from the stage. I’ve learned to look for the minute interactions between the bandmates and to appreciate a different perspective from each seat location. Most importantly, I’ve learned to be more GRATEFUL that I can attend a concert wherever my seat may be located.

So to the readers of this blog, if you see a woman lip-syncing while awkwardly dancing during “A View to A Kill”, it’s me. Please come say, “hello.”

Hoping to see you at a show,


Nathalie is a daughter, sister, Auntie, educator, reader, dreamer, Christian, Midwestern, Sci-Fi & Superhero Nerdette  whose favorite band is Duran Duran. She owns multiple copies of most DD albums.  She collects band t-shirts and proudly wears them in her everyday life. 

Duranie Homework Updates

Duran Duran Top 40 Songs:

The teacher here is not providing a very good example.  At all.  This weekend, your homework is due.  In case you skipped the class when it was assigned, it was basically to come up with your list of the Top 40 Duran Duran songs.  They can be any songs as long as the band wrote them.  Then, if you were an overachieving type, you would have put that list into order with number 1 being the best song out of the bunch.  Many of you have already turned in that assignment via our email (  We appreciate each and every one of you.  I personally look forward to reading through the lists and putting the choices together to share the ultimate list of Duran Duran songs with all of you.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to complete the homework that I assigned.  What a terrible teacher I am!  My only excuse is time.  Apparently, it is hard to squeeze in fun activities like this when you are working two full time jobs (unfortunately only one is paid).  I’m lucky right now that my laundry is done or that there is food on the table.  I’m paying bills late.  It has been literally weeks since I have been able to actually cook a dinner.  Not good.  Then, I wonder if others might be in a similar spot in which your Duranie related tasks are getting pushed to the side for more pressing needs.  So, the kind teacher thing to do is to simply give an extension.  The Duran Duran Top 40 Song Assignment will now be due on Saturday, November 10th.  This gives an additional two weeks.  As always, if you like to read about the details to participate, go here.  Then, finish your assignment and send it to us by email (  Thanks!


Not too long ago, I asked the question in a blog about what we should do with the questions of the day.  Soon enough, we will be done with this topic of which band member looks best in each video. (By the way, the Nick fans have been voting frequently.  Way frequently.  This has resulted in him winning pretty much every question lately.)  Anyway, I asked our readers for suggestions.  I have decided to go with one of them.  I am going to ask about Duran Duran interviews but I will do it in a way that you might not expect.

I am asking for interviews you have seen and enjoyed.  Maybe you want to do a YouTube search then send me a list of interviews.  I will be searching for Duran videos, too, but it would be great if they don’t all come from me.  After all, I am not a perfect YouTube searcher.  Plus, if you have ones that you definitely think I should share then I would love to know about those.  Like other Duranie related tasks, you may send me interviews in a means that works for you.  You can send them to us via email, Facebook messenger or Twitter DM.  Just share them privately.  I don’t care if the interviews are recent or from decades ago.  They can feature all the band members or  just one.  Interviews on side projects or solo material would work, too.  All I ask when you share these interviews with me is that you send me the direct link.  I would hate to screw up on the interviews you want me to share.

How it will work will be like this.  I will share the interview and ask for you to watch it and rate it on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being terrible and 5 being awesome.  Each day, I will average out the scores.  After we have shared all that have been sent our way as well as those that we think are cool, I will post with the Top 10.  I think it sounds fun and I hope you do, too.  Besides, I’m hoping that I get to see interviews that I haven’t seen before or ones that I have but really enjoyed.  I think it might be a fun Duran related activity each day.

On that note, I hope that you all enjoy your homework assignments! I know that I will!  I look forward to reading your Top 40 list and the interviews you think we should show!