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Today’s Date in Duran History – Denied!!

Ok, so if you’re paying attention and reading the blog, you’ll remember that yesterday I posted the daily point of interest being that on that day in 2001, reunion rumors for the original five broke out on the internet. I am beyond tickled that today’s tidbit, always in good turn, is that on this day, also in 2001, The Powers That Be (otherwise known in fandom as TPTB…it’s true, check it!) denied such rumors of a reunion on

*gasps for overdramatical effect* How I wish this blog had audio sometimes….

The plot thickened…and I’m fairly certain, given what I know about DD fans, that this statement did nothing but continue to fan the flames of gossip, intrigue and rumor about such things. I can almost see the posts now…

“Well, you saw it – management said it wasn’t happening, and until they come out and say it really is happening – I don’t believe it.”

“Do you REALLY think the band is going to admit that they’re reuniting until they’re ready?  Don’t be stupid!  Management is never going to tell us first anyway. ”

Better yet…

“Since when does the band ever bother to really use this website anyway? Remember when a fan hacked into this site just to update it so that people would know what was going on?”

Well, we all know what ended up happening, don’t we? And…I’m pretty sure we can all guess as to why management needed to deny the rumors until the band was ready. Contractual issues between band members past and present (well…I guess that’s past and past now), a web page needed to be constructed and so on. Darn those gossip web sites!!

I still smile when I think about the evening I went online and read the news about the reunion. I must have read the press release five or six times before it really started to sink in. My brain refused to believe what my eyes were reading, and I’m sure that I was not the only one feeling that way. There are many, many times when I really wonder why I got so involved in this community. Like anyone else, I’ve seen my share of cut throat behavior, both in-person and online , and it can really be disconcerting.  But then I think back to pivotal moments I’ve experienced as a fan, and I realize: I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is a perfect point to close this week (for me, since Amanda will be writing tomorrow through Sunday), so I bid you all adieu til Monday.


You can put me straight

Believe it or not, there are times when I really wonder why I started this blog. Coming off a nice “anniversary” of sorts last week, which you can read about here (ICYMI), I had all sorts of warm fuzzies over this fan community.  Thankfulness, hopefulness and love all around.

Then Saturday happened. Call me crazy, but its a pretty sad state of affairs when someone cannot write a simple blog without people coming unglued over the words. I still feel as though the spirit with which Amanda wrote was completely misread. What was an honest post about how the community aspects of being fans is what keeps all of us here and present during times when the band isn’t touring or even around was taken in a thousand different directions than the one intended.  I’m not sure how Amanda felt coming away from that day, but after I caught up on the posts and comments, I felt horrible.

I saw everything from “Give the band a chance” (What is that supposed to mean, exactly?) to “You’re degrading the opinions of other fans.” (Are you joking?)  Personally I think a more appropriate comment would have just been “How dare you say anything remotely negative about Duran Duran!” because that at least would have made sense and been truthful.  Thinly veiled comments regarding maturity and impatience (which, by the way – I’d already said myself at some point in the past couple of weeks. Thanks for noticing.) spiced up the day as well.  Then there were others who flat out just either didn’t agree or didn’t understand the blog.  Those comments were the most helpful of the bunch, because at the very least – it shows me where our writing needs to be tightened up, and quite honestly: not everyone is EVER going to agree with us anyway.  Newsflash: we already know this.

Where to go from here?  I’m not really sure.  I’ve been told twice in the last week that social media is on its way out, blogging has become a thing of the past, and that we have no real purpose these days.  “There are more important things to do.” Maybe so.

Maybe I should mention that the purpose of her blog was merely to prove that relationships (between fans) are what keep us glued to the community.  What if I wrote that we have some ideas on how to keep ourselves entertained between albums, and that we even had ideas for upcoming in-person meetups and events to celebrate the new album when it arrives. Would that have changed the responses?

Amanda told me on Saturday that many of the responses she received just proved her point – that the people who responded said they just had other things going on in their life and that since the band was busy, they were busy too and didn’t take time to check in.  That makes sense. Amanda and I are still involved because we write the blog every day – album or not.  I can’t really drift too far away, even if sometimes I might like the idea of not thinking about the ban for a change. I read from others that without a central message board, there’s just nowhere to gather. I agree. Yet, if you go to DDM – it’s a ghost town on their boards. Why is that?

As you should have noticed, this post isn’t about what THE BAND is doing.  Let’s remove them from the equation for a bit – because they’re doing whatever it is that they’re doing.  Their creative process isn’t really my concern right now.  For this blog post, I’m not interested in debating whether or not they need to be on Twitter or any other social media.  Let’s talk about being fans.  What keeps us going when the band isn’t touring or in the news?

I started this blog because I had a lot to say.  Simon once said in an interview that there were outspoken fans in the US that wanted the band to know what it was like being fans, about how the music made us feel. I really don’t know whom he was referring, but he was accurately describing Amanda and I.  A few years into this blog now, I find that I write to keep people connected. I write not only for the band, but also as a platform for fans to connect. I keep hoping to bring people together.  That’s why I started this blog, and that is why we keep going.






It’s Loaded with Fame: Conventions and Celebrities

People go to conventions to connect with other fans, to participate in activities not readily available in daily lives and to escape reality.  Another very significant reason that people go to conventions is for the celebrities.  Many conventions, most conventions, have celebrity or “special” guests.  Some conventions might have just one or two special guests and others have many.  Typically, these celebrities interact with the fans in a variety of ways, including participating in panels or question and answer sessions in which fans can ask questions, holding autographs sessions in which fans can get an autograph and/or holding a photo opps session in which fans can get pictures with the celebrity(s) of choice.

In my experience, people do seem to like going to conventions to meet and see celebrities.  At the Wizard World convention I went to in Chicago, in August, a lot of people I talk with came to meet one or two of the celebrity guests.  Some people came back year after year to see the same celebrity.  Sometimes, the bigger name celebrities had very long lines to get autographs and pictures.  The lesser known celebrities still had people who were interested in getting pictures or even just an opportunity to exchange a few words.  Yet, it did seem that anyone interested in a particular celebrity could get to that celebrity eventually, especially if the fan had the time and the money for one of these extras.  Of course, many of these celebrity focused activities have specific times.  For example, if you wanted a picture of person X, you had to get it done between 1 and 2 pm.  Thus, people scheduled their convention activities even around the celebrities.

I wonder how important these celebrity appearances are to the fans attending a convention.  Do they get people in the door?  Do they get people to pay the money for a ticket?  Would people go if there is just one celebrity or one celebrity who people really cared about?  Is it the fact that there might be many celebrities at a convention that you like?  Does it matter which type of fan activity is possible–meaning that getting an autograph might be more important to some than a question and answer session or vice versa?  In many cases, autographs and photos are extras.  They do not come with the ticket.  You pay for each autograph and each picture.  In some cases, you might pay to attend a panel.  Would those additional costs matter?  Would it matter how MUCH those extras were?

Seriously, I would love to know.  Would you be more likely to go to a convention if there was a celebrity you liked?  What about many celebrities?  Would you want panels/Q&A sessions, autograph sessions and/or photo sessions with the celebrities?  Would you be willing to pay extra for those sessions?  How much for a celebrity you love, love, love (like a member of Duran Duran!)?  How much for a celebrity you like a lot?  Would you go to a convention if there weren’t celebrities there?


Away From Here: Conventions and Escape

Why in the world would someone spend the money to come to a convention?  The last couple of weeks I have dived into two really huge reasons.  First, people go to a convention in order to be with other fans.  They want to be around people who not only understand them and their fandom but who are just like them.  Conversations surrounding one’s fandom can take place all day and all night.  One of my fondest memories from both the 2004 Friends of Mine convention in New Orleans and our 2013 Durandemonium convention in Chicago was sharing and hearing stories.  Some of these stories included when and why people became fans, shows that they attended, meeting the band, etc.  I also enjoyed knowing that if I said certain phases, everyone there would understand me.  I didn’t have to explain myself.  Everyone got the inside joke, so to speak.  The second reason, though, that people go to conventions is the activities.  Conventions have activities that cannot be found in just a weekend with fans.  There are special activities.  The combination between both the activities and being with other fans is pretty enticing.  Yet, beyond doing truly cool things with other fans, there is also the desire to escape reality.

One can hang out with other fans anywhere, even one’s own home, if fellow fans live close by.  The activities might not be able to replicated, though.  Likewise, the escape from reality might be very short-lived, if at all.  How many times have I been at a meet up or hosted a get together when someone has to leave early due to some other obligation or something that comes up with family.  When one goes home or goes home within a few hours, reality hasn’t really been avoided.  Maybe, I’m the only one but I like to escape reality when I can.  My life is pretty busy and often stressful.  The breaks away really do matter. They not only make me happy but probably make me more capable to deal with everyday life tasks and whatever gets thrown my way.  I suspect that I’m not the only one like this, either.  Heck, it is a BIG reason why touring has such an appeal to me.  I get that escape.  I also get to travel to new, fun places.  
I am someone who has discovered that traveling truly can be fun and exciting.  I have been able to get a lot of that from touring.  Yet, as we all know, there hasn’t been a tour in a long time (in over a year) and no tours are in sight.  I will need something in between these long touring droughts.  Conventions could  provide the reason to travel.  They could also provide that escape as they are long enough that reality must be forgotten.  If they are far enough away, reality is not much of a possibility at all.  Thus, conventions could provide cool activities with fellow fans while providing an escape from reality and a reason to travel somewhere.  In many ways, traveling for a convention is much easier than traveling for a tour.  A tour, in most cases, requires one to get from one show to another.  Most of those shows are in different places.  Then, you are traveling almost everyday.  Sometimes, the travel in between shows can be quite lengthy.  Let’s look at our last tour.  We started out in New Orleans and saw shows in Biloxi, Mississippi; Atlanta, Georgia; Durham, North Carolina and Portsmouth, Virginia.  Anyone familiar with U.S. geography knows that that is quite a trek.  A convention allows you to be in one place for a weekend or longer.  
To summarize, conventions provide fans a chance to meet each other and to interact with each other with conversations about a common interest of passion, one’s fandom.  Then, conventions contain many very cool activities and opportunities that are not available for random meet ups and other fan gatherings.  Conventions are larger in scale and scope.  Lastly, conventions allow fans to escape from reality.  Sometimes, this escape gives fans a chance to travel and be somewhere different.  Of course, for many fans, in many fandoms, conventions provide one other really important thing—access to celebrities.  I will tackle that big aspect of conventions next weekend, assuming that there isn’t any huge news on the Duran front.  

Year End Katy Kafe with Roger

With all of the excitement over Nick’s year end Katy Kafe and Christmas, it seems that we forgot to comment on Roger’s Kafe.  I don’t tend to think of Roger as one who shares a lot of tidbits or gives a lot of insight to what is going on with the band.  That could very well be my perception when I compare him to John who can give things away through the infamous Taylor leaks, or Nick who shared so much on his.  That said, does Roger reinforce my thinking or make me reconsider his ability to reveal info on this Kafe?

Roger’s Kafe starts much like the rest of the band’s with a discussion of how he has been home most of the year and working in the studio.  Because he has been home, he is more ready for Christmas than usual, which has been nice for him.  His youngest has also been enjoying the season.  Quickly, though, the discussion turned toward the band highlights.  He talked about how the last few weeks in the studio were really productive and that they have some really strong songs.  How strong?  Roger put his hand over his heart and said that it will be one of the best Duran albums and that some of the songs were the strongest they wrote since the reunion.  He did mention that All You Need Is Now was an amazing record and that this one is on par.  That works well for me!!  I like how Roger described how he knows if a song is done or needs more work.

Then, the conversation flowed nicely into when the album would be done.  Now, remember, John said we would hear new music in August.  Simon said May and Nick said May as well.  Roger’s response was March to mix.  Katy clarified and asked when we would hear a single or a song.  The response was early summer.  That seems pretty dang close to the May date from Simon and Nick, right?  He continued to say that the album would then drop by late summer.  Could that equal August?  I think it does.  It sure sounds to me that they are all on the same page.  This is how I interpret it.  They hope to have the album written and recorded so that it can be mixed by March.  Then, the first song would be ready by May with the full album out by August.  What do the rest of you think?  Do you interpret it like I do or did you hear something different?  Yes, I know that some of you will say “Durantime” and, of course, you are probably right, but I did think it was interesting that they all seemed to be on the same page.  I suspect that they get more on the same page when the album gets closer to being written completely, too.

After the discussion about the studio and album release, they did talk about the Unstaged screening and how cool it was to have a Duran film at the Museum of Modern Art before talking about Roger’s favorites with music, movies, TV, etc.  He mentioned many of the other things that the rest of the band said, including Arcade Fire for music and Gravity for movies.  Of course, he did talk about little Julian is into as well and compared it to what Katy’s kiddo is into.

Overall, Roger didn’t change my opinion about him revealing any super duper interesting Duran insight.  What he did do, though, which I am excited about, is confirm the timeline for the album release.  While I definitely wish that things were further along for the album release, I do appreciate having a sense of when things will happen next year.  It is good for planning and plotting!


Play to Win: Review of Winners

Those of you who are friends with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter know that each day, without fail, we ask a daily question.  This question is always part of a larger set of questions, in a bracket type format, to get to the fans’ favorites.  Over the course of two years, we have asked a lot of questions about a lot of topics, including songs, videos, merchandise, b-sides, album cover, side projects, etc.  I thought it might be fun to take some time to list and enjoy the winners.

Favorite songs from each album:

From Self-titled Debut:  Careless Memories

From Rio:  New Religion

From Seven and the Ragged Tiger:  The Seventh Stranger

From Arena:  Wild Boys

From Big Thing:  Do You Believe in Shame

From Liberty:  Serious

From The Wedding Album:  Come Undone

From Thank You:  White Lines

From Medazzaland:  Out of my Mind

From Pop Trash:  Someone Else Not Me

From Astronaut:  Sunrise

From Red Carpet Massacre:  The Valley

From All You Need Is Now:  The Man Who Stole a Leopard

Favorite Song:  New Religion

Favorite Merchandise that they should make:  Blanket

If they can do a beach towel, they could do a blanket, right?

Favorite B-Side:  Secret Oktober

Favorite Video:  New Moon on Monday

Favorite Album Cover:  Rio

Favorite Side Project:  Arcadia

Favorite Power Station song:  Some Like It Hot

Favorite Arcadia song:  The Promise

Favorite Andy Taylor song:  Take It Easy

Favorite John Taylor song:  Immortal

Favorite Neurotic Outsiders song:  Jerk

Favorite The Devils song:  Big Store

Favorite Dom Brown song:  Amazing

Favorite TV Mania song:  Beautiful Clothes

Favorite side/solo project song:  Arcadia’s The Promise

Favorite side/solo project video:  Arcadia’s The Flame

Obviously, right now, we are tackling people’s favorite pictures of the band members, band, side projects, and combinations.  Once that set of questions, which will take awhile, is done.  I’ll update this list of winners.  Besides, who doesn’t enjoy seeing and hearing the favorites!!!!


Dear Santa…

Since this seems to be the time of year to make out those letters to Santa, we took the opportunity to compose one of our own…in the off chance that Santa is reading!!  Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,

How’s the album…*coughs*…errr… we mean, how are your reindeer? We certainly hope they are well-fed and ready to go…we’ve been waiting patiently all year. Ok…mostly patiently… some of the time…hey at least we tried!! ANYWAY

We have been very good this year and gotten a lot accomplished in your MARKED absence. During the first half of this year, we worked very hard to finish the first draft of our manuscript, which has now been completed. Amanda has been working her fingers to the bone to properly edit, footnote, cite sources and compile our bibliography; while Rhonda has been working to find appropriate publishers to send proposals. It has been quite a process, but we’re making progress and hopefully next year we’ll have even better news to report. We also began planning a convention for Duran Duran fans that we named Durandemonium. The convention was a lot of work to plan, and we had help getting it all finished. People came from all over (even as far as Canada and England!) for an October weekend of fun in Chicago, and as a result we saw friendships come together, and some fans said that we even helped to reignite their fandom for the band. Even though the convention was exhausting and it took us about a month to recover, we would gladly do it all again. Our blog has continued to grow this year, and we saw not only our 250,000 page visit, but also our 1200th post. That is a LOT of blogs to write, and yes, we still blog every single day even though the band has given us PRECIOUS LITTLE to talk about this year on their own. Heck, even when the blogs aren’t totally related to Duran Duran, we still talk about everyday with our day in Duran history and our daily questions. We have a few friends and followers who see those daily Duran posts/tweets, too.  😉  We hope that you agree that we have been productive and very, very, very nice…because we put together a little wish list for you.

 A finished album: #DD14 in 2014 has a lovely ring to it, don’t you think? No no, St. NICK…it’s not at all contrived! Preferably, a finished album sometime in the first half of the year, too, as it would leave plenty of time for shows. Mostly, we are just ready to hear some new music and see our favorite band again.   

Tour dates: We are thinking that summer would be a lovely time to tour (although not early summer – as in like June and early July here in the states, because Rhonda has a little “college visit” road trip planned).  Middle of July through middle of August would be about perfect.  (Listen, we just figured since it was a WISH list…we could throw in a few suggestions!!)

A Guitar: As in, we’d really like to hear that our favorite guitar player has been added to the official, permanent band line-up. With merch, lots of photo ops… and all. Remember, we’ve been very good fans…um…good girls. For that matter, Dom has been around since very late 2004 by our count – and that’s nine years of putting up with the rest of you…*coughs*…we mean the rest of the band. Surely that means he’s been good too!! 🙂

New pictures, videos, etc: All with the aforementioned guitar player. We’re not asking for much. Not really! This would increase every fan’s excitement and give us plenty to talk about on this little blog of ours!

Another trip to the UK, and possibly Europe: We figure we should just dream big here, especially since the only way we’re gonna get back over there is if Santa helps us out!  

While we are dreaming big, how about a proper meet and greet?: What do we mean by proper? The meet and greet should not feel rushed and we should leave feeling like we had our moment. A great example of what a meet and greet could like would be the one before the Unstaged screening at MoMA. Of course, photos would be included as well, right? That is a given. I’m sure you are already thinking that individual shots and a group shot would be reasonable and fitting. That isn’t too much to ask, is it? Perhaps, you would like to do this proper meet and greet in a setting in which not just us can benefit.  We are all for that.  We would love for all fans to have their chance!  Dear Santa, we’re certainly willing to do our part to make this happen, as we know you can’t be everywhere at one time.  Well, at least on any other night besides Christmas Eve.  So…we would be happy to help organize these meet and greets if you need help!  

So, Santa, as you prepare for your big journey, we hope that you consider our wish list.  We have been very good this year and very much promise to be even better next year!!!  

With Love, 

Rhonda and Amanda

You Require a Little Bit More: Convention Activities

Recently, I began to explore the world of conventions, fan conventions, more specifically.  A couple of weeks ago, I looked at why and how they came into being.  Obviously, for the most part, it was the desire for fans to get together and be around other fans.  Yet, there is something about a convention that goes beyond a regular meet up or get together.  First, conventions typically are much longer than a regular meet up or get together.  For example, many get togethers last only a few hours or part of a day.  Conventions commonly last days.  Some can last an entire weekend and beyond.  So, length of time makes a convention special.  The other thing that makes a convention more than a meet up is the activities, or what people can do there, which is the focus of today’s blog.  What are the typical activities at a convention?  Which ones are the most important?  Which ones would get you to go to a convention?  Do the activities matter more or as much as getting together with fellow fans?

I have done a fair amount of research on conventions, have attended some, and planned one.  I have seen some common activities at all of them and some unique ones at specific conventions.  The specific ones relate only to that individual fandom.  For example, at ours, we went to Late Bar to enjoy 80s music or other music conventions have had tribute bands play.  At conventions related to TV or movies, they might show a new episode or behind the scenes footage.  Beyond those unique activities, here is a list of the most common.  I’m sure that the list is not complete.

Common Convention Activities:

*Registration—All conventions require attendees to register.  For some conventions, this is a simple check-in, get materials and move to other activities.  For other conventions, it is more of an event with attendees mingling and enjoying drinks and/or food.

*Games—Many conventions feature trivia about one’s fandom.  Other games related to that specific fandom(s) are common as well.

*Vendors—Many conventions have an area in which attendees can buy products.  In most cases, those products are related to the fandom(s) represented at the convention, but, sometimes, there are general products as well.

*Panels—These panels can vary in topic and scope.  At large conventions like Comic Con, these panels could include an entire cast of a TV show or movie or a combination between the actors, producers, directors, etc.  Sometimes, panels are people who do a similar job related to that fandom.  For example, our convention had an author’s panel of writers who have written material related in some way to Duran.  At times, a panel might be made of one particular celebrity.  Panels typically run with a moderator who allows each of the panelists to give a statement, then asks questions of the panelists and fields questions from the audience.

*Banquets—Smaller conventions often have banquets associated with them in which food is served and the attendees dine together.  Often, at the banquets, other activities take place, including contests, raffles, games, etc.

*Raffles or Auctions—Attendees have a chance to pay for raffles or to bid on items related to the fandom.  Typically, these items are donated and are a means of fundraising for the convention itself.  For our convention, we had items like rare vinyl records, t-shirts, signed products, and more.  Conventions associated with TV shows or movies might have items like props from episodes, costumes, signed pictures of actors and more.

*Costume Contests—Many conventions have attendees who will dress like specific characters from movies, comics, video games and TV shows.  Then, frequently, there is a contest to see who has the best one.

*Photo and autograph opportunities—Many large conventions are able to get celebrities to come to the conventions.  Then, fans have the opportunity to buy a photograph and/or an autograph with the celebrity of choice.  These are usually additional cost beyond the ticket to get into the convention.  The cost of these opportunities often depend on how popular or in demand a specific celebrity is.  For example, a big time actor would cost more than an actor who hasn’t been on a popular show for a number of years.

*A chance to showcase one’s work—Often, people will attend conventions to show off their work or to have their work be seen.  For example, it is common for conventions to have an area where artists can show or play their work.  These artists are not famous like the celebrities or panelists but do want to show their work and to get more work, more recognition, etc.  They can also sell their products.  Likewise, at large conventions, companies involved with the popular arts would come and see people’s work like a job fair.

Based on this list, which activities would appeal to you the most?  More specifically, which ones would make you want to get to a convention?  For me, there are activities that I think are super cool and would get me to pay for the ticket and then there are others that I would enjoy if I am there but wouldn’t push me to go.  I’m curious about which activities would make you more likely to pay to attend?  What about ones that would get you to travel?  Perhaps, for you, it isn’t about one or two specific events but there needs to many of them that are cool that would get you to pay and/or travel to go to a convention.  I want to know.  What matters in your decision to go, in terms of activities?  Do the activities matter more than being around other fans?  Maybe, for some people, they have the chance to be around other fans all the time so they don’t need to go to a convention for that.  Online activity might more than enough, in terms of interacting with fans.  For those of you like that, would any of these activities get you in the door?  Why or why not?  


Year End Katy Kafe with Simon!

It seems like just yesterday when I was writing about John’s year end Katy Kafe!  Oh wait…it was yesterday!  On one hand, I’m glad that the next one came out so quickly as I definitely want to compare answers, especially the ones that revolve around the next album, tour, etc.  I was left very dissatisfied by John’s statement about new music being in August.  That is SO far away!  Frankly, it is too far away for many reasons, but that is a topic for another blog.  So, will Simon match John’s response?  Will it be even more discouraging to the dedicated fans?  Let me take a listen and respond to some of the highlights.  Of course, as always, I would recommend listening to the real thing yourself on DDM.

Like John, the topic of the year spent in the studio was at the top of the list of things to discuss.  Simon said that they have had a great year there.  One one hand, I love hearing that because it might mean that the music will be fabulous, but there is another part of me that wonders if they would say if it wasn’t?!  I’m feeling generous, though, so I’ll assume the former.  He did mention that there were moments when they felt out of ideas but then another good one would pop up, which does sound good to me as Simon points out it is good to have new, fresh ideas.  I get that.  You don’t want to just do the same thing over and over again.  That isn’t very creative.  I did appreciate Katy trying to get some piece of information from Simon, like a song title, but he said he couldn’t do that.  Bummer.  That would have been a nice little gift in the season of giving.

The second topic of 2013 favorites followed closely behind the studio work discussion.  Simon mentioned how he doesn’t listen to a lot of other music when he is so focused on his own.  I find that interesting.  I could see how you wouldn’t want to listen to others when you are so into what you are doing, but I could also see how others might create a new idea in your own work.  Again, here is where every creative person is different.  Some might like those other influences and others not so much.  Of course, Simon, like John, did mention Daft Punk for music in 2013, which I’m not surprised about.  Movies, TV shows and books were also asked about.  Simon discussed the movies, Gravity and Rush, quite a bit.  He talked about a couple of plays as well.  As far as books goes, Simon did acknowledge that he should do a Simon’s Reader since he has read a lot of books but that he has been busy in the studio.  I bet the fans would love for him to try and squeeze in one soon, though, and think he is capable of doing a little multi-tasking.  Again, like movies and plays, he did mention a few books in detail.  One book that might interest fans is The Goldfinch as Simon feels like he can relate to the main character!  Perhaps, that would be a good book for the reader, then!

Simon did talk about his holiday plans, including travel plans and decorating the tree and his animals.  Thankfully, before Katy let Simon go, she asked him the same question as she did John about the new music.  Simon’s response, thankfully, was more optimistic than John’s as he said, “May.”  May still seems like a VERY FAR away time but much better than August.  It makes me wonder why the answers from John and Simon were so different.  Perspective?  Hopefulness?  Desire to get it done?  *shrugs*  I will say this much.  Simon’s reaction to hearing John’s answer was worth listening to the Kafe, in my opinion.

Of course, now, I’m even more curious to hear what Roger and Nick have to say next week on theirs.  Perhaps, they will be a compromise between the May and the August answers or they will back one or the other.  We shall see (hear) soon enough!


Year End Kafe with John Taylor!

I have been anxiously awaiting the year end Katy Kafes with the members of Duran Duran!  First, I have been dying for something to write about in terms of Duran news.  Obviously, I have lots to say about lots of other topics but I do enjoy writing about what is new, what is the latest in Duranland.  Second, as with any kafe, I always hope that there is something really exciting revealed or something that gets me thinking.  The last kafe was in November and got Rhonda and I thinking so much that an immediate phone call had to take place!  I love those moments!  In the case of last month’s, things John said definitely got me thinking and got me more determined than ever.  It was very good!  So, I listened to this one, the first of the year end kafes, with a high level of excitement.  It should be noted that this blog, like any of the rest of our blog posts about Katy Kafes, does not cover each and every part of the kafe.  If you want the complete picture (and I know you do), be a member of DuranDuranMusic and check the whole thing out there!

I have to admit that I was amused by the discussion surrounding snow.  John sounded a lot like I do when it comes to snow.  It is welcome to snow as long as no one needs to get anywhere or travel.  I find that particularly funny as we are due for an ice storm tonight and a major snow storm over the weekend.  Of course, snow, at the right time, can truly make it perfect.  For example, right after my youngest niece was born, my entire family got together for Christmas, which is rare.  The last of the family arrived on Christmas Eve.  Then, it snowed overnight, which created a beautiful holiday scene.  Plus, it was fun to see my oldest niece enjoy the snow for probably the first time in her life as she lives down south.  I digress, though.  Weather is distracting!  Anyway, John talked to Katy from the studio, which he described as having a “positive vibe” and that they feel good about what they have worked on.  He, in fact, described the project as “on track”.  I’m not sure if that means time wise or style wise or what.  Obviously, the year has been, basically, about them in the studio as he points out.  
Katy then asks John about popular entertainment, including books, albums, etc.  John mentions a series of  musical favorites from this year including Daft Punk, Kanye, Arcade Fire and more.  He also gives a list of other individual songs that caught his attention as well as films and TV shows.  What I enjoy about this part of the kafe is how John describes each album or artist or whatever.  He isn’t just giving a list but is giving reasons and how he reacted to the music or whatever.  It reminds me of those great school librarians who are able to turn kids into books solely by giving a really good introduction into a book or series.  His enthusiasm is clear and I’m willing to bet that he has convinced many people to give some artist, show, or movie a try just by how excited he is.  Another thing that I thought was interesting is how John claimed that he didn’t go and see much since he wasn’t traveling.  It was interesting because that is how I feel every year!  
2014 came up as a topic, specifically related to the next album and tour.  Again, he stated that they weren’t feeling the need to do a big tour (!) but that he felt good about the music, which is what he stated on twitter the other day as well.  He did say that once the album is done, they will think about the best way to present it to everyone.  This leads me to wonder if they are thinking about doing something different than regular promo appearances and a tour.  One specific month was mentioned for new Duran–August.  I have to admit to cringing at that a bit.  August???  That seems like a lifetime from now!  I don’t know that I will survive until August.  What the hell are we going to write about on here?!  That said, I’m surprised he gave such a firm time frame even though we don’t really know what was meant by new music.  The whole album?  A first song?  Snippets?  Tour?  I’m almost left with more questions than answers.  Perhaps, once we hear the rest of the year end kafes, we will have a more complete picture.