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Official DVD Release: Necessary or Not?

One year ago yesterday, Duran Duran played at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, as one of the last dates of their Paper Gods Tour.  While this event might be significant enough to talk about in itself, the show was filmed.  In fact, I believe, the concert aired in some parts of the world.  Then, I remember hearing  in a couple of different Katy Kafes that there was an official DVD release planned for.  Yet, I have seen and heard nothing else about this.  Now, I admit that maybe something has been said or announced on official channels and I have been too busy to notice.  That is highly possible.  That said, at one point, you could watch the concert on YouTube.  Even last night, when I checked, you can definitely watch various clips from it.  So, if people can see it or parts of it online, is an official DVD release necessary?  What would this do for the fanbase?

I have been pondering the question of whether or not having actual DVDs is necessary.  I think back to when I was a kid.  Buying or getting a VHS copy of Sing Blue Silver or the videos was a big deal.  While most of what was released on VHS could be seen on MTV or other channels, especially cable channels, I still wanted a copy because it meant that I could watch it whenever I wanted.  I didn’t have to wait for it to air.  I could just slide it into the VCR and go.  This definitely worked for my friend and I as watching Duran was one of our favorite activities.  We had so much joy  with every viewing of Sing Blue Silver, for example.

Then, of course, VCRs gave way to DVD and blu-ray players.  Still, it felt like a big deal to buy official DVDs.  After all, in many cases, there were extras included that could not be seen on TV or even online (at that time).  I love that I can still put Sing Blue Silver into the blu-ray player and watch it whenever I want.  Lately, though, I have noticed that there are a lot less official DVD releases happening.  For example, I wanted to buy my niece some DVDs of shows that she likes for her upcoming birthday on Sunday (Happy 16th, kid!).  Unfortunately, not all of the the shows she likes is available on DVD.  She can stream them but not own actual DVDs.  I suspect the reason behind this is that many people out there don’t buy DVDs anymore.  Streaming services allow people to watch shows that they are interested in at any time.  The DVDs aren’t necessary.  Of course, I wonder what will happen once shows leave Netflix or Hulu or whatever they are on.  Will DVDs be made then?  I bet they will only get made if it appears that a large number of copies would be sold to make production costs worth it.

This leads me back to Duran and this DVD.  Will it be released?  If so, when?  Does it matter?  I do not have a clue on the first couple of questions.  Anyone know?  Personally, I would like a DVD copy of that show.  Why?  First of all, I love the idea that there might be extras.  (Of course, I have to acknowledge that I have no idea if there would be but the possible idea still excites me.)  Beyond that, though, I would love a copy that I could just slip into the blu-ray player.  I wouldn’t need wi-fi or a streaming service.  No, I would be able to watch it easily over and over.

Now, why would I want this particular show?  Before you all start thinking that I would want it because I was there, that would be completely wrong.  I didn’t attend that show but I did go to a few shows and would love, love, love to have some quality footage of what shows on the Paper Gods Tour were like.  I would be reminded of songs that they played just for this tour that I’m sure I have already forgotten.  It would be closest thing to having shows I attended on video that I could relive over and over.  Just think about it.  I could watch the confetti of Pressure Off whenever I wanted.  Then, I could skip to the beach balls of Rio before watching the amazing background images of trees and lyrics that accompanied Paper Gods.  Beyond all that, I also get excited about the idea of what the packaging would be like.  I remember getting the DVD for Live from London and A Diamond in the Mind.  On top of having amazing shows on film, I also  got an amazing package, which is one of the things I absolutely adore about Duran.  They care about the details and have made their fans care about them, too.

So, what do the rest of you think?  Should this show be released on DVD?  Would you buy it?


Duran Duran Unstaged on DVD

Anyone see this posted on Duran Duran’s Facebook and Twitter this week?

Unstaged ad

That’s right.  Duran Duran’s Unstaged will be coming out on DVD in less than 2 weeks in the United States and Canada!  To refresh everyone’s memory, Unstaged was a film by David Lynch from a live concert that took place in Los Angeles in March 2011.  It wasn’t quite a concert film but it wasn’t quite something else either, but a combination of Duran Duran live with strange images and projections from the mind of David Lynch.  This DVD won’t be exactly new footage as some of us (coughRhondacough) were there that night while others of us reviewed it from the YouTube stream.  (You can read about Rhonda’s experience here and my review here.)  Unstaged was also shown in movie theaters as well, which many of us got to experience (read those reviews here and here.)  Despite having seen it streamed online and in a movie theater, I’m still pretty excited by this DVD release.  Why?  I’m excited to see how I view it now and I’m excited for those extras!

If you read my review in March of 2011, you can tell that I wasn’t super thrilled with it.  I didn’t know what to expect and it showed.  I found some of the images problematic and I missed just seeing the band perform live, which is more of what I expected based on other concert films.  Yet, when I went to see it in the theater, I knew what to expect and could really enjoy it more!  Yes, perhaps, my enjoyment increased due to seeing the band on the big screen!!  I have to admit that I have seen the band on the big screen three times (Live from London in November 2005, A Diamond in the Mind at Durandemonium in October 2013 and Unstaged) and each time has been REALLY awesome!  Is it seeing the band larger than life?  Is it being in a room with other fans?  A combination of both?  Maybe.  Thus, I’m interested to see how my reaction changes again after seeing it at home, in my own living room.

Of course, beyond seeing it for a third time, I’m pretty excited by those extras.  I’m always excited to see DVD extras.  According to the photo above, there are 11 extras.  Here is the list:

In the Studio
First Instrument,
Concert & Song
Star Struck
Nick s Dream
Simon s Dream
White Light

I suspect that we might have seen some, if not all of those.  I am also sure that many/most/all might be available on YouTube, but they aren’t all listed together and I can’t just watch all of them together.  Plus, I’m also confused by what I can find on YouTube.  For example, if I look up Duran Duran Unstaged Trailer, I find these videos and more.

Which trailer is the one on the DVD or will it be a completely new one to me?  I look forward to finding out!

I do wonder about a couple of things, though.  First, I wonder why it is being released on DVD vs. blu-ray.  I would have preferred to get it on blu-ray but I do understand that it might have been easier to produce on DVD for various reasons that are beyond my knowledge.  Second, I know that it has been released somewhere beyond North America but I can’t remember exactly where.  Australia?  If you know, let me know!  I also wonder why it can’t be released worldwide?!  I’m sure that there are lots of other fans who would love to own, just like I am!

What do the rest of you think?  Are you excited by this DVD release? Will you be ordering it, if you can?



Duran Duran History – Chic

Duran Duran History for February 23: On this date in 1999, Chic: Live at the Budokan was released, which featured a performance of “Notorious” with Simon LeBon.

Interestingly enough, Nile Rodgers has a special recollection of this performance on his own blog that we’ve referred to here from time to time.  That performance of “Notorious” from Budokan was from  the last concert that Nile would do with Bernard Edwards before his death. In fact, during “Notorious”, Bernard was behind the drum riser, receiving oxygen while he continued to play. For those that did not know, Bernard had apparently been fighting Pneumonia and did not want to cancel the performance.  Bernard passed away later that evening or next morning in his hotel room watching television, as Nile discovered upon finding his body the next day after Bernard failed to answer his wake-up call.

Each time Nile recounts the events of that performance and evening which can be found dotted throughout his own Walking on Planet C blog, you can still very much sense the pain and anguish. While there is little that can be done to lessen the pain, it continues to teach me that nothing is guaranteed. We don’t know when will be “the last time”. The DVD is of course special simply because it is the last with Bernard Edwards, but it also features the magic – the friendship, the family, the music –  the very reasons we choose to attend concerts.


Going to Sit This One Out…Really?!

I’m in a mood.  Perhaps, it is because I desperately need a vacation.  Maybe, it is because this weekend is super busy for me and I don’t have much time to get things done.  Nonetheless, my mood did not improve as I ventured around Duran message boards.  It seems that there are a fair number of posters who are either not planning on buying the live dvd and/or are not planning to go to any shows, if Duran comes back to their part of the States.  What was the reasoning?  It isn’t lack of money, which would make sense to me.  It is because of the setlists that these people felt are “tired” and/or “boring”.  I’ll be the first to admit that I complain about hearing songs like Come Undone for 151st time but I can’t imagine not going to a show or not buying a dvd because of it.  To me, there is way more to a show than a setlist!  It also seems to me that people did not learn a valuable lesson last year and from other fans.

Let’s start with the premise.  Is the current setlist “tired” or “boring”?  In order to decide that, we need to analyze a current one.  Just today the band played in Singapore and here was the setlist:  Before the Rain, Planet Earth, A View to a Kill, All You Need is Now, Reflex, Come Undone, Safe, Notorious, Girl Panic, Leopard, Is There Something I Should Know, White Lines, Ordinary World, Hungry like the Wolf, Sunrise, Wild Boys, Girls on Film and Rio.  How many of those songs are standards?  I would say 11 are standards in that they play them at pretty much most of the shows.  These songs include their biggest hits from the Reflex to A View to a Kill to Rio to Girls on Film.  Then, they are playing a bunch of songs off of the new album.  This makes sense to me.  After all, isn’t the live show to advertise their current work?  I think so.  The argument could be made that they could mix those up some or choose different one.  Anyway, as of now, there are 5 new tracks on there.  That totals 16.  After that, there are a couple of songs that they seem to play for a tour and then remove, which included Is There Something I Should Know and White Lines.  That’s really it.  This setlist would equal about 2 hours.  The time playing seems fair to me.  So, the question then comes in, do they have to play so many hits?  That is debatable.  On one hand, they aren’t playing to crowds who are hardcore Duranies who own every album and who are dying to hear obscure album tracks.  They just aren’t.  So, if they don’t play any of the hits, they run the risk of alienating most of the crowd.  Could they exchange one or two hits for something a bit more unusual?  Sure.  I would like that.  Many others would to.  That said, while many of us would like something different instead of whatever track or tracks you are most sick of, there is a reason that they put setlists together like that.  I get it and accept it.  Besides to me, there is way more to a show than just the setlist.

As I explained in an earlier blog, which can be read here, there are many other factors that determine a great show for me.  Some of these other elements include the crowd, the people I’m with, and where I’m sitting.  The other most important factor that these fans seem to forget is the band.  Do they think the setlist is tired?  Are they sick of it?  More to the point, if they are sick of it, does it show?  Do they lack energy?  Do they seem not to care?  If the band comes out on stage and has a tremendous amount of energy, to me, I feed off of them.  My energy increases even with songs I’m sick of.  Goodness knows, Rhonda and I actually enjoyed Hungry in the UK and we are way sick of that one!  Do these fans really trust Duran Duran so little?  Do they really think that they can’t perform well enough, no matter if the setlist is old or not?  To me, that doesn’t seem very fan-like. 

The other part about this kind of attitude that doesn’t sit well with me is the lesson I have learned over the past year.  Last year, in May, Simon lost a third of his vocal range.  Many, many shows were canceled.  Shows I had tickets to were canceled.  I honestly didn’t know if he would ever be able to sick again.  To tell the truth, I really didn’t think he would be able to sing again.  On top of that, I truly get now that there are many, many fans who desperately want to see Duran Duran perform live, but haven’t been able to or can’t for whatever reason.  For those people, they don’t care what the setlist is.  They don’t care if some of us are sick of Hungry like the Wolf because they have never seen it performed once.  They might love to see it.  Of course, I see this attitude within the fandom on other topics besides the setlists.  I see people get annoyed at the venue choice.  I see people who can and are able to travel reasonably refuse to do it for some reason or another.  People just seem to want everything their way.  While I can understand having some demands, I don’t understand people who think that they should be able to decide everything when it comes to their fandom.  I mean…really…wouldn’t we all like Duran Duran to come place at our houses and play the setlist we give them.  I know I would, but I also understand that this will never happen.  

I guess my point is this.  Why not enjoy what you have as a fan?  Why try to be that picky about something as small as the setlist or whatever?  If you are able to get to a show, go and enjoy it.  Other people would love to be in that situation.  After all, you never know when it is going to end. 


Sneak Peek of Diamond in the Mind!!!

We interrupt this edition of scandal, ridicule, news, gossip and debate to bring you special breaking Duranie news…

Diamond in the Mind footage

Go on, click on it.  You know you wanna.  I’ll wait.

For those of you out there who can’t possibly wait until “early summer 2012” for the DVD, I know you’re going to watch it again.  And again…or is that just me?  So what if a lot of it is in German and it’s interlaced with interview.  How exactly is listening to John and Nick speak on a Monday morning a bad thing???

I can’t blame you.  Don’t even begin to think I might have sat here stone-faced as I watched it…a few times.  Are you kidding?  Seeing them on stage?  Those lights?  That snakeskin patterned shirt of Simon’s?  Yep.  Brings back all the memories of seeing them in the UK last December, with none of the jet lag.  The bonus?  My bank account hasn’t taken a hit yet this morning either!

Oh, and there’s that guitar player too….gotta love Dom.  Not bad for a Monday morning.

So while you’re all watching…I’m gonna go watch too.  Again, this time with a coffee mug in hand.

(we’ll be back in the morning with more of those hard-hitting questions and debate worthy topics….but even Daily Duranie needs to take a fangirl break now and then!)