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Reading the PIctures

Today marks the end of the set of daily questions about Duran Duran’s various DVDs. First, I asked about who had various releases before deciding which one fans like best. This got me thinking. Has Duran Duran produced all the DVDs they should have? What about music videos? Did they make enough of those? Are there songs that they should have made videos for?

DVDs that weren’t released but should have been

The first one that comes to mind, of course, is Drama Americana. According to Duran’s wiki, “Drama Americana is an unreleased Duran Duran 64 minute documentary film, directed by Gavin Elder. The documentary was filmed during the US leg of The Astronaut Tour in 2005, and Nick Rhodes said on Katy’s Kafe (March 2009) that the product is now finished and confessed he’s very pleased with the title.” I know that the Astronaut Tour was super exciting for me so I would love, love, love to see this. I have to wonder if it was never released because Andy left. There is a trailer on YouTube.

What about the Live at the Budokan from the Paper Gods Tour? We know that one was done since it aired somewhere (Japan, maybe? I cannot remember.) I’m all for live performances, especially for tours that I saw. This way I would have something to watch to remind me what those shows were like (besides my faulty memory!) You can see it on YouTube but I would love to have an actual copy with all the cool packaging, etc.

Besides the ones that we know have been created, should there be other ones and if so, what? Personally, I would have loved a DVD for each tour. Duran already has quite a few with Live at Hammersmith ’82 (for the Rio tour), As the Lights Go Down (Sing Blue Silver Tour of ’84), Working for the Skin Trade (’87), Live in Milan (for the Big Thing era of ’89), Live from London for the reunion of 2004, and A Diamond in the Mind for All You Need Is Now (2011). So, I could argue that we need one for the all the rest of the 1990s. What about that Broadway run that I mentioned yesterday? That would be a cool way to showcase the Red Carpet Massacre Tour.

What about other documentaries? I, for one, loved the Classic Albums one about the making of the Rio album. I know that they have done some DVD features for more recent albums that act in that way in which we get a little behind the scenes of the writing and recording tracks on an album. I wish we had something like that for Paper Gods, actually. One documentary possibility that I think would be super cool would be if they captured the writing and recording process. I just would love to be a fly on the wall to see and hear how it is really done. After all, I don’t think we ever really know what something is like until we see it for ourselves, especially one’s job. (It is a big pet peeve of mine as everyone in the world thinks they know what it is like to be a teacher (my job) because everyone has gone to school. Wrong.)

Videos that should have been made

Similarly to DVDs, Duran Duran has created a ton of videos. I love so many of them and could only imagine that I would love more, if they had done more. Of course, to be realistic, they cannot do one of each and every song. So, I would have to pick and choose which songs are most deserving of a video. What criteria would I use? The songs that would create the best images or visuals? The songs that fans love the most? Songs that are the best representatives of an era or a particular sound? I don’t have any easy answers. Even tougher, what if I gave a limit? What if I could only request 5 more videos? What would I choose and why?

The first song that popped in my head was Before the Rain. Not only do I love the song but I think the lyrics are amazing. I would love to see what the band would come up with for a video. In concert, they used some images of military and historical images, which I thought was cool. Could it be something like the video for New Moon on Monday? Wouldn’t that be amazing? The next song that I thought about would be Hold Back the Rain. It is a favorite of mine. That said, the Rio album already has a ton of videos for it. On top of it, maybe they wouldn’t want to do that since it was a song that Simon wrote for John. What about a song like Planet Roaring? It could be a love letter of sorts to the fans or the connection that the band has to their fans. Again, I would have to think that would be pretty awesome.

Clearly, picking songs that should have videos made is not that easy of a task. The more I think about it, the more difficult it is. What about the rest of you? What would you choose and why?


Like Never Seen Before: Duran Duran DVDs

I have been enjoying the recent set of questions of the day. I originally started the set by asking about who owns what album and in which format. This started because I was curious about what I have always suspected, which is that there are a number of fans who don’t own certain albums (Medazzaland, Pop Trash, etc.) Then, I also wondered about how Duranies consume their music. Much of what I suspected proved true through the daily surveys. Soon enough, though, I began to be curious about videos and various DVDs released over the years. This led me to find a complete listing of videos released over the years. Many of these I could have listed myself but others I have forgotten about. Here’s the list:

  • Duran Duran Video Compilation (1983)
  • Duran Duran Video 45 (1984)
  • Dancing on the Valentine (1984)
  • As the Lights Go Down (1984)
  • Sing Blue Silver (1984)
  • Arena (An Absurd Notion) (1984)
  • Three to Get Ready (1987)
  • Working for the Skin Trade (1988)
  • 6ix by 3hree (1988)
  • Decade (1989)
  • Extraordinary World (1993)
  • Greatest (1998)
  • Live from London (2005)
  • Classic Album: Rio (2008)
  • Live at Hammersmith ’82! (2010)
  • A Diamond in the Mind (2012)

As I look at the list, I have some observations and also more that I want to know from our fan community. I notice that the number of DVDs released has slowed way down compared to the 80s. I understand this. After all, there are other means for fans to watch various media featuring the band. That said, the very last video compilation was Greatest in 1998. There have been a lot of videos released since then: Someone Else Not Me, Sunrise, What Happens Tomorrow, Falling Down, All You Need Is Now, Girl Panic, Pressure Off and Last Night in the City. Would fans like a DVD with all of these, even though they are available online? I can only speak for myself and say that I would. While I can pull these videos up online, I would love to be able to easily see them all at once. Plus, I’m sure that the band would do amazing things with packaging. Perhaps, another idea would be for the band to do a complete video DVD with all videos. Wouldn’t that be cool for the 40th anniversary?

What about live videos? How many of those have there been? There have been 5 of those covering these tours: Rio Tour of 1982, Sing Blue Silver Tour of 1984, Strange Behaviour Tour of 1987, Reunion Tour of 2004, and the All You Need Is Now Tour of 2011. Honestly, I wish there were more, lots more. This leads me to another idea. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a DVD that features live clips of every tour? I cannot imagine that the band wouldn’t have footage of every tour somewhere in their archive. Maybe this could be a way to showcase how awesome they are live. That would be a cool set of questions I could ask, too. What song should be included for each tour, if we can only pick one song per tour? Or if we cannot get a DVD focused on each tour, maybe, we could pick one more tour to have a live show for. Would we want a DVD of Paper Gods like we have heard as a possibility or something else? Maybe a show from the Wedding Album, for example? The first tour?

The last set of DVDs are documentaries or behind the scenes footage. The most well-known is Sing Blue Silver but many fans mentioned how much they loved Three to Get Ready after asking about it on the question of the day. Extraordinary World is hard to come by as it was not available on regular DVD, at least not in the States. Maybe they could re-release that one. What about more documentaries in the same vein as Classic Albums: Rio, where the band explains each of the tracks? Which album would you want covered that like? Of course, there were some documentaries as part of other DVDs. For example, there was a documentary attached to Live from London. Is that enough to cover the reunion or would we want more? Would we want a documentary about a different era than 1984, 1987 and 2004? I think yes. What other footage exists that could be turned into a documentary? Could we get a documentary about the 40th anniversary?

In thinking about the DVDs that already exist makes me want more. I want more videos, more live shows, more documentaries, more of everything. I cannot be the only one, right? It also gets me to think of other questions that could be asked with the questions of the day. On that note, I might just have to put on one of the DVDs that already exists. Happy viewing to me!


Live DVDs and Documentaries

Do you ever read the Collector’s Corner on Duran Duran’s official website?  Have you read this month’s?  This month, which you can read here, focused on the Working for the Skin Trade DVD.  This is a concert video from 1988, as part of the world tour supporting Notorious called the Strange Behaviour Tour.  What I really like about this month’s “corner” is that it explains the history of it, including format, when and where it was released and more.  I know that I appreciated it being part of the Notorious re-release box set that came out in 2010.

The corner goes on to explain that this DVD was a companion piece to Three to Get Ready, a documentary focused on preparations for the tour, a behind-the-scenes look at the band and its team then.  As pointed out on the corner, this documentary came in two versions, a short on and a much longer version.  I remember seeing the longer version after having seen the shorter version and being shocked that there was a lot more swearing in the longer version!

Reading this Collector’s Corner got me thinking.  How often has Duran Duran released live DVDs?  How often have they come out with documentaries surrounding a tour or album?  The first live DVD I can think of is Hammersmith 1982.  Does that tour or album have a documentary connected with it?  There is the Classic Albums DVD in which the band describes making of Rio in detail.  Does that count?  Obviously, the Classic Albums DVD came out years later but…close enough?

Then, of course, there was the classic, fan-favorite of Sing Blue Silver that showcased the 1984 Sing Blue Silver Tour.  There is a live concert for that tour as well, As the Lights Go Down, that was also released on a re-release box set of Seven and the Ragged Tiger.  What about documentaries or live shows for Big Thing?  Not really even though a live show was included on the re-release.  Liberty?  Nope.  The Wedding Album?  There was the documentary Extraordinary World, but that isn’t readily available.  I don’t think there was a live DVD for that time either.  What about the rest of the albums before the reunion?  I can’t think of any.  (Doesn’t meant that there wasn’t.  I just can’t think of one.  If you know of one, please let me know.)

Then, of course, the reunion happened.  Astronaut did have some DVDs released.  We know that Live from London was a live concert from shows in 2004.  There were some documentaries around then, too.  The Astronaut album had one.  There was also a small one on the dual disc and a longer one as part of the Live from London release.  In thinking about those releases, I realize how cool that was!  What about Red Carpet Massacre?  Again, I cannot think of anything official.  All You Need Is Now had a live concert with A Diamond in the Mind.  There was a small documentary on that, but nothing like Sing Blue Silver or Three to Get Ready.  Paper Gods, sadly, has not had either one.

Overall, I would say that Duran Duran fans are pretty lucky to have had as many as live concerts and documentaries as we have.  That said, I cannot be the only one out who would have loved to have them for each and every album.  Now, the next thing I think of is which one is my favorite live concert and favorite documentary?  What are your favorites?


Today in Duran history – A Diamond in the Mind

On today’s date in 2012…A Diamond in the Mind (CD & DVD) was released!

If you were one of the wonderful attendees to Durandemonium last October, you had the good fortune to see Diamond in the Mind on the big screen during our private viewing party!  I knew the show would be great on a theater-sized screen, but it exceeded even *my* expectations….either that or we were all so show-starved that we couldn’t help ourselves from getting up and dancing in the aisles!

Makes you kind of wish for another show….


Hey TV Child…

For some crazy reason, I had written down that I would blog about Roger in this month’s Katy Kafe but, apparently, it isn’t out yet.  I’m sure it will be soon.  This, of course, led me to look into my blog notebook (no comments, Rhonda!) to see what else I could blog about and nothing hit me.  I have many topics/ideas but none of them were inspiring to me.  I think a big part of the reason is that I have a long list of things that must be done before I go to Chicago and before my Duranie get together/party.  This is when it hit me.  I could try to hit two birds with one stone.  I could blog AND do something to get ready.  Now, if you have been reading the blog, you will know that this get together won’t be my first and probably won’t be my last.  I enjoy hosting them and enjoying talking and watching Duran all night.  (Clearly, I like to do that.  If I didn’t, I probably shouldn’t…I don’t know…plan a fan convention.)  Anyway, I have a confession to make.  I have a lot of Duran footage.  A lot.  I buy every official thing that comes out.  I can’t think of something that has come out that I don’t have.  (Although, I would love to find out that I’m missing something so that I would have something new to buy!).  Thus, there is a lot to choose from.  In my experience, I have found that people aren’t so quick to say, “I want to watch ___________” or “I would watch anything but __________”.  Why is that?  Is that because if it is Duran, it is all good?  Is it because we are too nice? 

Before I dive further into why people don’t express preferences, let’s look at what official stuff is out on video/DVD.  There is a ton from almost every era and everything from live performances to interviews to documentaries and more.  Here’s what I have:

*1st album era-
DVD that came with remastered edition

*Rio era-
Classic Album (band members discuss each song and perform)
Hammersmith Odeon ’82 show

*Seven and the Ragged Tiger era-
Sing Blue Silver
DVD that came with remastered edition
*Power Station/Arcadia era-
Arcadia videos and making of the videos that came with remastered edition
Power Station DVD that came with remastered edition

*Notorious era-
Three to Get Ready (documentary)
Working for the Skin Trade that came with remastered edition

*Big Thing era-
Big Thing Live that came with remastered edition

*Medazzaland era-

*Astronaut era-
Astronaut documentary with the album
Dual Disc documentary
Live from London
The Ultimate Review (documentary)
Something You Should Know (documentary on fans)

*Red Carpet Massacre era-
DVD that came with deluxe edition of album

*All You Need Is Now era-
A Diamond in the Mind
DVD that came with the deluxe edition

John Taylor movies including Sugartown, A Diva’s Christmas Carol, The Flintstones:  Viva Rock Vegas, Vegas:  City of Dreams.
John’s solo career: John Taylor Terroristen:  Better Off Alive

As you can tell by this list, most eras have been covered by official releases of some sort, as least, according to my catalog.  So, the question comes in.  How do I get people to choose what to watch?  In most cases, I think people have many eras or many types of Duran related footage that they like to watch.  There are definitely times that I would prefer to watch more recent stuff and other times that I’m dying to watch Sing Blue Silver to remember what the insanity of the 1980s looked like.  Likewise, there are times that I’m in the mood to watch a great live performance and times that I would prefer more interviews.  Also, I know that who I am with makes a huge difference, too.  I remember watching the Big Thing concert that is included on the remastered edition at Rhonda’s birthday a few years ago.  It was so fun because of the friends we were with!  Plus, you don’t necessarily want to watch a lot of interviews if you would be talking or making comments during them.  Thus, the setting and the people do make a difference.  Still, I don’t want to spend a lot of time having people say, “It doesn’t matter to me” or “I don’t care”.  Thus, I’m hoping that I can, at least, get people to say an era and/or what type of footage they want to watch. 

So, what am I in the mood to watch in a couple of weeks with a bunch of Duranie friends?  I am usually partial to either the latest era (All You Need Is Now) or early Duran.  Thus, I wouldn’t mind putting in the DVD that came with All You Need Is Now or the DVD that came with the first album remastered edition.  I wouldn’t want to watch A Diamond in the Mind, though, since we will be watching it on the big screen for the convention!  That said, I also adore showing people footage that they have never seen before.  I like watching their reactions.  It gives me a little sense of what I felt like when I had first seen something.  Now, of course, another of my favorite things to do while watching Duran is to make a drinking game out of it!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with drinking games, this is how I typically do it.  Each person gets 4-5 things that they have to watch for or the whole group has 4-5 things that they watch for.  When one of those items gets shown, a drink is taken.  For Duran footage, I have a number of ideas all ready written down.  For example, one item could be a funny Simon dance move.  Another item might be Nick taking a photograph.  Sometimes, the what to watch for is specific to the exact footage.  Sing Blue Silver’s items might include screaming fans or limos, for instance.  To me, a game makes it a little more fun!

So, readers, what do you think I should suggest to people to watch, if they don’t voice an opinion?  Should I encourage a drinking game (which can be done with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, by the way)?  What are your favorites to watch?


What’s New in Duranland

I figured it is time to summarize and comment on the latest news in the world of Duran Duran.  Their official website has been a pretty busy place lately with information regarding the upcoming DVD release, information about projects from Simon and John and tour information. 

First, more information was released regarding the upcoming DVD, A Diamond in the Mind.  This information included tracklisting, format information, list of extras, a synopsis and a tentative release date.  You can find the news release here.  Of course, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t have a couple of thoughts regarding what I read and comments I have seen from other fans.  I noticed that there will be a deluxe edition along with blu-ray and a cd.  What this includes I’m not really sure.  Do you get both the video and cd with the deluxe edition?  I’m sure that I will buy whatever format(s) in order to see and hear everything.  I also noted that the release date was in July.  This would be nice for a variety of reasons.  One, it would give Rhonda and I something new to review then.  Two, it would create excitement both for myself and for other fans with shows coming up.  Lastly, it will take me back to that wonderful UK tour that Rhonda and I had last year.  Now, of course, it wouldn’t be Duranland if I saw or heard no criticism.  It seems that some fans do not plan to buy it due to the setlist.  Honestly, here is where my eyes start to roll.  Why?  That makes no real sense to me.  Why wouldn’t a fan want to see a high quality performance from the band?  Plus, if that is the reason that someone did not go to a show, I would argue that they are judging a book by its cover.  In this case, it is judging a show based on the setlist.  If you didn’t go to a show then and you won’t watch/buy the DVD, you really can’t judge the quality of the performance or setlist.  Beyond all that, I do not understand why a fan wouldn’t want to see those 2011 interviews or behind the scenes footage.  I both look forward to those and dread those.  That time with the canceled shows and Simon’s vocal problems were extremely tough, emotionally, and I suspect that I will be emotional all over again by watching some of this footage.  Nonetheless, it is important to note what that time was like both for historical sake and for a reminder of why we should appreciate what we have now.  It is a lesson that should not be forgotten. 

Second, there were news releases regarding both Simon and John.  In Simon’s case, the news release was about a cause that Simon has decided to support and that is THE AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE (TAAS).  This service provides emergency medical service in England and one that he could back after receiving his own rescue in 1985 with the capsizing of Drum.  I think it is cool when the band decides to champion a cause, especially one that seems close to the band member’s heart.  The news release can be read here.  There are pictures of Simon’s visit on the official website as well.  As for John Taylor, he has been a busy man finishing his autobiography.  This week, he announced the title, “In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran” and where it is being published in some countries.  According to, it is due to be released October 16, 2012, here in the States.  On the day of the announcement, John spent part of it on twitter sharing the news.  Apparently, there will be an audio edition!  Obviously, this is one that I cannot wait for!  I am already planning my voicemail message, “Please do not disturb unless you have a Duranie alert.  I am reading John Taylor’s book.  I will return to the world of the living when I’m done!”  The Daily Duranie will be reviewing it as well!  Now, I have seen some people questioning the title.  I must give John credit as I know how hard it is to name a book.  Before you ask, yes, we have part of the title of our book ready.  We are still working on it and, no, we won’t share yet!  🙂  As for the quality of the title, I like it.  I feel like it fits John well, which is the key.  What do the rest of you think? has this news alert as well here and, like Simon’s, has pictures! 

Lastly, Duran Duran Headquarters continues to update tour information.  In the case of South America, they announced that the venues for two shows have been changed.  You can read it about it here.  They do not provide a reason but acknowledge that the dates are the same and that the tickets for the other venues will be valid.  I don’t know how much of a big deal this is.  Are the new venues close to the old ones?  Are the seating charts the same or are all the venues GA?  South American fans, I would love to know the impact of this on you guys!  Of course, the US tour keeps getting updated as well.  Presales have taken place for the following locations:  Saratoga, Tucson, Memphis, Biloxi, Durham, Kettering and Chicago.  In most cases, public sales for those locations have happened as well with the exception of Chicago, which takes place on the 26th.  Future presales with known dates include:  Costa Mesa (4/25) and Oklahoma (6/27).  How have the presales gone for everyone?  In my experience, I have appreciated the notice that has been given for them.  Obviously, I wish that they had better seats for Chicago.  I’ll be curious as to what tickets are offered for the public sale for that one.  It might really have to do with the venue and their donor ticket deal.  Fans are still waiting on venue and presale information for Atlanta, Connecticut and Atlantic City.  Of course, people are still wondering if more dates will be added.  In looking at the tour schedule, I can see some possible dates to add show to:  August 13th or August 14th, August 22nd or August 23rd, or August 26th or August 27th.  Thus, in my calculations, at most, they could add 3 more dates.  I, for one, would love to see a date added on the 22nd in between Durham and Connecticut.  I would say that Virginia or DC or Baltimore or other nearby places would be a lovely spot for another show, especially since Rhonda and I would love to get one more in that area…Ah, we can dream, right? 

All in all, I love that there is so much going on in Duranland.  We have many things to look forward to!!!


Too Much Information (not really!)

News news news…I think I’ve got a little bit of everything to share this morning!

For those of us going through show withdrawals, a LIVE DVD of a recent show in Manchester England is coming out very soon. The DVD, titled, A Diamond in the Mind, Duran Duran – A Performance – 2011, will be released in early summer of 2012!  Hopefully it’ll tide us all over until we can get ourselves to another show, because as I am fond of saying – when the natives get restless, Duranies will eat one another for breakfast!!!  In addition, I know that David Lynch DVD of Unstaged is coming soon.  Nick…our fearless controller and keeper of DuranTime…has been mixing that in his “spare time”.  I’m hoping we see that DVD before I retire, but if not…it will still prove useful for many a Duranie drinking game, I am sure.  “When you see a hot dog superimposed on the screen, you must drink!”  Cheers!!!

Girl Panic!!  Did anyone happen to catch the interview John did for a Dubai website? One of the topics was the Girl Panic video.  So far it has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube.  John mentions that despite so many views, he doesn’t believe it’s sold even one extra mp3, then follows up by saying “you can see how the model has changed.” I see it, the band sees it, but how does one work with it?!  I’m the first to admit here, I have no ideas. I don’t understand how a video can be viewed so well and still not push sales.  It’s a good thing I’m not a manager.  Does anyone really know?  Amanda and I traded emails about this very topic last night.  I feel as though while no, the band does not need to sell as they did back in 1984 (although lets be honest here – that’d really be nice for them) – sales still matter.  Live shows are great, and sure, they could become a purely live show band and stop writing, but somehow I suspect that wouldn’t be enough.  What to do…what to do…

Warren fans take heed…TV Mania is coming!!  Anyone who has been reading Salvo’s Duranasty website (and everyone should!) knows that the day has finally come where TV Mania will be released…sometime this year. I detected a slight annoyance in Warren’s tone when he described the release as “Yeah, ten years later.”  That nasty Duran-time seems to bleed into everything, doesn’t it?  There’s no real promotion set up for this release, as Nick mentioned that he’d be touring with Duran Duran, so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.  Watch this space, as I’m sure Daily Duranie will be reviewing this project!

Dom Brown was really singing the blues several days back (corny? absolutely!!) when his hard drive, containing the brand new blues album he has been working on with his father, decided it’s time was up. Poor Dom made mention of this last night on Twitter.  “It wasn’t a good place to be for a day or so…. so reliant on technology it’s a little frightening!!” Luckily, it all ended on a good note, thanks to a marathon 16 hour mixing session to finish!  Looking forward to hearing the fruits of all of that labor, as I’m sure Daily Duranie will be doing a review (we’re going to be really busy with reviews!) as soon as the album is available!  I’ve also made a mental note to back up my computer today, thanks to Dom.  Our entire manuscript is on this laptop, and while Amanda also has a copy on hers – I worry about losing the work I’m currently revising (that blasted social network chapter!)  If my hard drive crashed right now, I’d be spending some quality time with my Grey Goose vodka and some olives, that is for sure.

In other fangirl news…I am seeing reports right now that Davy Jones, once of The Monkees, has passed away from a heart attack.  He was 66 years old.  Now, let me just share that while I’ve not mentioned this publicly, I was a HUGE FAN of THE MONKEES.  Huge.  I wasn’t even born when their show was on the air, but I watched reruns every. single. day.  I can remember eating my PB&J’s, sitting on the couch, watching The Monkees each lunchtime. (my mom was pretty cool about letting me eat in the living room, apparently)  They were truly my first “crush” I suppose…and I’ve even seen them in concert back when they reunited.  Daydream believer?  You bet…and at the age of 3 and 4 I probably thought I was going to marry Davy Jones.  It didn’t quite occur to me that there was a significant age difference and that by the time I was watching that show, he was already 5 or 6 years older than what I was seeing.  Never mind that.  I was taking that Last Train to Clarksville and I was definitely meeting him at the station, just as soon as I could read a map!   My heart is very, very heavy at the moment.  I was planning to go see him when he came in concert near me later this spring.

I’m going to go play some of my Monkees albums, and be thankful that a few of my idols are still walking this planet with me……   And they’d better KEEP on walking!


Boys on Film

Duran Duran played in Manchester tonight.  While that is exciting, what is more exciting is that the concert was filmed.  Duran’s facebook and twitter have made numerous references to this fact in the status updates and tweets.  John has mentioned this as well on his twitter.  I have seen other fans talk about this filled with such enthusiasm over the idea.  Initially, I was right there with everyone else!  I mean what kind of Duranie wouldn’t like them to film a live show?!  We all would, right?  I definitely would love a permanent, edited version of a show on this tour as it has been a special one for the Daily Duranie.  Heck, I would love a live DVD of at least one show per tour, even if the tour wasn’t all that exciting.  I would buy a copy of each one even if I didn’t attend any shows during that tour.  That said, I find myself wondering if this excitement will be short-lived or not.

Duran Duran has recorded many, many moments throughout their long careers in some way, shape or form.  Nick, for example, takes photographs during shows and has for many, many years.  I can’t remember the last time that he didn’t take pictures.  Yet, we haven’t seen all of those or even a tiny fraction of them, I’m sure.  Heck, we haven’t seen any audience pictures from the UK tour AT ALL (yet)!  I, for one, would love to see all of them.  I want to see every single picture that Nick has taken.  I’m sure that he has many photos of fans and many photos of the band.  I would love them all, I think!  Beyond the photograph is all of the footage that Duran has taken before on film!  I’m still waiting for Drama Americana about the ’05 US Tour.  I bet I’m not the only one who wants to still see it!  Yes, yes, I know that they recorded and released Live from London.  That quality DVD is from shows in 2004, which is a long time ago now!  I’m willing to bet that they have other shows recorded between Live from London and tonight’s show in Manchester.  So, where did those other shows go?  Don’t they realize that they could be making tons of money by releasing live shows on DVD?  Heck, people would pay money to hear live shows on CD or mp3.  I guess my point here is that I hope that this recording will actually be made available to the public.  I would buy it and I bet others will, too!

My desire to buy such a product comes partly from my insane desire to have everything Duran related but the other part comes from my wish to have a show on this tour captured.  I want something to refer back to when I describe what these UK shows were like.  I want one so that I don’t forget what they were like!  Shows on DVD can take you back in time, at least for a couple of hours, and remind you of what a great experience you had!  Of course, I’m making a huge assumption here.  I assume that this show was similar to all of the rest.  I would hope that they would be capturing simply one of many shows with the same flavor and not something completely new.  It should represent the tour, which includes all of the elements found in the UK Tour ’11.  I want to see Simon have a fan start the Reflex or to hear John talk about tweeting to introduce tweeting #Duranlive during Tiger Tiger.  I want the authentic experience.  Live from London seemed to do that (I didn’t go to any shows in the UK then so I’m assuming….if I’m wrong, let me know).  I’m not sure I could say the same for As the Lights Go Down.  Did all of those other theatrical elements happen?  Probably not, I suspect.  While my ten year-old self appreciated that and even my grown-up self can appreciate the artistic quality, I would still want something accurate, something true to the shows.  They don’t need to add anything.  The show is good enough!  Trust me, it was!  Then, of course, there is Arena.  Like many other Duranies, I own it.  I still don’t understand the point of making it sounds not-very-live.  What purpose was served by that? 

I hope that the filming went well today and that they are able to make a quality DVD out of it, one that the public may purchase.  I hope it is representation both of the time but also stays true to what it is, a live show.  Live shows are filled with glitches and other problems.  I want those, too.  I want it all.  While I want to be excited by Duran being “Boys on Film” today, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much in case it is never made public or in case it doesn’t show the fabulousness of these shows.