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To Believe in Your Advice

Can you believe that there are Duran Duran shows happening next week? They are playing in Miami and in Kaboo next week. I have gotten pretty used to not have Duran happenings that I almost don’t know how to wrap my head around the idea. That said, I’m super excited for those who are going to shows this week! I cannot wait to hear all about them. In my realization of impending Duranlive, I remembered that someone commented on a blog post asking about advice for general admission shows. Good question. While I’m definitely not the expert by any means or even a fan of GA shows, I have survived one or two in my lifetime.

Duran shows that are GA are tough, way harder than seeing other bands. The reason for this is that I want to be close. Even when I say that I don’t, I do. I would like to believe that other fans feel similarly but maybe they don’t. Therefore, my advice will center around that premise. If it doesn’t apply to you, then you can probably ignore at least some of what I have to say. The other important thing I have to share before I start my official list of advice to the Duranie heading into a GA show is that the advice is random and probably only applies to the shows in the U.S. My understanding from some of my European friends is that GA shows in other parts of the world aren’t quite so…competitive as they are here in the States.

Have a Plan

I know that having a plan sounds easy but it is harder than it looks. What do I mean about having a plan? First, I would start with research about the venue. Do they allow people to line up? What time do they allow it? Are there means of getting early entry if DuranDuranMusic did not offer an early entry VIP package or you didn’t buy one? Sometimes, Rhonda and I have done well buying some sort of special deal through the venue itself. Of course, sometimes, we have bought those with little benefit. For example, both the Oakland show and the San Francisco show in the summer of 2017 had special add-ons. These cost about $50-75 and offered a special entrance, bathroom, bar and snacks. For Oakland, this allowed us to get in early. For San Francisco, it backfired and we ended up getting in late. Research matters as does seeking out others who have attended shows at that venue.

The next part of the plan consists of figuring out where you hope to end up inside the venue and sticking to it. When you don’t have a plan, it usually goes something like this. You arrive at the venue whenever, probably arriving later than you wanted. Then, when the doors arrive, you glance at the crowd filtering in and decide to go left or right or stay at the center. As you head towards one direction or another, you might change your mind and switch gears, wasting more time in the hopes that you get just a little bit closer. Often, this results in ending up further back in the long run. So my advice here? Again, after looking at the venue map, have a decision made ahead of time about which side of the stage to go towards and stick to it. Stay laser focused as you enter.

Be Happy Where You End Up

All of that advice above said, I would also make sure that you are happy where you end up. Nothing ruins a show faster than spending the time being disappointed about your spot. In 2008, we saw a show at Foxwoods in Connecticut. Yes, our seats were way off to the side and it bothered us to no end. We literally spent the entire time just being mad and finding fault with everything. Even if some of that was justified, we shouldn’t have been like that. That show might have been awesome but I have no means of telling. My memories of that night are not good. Shows are supposed to be fun. We killed our own joy that night. That said, remember that show I referenced earlier in San Francisco that we bought add-on tickets for in the hopes that it would help our location but it did the opposite. We could have been mad that we wasted money or that the plan backfired. Instead, we promised ourselves to enjoy just being there and we did. We had a great time. Attitude matters.

Make Friends Not Enemies

This one might be obvious but do try to make friends with the people near you. First of all, it makes for a more enjoyable experience. It can add to your excitement and ease your discomfort knowing that others are in the exact same boat that you are. Plus, they can then help to defend the space when others try to budge their way closer to the stage as frequently happens. If you are a united front, the person or group will end up heading in a different direction. Likewise, they would hold your spot if you MUST leave for whatever reason. More about that in a minute. Anyway, this far beats alienating or even angering those near you. I have literally been with people who have found the littlest thing to be annoyed about and yelled at people standing near us. The result? We had to move before things got ugly. This meant a much worse spot and a bad attitude going into the show. That said, this doesn’t mean just tolerate anything. People can and will push your limits. Make sure the reason warrants getting all worked up about before you do. Some things matter (like people pushing you out of your space) while others do not (like when people bump into you on accident). I promise that you can tell the difference.

Little Things Add Up

Last but not least, the little things can and do make a different. Plan wisely when it comes to shoes. You will be standing for a LONG time. Be prepared. Cute is not more important than comfortable. Plan your beverage intake. You definitely do not want to be going to the bathroom once you have staked your spot. People are not always kind in terms of leaving and returning and you definitely don’t want to miss a note of the show. Last but certainly not least, I highly recommend NOT having a hangover. I thought I might die the entire Oakland show of 2017 because I had one of the worst hangovers in my life. Don’t be like me on that front. Lesson learned, big time.

All of that said, I hope those of you going to any/all of the upcoming GA shows have a simply amazing time! I hope that you share your experiences with us, too!


I’m Exhausted Already!!!

It is day two of the Daily Duranie summer tour 2012 and I’m exhausted already! Yesterday, Rhonda and I flew to New Orleans and drove to Biloxi in preparation of tonight’s show. I didn’t get much sleep the night before last after being on the phone with Rhonda, changing plans slightly, and over thinking things as I attempted to get my precious zzzs. It didn’t help that I had a ridiculously early flight at 6 am. Luckily, my flights were on time and relatively smooth. Rhonda, likewise, was on time despite the fact that it stormed, stormed, stormed in New Orleans most of the afternoon. We were anxious to get there and get going! Unfortunately, everything was slow. It took awhile for her baggage to appear in baggage claim and it took over 40 minutes just to get the car we had rented! New Orleans traffic was also problematic as it seemed that everyone and their brothers were on the road along with an accident slowed us down! Once we got to Biloxi, it was a rush to get checked in, make ourselves look a little less like we had been traveling all day before heading over to the Hard Rock for our first of many meet ups.
The meet up was fun. There was a small group of us, but that made it good as we had a chance to really talk to everyone. Rhonda and I did our traditional shots and many drinks were consumed. After the dinner meet up, we did walk around a bit to scope out the scene and went to a club here. This was a very informative time as we learned that some of our information was wrong. The line for general admission is INSIDE! In fact, it starts where the box office right by the venue, which from what we saw last night and what we have heard is tiny. Obviously, Rhonda and I beyond relieved. We kept trying to prepare ourselves to tolerate the weather and outside conditions in order to get a good spot. Now, we don’t have to worry!!! Apparently, the line has, at times, gone outside but it definitely starts indoors. Now, we are ready for our long day in the GA line. The fun part is that we will get to talk to other fans. We like that. So, as I type this, it is 8 am, local time, and there is 11 of us in line. Not sure if this is a normal deal for Duran GA as this is the earliest I have ever been in line. According to one Hard Rock employee, 7 am is usually the earliest people line up. Rhonda and I are optimistically hopeful that everything runs smoothly for the rest of the day and the rest of the tour. You can be certain that we will report on how the show was and how we survived tomorrow. We might be typing on the road as we will be ending to Atlanta. Until then, wish us luck and that this is the best show ever!!! -A

What Were We Thinking?!!?

Here it is!!! It seems like we have been waiting for this day forever! I know I’m exaggerating here but it does feel that way. Our summer 2012 tour is here! We have been preparing since those very first shows were announced. When we saw the Durham show announced in like April, I knew we had to go. It was summer, after all, and my sister lives in a nearby city. It was perfect. Without too much thought about the overall tour, I went and purchased those VIP tickets when the presale took place. Since then, of course, we have built around that show. We added Biloxi, Atlanta and Portsmouth. Four shows seem to really work for us, at least that number served us well in the UK. After adding other shows, we booked flights, reserved hotel rooms and a rental car and organized meet ups. Now, after all the preparing, organizing and getting those details set, it is here!

Today started super ridiculously early for me as my first flight was at 6 am. This doesn’t sound too bad but then you remember that you cannot just arrive at the airport at five minutes to 6. Yet, I reminded myself of a little phrase that Rhonda and I like to utter at times. “All things Duran are worth it,” or so we say. Thus, an early morning flight is worth it, right? Of course, this phrase will really be tested tomorrow. Why? What is tomorrow you all might ask? Well, it is the day of the Biloxi show. Yeah, and? What is the big deal there? Obviously, we have done many shows before this. This one, though, is GA. I’m so NOT a fan of GA, or general admission. I have friends who love GA. It seems that they love the atmosphere of getting there early, waiting in line, not knowing where you will end up. Perhaps, they have ended up with good seats, which, I suppose could make them worthwhile. So, why the big deal for us? Let me explain.

 First, Rhonda and I are not big fans of weather. Really, I am not a big fan of any weather except for weather that I can enjoy from the comfort of the climate controlled indoors. More specifically, Rhonda and I don’t enjoy heat and humidity. While the Midwest, where I live, has experienced a horribly hot summer, I doubt that I’m anywhere near prepared to deal. I don’t go outside much. Speaking of that, who’s brilliant idea is it of Hard Rock there to have the GA line outside?! Is this some sick way of torturing fans? Do fans lining up look badly to other customers there? I don’t think so. In fact, it could be a sign that they are able to bring highly demanded bands and performers there. What do I know, though? I’m not a business owner. Okay, so Rhonda and I are going to sweat and sweat a lot. I’m willing to bet that it won’t be our best looks ever, either. Then, there is our new fear that it will rain. It is a humid enough place that rain is always possible. What do we do then? Bring an umbrella? Wear a garbage bag as a raincoat? Really, why did we think this would be a good idea? Shouldn’t we be paid to deal with this instead of us paying for the tickets?

Second, after dealing with the heat, humidity and possible rain, we have to deal with everything else related to being outside. What kind of bugs are there in Mississippi? I can’t say that I’m a fan of bugs. Of any kind. What about sun? I’m fair. I’m extremely fair. I burn easily. In fact, I burn within an hour of being outside. So, I’m picturing myself now…sweating sunscreen, which I’ll be applying every hour, droopy hair, and avoiding raindrops and enormous bugs. Again, I gotta ask. What in the heck were we thinking? I know…we were thinking that “All things Duran are worth it”. We were thinking that maybe, just maybe, we would be lucky enough to get in front. Then, I wonder about the details about waiting. We don’t plan to stand all the time but we will be standing once the show time gets closer. How long will that be? Yes, we have brought comfortable shoes but still…will that save our feet? Beyond any physical discomfort, we will have to deal with bathrooms, food, and water. While Rhonda and I have gone all day sitting, not eating, not drinking, not going to the bathroom, we aren’t prepared to do that now. We have to draw the line somewhere, right? Are there places to go to the bathroom? What about food?

It is too late to turn around now, right? We really will once again test one of our favorite phrases tomorrow. Will all things Duran be worth it or will we have barely survived? Only time will tell! If no blog after a couple of days, someone better start calling hospitals in Biloxi…