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Boy Panic!

Before visiting England last week, I made several mental notes of Duran Duran historical sites to visit (ok, I made an entire Google map of places). I assumed Nick, and perhaps Simon, would be in town and I fancied I’d bump into them if I walked around enough. Turns out, London is a large city and I was limited on time. I only made one significant Duranie stop on my travels and it left me in a bit of a boy panic!

Arriving in London by train, our first stop of the day was Oxford Street where my wife made for the shops and I ducked into the new Hard Rock Hotel. After admiring one of Bowie’s t-shirts and snapping a picture of an incredibly bland Phil Collins suit, I found the crown jewel of the property: John Taylor’s bass guitar as seen in the “(Reach Up for The) Sunrise” video. I took a nearby seat and enjoyed a cocktail before heading to the day’s main destination.

John Taylor’s bass guitar at the Hard Rock Hotel, London

The Savoy Hotel carries itself with the regal splendor of a property that knows how perfect it is from the architecture to the quality of staff. It is truly like walking into a different world as the noise and congestion of London fades behind you. With a few screenshots from the “Girl Panic!” video on my phone, my wife politely indulged my fandom and we explored the hotel in search of the famous colored lifts.

The lobby lifts were ornate, but green, so we headed down a corridor. Splitting up, I took a turn to a golden door for a lone lift. When it opened, the mystery of the red lift was solved. After a few pictures as bewildered staff walked by, we continued our exploration.

Roger gets (in) a lift

There were functions room everywhere so finding the right one seemed a bit hopeless. Summoning up my courage to not sound like an awestruck American, I asked one of the hotel staff about the band’s video. While not familiar with, certainly, the biggest day in the history of The Savoy, she kindly obliged my interest and I showed her a picture from the video. She immediately recognized the room and she whisked us through the correct doors. The room looked much like it did when Duran Duran filmed here. With a hotel this beautiful, you really don’t need to change much.

As we returned to the lobby, I was still curious where the blue lift might reside. Feeling a bit cheeky after my earlier success, I approach a member of the hotel staff in a small office area. She was also unaware of the Duran Duran video but was excited that I asked about the blue lift. We headed off towards a staff area and she let us see where Roger once took the best elevator ride ever! No luck on seeing the suite but maybe next time I’ll book it. Umm, about that, I’m going to need a raise. Amanda? Rhonda?

Way Better!

Today, I finish discussing the documentary featured on a Diamond in the Mind.  On previous Sundays, I talked about the highlights of 2011, Simon’s loss of voice, and the current band, including Dom’s place in it.  After those topics, the band talks about the Girl Panic video and summarize the year. 

In talking about the Girl Panic video, John mentions about how having the idea of the video was one thing but implementing it was another.  After all, they had to coordinate schedules among the band, the models, the director, the crew, etc.  I know how hard it is just to coordinate a few schedules for a weekend get together with friends.  I cannot imagine how tough this must have been.  Then, of course, Nick mentions how they edited the video to use in the show.  I will say this much.  As soon as the very first clip of the video appears on screen, a lot of people in the audience knows Girl Panic will be played.  I wonder what percentage of the audience has never seen it.  Are those people simply wowed?  Are they confused while watching the video?  Do they get it?  I am not criticizing anyone’s intelligence.  I just think it would be hard to really absorb all that is in that video by simply seeing it live in concert.  Plus, I can’t imagine that those people would just be watching the video and not Duran.  I know that whenever I’m at a show, I don’t completely see everything that is happening on stage and when there is a video to watch, I see even less as I’m torn between watching the video clip or the action on stage.  This, of course, leads to ask an important question here.  Why didn’t they include the video on this DVD?  Are they planning to release it in a separate DVD?  I suppose they could since there is a long version, a shorter version and, now, a version for the live show.  Perhaps, then, there could be extras like the making of the Girl Panic video.  I would be all for that!  Otherwise, if they aren’t planning on sharing it ever, I think they are short-changing the fans as many of us are collectors and would like to have a good copy to air on one’s TV set.  They are also short-changing themselves as that it is another possible source of income.

While on the topic of short-changing themselves and the fans, I don’t understand why they didn’t include the new anime version of Careless Memories that aired in many shows in the UK.  Rhonda and I saw this new clip for the first time in Birmingham.  They didn’t show it in the previous shows and I remember thinking how torn I was between watching the new anime or watching the band.  The one thing that we found particularly strange was that no one talked about this.  The band didn’t say anything.  I never heard anything from other fans either.  Was I dreaming this new anime clip?  Did Rhonda dream it?  Was it jet lag?  Here is a copy of the old one featured during 2004-2005.

This new one had a similar theme but there were some differences, from what I remember.  For example, some of the characters had afros and platform shoes with good 70s fashions.  Also, I distinctly remember that Nick had to call the “International Fan Club”.  So, again, I question if the band decided to update this very cool clip, why keep it a secret?  Why not share it?  This DVD would have been the perfect place since it was shown in the UK during that tour.

The tour was summarized by Simon at the end of the documentary by saying that the shows were better than ever and that audience responded with “gusto”.  I couldn’t agree more.  While I enjoyed the shows this summer, many of them did not compare with the shows we saw in Brighton and Glasgow, in particular.  Then, John summarized the year by saying that while the year didn’t go as planned, it went WAY better.  I can understand this idea.  I felt that way at the end of the year, too.  In the middle of the year, I was very worried when Simon couldn’t sing and when Duran’s future was very much in question.  I was still trying to recover from massive disappointment from traveling all the way to the UK for shows that didn’t happen.  Yet, just like John said, the year ended up well.  In fact, I would go so far to say that our second trip to the UK was not like how the first one was planned but it went WAY better.  In fact, overall, I thought that 2011 was a great year for Duran and their fans.  What do you think?


Why hasn’t there been a Girl Panic?!

Let’s be honest: we are probably the easiest sales the band knows.  When they put out an album, they can guarantee – or at least seriously count on a certain amount of sales purely based on the hardcore fan base.  I really am not sure how big of a number that is at this point, but I know we exist out there somewhere!  It really makes no difference whether we love the album or hate it, most of us still buy at least one copy (and some of us will buy even more…) just to keep the collection pristine.  The band truly has to do very little to keep the core base going.  Sure, there have been times when the numbers have gone down or flattened out, but there still remains a base.  It’s somewhat counterintuitive to what many fans feel they deserve, because here I am admitting that the band has to do relatively little to keep our interest, and yet just a few weeks ago we were chatting about what we felt we deserved.  It’s a delicate balance between continuing a connection with long time fans, and striving for new.

Not long ago, I commented that Girl Panic (the video) really did not sell many additional songs or albums for the band.  This information is not made up on my part, it was straight from John Taylor’s mouth.  Currently the video is sitting at nearly 5.3 million views, a number the band themselves has characterized as “viral”.  Apparently that number has not translated well into additional sales, and it seemed – at least to me – that the band is at least somewhat confused as to why that is.  It’s the “new model”, some will say.

So the new model basically says that music is free to those who want to get it, and so if I’m understanding this all correctly – it’s really up to the band to convince everyone (except the hard core fan base, apparently) else WHY they should buy.  I dare say that most people don’t really care how EASY it is to purchase the song or album, and most people don’t really care about how many different places you can buy it, how many versions there are available, or how many different forms the album comes in. (mp3, iTunes mp4, vinyl, CD, etc.)  It seems to me that most people, other than me and perhaps the others reading this blog, want to know why they should part with their good money to own the album.  Why should they care?

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to Duran Duran.  It applies to every single band or artist out there – and some artists are hitting the mark, and some are not.  Some artists and bands are blessed with HUGE fan bases that buy everything they sell.  The work to keep those fans just might not be as tough – but to be fair – there are remarkably few of those bands out there. The overwhelming majority have to work very hard to show people why they are worthy.

How do they create that interest?  Well to begin with – it’s the music.  That’s not enough though, and that is just not where the story ends.  It’s merely the beginning.  One of my favorite quotes these days is from Ian Rogers, who is the CEO of TopSpin (a Direct-To-Fan Marketing company).  “This is not a world where you can simply record an excellent song and expect people will naturally discover and go crazy for it.  This is not a build-it-and-they-will-come world.”  I just don’t think there’s a better example of this out there than Duran Duran.  Some might say they aren’t consistent with their music.  Ok sure, some albums haven’t sold well (All You Need is Now is in that category, mind you!)  and might not be what *I* would prefer, but by and large – they’ve got a great catalog, historically speaking.  All You Need is Now is probably one of their best albums ever and is truly worthy of sales 10 or 15 times more than what they’ve seen thus far.  The problem though, is that for whatever reason, the band doesn’t reach people.  Yes, they have truly paved the way for a relationship with their existing fans.  The trouble is, we are really not the people they need to sell on their music.  We’re already sold!!

So, real goal is sharing the “why”.  It’s forging an interest from the people that don’t already know and love them, and it’s learning to balance that newly formed relationship with the ones that already exist.  Not an easy line to walk.  Long time fans aren’t necessarily excited by “new ways”.  Change is an awful thing when you’re in your forties I guess. I remember the uproar when they began the paid fan community – and I can’t really imagine what fans would do if they started a crowdfunding campaign for their next album or tour (see for a great blog on Crowdfunding by our friend and fellow fan, Bryony Evens!)

A great article to further explain my point and introduce some others can be found here.


Too Much Information (not really!)

News news news…I think I’ve got a little bit of everything to share this morning!

For those of us going through show withdrawals, a LIVE DVD of a recent show in Manchester England is coming out very soon. The DVD, titled, A Diamond in the Mind, Duran Duran – A Performance – 2011, will be released in early summer of 2012!  Hopefully it’ll tide us all over until we can get ourselves to another show, because as I am fond of saying – when the natives get restless, Duranies will eat one another for breakfast!!!  In addition, I know that David Lynch DVD of Unstaged is coming soon.  Nick…our fearless controller and keeper of DuranTime…has been mixing that in his “spare time”.  I’m hoping we see that DVD before I retire, but if not…it will still prove useful for many a Duranie drinking game, I am sure.  “When you see a hot dog superimposed on the screen, you must drink!”  Cheers!!!

Girl Panic!!  Did anyone happen to catch the interview John did for a Dubai website? One of the topics was the Girl Panic video.  So far it has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube.  John mentions that despite so many views, he doesn’t believe it’s sold even one extra mp3, then follows up by saying “you can see how the model has changed.” I see it, the band sees it, but how does one work with it?!  I’m the first to admit here, I have no ideas. I don’t understand how a video can be viewed so well and still not push sales.  It’s a good thing I’m not a manager.  Does anyone really know?  Amanda and I traded emails about this very topic last night.  I feel as though while no, the band does not need to sell as they did back in 1984 (although lets be honest here – that’d really be nice for them) – sales still matter.  Live shows are great, and sure, they could become a purely live show band and stop writing, but somehow I suspect that wouldn’t be enough.  What to do…what to do…

Warren fans take heed…TV Mania is coming!!  Anyone who has been reading Salvo’s Duranasty website (and everyone should!) knows that the day has finally come where TV Mania will be released…sometime this year. I detected a slight annoyance in Warren’s tone when he described the release as “Yeah, ten years later.”  That nasty Duran-time seems to bleed into everything, doesn’t it?  There’s no real promotion set up for this release, as Nick mentioned that he’d be touring with Duran Duran, so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.  Watch this space, as I’m sure Daily Duranie will be reviewing this project!

Dom Brown was really singing the blues several days back (corny? absolutely!!) when his hard drive, containing the brand new blues album he has been working on with his father, decided it’s time was up. Poor Dom made mention of this last night on Twitter.  “It wasn’t a good place to be for a day or so…. so reliant on technology it’s a little frightening!!” Luckily, it all ended on a good note, thanks to a marathon 16 hour mixing session to finish!  Looking forward to hearing the fruits of all of that labor, as I’m sure Daily Duranie will be doing a review (we’re going to be really busy with reviews!) as soon as the album is available!  I’ve also made a mental note to back up my computer today, thanks to Dom.  Our entire manuscript is on this laptop, and while Amanda also has a copy on hers – I worry about losing the work I’m currently revising (that blasted social network chapter!)  If my hard drive crashed right now, I’d be spending some quality time with my Grey Goose vodka and some olives, that is for sure.

In other fangirl news…I am seeing reports right now that Davy Jones, once of The Monkees, has passed away from a heart attack.  He was 66 years old.  Now, let me just share that while I’ve not mentioned this publicly, I was a HUGE FAN of THE MONKEES.  Huge.  I wasn’t even born when their show was on the air, but I watched reruns every. single. day.  I can remember eating my PB&J’s, sitting on the couch, watching The Monkees each lunchtime. (my mom was pretty cool about letting me eat in the living room, apparently)  They were truly my first “crush” I suppose…and I’ve even seen them in concert back when they reunited.  Daydream believer?  You bet…and at the age of 3 and 4 I probably thought I was going to marry Davy Jones.  It didn’t quite occur to me that there was a significant age difference and that by the time I was watching that show, he was already 5 or 6 years older than what I was seeing.  Never mind that.  I was taking that Last Train to Clarksville and I was definitely meeting him at the station, just as soon as I could read a map!   My heart is very, very heavy at the moment.  I was planning to go see him when he came in concert near me later this spring.

I’m going to go play some of my Monkees albums, and be thankful that a few of my idols are still walking this planet with me……   And they’d better KEEP on walking!


Panic is now banned….and other news!

Yes, yes I know I’m late coming to the table on this one.  I could blame it on jet lag.  I could blame it on my kids, and yes – I could even blame it on the band. (Why?  Just because I said so.)    The truth is, there is too much going on, and as soon as I settle on a blog topic something else comes up that I’d wished I’d comment on – and since this is The Daily Duranie as opposed to the  Hourly Duranie (don’t even THINK about it….), I post one blog a day, even if news breaks.  *sigh*

So, today’s blog is likely to be the most fragmented article you read this week…and I feel comfortable saying that because today is my last writing day for this week.  I’m “off duty” until Monday.  Take comfort in that, dear readers.  Take comfort.

So, anyone watch MTV lately?  Nah – me neither.  I gave that habit up in the late 80’s when they stopped playing good videos.  Then they stopped playing videos at all, and now I don’t even care if the channel exists.  Not even my 14 year old watches the channel.  She’d rather watch YouTube, and I can’t say I blame her.  That’s probably why I basically yawned and then stifled a good laugh when I read the varying news reports that MTV had the balls to ban Girl Panic.  Really?  Was that even worth the time it took to write the articles that surrounded that particular piece of news?  Interestingly enough, MTV is neither confirming nor denying the reports – probably because they already know that just by this “news” being yapped about, they’re giving Duran Duran the publicity they rightfully deserve.  Fascinating.  I don’t know or care whether the reports are true about the banning, but I do want to take a second to remind my fellow fans of a couple of things.

1.  MTV sucks.  They stopped supporting Duran Duran YEARS ago – and I don’t care that they gave Duran Duran that stupid ass Lifetime Achievement award in 2003.  It was at least 10 years too late.  Prior to that, they were only nominated 4 times, never winning.  That right there tells me everything I need to know about good old MTV.  Follow that up with John’s comment on Twitter about the MTV banning “Fuck em-it shows how out of date + out of touch they are”, and I think we’re all done with the nonsense that MTV really matters.

2. Anybody remember Girls on Film?  That too was banned, and that did anything BUT hurt the band.  One of my most favorite Easter Eggs from the Greatest DVD is a the end scene from Girls on Film where the band is holding up a very large sign that reads “Some people will do anything to sell records!”   This, my friends, is true.  Quite honestly, this could work well for them, and judging from their hits on Vevo and YouTube….it already has!  4.3 million views according to YouTube this morning (CA time) and counting…

3. All press *can* be good press.  This is a difficult mantra for those who aren’t in the industry to understand – but it’s true.  My advice is simply that if you’re going to post about the banning, specifically on message boards or places that aren’t Duran-centric, post the link to the video as well.  In the searches I did this morning, the video link to YouTube or Vevo is posted along with every article about the banning.  How is that not a good thing?  MTV can take a long walk off of a short pier – the band doesn’t need them.  Hello YouTube!  All press really can be good press!!

I don’t know who those “outraged” fans really are, but I welcomed the news, and so should you.  Bring it, MTV.  By the way, while you’re busy banning videos – perhaps it’s time to rethink the whole “Jersey Shore” thing….


Touring Touring Touring

So the band is headed for you, Australia!!!  I can’t tell you how happy I am to have read this piece of good news!  So often Amanda and I will get email from fans in other parts of the world that are both happy that she and I are going to shows and completely annoyed that they themselves are not.  I speak for both Amanda and I when I say how uncomfortable our good fortune sometimes makes us feel.  We both know we have no right to complain (and I don’t think we complain about a lack of touring here – if we do, we should be smacked!), and yet we *are* thrilled that we have the chance to see the band.  That said, I’m happy to see that the band is expanding their touring schedule for next year to include Australia, and as I read this morning: Singapore and Hong Kong!   I suspect this is not to be the end of dates in other parts of the world to be coming our way so stay tuned!!


I’m doing my favorite “not really an *official* band member but he’s been around so long now that I can’t imagine the band without him” band member a favor today.  He can thank me later.

Dom wants YOU.  He wants followers on Facebook, and he swears he’s even going to interact with us.  We will see about that.  My bets are that we scare the crap out of him…but you know, that’s OK.  Regardless, I am doing my part as a good Duranie/trouble maker and reaching out to my fellow people.  Follow Dom and while you’re at it – if you like British or even American classic rock/blues (I think he sounds WAY more blues than rock, but that’s just me)…buy his solo CD’s.  His solo music is absolutely nothing like Duran, but each CD is very, very good.  I have both of them, and while I’ve never reviewed them (maybe I should?) here on Daily Duranie…I love them and hope he does more. (and comes to the US on his own at some point!)  He’s brilliant and I would say that even if he wasn’t my favorite.  No really I would!

The link for Dom on Facebook?  Here ya go!  Dom on Facebook

Today in music history….

It’s December 8th, and for me, this day will remain a day of sadness for the rest of my life.  In 1980, John Lennon was shot and killed outside of his hotel in New York City.  I was just barely 10 years old at the time, and it’s difficult for me to imagine – but at the time I hadn’t even heard of Duran Duran yet.  My best friend Marsha was a huge Beatles fan (she still is to this day – I think she has one of the biggest and best Beatles collections I’ve ever seen) and I’ll never forget seeing her face at school on that fateful day.  I was only 10 and I didn’t have any idea how to act.  All I could do was offer a hug and silently listen as she relay the details of what she’d heard that morning.  It was incomprehensible to me that someone would kill John Lennon.  I just couldn’t wrap my prepubescent mind around such evil.  I think at that age, I just hadn’t experienced death very often, much less murder (thank goodness).  I walked around school that day in a complete daze, just hoping that someone would run up and tell me that it was all a mistake.  I wasn’t even that big of a Beatles fan back at that time – I just knew how much pain my friend Marsha was in, and that was more than enough for me to handle.  Oddly, it was only after that day that I truly began to form a deep respect for The Beatles music, which continues to this very day.  They are the only band that I dearly love that I’ll never be able to see whole, and while I’m glad I grew up in the 80’s, I wish I’d had the chance to experience The Beatles as the generation before me.


And finally, as a bit of fun while Amanda and I were waiting in the Edinburgh airport on Monday morning for our flight to Heathrow, we went through the numbers for our UK tour.  Yes, this really IS how we spend our free time…and yes, we are in fact crazy.  Wouldn’t we have to be at this point?  No, we didn’t do an accounting of our finances….we did an accounting of just about everything else, which I am now posting for your reading and laughing pleasure.

Number of hotels:  3
Number of cities traveled to:  6
Number of shows:  4 Durantastic Shows!
Hours of sleep throughout tour:  
Total: 20.5
Average:  3.4 hours per night.  We’re awesome!  (meant in the most American way possible!)
Number of drinks per person:
Tuesday:  1
Wednesday:  1
Thursday:  3
Friday:  6
Saturday:  5
Sunday:  3
Total:  19
Average:  3.16  (it was a slow drinking week, oddly….)
Hours spent in transit, including planes, trains, and automobiles:
(This is traveling time we incurred together)
Tuesday:  8 plane
Wednesday:  2.5 hours train, 15 minutes taxi
Thursday:  2.5 car
Friday:  45 minutes taxi, 3.75 hour train
Saturday:  15 minute taxi, 5 hour train, 15 minute taxi
Sunday:  3 hour car, 15 bus
Monday:  20 minutes taxi, 9.5 hours plane
In addition to that time, we each spent time traveling on our own to and from our separate homes/towns.
Rhonda:  Tuesday 11/29:  30 minutes car, 4 hour plane
                 Monday 12/5:  30 minute car, 4 hour plane
Amanda:  Tuesday 11/29:  2.5 car
                  Monday 12/5:  2.5 car
Total:  17.5 hours plane, 11.25 hours train, 7 hours car. Total:  35.75 hours spent TOGETHER in transit.  Not counting our own car/plane rides to meet up at O’Hare.  *sigh*  
Meals: (meaning meals per day, even if they were grab and go, super quick meals.  Also, Amanda and I ate at the same times, so it counts as one meal. Make sense?)
Tuesday:  1.5
Wednesday:  1.5
Thursday:  1.5
Friday:  1
Saturday:  2
Sunday:  1.5
Monday:  2
Total:  11 (this would explain my 5 pound weight loss….)
Number of live songs heard over our entire tour (obviously we heard most of them more than once!): 80
Numbers of hours listening to Duran:  8 hours  (not nearly enough boys.  Not nearly enough!)
Number of times saw Simon lick his fingers during Come Undone:  0  (Avert your eyes!  Look away!!!)
Number of times we were “sprayed” during White Lines:  0 (Luckily for Simon.  I would have climbed up on that stage and Dave would have needed to come for me….)
All of this adds up to one thing:  Priceless memories.   🙂  
Happy weekend, everyone!  Don’t forget to follow Dom!!!

2.7 million views and counting

As of this writing, Duran Duran’s Girl Panic video has had about 2.78 million views on Vevo. On YouTube, the same video under the name DuranDuranVevo has received 2.96 million views. Yes, that’s MILLION.

Dang.  I wish this blog had that many!  
While that view count might not seem to be such a feat for many, for Duran Duran, it’s a remarkable surprise to many, including this blogger.  For example, on YouTube the video for Falling Down has only received 485,000 views – and that video has been out for several years at this point.  Even just the audio version has gotten more views than that – at 1.6 million.  Then there’s videos from Astronaut.  [Reach up for the] Sunrise has gotten about 65,000 views – although DuranDuranVevo apparently only added their official version 8 months ago to YouTube. (I’m taking this information directly from YouTube so if it’s incorrect I apologize)  What Happens Tomorrow currently sits at 751,000 views – which seems very odd to me. I suspect that perhaps there’s other DuranDuranVevo uploads of Sunrise somewhere because I can’t possibly imagine that video didn’t receive more views than that.  Keep in mind that these are the counts from the “official” uploaded versions of the video, not the ones that fans uploaded for others to be able to see.  In any case, to have 3 million views for Girl Panic just barely a week after it’s been released is fantastic news.  

Of course, to be fair, I just looked up a video by Selena Gomez and The Scene (Round and Round), and it’s sitting at over 54 million views.  Her boyfriend Justin Bieber has 47 million views for Mistletoe, his attempt at a holiday song. Utterly ridiculous and a very good example of how I know I’ve aged out of the ruling demographic.  I can’t sit through a viewing of ANY of their videos without feeling the need to beat someone.

The sobering truth is that, barring some sort of insane disaster where all of the teenybop pop stars are scooped up and taking to a neighboring planet right along with the rest of the top 40’ers out there – I just can’t foresee a time when Duran Duran will be getting quite that many views on a video again.  I can’t decide whether that feels bittersweet (why should I have to fight these kids for concert tickets for a band that I’ve loved longer than they’ve been alive, and besides the band has been there and already done that!) or just downright sad, regardless, I feel that just about 3 million views is damn good progress.

My question is simply this: Why?  What makes Girl Panic a video that is drawing so many views?  Is it that great of a video?  Is it the supermodels?  If that is in fact the case, I have to ask – who is really watching this video?!?  Who really watched Girls on Film?   Rio?  Chauffeur?  Sure, we all watch(ed) out of curiosity the first time.  Some of us may have watched a few more times because we had a blog to write. (Ahem)  That said, who is still watching?  One would assume that female models would draw men (for the most part)…yet as we all know, and the critics keep reminding us, Duran Duran was a band for young GIRLS to watch. My goodness that continues to be one of the biggest reasons the band is panned even today – girls like(d) them.  I hear we still kinda do.   God forbid.

I don’t really know the answers.  I just ask the questions.  You decide and tell us what you think!


Girl Panic (The Shortened Version) and Entertainment

By now, I’m sure many (most/all) of you have seen the shortened version of the Girl Panic video.  I have seen many people say that they prefer this version over the 9.5 minutes of the original.  I can’t say that I have seen many reasons why they prefer this version.  A few people have mentioned that they feel like it showcases the song more since the song is played all the way through and it is a more traditional version of the song.  I suppose we are more used to this format of having the regular song being played the whole time.  As I ponder the differences and my preferences, I thought back to another Duran video from another era with different lengths and that is New Moon on Monday.

As a kid, for a very long time, I only knew of two versions of New Moon on Monday.  I knew the “regular” clip that was shown on MTV.  This clip was the exact length of the song and had no dialogue despite the very obvious storyline.  I was not sure exactly who the main female character was but I knew that there was some sort of protest being planned and that Duran had to hide from the totalitarian government.  This female seemed to be working with them, Simon in particular, but decided to turn them in, even though at the end, she rejoined their efforts.  The other version I knew was the one from Dancing on the Valentine.  This one was longer and had Simon by a big moon (the opposite of a new moon, ironically enough) and showed shots of John playing bass and singing that were to die for!  These additional shots did not enhance the storyline but they did add plenty of squee moments (ha!).  Later, I discovered the movie version and I thought I died and gone to heaven!  This had the storyline that I thought was fascinating AND it had dialogue!  It was 17 minutes of pure Duran gold, in my opinion.  I thought Girl Panic was going to be similar in that I would like one version and LOVE the long version.  It is not similar.

I hate the short version.  Hate it.  If I wasn’t a big fan, I wouldn’t have a clue that the supermodels were supposed to be the members of the band until the very end when they are “playing”.  Before that, I would just assume that the video was about supermodels.  The storyline was totally taken away.  I might not even know if was Duran, if I was unfamiliar with this song and their style, as we don’t see a band member until we see John driving about one minute and twenty seconds into it.  To me, the storyline was not maintained like it was in the shortened version of NMOM.  On top of that and more importantly than that, it took away literally everything I found fabulous about the long version.

The shortened version did not contain any interviews from the band members.  It did not and would not make me question stereotypes and assumptions about rock stars or celebrities in general.  Instead of showing how over the top and over-indulgent these assumptions are, they reveled in them.  The video became the stereotype instead of questioning the stereotype.  Early in Duran’s career, they got a lot of grief in the press and with music critics because their videos seem to be promoting a lifestyle that the common person could not relate to, which was seen as an insult to common people (at least by these critics).  While I obviously don’t agree with those negative reviews, in this case, it would appear to be true, in my opinion.  The longer version, however, showed that this lifestyle isn’t real.  I saw an interview with John and Simon where Simon says that everything was based on some experience in their lives and John responded with, “We wish.”  Enough said. 

This leads me to wonder why my response was so different than other peoples.  Is it because they felt comforted in the shorter, more traditional format?  Maybe.  It seems to me that there are two camps of fans.  One camp of fans just want the entertainment, the fun.  I can understand that.  The other camp is where I live.  I want something that makes me think as well as makes me feel.  I want my entertainment to be something that I can analyze and look for deeper meaning.  Obviously, Rhonda feels the same way or else we wouldn’t be writing this blog or our book where we analyze what it means to be a fan and a Duran Duran fan, in particular.  Tomorrow, I will talk about one other video that showed this division within the fandom and contained models!  Can you guess what that video is?
It is one that is usually talked about in a negative way as it seems that most fans hated but one that I thought was brilliant.


Girl Panic video – The Daily Duranie Review

What a morning.  I need a drink.  Hey Roger, can I get a dirty martini over here – Grey Goose, four olives and so icy cold I can see icebergs, please!  (and yes, he can be *my* bartender ANY TIME.  ANY TIME.)

Here’s the reality: Amanda and I can’t review this in quite the academic sort of way that we normally might.  Every single time I’ve watched the video today, I’ve seen something different and new that makes me see the whole video in a completely different light…not totally unlike the way I might look at a crystal or a diamond, come to think of it.  With that in mind, you’re going to get a review unlike any other we may ever do here at Daily Duranie, and we may end up needing to revisit this subject several times before it’s finished.  That said, off we go and it’s my turn (Rhonda) first!!

So today was the day I’ve been waiting for since June 6 – the day they FINALLY released the video for Girl Panic.  I almost wish I’d never known they’d filmed it in many ways, and try as I might – I had so many thoughts running through my head before I actually saw the video in its entirety.  It was very difficult to discern what the final cut would look like, but all I knew was that there were going to be supermodels and the band.  I don’t mind saying that I felt like that premise was so ridiculously overdone that it was cliche.  I was hoping for the best, expecting the worst – even though I wasn’t quite sure what that would mean.  Even this morning as I cautiously got onto Facebook, I saw that the video had been posted in 1,000,000 different places and instead sat absently biting my nails wondering if I should watch right then or later on.  I wasn’t prepared for what I might find, but watched anyway.  Turns out, I really was not prepared!
Initially, I will tell you all that I rolled my eyes not once, but SEVERAL times.  I had a very difficult time grasping the concept of the supermodels being the guys, and I have to admit that I’m still not sure.  I think that at least for right now, it feels very much as though the band – while interviewing each of their corresponding “supermodels” is almost looking at themselves through a mirror of sorts.  That had to be a very strange moment or several for each of them.  I also rolled my eyes at the girls, the black leatherish lingerie, the girl on girl action, the champagne, the idea of “Roger” being rolled in on a luggage cart…of course Yasmin’s role in the entire video as the unnamed guitarist, several comments from the band – in particular “Roger’s” comment about wanting to be a drummer because drummers are cool…”Nick’s” comment about writing the final song and taking full credit (OK, seriously who wrote that?!?  Hilarious one there), there’s just so many completely over the top moments in this video – how can you not roll your eyes?  Am I right??
Hardly…and isn’t that the point?  
The beauty of Duran Duran, and the overriding theme of their entire careers is that primarily all that is ever seen by critics…the public…and an overwhelming majority of even their fans is what’s ONLY at face value.  My gosh, most of us had them up on our bedroom walls and regularly admired their outward beauty.  I never even considered what the song Friends of Mine was really even about until I was an adult!  Interestingly enough, there is so much more to this video than what you see initially, and I really think that’s the entire point the band (and director) is trying to make.  
This video is quite the parody on the band themselves.  It’s a view of what the band thinks the public really sees and believes about them – the stereotypes that continue to follow them to this day – and I think they nailed it in almost every way.  Yes, a lot of it probably has happened over the years, and I’m sure that quite a bit of it is true to form in one aspect or another.  Believe me, I don’t want to paint the band as being completely misunderstood or perfect – if you’ve read this blog over the past year, you should know that about me by now.  Honestly though, how many of us don’t think or thought about the “afterparties”…past or present… as wild orgies of women?   That’s why there ARE girls on girls in the video.  The supermodels are playing the band – because that’s how you and I: the FANS – see them!  For us, they ARE our supermodels!  They are our idea of perfection and fantasy.(or at least they were when I was 12)  The other girls in the video are probably playing roles of both the gorgeous women we assume must be at the afterparties in their hotel AND the fans.  Did you notice the girls simply just waiting on the stairway or the girl waiting in the hallway, with that familiar expression of “I probably shouldn’t be here but maybe if I just act like I belong no one will notice”??  That’s a fan, a stalker…maybe even a groupie *gasp*!   Oh, and I recognized that expression because yes, I’ve very much HAD that expression at some point(s) that will-not-be-named-here.  (rest assured, I’m going to start practicing the “I belong here” look from here on out)  The video is so smartly tongue in cheek.  Well done.  Well done.  You can’t watch this video for simply the “squee factor”…and if you are, you’re about to be very disappointed.  
There are some very telling moments throughout the video, and most of them are included in the dialogue of the “band” when they are being interviewed…by the real band members.  “Simon’s” comment about how lonely it is when there aren’t hundreds of thousands of people screaming for you on stage.  “Silence doesn’t mean you’re forgotten”.  The moments at the very beginning of the video when they talk about the last night of the tour – there’s this beautiful, poignant moment where you see “Simon” waking in his room, looking at the remnants from the night before (including the women all over), “Nick” walking over the city – it’s almost as though they seem lost within themselves.  Fascinating if not extraordinarily telling.  Then there were times that I am still trying to understand – why is it that Roger asked “Roger” about addictions and why didn’t “Roger” want to talk about it?  As I understand, it was never Roger who had those issues, so I thought that was kind of funny.  I thought it was funny then that “Roger” was being wheeled in by Nick on a luggage rack, only to fall off the rack and then dial up room service for champagne.  I thought it was also funny when John asked “John” about the guitarist…and of course “John” answers that “As you know, we’ve had more than a few guitarists and so it’s gotten to the point where I never really know who is going to show up.”  A Spinal Tap moment??  Yasmin was also funny when she says she’s not a member of Duran Duran…but if you watch her closely at the end of the video she has Dom’s stance down to a T. Yes, maybe I’ve watched him too often at shows…but so what? 😀  Well played.   I will even say their choice to go with Swarovsky Crystal is incredibly over the top – but also poignant is it is indeed considered to be a diamond simulant – something that LOOKS like diamond, but really is not. (it also photographs and films much better than real diamond…but that’s another subject for a different blog!)  
For all of the good that this video is, and it really and truly IS good with all of the sex, overconsumption, girls, bling and unabashed decadence that we’ve always loved about Duran Duran, along with quite a bit of hidden intelligence that somehow never quite gets noticed, there is at least one thing that I believe the band completely missed: and that’s the opportunity to promote the song AND themselves.  Maybe they didn’t feel they needed to do that, but I have to pan them for the missed opportunity.  The very best moment to have done this would have been during the last minute to perhaps minute and a half of the video.  The money shot here would have been to allow Naomi and Co time to sing Girl Panic on the set as though they were doing the video, only to end up with the real band finishing it, thereby showcasing themselves and the song properly. (complete with the fabulous guitar straps and microphone because I loved them).  They needed that moment to bring the video full circle, and to give the song the full credit it so deserves.  Other than that detail – and make no mistake I think it’s a big detail that should have been done, the video is good and worth watching over and over again.  It’s no New Moon on Monday, but it’s definitely better than Girls on Film for me.  😀

Amanda’s turn:
I have to write this review fairly quickly in between work and another meeting, but I will do my best to give anything Duran justice.  That said, let me tell you that I watched the video this morning and HATED it.  It is interesting that the initial reviews of it from other fans I saw, talked about how they were worried it was going to be like Falling Down, which apparently they all hated, whereas I LOVED and will blog about this weekend.  What is funny, though, is that this stayed in my head and made me what to watch it again, which I did at work.  The strange thing is that I found myself noticing SO much and thinking SO much that I began to think it was genius.  Clearly, this isn’t going to be a basic video of Duran’s where the fans who are attracted to men will watch and squee.  It isn’t one that is filled with a significant plot but one that I will watch over and over again just to try to see everything!

The video begins with a throbbing sound of sorts and a stark, black and white view of a city.  Then, of course, this is followed up with the statement “tour’s over”.  Is this how it feels to the band?  Is this how it feels to the fans?  Is this how we are supposed to think they feel?  The video does not stay black and white and does shift back and forth between color and black and white.  With this video and everything about it, I have to believe that it was intentional and one element that I hope to see what the connection is.  Is black and white used to show reality and color used to show the perception?  Yes, obviously, before I go much further I absolutely believe that this video is about perception and stereotypes.  It is about stereotypes of the band and about rock and roll in general as they even used those words, “rock and roll”.  Do I think that this is what it is like to be Duran?  No, sorry, I don’t.  Are there elements that exist?  Sure.  It’s possible.  Is that what it was like back in the day?  Maybe.  Obviously, though, we are supposed to be thinking about the present as one of the first questions has to do with being a band for 30 years. 

Speaking of the questions and comments, I thought they were brilliant and all of them from what I could tell could be broken into two camps:  rock and roll, in general, or Duran, specifically.  Some of the specific Duran questions:  Nick was asked about being a metrosexual, Simon was asked about playing a role on stage, Roger was asked about addictions, John was asked about fashion.  Even the question and statement about guitarist is very much about Duran and their long career.  Then, of course, some of them were about rock in general, including something about how no one teaches about being famous, the rush of being on stage, and how they are doing what makes them and their fans be happy.  The headlines that flashed across the screen after the statement about having some “truly shocking reviews” were also fitting of Duran:  “Nick adopts alien baby”, ” 99% style 1% music”, and “Trash hotel room again”. 

Of course, they attempted to show what people (press, fans, the world) think of them by having supermodels be the band.  Is the use of models overdone in Duranland?  Of course, it is.  I think that was the point.  They had to be predictable.  It is one of the major stereotypes about their videos.  This is one element I really liked about the video, the layers that were involved in both the stereotype element and in the production.  They used film credits, which reminded me of New Moon on Monday, to start it and end it, which leads you to think it is the finished product.  Yet, there were many other parts that showed that it wasn’t like the clapper indicating a take or the “behind the scenes” wording or seeing what the camera is filming.  It was very post modern, in that way. 

While there was a storyline of sorts, it wasn’t so straightforward in that people would get lost in the plot.  Of course, clearly, it begins with Simon waking up, surrounded by girls as any proper frontman would.  Clearly, there had been much partying and action taking place.  Yet, Simon seems lonely as the curtains are opening.  Then, of course, there are photoshoots and an afterparty at night.  In between, before and after are all of the other trappings associated with being famous:  press, pictures, people demanding autographs, champagne, partying, sex, and groupies/stalkers as Rhonda mentioned looking very cautious and very curious standing in stairwells and hallways.  At the end of the clip, there is the video shoot for the song that they are clearly promoting as evidenced by all of the interviews being done.  For the video, they are ultra glam. 

I’m sure, by now, many people are talking about the use of women and the girl-on-girl action.  My first reaction was…if we are going to see some same sex couple kissing how about a little JoSi, thankyouverymuch!  Yet, to me, this makes sense for the purpose of the video.  Obviously, in this video, the band was being played by women.  The rest of the people surrounding the band, in reality, would be women, wouldn’t it?  The people who are attractive enough to be welcomed into a hotel room would be women, right?  The groupies would be women?  The stalkers?  Yes, they would be women again, at least if they are maintaining the stereotype/perception theme as this is what people would think about Duran.  On top of that, the use of girls and models is what Duran is known for with their videos and, in case we didn’t remember that, they showed clips of videos like Girls on Film, the Chauffeur, Rio, Notorious to name a few.  That part actually bothered me because they felt like they had to include that to remind us like we were too stupid to remember that without the reminder.  Anyway, while I understand wanting to see less women and more of the guys, it doesn’t fit, for the most part, until as Rhonda mentioned, the end.  They could have easily had the models turn into Duran, which could have made the end more normal video like.

So, now that I have had some time to watch it a few times and think about it, do I like it?  Love it?  Hate it?  For me, it depends on what the purpose is.  Again, I don’t think it is a video that I would watch with a bunch of other Duranies to squee over the guys as they just aren’t in it all that much.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t want John to drive me around or have Roger make me martinis!  Thus, I doubt it will be a fan favorite as there are many fans out there who are just looking for that and who don’t want to think too much.  Is it is quality video that will help sell the song?  I doubt that, too.  Yes, I think it will get some attention, initially, in certain circles but it isn’t a clip that can be really short and it doesn’t highlight the band or the song, especially since the song is stopped for dialogue.  Yet, if I analyze it for quality.  I would give it a big thumbs up.  It is SO smart and really does show the stereotypes and should make people, including us fans, question their assumptions about what life is for the members of Duran and other famous people.  I doubt it is really all of the over-the-top glamour and bling that is shown in the clip.  As a piece of art, a film, I think it is brilliant.

What do the rest of you think?  Are we crazy with our reviews?  Did you love it?  Hate it?  Somewhere in between?  Why?  Let us know your thoughts!

-A and R

Duran and Bling

There seems to be quite a lot of action in Duranland regarding next week’s premiere of Girl Panic!  In order to increase interest and excitement, the band’s official website, facebook and twitter have released a series of teasers clips that Rhonda mentioned yesterday.  Today saw more posts regarding the video.  One post today provides some background to the project and informs people of when and where they can see the completed video (Tuesday on  It also provides a link to a little behind-the-scenes clip on  Then, another post includes a video in which the band shows the use of Swarovski’s crystals.  This video included quite a bit behind-the-scenes clips as well. 

By now, most of us have heard the basic storyline of the video.  Five supermodels are playing Duran Duran in the day in their life style and the band is featured as chauffeurs, bellhops, etc.  This day in the life includes a fancy hotel, jewels, much attention from the press, chauffeurs and everything that would be thought of in a stereotyped view of the rich and famous.  Now, I cannot judge the video yet or, even really, the storyline but it is clear that they are trying to present a certain image about what it is like to be a rich and famous person/group.  (Don’t worry, readers, we will be reviewing the video!)  Today’s clip about the use of Swarovski’s bling emphasizing this image.  Assuming that my conclusion about the image they are presenting is right, I wonder why they decided to present such an extreme representation of being rich and famous.  I also wonder if it is the right choice.

Throughout Duran’s history, they have often presented a jet-set, super-rich lifestyle.  Obviously, the image of Rio is one that has stayed with the band for decades.  Some critics took this image to decide that Duran was not a serious band and a band that did not care about current state of affairs.  Others, including a lot of fans, loved it as it represented a complete escape from their harsh realities.  One thing I always appreciated about that Rio video was the humor woven throughout it as the band presented themselves as uncoordinated dorks.  Is that what the band is going for by having the supermodels represent them and by having them serving the female version of the band?  Maybe.  We will find out.  That said, Duran is at a much different place in their careers.  When Rio was made, they were just climbing towards fame, fortune and success.  Now, Duran is legendary.  They are not the biggest band in the world despite their long-lasting, successful career.  They are also no longer in their 20s.  Now, they are in their early 50’s, except for Nick who will be turning 50 soon enough.

Will this video work for them now?  Will the image they are projecting help with their careers?  Will this rich and famous lifestyle be embraced as an escape or will it seem silly?  Perhaps, the video will make us all see rock stars in a different way.  Maybe, it will question people’s assumptions about what life really is like or is not like for those who fit the category of rich and famous.  I don’t have answers and I am not judging the video before I see it.  These teasers and extra clips have got me thinking, wondering, pondering…This thinking is obviously one thing that I have always appreciated about Duran.  They usually get me thinking.  In many cases, I find myself in agreement with them or in awe over what they did.  Other times, I’m left wondering what the heck they were thinking.  By this time next week, I’ll know which way I have gone with this video. 

One thing I can say, though, about the video so far is that they are really trying to get people’s attention by releasing the teasers and other clips.  They are making a big deal out of the premiere in a way that I haven’t seen in a long time and this reminds me of how world premieres of videos were “back in the day”.  It seemed to be a big deal when a new video was premiered, usually on MTV.  Heck, I still have the world premiere of I Don’t Want Your Love on VHS somewhere.  🙂  Will I remember this premiere as fondly?!


I’m a girl and I guess I’m in a panic….

No, I really don’t think I could be any more “corny” today.  (Actually, I probably could.  Nobody needs to see that though, am I right??)

There are days when it has already been predetermined what I am going to blog about, and this is supposed to be one of those days.  Luckily for me though, Amanda lives nowhere near me and can’t come “get me” if I choose to ignore our plans!  There is just simply too much being posted for this blog to solely be about Simon and John’s appearance on the Morning Buzz on VH1. (I could say something here about how I probably didn’t even say that right – the name of the show anyway – and I really don’t give a damn….but that would be FAR too cornball….)

Their appearance was about 8 and a half minutes in length, and I’ll admit that I was fairly entertained.  I’m always amused by the interviewer(s) who talk to the band because it’s almost ALWAYS a female and they always admit to being huge fans.  Aren’t we all?  😀  I really think there’s some sort of scientific method to determining how big of a fan the interviewer is by the amount of giggling they do within the first 30 seconds of the interview, and in this case, the girl is off the charts.  I applaud that, I do.  I know at times Amanda and I can be really tough on interviewers because we don’t love the giggling and stupid questions, but sometimes it can be charming and aside from one brief moment where I felt that she was gushing WAY too much over Simon – in fact I yelled “Don’t feed the bear!” because she was going on about how gorgeous he is (seriously, he’s got a pretty big ego as it is, doncha think??), admittedly I lived vicariously through her a bit.  I’d probably need to be doing some major self-talk through an interview with them, reminding myself not to gush and reminding myself to remain composed! So, I give her credit.  I think it was especially clear that she was a fan when she asked John to sign her poster at the end of the segment.  I dare to dream.  🙂

Notice I didn’t mention much about the main subject of the interview?  That’d be Girl Panic!  the video…

That video will be premiered on Monday, November 7th.  Happy Birthday to me.  😀  Until then, there have been a series of sneak peeks posted on Duran Duran’s Facebook wall that I’ve watched.  Each snippet is about 10 seconds in length, and so far what I’ve been able to extrapolate is that the video is about 9 minutes in length (Longer is ALWAYS better, although it’s what they do with the length that matters most….*curtsies* Yes, that’s some cheek for ya on this lovely Thursday), and that for some reason, they thought it would be cool to have each of the supermodels play a different person in Duran Duran.  I’m not sure how on board I am with that concept yet, but we will soon see.  I also saw one snippet this morning that reminded me very much of the hallway in the movie “The Shining”…you know, the one with the twin girls?  I would SWEAR they were going for a moment like that, but without seeing the whole video it’s hard to really tell for sure.  They’ve been posting sneak peeks all morning without any sign that they’ll be stopping or continuing, but it’s been interesting to see what they’ve got so far.

I will say this – I’ve yet to see a sneak peek with Yasmin, but out of what I’ve seen so far, I like Cindy Crawford as John the best, although I’m still not sure I like the whole idea.  I can’t wait to see the video and review it though.  Nine minutes can’t be a bad thing!

It was also announced that Duran Duran is coming out with a new 2012 calendar, also due out on Monday via the DD store on their website.  I know many a Duranie who is thrilled to hear this is coming, and I must admit that even I am somewhat tempted.  I’ve never bought a DD calendar, believe it or not!  I have a daily calendar that Amanda created that I use every year – for each day she’s found a photo and a “what happened on this day” tidbit on there.  I love it!

Rumors continue to circulate regarding the possibility of yet another US tour next year.  I’ve heard several dates mentioned – most swirling ’round about springtime.  Mind you, not one single date has been leaked or venues mentioned and already there are many complaints coming from all directions, whether its “Why are they going back to the US AGAIN without coming to X (country) first.  It’s not right!!” or my favorite “They are ignoring my city AGAIN and you know, they always go to LA and NYC.”  I get it. I understand the disappointment, and yes I know that not everyone can afford to travel…and some won’t even drive out of their way to see them, so yeah, it’s disappointing when they won’t play near us in favor of playing in a larger city that will afford them more concert ticket sales.  Or that they made a different choice altogether and say…completely missed St. Louis and a thousand other places which makes no damn sense at all…but hey I’m not complaining.  I’m just saying that I get it.  Vent away, but do it in a way and at a time that makes sense.  None of us even know if they really are for sure coming back that soon, and certainly none of us know where they are planning to play.  Its one of those things that surprise me even though I know it shouldn’t.

In the meantime, I’m working on UK details for the Daily Duranie.  We’ve got hotels – or as we like to call them – places to store our luggage.  (we hardly sleep, so it seems)  We’ve still got to get a flight from Glasgow (or actually Edinburgh since that’s where we’re staying in Scotland) to London the day we fly back to the US, but it’s all working out.  I’m starting to feel a sense of panic (hence the title of the blog today) over the idea of leaving my kids again…especially my little one…but it’ll be fine.  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.  We leave in 26 days.  AAHH!!