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Today in Duran History – Happy Birthday Amanda!!

On this day in (a year I won’t mention today)…Amanda Pustz of Daily Duranie was born. ¬†ūüėÄ ¬†Happy Birthday Amanda!!!

Let’s take a look at some special Amanda/Rhonda memories over the years, shall we? ¬†In September of this year, I will mark 10 years as having known Amanda. Prior to our meeting in person at a DD fan convention, I did run into her posts from time to time on the DDF message board – but it was only after we met that I think she became more involved on the message boards and online communities for Duran Duran. ¬†One might say that I was a bad influence. ¬†However, I present the following as evidence in the contrary:




Quick question: which one of us is holding the vodka bottle?

I thought so.



But…rather than embarrass Amanda (primarily because she will get me back in spades…and who really wants that?!?), I decided to pick out a few of my better memories with a few stories that go along with them: ¬†(They aren’t in order. I’m not the organized one out of the two of us…)


This is on Bourbon street in New Orleans. The date is right, so we were there for the Voodoo Festival Let’s see if anyone can guess what we’re yelling. (I’ll never tell…)


Below is from the same weekend. Club Ampersand Рwhere a fan get together had been planned by DDM.  It was a fascinating beginning to the weekend, I must say.








We made it to the star in LA and took photos. This isn’t just about it being Duran Duran, this is a memory that (for me) showcases how long we’ve worked together on our manuscript, this blog…and bigger dreams.






Naturally, I can’t ever forget the trips we made to the UK. Who ever thought we’d go?? Twice?? In a single year?? Thankfully, I have a fantastic traveling partner.


Success!!! This is a photo of us in Brighton Centre – I won’t ever forget that night, and I’m sure Amanda won’t either.




And then there’s the night we finally found ourselves in front row!!




And lastly (for now), there’s Durandemonium. There is no way I would have ever attempted such a thing without her – and I can really say that had she not been there pulling me along – it likely wouldn’t have ever happened. ¬†And now we’re planning another!








We try to remind everyone that while the music is what brought us here, it really is the friendships that keep us coming back for more. Maybe I’m just a big sap, but as I was driving home in particularly nasty traffic last Friday afternoon, it occurred to me that if the band REALLY needs motivation to continue, or inspiration to write – they really need not look further than the real friendships that they, in an indirect sort of way, have helped to create.

Amanda, I hope you have a wonderful birthday – and next year, I hope we’re celebrating the release of some really fantastic music to add to the soundtrack of our friendship at the same time we’re celebrating your birthday!!!


Today in Duran History

On today’s date in 1984, The Reflex hit the glorious spot of #1 in the UK.

Truth be told, this is one of those Mondays when I couldn’t decide if the historical waypoint should be about The Reflex hitting number one, or if we should celebrate that on this date in the year 2000, The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas with John Taylor was released.


Come on…who doesn’t want to start their Monday with that??


Today in Duran History – Nagoya, Japan 1982

On this day in 1982, Duran Duran played at Kinro Kaikan in Nagoya, Japan.  This show was part of the Rio tour, which began in Australia followed by this show and others in Japan.  After Japan, the tour moved to the States.  Did anyone see a show on this tour?  If so, what was it like?

Like Australia in 1982, this was the first time Duran Duran was in Japan.  Yet, it seems to me that Japan has always been a successful place for them as they have toured there regularly and often release extra tracks on the Japanese versions of albums.  Even John experienced more success in Japan during his solo days than other places.


Today in Duran History – Roger’s Birthday!!

As anyone checking out this blog knows that on this date in 1960, a certain drummer was born. ¬†That’s right. ¬†It is Roger’s Taylor’s birthday! ¬†Now, typically, when it is a band member’s birthday, we offer some commentary or some clips for your viewing pleasure. ¬†This year I’m going for some Roger clips. ¬†I figured that might be more fun than me going on and on about him in writing. ¬†My plan here is simple. ¬†Let me try to capture Roger in every era.

This first video really shows an image of Roger that I’m sure captured some attention.

Then, of course, we all could sense some of Roger’s shyness from this clip.

Of course, many (most?  all?) of us were deeply saddened when Roger decided to leave Duran in the mid-1980s.  Then, we were equally thrilled when we saw or found out that Roger appeared in this clip.

Then, the reunion happened bringing Roger back to Duran for good. ¬†Here is a fan favorite, Roger’s version of Sunrise.

As always, Roger’s drumming shines through. ¬†One of my favorite performances is in Before the Rain.

Ah, yes, Roger, certainly, has given us plenty of reasons to celebrate his birth each and everyday.  Happy Birthday, Roger!!!


Today in Duran History – Roger Taylor DJ Set 2013

On this date one year ago, Roger Taylor performed a DJ Set at Spy Bar in Chicago.  The authors of this blog were there.  Anyone else?  What did you think of it?

If you are interested in what we thought, here are a few posts that we wrote about it!

Heels, velvet ropes

Roger Taylor, DJ Set 


Today in Duran History

On today’s date in 1987 (that seems so long ago right now…), Duran Duran appeared on the final episode of The Tube. ¬†Before anyone asks…yes, I did in fact google “The Tube”, because this American didn’t have a clue.

The Tube was a UK¬†pop-rock music program that ran for 5 seasons. (Thank you, wikipedia) ¬†It had live hosts such as Jools Holland and Paula Yates, among others. ¬†(My brain is now starting to vaguely recall hearing or reading about this show somewhere…)

Once again, I learn something new as a result of Duran Duran and writing this blog.  The gift that keeps on giving.


Today in Duran History – Techno for Two

On this date in 2001, John Taylor released Techno for Two. ¬†Our comments have been VERY quiet lately…so if you have this (Amanda you do not count!) or know about it, please share with the rest of the class!! ¬†Whenever we post something about John’s solo efforts, or for that matter – anything that doesn’t have to do with Duran Duran directly, we receive comments that they didn’t even know such a thing existed. ¬†Here is your chance to learn. ¬†Look it up. ¬†Check it out.


Todays Date in Duran History – Boston

On today’s date just a few short years ago in 2011…John Taylor was interviewed on radio station 104.5 XLO in Boston. ¬†Anyone hear the interview?

On another note entirely, Amanda and I stumbled across some really good news for the blog yesterday. ¬†We noticed that we’ve been included on the links page for ¬†For us, this means a lot. ¬†We realize that for most fans, they probably read this sort of thing and think “Big deal…who cares?” ¬†I get that, and you know, yes – for most people it really doesn’t matter. ¬†To Amanda and I though, it is representative of some very hard work over the past three and a half years. Time, energy, and love. We’ve been included among the best fan websites out there. It’s a symbolic gesture that matters, and we truly, truly appreciate DDHQ for including us. It means that we’re working together – and make no mistake, we are. ¬†We’re on board to help the band, and to help the fans. It’s a delicate balance that I tend to destroy on a daily basis because I’m very much the¬†bull in a china shop around here….but it’s fun. Amanda and I laugh a lot even as I’m cursing the latest rumor or thinking of how to word something so that no fan can possibly take issue. (Impossible.)

It’s rare that she and I will publicly congratulate ourselves, because let’s face it, it’s not cool to be a bragger, and neither of us are very good at that sort of thing. ¬†But this time, I’m going to take the second or two and enjoy.


Sorry I upstaged John’s date in history. ¬†Listen…I don’t even remember that interview!! ¬†ūüėÄ



Today in Duran History

On today’s date in 1993, Duran Duran played the Durban Expo Centre in Durban, South Africa. ¬†This is not an area of the world where the band tours often…so I have to ask, did any of our readers attend??

Also on this date in 1984, The Reflex reached it’s peak of #1 in the US!! ¬†Not too shabby for a little band from Birmingham….

Happy Monday, everyone!


Today in Duran History – Chelsea Lately 2011

On this day in 2011, Simon and Nick appeared on the late night TV talk show, Chelsea Lately.  I included a clip that I found on YouTube.

What did you think of it? ¬†I adored the fact that Simon had no idea about the show. ¬†Even more than that, I really adored that Chelsea was a fan as was her sister, but was still able to be cool around the band. ¬†Of course, Simon makes an interesting statement about how America is the band’s “heartland”.