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Today in Duran History

On today’s date in 1993, Duran Duran played the Durban Expo Centre in Durban, South Africa.  This is not an area of the world where the band tours often…so I have to ask, did any of our readers attend??

Also on this date in 1984, The Reflex reached it’s peak of #1 in the US!!  Not too shabby for a little band from Birmingham….

Happy Monday, everyone!


Today in Duran History – Chelsea Lately 2011

On this day in 2011, Simon and Nick appeared on the late night TV talk show, Chelsea Lately.  I included a clip that I found on YouTube.

What did you think of it?  I adored the fact that Simon had no idea about the show.  Even more than that, I really adored that Chelsea was a fan as was her sister, but was still able to be cool around the band.  Of course, Simon makes an interesting statement about how America is the band’s “heartland”.


Today in Duran History – Melbourne 1982

On this date in 1982, Duran Duran played at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne, Australia.  This show was part of the Rio tour, which actually started in Australia and featured 7 shows there.  Three of those shows were in Melbourne and all of shows in Australia were sold out!  I would love to hear how these shows were from anyone who was there!  Anyone?

Now, for anyone into Duran history, this tour of Australia sticks out as an important one.  It isn’t so much the shows (even though I’m sure they were beyond fabulous) or the fact that they played in Australia for the first time ever, which is super cool.  It is the fact that the band had just finished mixing the Rio album, which would be released in the following month.  Also, significant to Duran history, the band also stopped at a little island off the coast of India known as Sri Lanka to film some videos that you might have seen a time or two (million).  I’m sure that you know those videos (Hungry Like the Wolf, Save a Prayer and Lonely in Your Nightmare).

Just imagine.  32 years ago, Duran Duran had just finished the final touches on the Rio album, filmed some of their best and most well known videos and started their first tour of Australia!  Amazing!!!


Today in Duran History – The Reflex!

If you’re a Duranie and you have a heartbeat (which is likely since you’re reading), chances are, you already KNOW what today is in Duran history.  If you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook this week, you should know this, but I’m not into Pop (Ha ha, I made a funny) Quizzes, so I will spill: on today’s date in 1984, The Reflex was released.

Thirty years ago, people.  Thirty years.

Now, I’m not saying you’re getting old or anything, particularly if you weren’t around to hear The Reflex on the radio the day it was released…but I was.  So….there’s that.  Happy days!!

For many Duranies, this was the song that made them cross the bridge, dance on the valentine, and swear they would be Duranies forever more.  I wouldn’t know about that, because well, I was already a Duranie for a few years before this song came out.  (again, we’re not saying old, but…)  My partner-in-crime claims this date as her Duranniversary (I have played around with the spelling of that word more than I ever care to count…I’m going with this one!), so Happy Anniversary, Amanda!!  Thirty years, thirty some shows??? (There would be more if the band ever decided to do some more shows. Just saying, because I can.)

Moving on…

I can remember hearing  The Reflex on the radio in 1984, but it really wasn’t until I was in marching band in about October of 1984 that other kids in band started telling me about the song. I would patiently stand there, listen, and roll my eyes back into my head when they would say it was new…because by then it was SO six months ago…but that Nile Rodgers remix did something special with it, and I can remember friends, even friends who *gasp* were not into Duran Duran, thinking it was cool.  Because it was.  Maybe it wasn’t the best DD song ever written, maybe it was.  One thing is certain: there was something special there…and here we are thirty years later.


#DDReflex8414  (I probably don’t get extra brownie points for posting the hashtag on the blog, but that’s OK!)

Today in Duran History – Glasgow and a bit of Mad World

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

On today’s date in 2004, Duran Duran played the SECC in Glasgow.

Do you want to know what I remember about Glasgow, and the SECC in particular?  It was bloody FREEZING in there.  I remember sitting and waiting for a show in December of 2011, complete with my down ski parka on…continuing to shiver.  I don’t think I completely thawed out again until I touched down back in California, a day and a half later.  Naturally, that was in the month of December…and this show took place in April.  So there’s that, right?  Who was there in 2004??

Also, today is officially MAD WORLD day!  That’s right, the release of Mad World – the book that all New Wave 80s music lovers should have, hold and caress fondly (but never nostalgically….no. We can’t have that…because we, my friends…are not old. We’re not nostalgic. We just know good music.), has been released today!!  If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy and you’re not waiting by your front door to tackle the mailman or UPS guy, I urge you to rectify the situation immediately and order it from Amazon!!  Why, you ask?  I’m reviewing it.  Later today.

In the meantime, check out the Reddit AMA with Lori & Jonathan: Mad World Reddit

Need a link to grab the book?  Fear not, my friends.  I’ve got you covered: Mad World.


Today in Duran History – John Taylor in Tokyo

On this date in 2001, John Taylor did promo work in Tokyo…and since I don’t have any other exciting information to add to that (if anyone else does, send it in!), I’ll also add that on this date in 2011, the band played the Fox Theater in Pomona California as part of their All You Need is Now Tour!  I was there for this one, and I can say – it was a great show.  They played Friends of Mine on this night and nearly brought the house down when it played.

Lastly, I have it on good authority from DDHQ that The Reflex has an anniversary coming up.  #30 is coming up on Wednesday.  If you’re on Twitter, they’ve been using the hash tag #DDReflex8414 to celebrate.

Busy week ahead – my kids are on Spring Break, so a very Happy Monday to you and yours!  If you caught the blog earlier, you may have noticed that I had the wrong month’s worth of dates today.

All I will say is that it’s Monday and my children are home on break.  I think that explains it all.


Today in Duran History – Greg Kinnear Show 1995

On this date in 1995, Simon and Warren appeared on Later with Greg Kinnear Show.  This was a late night talk show hosted by Greg Kinnear that aired in the US from 1998 to 2001 .  Obviously, the band was promoting their album of covers, Thank You.  What I find fascinating is that Nick and John weren’t there.  I did find a clip of this interview and performance of Crystal Ship on YouTube, which I included here.

I have to admit that I love when the band appears on talk shows.  I love the interviews and always enjoy performances even if I rarely think that the performances equal what we know Duran is capable of at a concert.  So, what do you think of this interview?  What do you think of this performance?



Today in Duran History – I Do What I Do and American Top 40

On this date in 1986, American Top 40 featured John Taylor’s I Do What I Do.  In the past, when we have mentioned how certain songs were featured, people weren’t sure what we meant.  This means, in my understanding, that the song was played or mentioned during this broadcast.  It doesn’t mean that the song was number one or even in the top 10.  It was just played.  For those of you who are not familiar with the American Top 40, it is a radio program that began in 1970 to count down the songs on the charts.  Over the course of its history, I’m sure there were plenty of Duran Duran songs or Duran Duran related songs played.  I know that I often listened to it when I was a kid, during the 1980s.  Now, I could care less due to the songs that actually chart these days.

All of that said, how did John’s first solo song do on the charts?  Here is what I found, which may or may not be accurate.

According to Wikipedia, it reached number 23 on the Billboard Top 100 and number 42 on the UK singles chart.  Does this seem accurate?



Today in Duran History – Mexico 2011

On this date in 2011, Duran Duran played at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, Mexico.  Did any of you attend this show?    This show was one of the first shows of the long All You Need Is Now Tour.  I remember April of 2011.  I was so anxious for my shows.  I kept hearing about other people’s shows, which would only increase my excitement.  Why was I so excited?  Simple.  I loved this album and so could not wait to hear/see the songs performed live.  I already had my favorites and was intensely watching the set lists, wondering which songs from they were playing and which they weren’t.  I didn’t see all of my favorites performed but I did see quite a few.

Speaking of All You Need Is Now, I am continuing with the poll questions about how popular various tours were.  In looking into tours, I discovered just how many Duran tours there actually were.  I also found out that some tours were super short and some were super long.  Most recent tours have been lengthy and early tours were often really short.  Thus, when I beginning to compare which tours were more popular, I will do it by simply counting the number of shows people attended and the percentage of shows people attended.  Thus, watch this space to let us know how many shows you saw during the All You Need Is Now tour.