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Teasing Like…

This has to be the latest that I have blogged in a long time.  I have a good excuse.  About a month ago, I ate some almonds at a work related function.  Those stupid almonds broke a piece of my tooth off.  A week later, on the day of my dentist appointment, a larger piece broke off.  Unfortunately, this piece was right above my nerve.  My dentist gave me a temporary filling, hoping that my tooth could handle that.  The answer, unfortunately, was no.  By last weekend, it started to hurt and I knew that a more substantial procedure would be needed.  By Friday, I experienced a great deal of pain along with swelling and a fever.  An emergency root canal followed along with now a week’s worth of antibiotics.  This weekend has meant a lot of sleeping as I wait for the recovery, which is why this blog is so late.

My attention span has not been great enough to get much grading done or household chores, but I have had a chance to take brief looks at social media.  I noticed a couple of fun tweets from that band.  You know the one.  Here is the one that really caught my attention:

I cannot tell you how much I needed a tweet like this!  First of all, I love knowing that the band (or the majority of the band) is together.  That always makes me smile.  Then, of course, John’s quote resulted in a good giggle despite my soreness.  I have to say the idea that John was “unsettled” by Simon driving and Nick putting on the tunes is one I can relate to.  I think I might equally unsettled by that.  Now, before Duranies come after me, I have no idea if Simon is a scary driver.  I doubt that Nick would pick music that I wouldn’t appreciate.  No, I love the idea that John is teasing his friends.  After all, isn’t that what friends do?!  I know that I do that with my friends.  Rhonda and I give each other grief whenever we can.  Why?  Simple.  It is fun.

We have also been known to the give the members of Duran a hard time as well.  (Some band members receive our attention in this way more than others.  coughSimoncough Cheers!)  Now, I know that this bothers some out there who reads our blogs.  After all, it is one thing for Rhonda and I to give each other a hard time but a totally different deal to do the same to Duran Duran.  The assumption here is that we are no way, shape or form on their level so how do we dare.  I don’t really get that feeling.  Yes, obviously, they have fame and a hell of a lot more musical talent than I do.  That’s true.  They are still human beings, right?  On top of that, don’t tweets like this seem to be saying that they welcome this sort of thing?  I tend to think so.

There are teachers at school that are always serious with the kids and expect the kids to always be super serious and respectful back.  I’m not like that.  I like to give my students are a hard time and I welcome them giving me a hard time back.  It makes the day-to-day grind of the school year much more fun and bearable.  Some teachers disagree, though, because they feel that kids should not treat teachers that way.  Kids should just treat teachers as respectable elders.  I think my students respect me.  That respect does not get ruined if they give me a hard time, in a fun-loving way, at least I don’t think.

The same is true with the members of Duran.  Just because I tease them on here does not mean that I don’t respect them.  It is the opposite, in fact.  I adore the fact that they tease each other like this. To me, it shows that they are comfortable in their own skins and comfortable with each other.  It makes me love and respect them more.


What’s So Funny? – Fandom Humor

People frequently share pictures, videos, quotes, etc. on our Facebook.  We allow it and, generally, welcome it as what gets posted are things we like or things we are interested in.  Just recently, I noticed a bit of a pattern in some of the things that have been posted not only on our timeline but in other Duran Duran Facebook groups.  What is that pattern?  Simple!  Humorous pictures that are created by Duranies for other Duranies to capture some element of our fandom.  Let me give you a couple of examples to show you what I mean!

Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band
Created by Denise Mari Vernier
Created by Denise Mari Vernier

It seems to me that there are a number of people, groups, etc. who really thrive creating humorous pictures relating to the band or to the fandom.  For example, the tribute band, Rio, is often posting pictures with funny captions!  Their latest, below, was created just this week and features the new group picture that is in wide circulation!

Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band
Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band

Clearly, in the case of this picture, they are making fun of the band some.  In particular, they are making fun of John, right, and how it might seem to some that he looks like he might be in need of the bathroom!  I would like to think that the band finds this sort of thing funny.  After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself…

To me, these creative and humorous photos also show how Duran Duran, in some way, shape or form is influencing, motivating, inspiring people to be creative.  In many cases, the pictures created are such that some knowledge of Duran must be known in order to be understood.  For example, this picture below could only be understood, really, if you knew that Nick Rhodes doesn’t drive and never got his license as most Duranies know.

Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band
Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band

Of course, many of the pictures created don’t have to do with the band, specifically, but has to do with our fandom and our fan community.  I know that I posted the one below on my own personal social media.


Why?  Simple.  I was excited about getting concert tickets and this seemed to show it better than I could ever say it.  A picture is worth a thousand words as the story goes.

Created by Denise Mari Vernier
Created by Denise Mari Vernier

This one was posted on our timeline and quickly spread through the fan community as I saw a number of friends reposting it and sharing it!  The reason I think is simple.  Just like the one above about going to see Duran, this one expresses that excitement over going on tour.  Let’s face it.  It focuses on the one of the main activities in our fan community–concerts.  For many of us, concerts and touring are the biggest things we have to look forward to!  I love new music and getting new albums.  Of course, I do.  Yet, there is something about seeing them live that can’t be beat.  In my opinion, their music is WAY better live and there are a number of songs that I simply can’t listen to on an album (Wild Boys is the most obvious example for me).  Concerts are also social.  I’m there with friends.  It is a serious break from real life and fun like no other.  Shows also allow the fans to be a part of it.  Can you imagine a Duran show without fans yelling “switch it off” during Planet Earth or clapping at the end of Rio?  We are a part of the show at a concert.  This picture tries to capture the level of excitement that many of us feel at the thought of upcoming Duran shows.  That feeling for me comes back each and every time, even when I think that I’m getting over it or that tours aren’t as exciting as they once were.

Of course, it could be argued that I don’t act like I’m 15 on tour, or become insane or blow all of my money as I don’t do any of those things.  I also admit that I always worry a little bit that some non-Duranie, some non-fan will see that and will have negative stereotypes about fans and about Duranies reinforced.  I hope the non-fans who see something like that have a sense of humor and assume it to be nothing more than good fun!

So, where do you see humor in our fandom?  Do you like pictures like these?  Do you prefer videos like the one below?

What are your favorite examples of humor in our fan community?


The Story of Two Little CD Inserts Part 1

Once upon a time, there were two little cd inserts.  These inserts were relatively happy.  After all, they had been marked by the “FOUR”, those rock stars that their owners loved so much.  Oh yes, these little inserts were lucky ones as they had been given to dedicated fans who truly appreciated and loved them.  They weren’t just thrown into the trash or hidden in some dark, lonely desk drawer.  No, they were allowed to be out and proud in well-used rooms in their owners’ homes.  At times, their owners would pick them up, sigh and give a really big smile.  Life was good.  Despite this, the little inserts knew that something was missing, something ESSENTIAL was missing.  What could it be?  The little inserts would soon found out.
About a month and a half ago, the inserts heard their owners talking to each other.  Something was definitely going on!  Something exciting!  It sounded like whatever was going had to do with those rock stars that had marked them years before!!  The inserts were extremely happy for their owners as they knew how much these owners of theirs loved the FOUR!  Even more exciting, it sounded like whatever was about to happen involved a trip!  Again, the little inserts were happy for their owners but didn’t think much of it as they didn’t travel anymore since arriving in their current resting place.  While the inserts didn’t mind going on trips, they understood that their owners didn’t want them to get lost or get damaged in some way.  Thus, they accepted their lack of traveling.  
Yet, this event seemed different!  The Wisconsin based insert noticed its owner packing one night in between exchanging messages with the California insert owner.  The little insert knew that packing meant that the house was going to be quiet and there will be no action taking place in the office in which it rested.  Suddenly, though, its owner burst into the office and grabbed the frame in which it rested!  “What was going on?!,” the little insert wondered.  “What was she doing?” it thought.  With that, the frame was opened and the insert was removed.  The insert became scared as its fate seemed unknown.  “Would she throw me away?  Would she move me to a dark drawer?  Would she sell me to some other fan?” the insert questioned.  This didn’t make any sense!  The owner loved the insert, it thought.  Then, with a huge sigh of relief, he heard her mutter, “Let’s see if we can’t get you completed!”  The insert then knew it was time to travel as its owner placed it in a blue folder along with plane ticket information, hotel information, show information and more!  The insert knew that it was in for something special!
Soon enough, the little insert and its owner were on their way.  This trip found them first driving in a car, then traveling up in the sky!  The insert had traveled by plane before but then it was in the mail, in a package.  This was different.  This time, the insert could hear its owner and other people near by talking.  While the insert wished to be out of the folder, it was still very excited by what was going to happen!  After the plane landed, the insert remained patient as its owner met up with that other insert owner.  The little insert knew enough to know that crazy things happened when those two humans were together!  The excitement increased!
The next day, the Wisconsin insert found itself traveling again in a car.  Anticipation was high as the insert owners were exhibiting enthusiasm about this trip, even though both humans tried to act so cool, so unconcerned.  Yet, the Wisconsin insert worried about where his matching insert was.  Why didn’t the California human bring her insert along?  The Wisconsin insert wished that he could be with the California insert as it felt certain that they, too, could have fun.  Wait…what’s happening?  The car is being turned around?!  What’s going on?  In fact, the car turned around a few times but the only time the Wisconsin insert cared was the last time.  Why?  It was reunited with its fellow insert!!!  The two little inserts were together!  Oh, yes, something was definitely going on!  Something big!  Important!  Exciting!  The inserts couldn’t wait!
After a brief drive, the inserts and their owners made it to their destination.  At this point, the Wisconsin human held on to both inserts.  The inserts wondered and wondered what she was going to do with them!  They hoped it would be something good!  More importantly, could this be the time in which the inserts would finally be made complete?!  They had spent years feeling like something was missing.  Could this trip be the one to end that feeling forever?!
At first, during this time that the inserts were together, it seemed quiet and uneventful.  While they still sensed some excess energy from their owners, they remained in the Wisconsin human’s purse where it was quiet and dark.  Soon enough, though, they heard music.  Good music.  Familiar music.  Very familiar music.  Could it be that the FOUR who had made their marks on them were near?!?  It would make sense and be the reason that the humans were buzzing.  Did the human have some plan for them?  Something that involved one or more of the FOUR?!  They could only hope!
The night wore on and the inserts got worried that there really was no plan for them.  They were just going to take up space in the purse.  That isn’t right!?!  Then, suddenly, they felt a human hand reaching for them and handing them over to another human.  A British human.  They heard their owners explain that this British human needed to add his mark, his signature to them!  At first, this new human didn’t seem to understand as he began to flip through the inserts, ignoring the front when the California human explained that this male human needed to add his mark on the front along side the FOUR.  Then, each insert felt the smooth motion of a pen across the front of each of them.  Then, there was nothing but a huge sigh.  RELIEF!!!  Finally, they were complete!  Whole!  They now featured the marks of all FIVE!!!!!  Yes!!!  This was the best night ever!!!!
Stay tuned as part 2 will be posted this week then any and all questions will be answered!!!

Controversy at War Child UK Show

Duran Duran played their War Child UK charity gig yesterday.  Unfortunately, like too many things in Duranland, controversy ensued.  Was it about the setlist?  Nope.  Was it about who got tickets and how they got tickets?  Don’t think so.  No, the controversy surrounded something that seemed, at first, so benign, so harmless.  What is it you may wonder?  John Taylor’s fashion choices!!!!  

What were Duranies saying about his fashion choices at the show?  While I know I did not see or hear every comment, I know that I saw some comments, many that certainly caught my attention.  In fact, I was so sure that people were going to get so upset that massive fighting would break out at any moment.  What about John’s fashion choices that got people all riled up?  Let me show you a picture of the evidence.

War Child1

Look very carefully at this picture posted on Duran’s Facebook page.  What do you notice about John?  While some thought John might be wearing a khaki baseball cap (No, I’m not kidding.  Someone thought that.  Can you believe that?!  I’m surprised that didn’t send people over the edge, right there!  Oh…you want me to name names, do you?  Of course, you do.  Our readers are big ‘ole pot stirrers.  Well…normally, I wouldn’t share the identity but she might resemble a certain blogger you all know…), others were clear that it was, indeed a fedora.  Now, was this a good fashion choice, according to the fans?  Some weren’t excited.  Yes, these unexcited fans started talking about how the fedora was the wrong color.  Even worse, for some of them, was the fact that it did not match the rest of his outfit.  That’s all it took.  Those fans became labeled as the “Anti-Fedoras!”  Of course, more was said.  Someone pointed out that John has struggled with matching or color coordinating for quite awhile, broadening the debate to something bigger than a hat.  In fact, some even stated that he lost that matching ability all the way back in 2008.  Other John fans clearly agreed but felt the urge to defend him making this debate all the more complex!

Now, of course, it would not have been a controversy if it was one sided, would it?  No, other fans started talking about Hungry Like the Wolf, having hearts start racing, and bringing back memories.  Some openly talked about how wonderful it was that John was able to capture something of himself from the 1980s.  I couldn’t figure out exactly what they might be talking about so I did a little searching and found some pictures that might back up these very emotional/hormonal reactions.  


Is that what these John fans were thinking of?  If so, I feel myself beginning to understand the “Pro-Fedora” camp.  The question then becomes:  Will they be able to convince those fans who weren’t wild about last night’s fedora that it really is cool?  Will the two sides fight about it instead?  Where will this controversy lead?  Will it start a significant division of the fandom?  A division that had not been seen since Red Carpet Massacre?  Will some John fans be pushed over the edge and leave their loyalty behind?  Will some try to ignore the fedora ever happened?  Will some plaster fedora pictures of all eras all over the internet?  Will there be fedora and anti-fedora campaigns?  Will some fans decide that John needs to have fedoras sent to him?  Perhaps, they would send fedoras of multiple colors in order to help out with the color coordination issue.  What will the future bring?  Will the Duran fandom ever be the same again???  How is John doing with all of this?  Is he okay?  Should we be worried?  Will this affect his ability to finish the album?  

(Obviously, there isn’t really a controversy about John’s hat.  I couldn’t resist being silly with it after seeing SO many comments about it!  Truly, this was just my sad attempt at humor!  On a serious note, I absolutely love that some of my day was spent talking about what John Taylor was wearing at a SHOW.  It has been way, way, way, way, way too long.  If they wanted to add some more shows, fedora or not, I, for one, would be all for it!)


Here Comes the (Request for) News With Love From Me to You

Dear Duran Duran,

It has been awhile since we last talked.  I have been very busy finishing up the school year and my 16th full year of teaching.  If that wasn’t enough and it always is, I have been shopping for a condo.  Then, this past week, I have been gone on a vacation of sorts, which first took me to North Carolina to visit my sister and my nieces then to Minneapolis to see the White Sox play.  Thus, I haven’t been paying attention in the way that I usually do or in the way that I prefer.  While I have been checking in when I can, it has been pretty sporadic.  At times, it has been very sporadic.  Now, I realize that “news” has been relatively scarce with no or little information about the upcoming album and no tour dates to freak out over.  This fact probably worked to my advantage since my ability to pay attention was compromised by real life.  

Now, though, I am home and better able to pay attention.  While I have packing to do to move next month, job searching to do, etc., I will still be around more and be more focused on Duranland.  Thus, it might be a good time to release some interesting tidbits about the upcoming album.  For example, I would be free to hear any and all snippets that are leaked or released.  In fact, if that were to happen now, I could even give my partner-in-crime a call to discuss, dissect, analyze and squee over any and all snippets.  The same would be true for things like song titles, album title or release dates.  I’m available for any and all of those, too.  Beyond album previews, I would also be able to properly deal with any and all news regarding shows, meaning that I could adequately plot.  

This time of extra availability will last only until the end of August.  Thus, please feel free to release any and all information between now and then.  One exception might be in early August when Rhonda and I are planning to get together to get some work done in person, in a distraction-free time and place.  On one hand, that might be the best time to release information since we would be able to react, discuss, analyze, and/or plot in person.  On the other hand, it would distract us from our mission.  Perhaps, that time, then, should be reserved for only the biggest and most important news.  I will let you know exactly when that time will be when we know it.  

On that note, I look forward to my summer.  I cannot wait to get into my new place.  I am optimistic that my job search and my focus on Daily Duranie related projects will be highly productive and successful.  Last but not least, though, I look forward to the summer of Duran Duran news and being able to react to it the way I am meant to!!!

Your dedicated fan,


This is obviously a very serious letter that I fully expect Duran Duran to read.   Obviously, this was written tongue-in-cheek.  I don’t expect Duran Duran or anyone in connection to Duran Duran to read this or to release news based on my schedule.  This post was done solely in fun.  After all, dreams are free!


Today’s Date in Duran History – Denied!!

Ok, so if you’re paying attention and reading the blog, you’ll remember that yesterday I posted the daily point of interest being that on that day in 2001, reunion rumors for the original five broke out on the internet. I am beyond tickled that today’s tidbit, always in good turn, is that on this day, also in 2001, The Powers That Be (otherwise known in fandom as TPTB…it’s true, check it!) denied such rumors of a reunion on

*gasps for overdramatical effect* How I wish this blog had audio sometimes….

The plot thickened…and I’m fairly certain, given what I know about DD fans, that this statement did nothing but continue to fan the flames of gossip, intrigue and rumor about such things. I can almost see the posts now…

“Well, you saw it – management said it wasn’t happening, and until they come out and say it really is happening – I don’t believe it.”

“Do you REALLY think the band is going to admit that they’re reuniting until they’re ready?  Don’t be stupid!  Management is never going to tell us first anyway. ”

Better yet…

“Since when does the band ever bother to really use this website anyway? Remember when a fan hacked into this site just to update it so that people would know what was going on?”

Well, we all know what ended up happening, don’t we? And…I’m pretty sure we can all guess as to why management needed to deny the rumors until the band was ready. Contractual issues between band members past and present (well…I guess that’s past and past now), a web page needed to be constructed and so on. Darn those gossip web sites!!

I still smile when I think about the evening I went online and read the news about the reunion. I must have read the press release five or six times before it really started to sink in. My brain refused to believe what my eyes were reading, and I’m sure that I was not the only one feeling that way. There are many, many times when I really wonder why I got so involved in this community. Like anyone else, I’ve seen my share of cut throat behavior, both in-person and online , and it can really be disconcerting.  But then I think back to pivotal moments I’ve experienced as a fan, and I realize: I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is a perfect point to close this week (for me, since Amanda will be writing tomorrow through Sunday), so I bid you all adieu til Monday.


(Fans) Waiting for a look, the invitation…

Every now and then I read something from a fellow fan on Twitter that cracks me up.

The other day I was on Twitter, and a dear, kind-hearted fan posted that he/she was on a serious campaign to get the band to do a fan-cruise. Yes, you did read that correctly.  He/she wanted to know my thoughts, and then they kindly asked if I’d be willing to start using a hashtag for a DD cruise to get the idea trending.

Now I’m sure there are many fans out there who believe, in their kind little Duranie hearts, that the band would love for nothing more than to spend an extended weekend with an entire cruise ship filled with Duranies. I mean, we are fun people, right?!?  But then again, those who have been around for any length of time know what it can be like when the band is around. (What I wouldn’t GIVE for a good photo of two girls ripping each others hair out to get new John Taylor right now… Ok, here’s what we’re going to do: envision Sing Blue Silver and the rush that takes place when they open the doors to the arena.  Don’t remember? Go get your DVD and watch it!)

The fact is, and I really hate using this word to describe my fandom – but we’re just a little on the overwhelming side. Yes, I’m aware we’re all adults now. Yes, I know that we should have outgrown this fascination and fantasy that we could end up with one of them as our forever mate. Yes, I know they’re all either married or involved.  The question is – has any of that really stopped us?

I think we all know the answer to that.  There’s really no need to embarrass ourselves by posting the answer. *winks*

However, even with all of that aside.  Would the band really consider a cruise?  I have trouble even asking that question without laughing.  As someone reminded me – the band IS known for yachts and champagne.  Yes, yes, I am well-aware.  A yacht and a cruise ship are very, very different things.  Somehow, I just don’t see Nick boarding a neon-glitzed cruise ship, ready for several days of chatting it up with fans, a few rounds of bingo and maybe hitting the buffet. Call me crazy.  I can’t imagine Simon putting up with ANY of us for very long without being under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol (perhaps that’s the point?).  Never mind poor John – I don’t think he’d ever leave his stateroom or balcony for fear of actually running into a screaming crowd of us in one of the narrow ship hallways.  Roger – well, Roger might be found tanning on an upper deck, but he’d always have to be on the lookout for John hiding behind a planter, ready to take Instagram photos at any given moment.  Funny, I could see Dom going along with the idea, but only because he has no idea what he’d be in for. (I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.)

As much as Duran Duran is known for being the jet-setting, champagne-consuming, supermodels and sunshine type of band the media and their branding has made them out to be over the years – the difference is that they don’t typically do these things with fans. Those that have seen those inner-workings are among the prized few. And, I would argue  there is something about the fact that they’ve always been a little elitist and a bit removed from us common folk, that we secretly like.  Maybe it’s a love/hate sort of relationship.  We hate that they spent so much time portraying themselves as being above us when we were younger, to a lesser extent I think they still try for that image now, but in some respects, we love it.  We love the chase. We romanticize the idea that if they’re really the elite and they’re noticing us…well…that’s gotta mean something, right?  Self-esteem boost, here we come!!

Otherwise, what’re we all still doing here?? Is it really just about the music?  Maybe for some, but for everyone? Give me a break. I SEE the Facebook groups we’ve been invited to join, guys. It’s not just the music between us.  Sometimes it’s a little girl panic, too.

So, while I might be willing to board a cruise ship with my friends for a weekend of girl fun, I’m not expecting to run into Nick at the buffet, Simon at the art auction, Roger on deck, or John pretty much anywhere on the ship.  (Yes, I know I’m leaving out Dom. Truth be told – I think he’d go even AFTER my warnings. Silly man.)


Dear Santa…

Since this seems to be the time of year to make out those letters to Santa, we took the opportunity to compose one of our own…in the off chance that Santa is reading!!  Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,

How’s the album…*coughs*…errr… we mean, how are your reindeer? We certainly hope they are well-fed and ready to go…we’ve been waiting patiently all year. Ok…mostly patiently… some of the time…hey at least we tried!! ANYWAY

We have been very good this year and gotten a lot accomplished in your MARKED absence. During the first half of this year, we worked very hard to finish the first draft of our manuscript, which has now been completed. Amanda has been working her fingers to the bone to properly edit, footnote, cite sources and compile our bibliography; while Rhonda has been working to find appropriate publishers to send proposals. It has been quite a process, but we’re making progress and hopefully next year we’ll have even better news to report. We also began planning a convention for Duran Duran fans that we named Durandemonium. The convention was a lot of work to plan, and we had help getting it all finished. People came from all over (even as far as Canada and England!) for an October weekend of fun in Chicago, and as a result we saw friendships come together, and some fans said that we even helped to reignite their fandom for the band. Even though the convention was exhausting and it took us about a month to recover, we would gladly do it all again. Our blog has continued to grow this year, and we saw not only our 250,000 page visit, but also our 1200th post. That is a LOT of blogs to write, and yes, we still blog every single day even though the band has given us PRECIOUS LITTLE to talk about this year on their own. Heck, even when the blogs aren’t totally related to Duran Duran, we still talk about everyday with our day in Duran history and our daily questions. We have a few friends and followers who see those daily Duran posts/tweets, too.  😉  We hope that you agree that we have been productive and very, very, very nice…because we put together a little wish list for you.

 A finished album: #DD14 in 2014 has a lovely ring to it, don’t you think? No no, St. NICK…it’s not at all contrived! Preferably, a finished album sometime in the first half of the year, too, as it would leave plenty of time for shows. Mostly, we are just ready to hear some new music and see our favorite band again.   

Tour dates: We are thinking that summer would be a lovely time to tour (although not early summer – as in like June and early July here in the states, because Rhonda has a little “college visit” road trip planned).  Middle of July through middle of August would be about perfect.  (Listen, we just figured since it was a WISH list…we could throw in a few suggestions!!)

A Guitar: As in, we’d really like to hear that our favorite guitar player has been added to the official, permanent band line-up. With merch, lots of photo ops… and all. Remember, we’ve been very good fans…um…good girls. For that matter, Dom has been around since very late 2004 by our count – and that’s nine years of putting up with the rest of you…*coughs*…we mean the rest of the band. Surely that means he’s been good too!! 🙂

New pictures, videos, etc: All with the aforementioned guitar player. We’re not asking for much. Not really! This would increase every fan’s excitement and give us plenty to talk about on this little blog of ours!

Another trip to the UK, and possibly Europe: We figure we should just dream big here, especially since the only way we’re gonna get back over there is if Santa helps us out!  

While we are dreaming big, how about a proper meet and greet?: What do we mean by proper? The meet and greet should not feel rushed and we should leave feeling like we had our moment. A great example of what a meet and greet could like would be the one before the Unstaged screening at MoMA. Of course, photos would be included as well, right? That is a given. I’m sure you are already thinking that individual shots and a group shot would be reasonable and fitting. That isn’t too much to ask, is it? Perhaps, you would like to do this proper meet and greet in a setting in which not just us can benefit.  We are all for that.  We would love for all fans to have their chance!  Dear Santa, we’re certainly willing to do our part to make this happen, as we know you can’t be everywhere at one time.  Well, at least on any other night besides Christmas Eve.  So…we would be happy to help organize these meet and greets if you need help!  

So, Santa, as you prepare for your big journey, we hope that you consider our wish list.  We have been very good this year and very much promise to be even better next year!!!  

With Love, 

Rhonda and Amanda

How to Convert Non-Duranies

Have you come across people in your life that do not understand your Duranie-ness?  Have you had to explain to people why you like Duran Duran so much?  Have you ever wanted to make a casual fan a Duranie in order to have someone join you for Duranie events like Durandemonium, to go to shows or to tour with?  Then, this guide on how to convert people to be Duranies is for you!!

Step 1: 
Discuss music with the person.  Be general.  Ask about what type of music the person listens to.  Mentally file away his/her answers. 
Step 2:
Retrieve those mentally filed responses about what type of music your person-to-be-converted likes and match them up as best as you can with Duran songs.  If possible, match up the genre with as many Duran songs as you can.  Some examples of matches might include:
Non-love song ballads = Ordinary World
Love song ballads =  Come Undone
Rock ‘n’ Roll = Careless Memories
Punk/Post Punk  =  Red Carpet Massacre
Dance/Funk = Notorious
Dance/Disco = Safe
Artistic/Goth  =  The Man Who Stole a Leopard
Classical = Return to Now
Pop = Rio
Hip Hop = White Lines
Techno = Tempted
Step 3:
Prefer playlist of these matched up genre to Duran songs.  Play the playlist to the person-to-be-converted.  If, at all possible, play the songs in the car.  The person is a captive audience then.  If the person does not respond, verbally or otherwise, to the tracks, initiate discussion.  One might begin the conversation with, “This song so reminds me of  (blank) genre.  I can’t be the only one to hear that similarity, am I?”  At this point, it is important to gage the other person’s reaction.  If this person remains quiet, analyze body language.  Is there any tapping of feet or movement of head in time with the beat?  If so, continue conversation with something like the following, “Did you know that one of Duran’s influences was (insert most commonly related influence to the genre)?  I love how they embraced this influence to make songs like this one.”  If the person-to-be-converted appears more unbreakable, then, move on to the next track and repeat until it catches.
Step 4:
Invite person-to-be-converted over to your house.  At the get together, put on some Duran on the TV.  Be sure to prepare the viewing for the best and biggest TV, if you have more than one TV, in the house.   I recommend starting with a live performance first and then moving to videos before finishing with documentaries.  That said, if you get the feeling that your subject needs the viewing material in a different order, then, by all means, change the order but be certain with your choice.  Moving too quickly to documentaries might scare some potential Duranies away as documentaries tend to be so overwhelming as they typically feature live performances, videos and interviews.  It is too much for many to handle. 
The recommended order could be as follows:
A Diamond in the Mind
Sing Blue Silver
Step 5:
This is the biggest and most important one.  Take the person to a concert.  Now, the non-Duranie probably won’t want to spend the money for VIP but either convince them to or get the closest non-VIP seats you can.  This is essential.  The soon-to-be-Duranie needs to experience the power of their live performances.  S/he needs to feel the reaction from all of the Duranies.  The excitement, the passion is contagious.  It is impossible to fight.  The closer you are the more likely that the almost-Duranie would have a “moment” with a band member or two.  Typically, all it takes is a smile from one of the guys to hook people, especially people attracted to men. 
Step 6:
Repeat all steps as necessary.
***Of course, and this goes without saying that each and every step needs to be completed with all of the passion you have as Duranie.  If your fandom is lacking, you will not be successful in your attempt at converting the non-Duranies among us. 
Good luck and may the Duranie force be with you.

“Rolling Stone” 2022 Interview Part 3

Another day, another soundtrack suggestion for this epic masterpiece…this time, turn on “Undergoing Treatment”.  Cheers!!

We are undergoing treatment
Watching others on the net
Studying our worst actions
They say we’ll get over it
Disappear like disco
To the sight of our few pageviews
Resign to the outer circle
If you see us standing by the stage door
Don’t ever give us an autograph
If you ever catch us in the hotel lobby
Don’t even stop for a photograph

We are undergoing treatment
‘Til our fandom bites the dust
Laid out on Blogger
They crave our loyalty
Ignored by the idols
Exasperated Estrogen
But why do we still face the music?

If you see us texting about Pippin’s
Don’t ever ask us…

Now and then we get the strangest notion
That there’s someone reading
But it keeps we guessing
Wild ambition can you really blame us?
Can you entertain us?
Can you give a little more?

If you see us standing by the stage door
Don’t ever giving us for an autograph
If you ever catch us in the hotel lobby
Don’t even stop for a photograph

We are undergoing treatment
But will the doctors ever cure
These delusions of grandeur?

The following is an excerpt from an interview in “Rolling Stone”**

July 2022
Rolling Stone:  This is the third in a three part series featuring interviews with the present and past members of Daily Duranie, one of the world’s longest and most successful fan blogs that is over a decade old and has seen millions of hits from every corner of the globe.  In May, we spoke with C.K. Shortell, a former member of the blog, and last month, we spoke with founding member, Rhonda.  This month, for our final installment, we ask Amanda to fill in the gaps to get a complete picture of this very successful online monster of a blog.  Amanda, of course, is known to be the organizer, the keeper of the dates/time/daily questions of the blog.
RS:  Thank you for speaking with us.  I know this isn’t your most comfortable of venues. 
AP:  True.  Interestingly enough, I have never had a problem speaking in front of teenagers or in front of political volunteers.  Yet, this setting makes me want to hide in a dark corner somewhere. 
RS:  Yet, you felt like you had to do this interview.
AP:  Of course, when Rhonda and I decide on a course of action, we follow through.  Oh, do we follow through.  (rolls eyes)  The blog is evidence of that, isn’t it?  Ten plus years and it is still going strong.
RS:  That’s true.  You and Rhonda have always been described as committed.
AP:  (snorts)  Committed.  Yeah…as in mental hospital, certifiable, committed.  We could have starred in that Falling Down video that people still don’t seem to get. 

RS:  Is this why you walked away from it for awhile because you thought you were too committed or that people might think you were crazy?

AP:  (laughs hysterically)  People have known I was crazy for years!  They certainly knew that Rhonda and I were flew to the UK twice in a year.  Heck, they knew it when we praised TV Mania back in 2013.  No, the reasons I left were much more serious than that!
RS:  Rhonda claimed that the reasons you left were for “differences” and how politics always got you.
AP:  Sure, I’m sure that she is partly correct.  Yet, she forgets what life was like then.  This was when the only people who really recognized our hard work were some dedicated readers, mostly friends.  We weren’t making any money from it and the band certainly didn’t acknowledge us then.  Remember we couldn’t even get a picture with the band!!  One single picture!?!  Even when we got front row, it was because we waited for hours in line!  We wrote a blog EVERY SINGLE DAY and got nothing.  I could get pictures, as in plural, with the freaking President of the United States but nothing with that band.  Add on the fact that we were making no money doing the blog, at that point, and I was so tired of that.  Years of teaching and years of volunteering for political campaigns combined with this daily grind got to me.  I wanted a real income and I wanted recognition.  That isn’t too hard to understand, is it?
RS:  It isn’t.  The Clinton Global Initiative gave you the income and the recognition? 
AP:  It definitely did!  When President Hillary Clinton called to offer me the position, how could I turn that down?  When the President recognizes your work and requests your services, you don’t feel like you have much choice.
RS:  It sounds like you left without thinking twice.
AP:  Oh no, it was still an incredibly tough moment.  (wipes tears)  I didn’t want to leave the blog.  It had been a significant part of my life for so long that I couldn’t just walk away without feeling a serious loss.  I would have stayed if I had gotten the recognition for the blog…not to mention those fan events like the conventions or for the books.  Yet, I felt like it had run its course.  I had wanted to get out for a long time.  I wanted to do something for myself for a change.  But, I worried about my friendship with Rhonda when I left and I worried about what was going to happen to the blog.
RS:  You and Rhonda are fine now, though, right?
AP:  Yes, of course.  We love each other like sisters and we still can have such a blast together.  I never laugh at much as I do when I am with her.  Yet, when I rejoined the blog, I realized that our relationship suffered when I walked away.  We had to work on it.  I didn’t really get it even though I should have.  All of the blogs featuring the lyrics to “Buried in the Sand” should have clued me in but it didn’t.  When we talked about getting back together over lunch, I wanted to just go on the road, read some fan favorites but Rhonda insisted on writing new material.  Yet, as Rhonda would say, I was ready.
RS:  What were you worried about with the blog when you were gone?
AP:  Well, @Rhondaslap should be a clear example to show how things moved in a very different direction once I left.  Rhonda and I took pride in our maturity, our intellect, our sense of humor.  Yet, once that twitter handle appeared, I knew things were going to be very different.  Can you believe that someone asked me once if I would consider doing a twitter handle like that?!  I calmly explained that was one reason Chris was no longer a blogger with us.  Although, I think I really knew at that 2013 convention that Chris was after my job.  He went out of his way to make an impact with hours and hours of songs that have truly gripped me in emotional intensity.  I mean, come on, he played ZOOM freaking IN.  Enough said.  The only other songs that he could have added to make more of an impact would have been Come Undone and Hungry Like the Wolf. 
RS:  Are you surprised that Rhonda blamed the band for the change in direction for the blog?
AP:  Of course not!  (laughs)  Truly, if we can blame the band, we will!  In all seriousness, it didn’t help when the band decided that social networking wasn’t their thing.  I wanted to be understanding, and I was for a long time but years after years of watching the fans go after each other in between albums was too hard.  Duran downtime is a killer, truly.
RS:  Did you feel badly that your return the fold resulted in C.K.’s departure?
AP:  I didn’t want anyone to be disappointed and upset.  C.K. handled it like a gentleman no matter what his personal feelings were.  Yet, I definitely worried about the C.K. readers out there.  I know how personal one’s favorite blogger is for the readers.  I swear they will be debating which one of us is the best until the cows come home.  Yet, I definitely wanted us to return to the original lineup.  As you know when we first got back together, we wrote blogs that we thought fit with the older material.  There was nothing better than being with Rhonda.  It felt so nice.  Yet, it didn’t have the same level of success as our older work.  When that didn’t get the attention we thought it would, we brought in a popular publisher that took us in a completely different direction to get us more hits.  This publisher didn’t work like we typically did.  I had to explain to him what sentences were!  What was worse is that our readers didn’t get it.  Luckily, we got a different publisher, a true fan, who could remind us again about what we do best.  With that, the readers returned.
RS:  What’s next for you, Amanda?  Rhonda talked about a side project.
AP:  Well, I guess I wouldn’t blame her.  She has been holding down the fort here for a long time.  Projects outside of the blog only work to help us grow, I think.  That said, my plan is simple, we’re gonna take it back, take back the life we want to lead.  We’re going to make this stand the Finest Hour that we see. 

– A & R, C.K. Shortell

Amanda and I would like to thank C.K. Shortell for sending us one of the funniest blogs we’ve ever (not) written…let this be a lesson to you, C.K….we will take your work and create a monster every time!  

And for the rest of you, once again we feel compelled to remind – all characters and events portrayed in the above blog are fictitious…not to mention that it was a JOKE. Any resemblance to real persons or organizations, living or dead…or even undead, is purely coincidental.