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More Than Just a Friend

JoSi.  Four little letters that mean nothing outside of the Duran Duran fandom.  Yet, inside the Duran fandom, those four letters result in quite a reaction.  For those of you who don’t know, JoSi stands for the combination of John and Simon.  Usually, JoSi is used to reference those moments on stage when the two members share a microphone to sing or an action that shows or indicates affection, usually physical affection.  It can also be used when those signs of affection are given in interviews, pictures or some other way.  This creation of a term to indicate a “couple” (whether real or imaginary) is not just done in the Duran fan community but often found in other fandoms.  For example, fans of TV shows or movies often use initials like this or create a completely different name to discuss a favorite couple in the show or movie.  At times, names like that are even used to discuss actors in a certain show or movie.  Now, JoSi is something that we have discussed before and usually gets a lot of pageviews.  This blog post isn’t really one to discuss anything new or different, just to dive a little deeper into the topic.  As mentioned before, there are a lot of fans who really like JoSi and definitely scream or *squee* when seeing a moment on stage, a picture, an interview that really shows the possibility of affection between John and Simon.  (Now, before I start getting a ton of comments here and elsewhere, I am well-aware that both members are married to women.  This blog isn’t really about them.  It is about the fans.)  Yet, there seems to be a percentage of those people who scream or *squee* or who claim to be fans of the JoSi who like what they see on the surface but definitely wouldn’t want there to be or have been an actual romantic and/or sexual relationship between the two guys and not because of their known status as straight men.  I have been trying to wrap my head around that idea.  If you like JoSi, why not like the idea of them actually being together?  Why want the JoSi to stop on stage or stop with what appears to be flirting in interviews or in photographs?

As I try to figure out fans and fandom and overall society, I can’t help but to think of three ideas, three conclusions to this strange situation of truly limited liking of JoSi.  The first conclusion is one that I brought up in the last paragraph, which is just the reality.  Some people might not really go so far as to think there might be/have been a real relationship between John and Simon simply because the reality says that isn’t true.  Both of them are straight and married to women.  There were zero indications of anything with Simon in John’s book, for example.  Some fans can’t move past the facts of what is known.  They don’t want or can’t go into the realm of fantasy.  For those fans, maybe, they can with other combinations of people with chemistry.  (Let’s face it here:  John and Simon have chemistry together.  They clearly are close and get along well, which is what the fans sense.)  Thus, maybe this fans focused on reality can be fans of other couples, gay or straight, who are known to be together in real life or fictional characters in a story/show/movie, but can’t buy this one.  That’s fair.  Then, again, fans like this probably don’t get into JoSi at all.  I am still more curious about those who do scream for them but can’t go so far as to think there could be something real between them.

This leads to me the second conclusion I have come to when it comes to limiting JoSi to flirting and nothing more and that conclusion focuses on fantasy.  Let’s face it.  A lot of fandom is about fantasy.  Many of us became fans when we were kids or teenagers.  Our fandom was filled with an attraction to one or more members.  We would talk about our favorite member as if we had a chance with that person, despite the fact that there would be a significant age difference and a ton more that makes that kind of thought or statement nothing more than pure fantasy.  Many thought, on some level, that if fave member just saw you or met you or had some interaction with you that he would fall head over heels in love with you.  Heck, many fans went so far as to sign our names with the favorite band member’s last name.  There were lots of girls who wrote their names as Mrs. LeBon, Mrs. Rhodes or Mrs. Taylor.  I think that was common in the early to mid 1980s and nothing that anyone would think was strange or inappropriate.  There is nothing wrong with fantasy.  Of course, many of these fantasies were diminished when many of those members got married.  I remember hearing the despair fans felt when Nick got married or Roger got married or Simon got married in the 1980s.  The fantasy died a little then.  Of course, fans could still hope for divorces, right?  As we have aged, our fantasies might not be as obvious, as immature as these that I described from our youth, but I’m willing to bet that there are many out there who still have fantasies of some sort in the back of their minds.  Let’s face it.  Some fan fiction out there is exactly that–people’s fantasies.  Now, before I go any further, let me be clear.  I’m not judging fantasy or fan fiction or anything like that.  I am just acknowledging that it exists and is completely connected to fandom–all fandoms.  The passion that many feel about music or acting or sports or whatever often goes beyond that initial interest.  So, why would fans who still have fantasies, either openly or buried deeply, like JoSi but stop at the point where something really could have or do happen between them.  Why not want there to be a real romantic and/or sexual relationship between these two band members?  Simple.  I think if a real relationship was revealed, which would or could indicate that their sexual orientation was very different from what we thought, the fantasy would be completely destroyed.  When they got married, one could still hope for a divorce but there is no hope if they are actually gay, right?  (Again, I know they are straight.  This is completely hypothetical.)

Since meeting Zachary Quinto, I have been paying some attention to his fan base, both because I’m curious as to what he is doing but also to see what his fans really are like.  It is interesting to watch the fans react when they find out that he is, indeed, a gay man.  Many of them are pretty open to this loss of fantasy that I have been referring to.  Seriously, I have seen many women say things like, “Now I never have a chance with him.”  Uh…I hate to tell them but they never really did before.  Being a fan is not being a friend.  It isn’t being a potential date.  Anyway, I suspect that if JoSi was real there would be many fans who would echo these fans of Mr. Quinto.  Fantasies, either on the surface or buried deep, would end.  Reality would set in.  I get why that might be tough to take.

The last conclusion I could draw about why someone might be a fan of JoSi on stage or in pictures but would never want them to actual engage in any sort of sexual act is simply due to the struggle that still exists with some about homosexuality.  Obviously, society is still struggling with issues surrounding sexual orientation.  Many people have come to tolerate or even accept the idea that people might be gay or bisexual, but still struggle with the idea of people actually participating in sexual acts.  I suspect this will change as society accepts the GLBTQ community more.

As I try to wrap up this blog post, which took me a long time to write, I ponder if this is a mistake to even post this.  I worry that the reaction will be big, bad and ugly.  Truly, I am not pointing fingers or trying to make anyone uncomfortable or trying to insult anyone.  I am not saying that I think John and/or Simon are gay or ever have been (not that it would be a bad thing, if they were.)  Despite my participation in politics, I hate confrontations.  I don’t want that here.  That isn’t what I’m trying to do.  I wanted to write about something I have been thinking about.  I wanted to write out my conclusions to clarify MY thinking.  Am I done with this topic or this area of fandom studies?  Of course not.  I still have much to learn, much to figure out.


The Case of the JoSi

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we present these 10 pieces of evidence that will show beyond a reasonable doubt that JoSi is not a fan created phenomenon.  For those of you who don’t know, JoSi is the name applied to the combination of John and Simon, typically on stage. 


The evidence starts with the cooking part.

The evidence appears at 5:11 into it.

 Based on this evidence, we believe that you, the jury, should find that JoSi is, indeed, factual and not a figment of our imagination.  What say you?


Guest Blog: My Best Concert Experiences

 By Grey Rzeznik

My Best Concert Experiences

Music is my life. That’s not a dramatic statement. It’s simple black and white fact. Everyone has a soundtrack to their life but mine is a full on epic score. I hear music in my dreams, while I’m working, meditating, healing, you name it. That said, I’ve been to many a concert. It’s one of my favorite things in the world, frankly; a night of musical magic with the ambiance and wonder that is a live crowd mixed with the character that any given venue imparts. It would be impossible for me to pick out one single show over the rest because so many had special moments. I took something wonderful from each one I’ve been to so what I’m going to write about instead is a series of shows that were shared by me and my best friend Lisa. Duran Duran started us on a sort of tour ritual. We had to see shows together. 2003 was the start of a series of adventures that this little snapshot will unfortunately fail to do justice. I’m going to try to capture the spirit of it though.

July 17th, 2003: Pacific Amp, Costa Mesa – Lisa and her husband flew out to see this show and hit Vegas. I was over the moon that we’d be able to go see a show together, especially since we met because of our mutual Duran adoration. We weren’t in the pit like I’d hoped for but I didn’t do TOO bad with the seats considering how big that place is. Funny thing, I don’t remember as much about that show other than it being one of their best that I’ve seen. Can that make any kind of sense? I’m hoping it does. I remember how the cheers from the crowd rolled across the audience and how incredible those seats looked completely full. I remember teasing Lisa here and there about John’s hair. He had it blonde then and slightly mulleted. It looked great once it flattened out with sweat but then he’d fluff it with his hand and he’d become an instant Foghorn Leghorn. Every time I crowed like a rooster in Lisa’s ear, she’d either elbow me or pinch me. Hard. Make no mistake about Lisa; she’s a tiny thing but she’s STRONG. I had bruises for a week after.

July 19th, 2003: The Joint, Las Vegas – We drove to Vegas the night before and that alone was an adventure. Vegas in July is equal to slow, miserable suffocation. I can’t remember ever coming so close to heat stroke for a band but we sat there on the Hard Rock’s sidewalk forever to get that prime real estate in Casa de General Admission: Smack dab between John and Simon. Talk about a contrast in shows! This is the night Simon battled laryngitis throughout the night. Somehow that man managed to be so charming and boyish that we all still enjoyed the show. Of course it didn’t hurt when he suddenly started picking at his rear end. A little voice went off inside my head. “He’s done it again. He’s split ’em.” I no sooner leaned in to yell my suspicions to Lisa when Simon told us that he had, in fact, split his pants but then had the brilliant idea of having Dave staple them shut. Except now he had staples gouging his ass… thus the perpetual digging. Lisa and I will probably still laugh about that when we’re popping Geritol and in Powerscooters.

March 13, 2005: The Joint – Dear Lord, this show. It was nearly the end of me. Of us. We very nearly expired right there on the floor of the Joint. Right there in JoSi Shangri-La. Yep, that show. THE show. The culmination of years of me and Lisa screaming “Oh for Godsakes, just DO IT! We KNOW! We’ve KNOWN! Get it over with already! You’re killing us!”  Be careful what you wish for dearies. I’m not kidding. I’m still a JoSi shipper. I said it. Proudly. To John’s face even. (Heh!) None of that prepared either of us for those two that night. Actually it was mostly just Simon but nevermind that.

It started with “I Don’t Want Your Love” and in the middle of the song the band went into a slinky, funky breakdown. Of course Simon went into his own brand of slinking. He zeroed in on John from Andy’s side of the stage and began to stalk him. Head slightly down. Eyes clearly intent upon their target. Steps absolutely predatory. The man slinked like no other slink has ever slinked before. Completely invaded John’s space. Okay chills but we’ve seen this on youtube. Wait though… His hands just went up to John’s face and… HOLY BALLS OF… JOSI! That was no peck on the cheek! That was mouth to mouth resuscitation that people usually watch three hour movies to see! That was… wait, do I still have knees?? LISA! Lisa has a camera…! Except she yanked it away from her face because she couldn’t believe what she’d just seen through her viewfinder. We looked at each other. We shrieked. We’re not even the shrieking type. We hugged. I think. Seems like there was a hug in there somewhere. We were in shock. Oh and it wasn’t just us. The hysterical roar that washed from the back of the theatre to the front was like a great sea beast coming to the surface for air. Then it erupted into a full on deafening howl like something from a Beatles gig. My ears actually rang a bit from it. I’m a pretty cool cucumber for the most part but kiddos, that’s the first time in my life I’ve ever gone weak in the knees. Couldn’t tell you what the rest of the show was like other than spot on. It’s all blurred into that one epic, mythic, uber-fantastic moment that was made infinitely better by getting to share it with my best friend. Geritol, Powerscooters. We’ll still get chills and dumb grins over it.

May 9-10, 2008: The Joint – What do you get when you put five gals together in Vegas for a Duran show that includes the Electro Set? Pandemonium. So much happened that weekend that it would be a whole other blog post but I’ll summarize it like this:

Five birds of paradise. Oh wait that’s just Simon’s hand.
All. *thrust* Simon. *thrust* Wants. *thrust* Isss.
One rescued guitar player (Thank you for not ralphing in my car, Mat! Nice Calvins!)
“Quick. Let’s make love.” *dies*
“We’re comin’ in hot!”

Yes, all inside jokes but where I’m ultimately going with this post is this: We all have our gigs that we can fill entire diaries full of inside jokes and random crazy stuff. The strangest thing about it is that what I remember most about the best gigs is sharing them. Remembering one great bit and having your friends remember their own little bits, then getting together and reliving it. Drawing a deeper bond from the ridiculous things that happen before, during and after the gig. Sitting around a table and just looking at one another and bursting into laughter because you’re all giddy with it again; that high that is a rock show. That high that’s never quite as good if you go alone.

September 30th of last year I went to my first Duran show in three years. My first ANY show in three years and that’s unheard of for me. It felt like it’d been an eternity. A lot happened to me during that time that’s not for this blog but I’m including this show because for 12 hours with Lisa my life felt almost normal again. I felt like I was actually breathing again. It was an amazing, solid show and Simon’s voice was back with a vengeance. A lot had changed around me and Lisa but for just that bit of time, it was like the last two years hadn’t happened.

That’s the real power of best friends and the best shows, isn’t it? They’re ones that rescue you from your daily grind a few hours at a time. The ones that recharge your batteries, envigorate you, and give you memories that will stay with you forever.


Grey Rzeznik lives in Southern California. She is active in local theatre and is passionate about her singing. She’s a proud mama to 4 fur kids who all have her wrapped around their demanding little paws, and is a dedicated advocate of animal welfare causes. Grey’s other passions currently include nautical history, hiking, painting, and all things Benedict Cumberbatch.


Yesterday, a teasing John Taylor tweeted the following, “now.. a jacuzzi with Roger or a sauna with Charlie?  Such highly-charged homo-erotic options.”  Of course, the responses to this tweet came fast and furious. Some people responded with which choice s/he thought was best.  Other responded with some sort of “can I join you” question/suggestion.  Of course, there was at least one comment about how the fanfic was writing itself.  I laughed and thought about how we have never even come close to discussing fanfic on the blog and yet, for some fans, it is a big part of their fandom.

For those people not in the know, fanfic stands for fan fiction.  They are fictional stories featuring one of more band members.  In some cases, the stories are completely heterosexual in nature and feature the band member of choice in some sort of romantic and/or sexual situation with one or more members of the opposite sex.  I have seen many stories in which the main character is a fan or someone who could be a fan.  In my opinion and I’m by no means an expert as I don’t read much fanfic, these stories can seem like people’s personal fantasy regarding the band member(s) of her choice.  Now, there are other stories, which are homoerotic in nature.  In some cases, this is done subtly and left more to the imagination and, in other times, is pretty explicit.  Most of those stories focused on John and Simon as a couple but there were other ones representing every combination of couple possible. 

Now, again, I’m not expert in fanfiction, Duran fanfic included.  I don’t read much and have never written anything myself.  Yet, it seems like fanfiction has been around a long time and probably has been around for almost as long as the band has been around.  It wouldn’t surprise me, for example, if there aren’t many Duranies who had written some sort of story featuring Duran at one point in their youth.  Anyway, fanfic seems to have been or is very popular within the community.  For a long time, there was a section on the DuranDuranMusic message board dedicated solely to fanfiction and it was a very popular place.  The moderators, for whatever reason, decided to remove it.  This, obviously, upset a lot of people.  Frankly, I don’t even know if a reason was ever given to explain this decision.  It seemed like a lot of those writers and readers left the board quickly after that.  Maybe they found a new place to play.  No matter if the reason was stated or not stated, I still wonder.  Was it removed because the band didn’t like reading fictional stories about themselves, no matter if they are written gay, straight or bisexual?  What is removed because there were complaints about the graphic nature of some of stories?  Was it an example of what could be called homophobia because people didn’t like gay relationships or gay sex? 

Now, I’m left wondering what the status is with fanfiction in our community.  Do people still write?  Do people still read?  Where is this exchange taking place?  Is it the same type of deal in terms of types of stories?  I also wonder what the fan community thinks of fanfic as a whole.  Why do people write the stories?  What do they get out of the experience?  Why do people read them or why do people not read them?  Do people prefer the straight ones or the gay ones?  Why?  Is there a place in our community for this kind of creativity?  What do you, personally, think of fanfic?  


Too Bad You’re So Beautiful – The Daily Duranie Review

Hello Thursday!  Today we’re continuing to review the album (and yes, someday we really will finish it – probably just in time to start complaining about the time it’s taking to finish up the “next” album, ha ha!)  by checking in with Too Bad You’re So Beautiful.

Rhonda’s take:

Musicality/Instrumentation:  I really like the beginning of this song with the way it starts with what sounds like Nick switching all systems “on”.   Then the guitar starts in with it’s driving rhythm, followed by the full band at 22 seconds into the song.  It’s a good intro that draws you in immediately.  I really like John’s part in this song, because rather than just have what could a very bland bass part – he really does have his own piece of the melody, and it adds a solid foundation to the sound.  I really don’t think there’s any mistaking the use of chords, the call/answer of the synths to the rest of the band, or even the short instrumental section in the middle of the song to be Duran Duran – it’s their classic “formula”. (and if I’m being fair, I should add here that I really dislike the word “formula” because it would indicate that they don’t try to be experimental or go out on a limb – and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I just can’t come up with a better description word)  There are so many parts to this song that I can trace back to their beginning roots – it’s a definite classic.

Vocals:  Hello Simon LeBon.  After hearing a few of the more recent additions to the physical CD, I was starting to get worried.  His voice seemed to be strained and whiny, and he really isn’t that way at all.  However, in this case – his vocals are true to real life.  That said, there is a certain quality to Simon’s voice that has been lost over the years.  Back on their earlier albums (I’m thinking specifically of their first album and Rio), there was a beautifully dark quality to his vocals – it provided a depth to their music as a whole, and I think that as the years have worn on, that quality has been lost, and I do miss it.  As a whole though, Simon’s voice is still gorgeous, and we should all be so lucky as to be able to “bring it” quite the way he still does after singing professionally for over 30 years now.  Before someone slams me for not mentioning it, yes – I am aware that Simon had injured his vocal chords some years back, and the effects are there, like them or not.

Lyrics: I’m curious as to how many of you out there liken these lyrics to JoSi…and I’m even more curious as to whether or not my writing partner will comment on them in her review!  What is the song really about?  Well, I’ll leave the JoSi fantasy up to those who choose to partake.  I have to say that I really miss the obscurity in their lyrics.  Sure, we can all sing Planet Earth, and we can all sing Cracks in the Pavement (and if you cannot – my assignment for you is to go back and listen to SATRT.  It’s obviously been too long for you!), but what do those words really mean?!?  I miss the days of not really knowing for sure.  I mean, I suppose we could take up a debate about who Simon is really talking about in this song – but the fact is, we all get the basic idea.  I miss my head being full of chopstick!

Oh, and as for *my* take on the lyrics?  JoSi aside (because that’s really Amanda’s department!), I really like the idea of this song being about the fans.  For that matter, Simon could be singing the song from the standpoint of the fans and he’d be dead on.  I can really kind of see it either way – and yes Amanda, I’m entitled to my own fantasy here.  😀    My favorite line(s)?  “I may be a deluded fool but still fascinated”  and “My lunar dreams, how do I stop them?  But it’s not your problem when you’re above it all.”  (and I probably didn’t even say that right and I really don’t give a damn…..yeah I’m all about the puns today…..)

Production:   This is my least favorite category to review, and admittedly – it’s because I have one ounce of knowledge about something that is as wide as an ocean, and I recognize that.  I can only really give my opinion based on being a layman listener. (and I’m thankful each and every day that I play an instrument that is rarely “screwed with” on an electronic level – I’m a clarinet player!) I’m not an audiophile in any real sense of the word, and while I have a great ear, I’m no expert…but I digress.  I really like the song as a whole, although I feel as though every knob in the studio was turned up to ’10’ again.  It’s really up in your face, and I don’t feel that they did everyone justice here – the guitar blends right in with Nick’s synths (they slightly overpower the guitar, which I don’t think is a compliment) and that does it’s share to  although I will say that John’s bass is a standout.  In a good way.  The song really needs that bass to kick it into a groove without it just being a wall of treble clef sound coming at you, and John’s bass does that.  I’m not totally in love with the way Roger was recorded on this one either – the “slap” sound they gave his drums, while intriguing at first – is just too much of the “high” without any of the “low” that a drum can give, which would have benefited this song.

Overall: When I hear the very first sounds from this song – I know immediately that it’s Duran Duran. (what is it about their music? Without even hearing Simon we know it’s Duran Duran and there’s comfort in that)  That’s not a bad thing.  I would say that this is one of the “safest” songs on the album – I don’t hear huge chances being taken musically or lyrically in any sense, but with that safety comes great comfort to a fan.  Yes, it’s nice to fall for a song that’s completely “out there”….like perhaps Night Runner or even Hallucinating Elvis, but there’s something to be said for the warm cozy blanket feeling I get when I hear this song or many others off of this album.  Sometimes it’s good to be cloaked with what we know and love.  I read somewhere that the band felt pretty confident that this song would be in the “top 10” for fans.  I’m not sure if that’s true yet (haven’t heard a lot of chat about the song), but I definitely feel it’s a Duran Duran classic.  I’m looking very forward to hearing it live and feeling the differences between the recorded version and what they can bring live.  The one thing I want to say is that this song could have easily had been a 5 cocktail, but I can’t give it that rating with the obvious production issues.  If I could give Duran Duran one word to think about the next time they record, that word would be BALANCE.  Balance the high notes with low notes. Don’t forget to support the melody with the bass – it’s the foundation of the song.  John totally and completely brings it to the table on this record, but it’s not being taken full advantage, and that’s a crime on this one.


Amanda’s thoughts:

Musicality/Instrumentation:  I have been anxiously awaiting the chance to review this one.  (We don’t have much left, do we?  Of course, we have lots of previous songs and albums to review!)  I LOVE how this song starts.  It feels very sci-fi to me as it feels like buttons have been pressed and that whatever the sound is keeps increasing until the meat of the music begins.  It definitely works to build anticipation and to give the listener a clue that this is going to be an upbeat song.  Then, I love how instantly I hear bass, guitar and drums before the vocals start.  I have to admit to really loving the bass in this one.  It reminds me in some ways of some of John’s classic bass lines that I love like a Hold Back the Rain, for example.  Not sure why.  It just does.  I appreciate how Nick’s synths become more noticeable but still not in the spotlight during the part leading up to the chorus.  This, of course, is complimented by Simon’s vocals at that time, which I will mention later.  Then, the keyboards come on very strong at the end of the chorus signaling a new verse.  This pattern feels very Duran Duran to me.  Then, of course, there is the little interlude about 3 minutes into it which features a softer keyboard sound along with the foundation of the bass and Simon’s prettier vocals, which is a nice touch!

Simon’s vocals are the most noticeable in this song during the two sections of the song in which Simon sounds more mechanical and less melodic which begins with the lyric, “Lay me on your bed”.  At first, I wasn’t sure about his vocals in those sections.  It sort of reminded me of the strange, almost harsh keyboard sounds in All You Need Is Now.  Obviously, those two do not sound at all alike and I’m not saying that.  I’m saying that both elements were different than the rest of the song and seemed almost shocking.  Yet, I can’t imagine either song without these parts.  Both work to catch your attention.  In this song’s case, this section alerts me that the chorus is about to begin.  The lyrics in those sections are also such that they catch my attention as well!  As for the rest of the song, I think classic Simon is featured unlike Other People’s Lives and some of the other tracks off the album that we haven’t gotten to yet.  I like classic LeBon.

Okay.  I’m not going to lie.  I’m a JoSi fan and thought INSTANTLY about JoSi when I heard these lyrics.  The same was true for the first time I heard Want You More off of Astronaut.  (Rhonda was full of lyrical puns and I’m referencing other songs!  What is up with us today?!)  Both songs were very gender neutral.  Yes, there is a reference to a “queen” in this song, but that term isn’t always used to describe a female.  Then, of course, there is the image of someone laying on a bed, smoking a cigarette.  Strangely enough, John has recently quit smoking.  Thus, he was still smoking during the making of this track.  Coincidence?  That is for you to decide, my friends.  Now, let’s assume for a second that this is the case of Simon lusting after John.  I find myself relating!  Do you know how easily I related to the line about being a “hostage to that face of yours”?  How many John girls haven’t felt that?!   Then, of course, the idea that the person singing wants to be more than just a friend.  I think that might fit with the idea of JoSi as well.  I won’t even go there with the line, “I want to stroke your sleepy head.”  Beyond the potential JoSi references, there is another line that has caught my attention, which is, “I may be a deluded fool but still fascinated.”  That line could really be a reference to fandom, in general.  Good stuff.  Of course, this isn’t exactly poetry of LeBon’s past or even the poetry of Before the Rain, but it is vague enough that we can interpret it however we want!  *coughJoSicough*

Like Rhonda, this is the area that I feel least qualified to talk about.  I almost wish that I could review songs after I hear them live.  To me, then, I have a much better glimpse into the quality of production.  Some songs are definitely improved by production and others are not.  I suspect that this song might be one that is better live, which isn’t to say that I don’t love it because I do.  I just bet it sounds better live.  Does that mean that the production was bad?  I don’t know that I would go that far either.  I think that a valid criticism could be that the instruments became a little less natural with the production.  It became too smooth.  It took a little away from the soul of the song.

I love this song.  Up until hearing this song, I had been searching for an upbeat song to compliment the fabulous slower tempo songs.  While I love Girl Panic, it didn’t take me to the level of I must listen to this song over and over and over again like songs like Leopard had done for me.  Yet, this song does that for me.  I keep finding myself listening to it over and over again.  The musical pattern feels like classic Duran for me.  The lyrics entertain the heck out of me and Simon’s vocals do exactly what they should do.  Now, let’s hope that John’s tweet about getting ready to play this one in the UK is right because I’m ready to rock out to it!


The Beauty of JoSi

I cannot believe that next week Duran Duran will be here in the States playing shows!  It always seems SO long in between shows and tours!  Yet, for some lucky fans, the wait to see the band live in concert is almost over!  Personally, I cannot wait to see the band in a month in Chicago.  Cannot wait!  There are so many things that I look forward to when it comes to Duran shows!  I always enjoy seeing my Duranie friends and meeting new ones!  I love singing along to some of those classic hits!  This time around I’m so excited to hear the new tracks live!  I suspect that my love for some of them might increase!  One thing that I am always so excited for is the JoSi.  Am I the only one with this fascination?  JoSi, for those not in the know, is the combination of John and Simon.  In concert, JoSi means those moments when they not only sing together, sharing one microphone but also the little looks or smiles exchanges as well as subtle and not-so-subtle touches.  I admit it.  I find all of those moments…to be… hot.  I know that I’m not the only one, right?!

JoSi is an interesting element to Duran fandom.  It does not seem to be completely unique, though, as many other bands have moments when the lead singer sings with another member of the band.  Like Duran, those moments seem to get many of the female fans to start screaming.  Why is that?  What does that say about fandom?  What does that say about females?  Is this just a taste of guy-on-guy action?  Does this mean that we think or wish them to be gay and together?  I obviously can’t know why these moments get some people all…uh…er…excited, but I can acknowledge what I see in the Duran fan community.

First, every female fan that appreciates the JoSi knows that they are both married to women.  Do fans think that they are secretly gay and are in a relationship together?  Do fans want that?  Good questions.  I doubt that most fans think that they are gay.  Some might think that they are bisexual or have had experiences with members of the same sex, I don’t know.  It is possible that some fans want them to be in a relationship together.  I don’t know.  What would this mean, if that was the case?  Would it mean that they wouldn’t be into women at all?  Is that what female fans want?  I doubt that.  Many female fans want to keep a little bit of that fantasy that they could be into them.  Do they want them to be bisexual?  Maybe.  What does this mean to them?  Maybe that means that they would have stereotypically gay male characteristics while maintaining a possible interest in women.  I don’t know.  Could it just be that they think that two hot guys together are super duper hot?  I think this is definitely the case with a lot of them, including myself! 

Interestingly enough, I also see some fans like to see the JoSi but really hate the idea of them actually being together in that way.  I have to admit that I find this very strange.  Do they just like John and Simon together like this as a means of showing how good of friends they are?  Is it just because they are their two favorite band members?  I don’t know.  Maybe they don’t like the idea of them being together, romantically, because they are married and want to honor that marriage.  I can definitely respect that.  I hope that is all it is because, otherwise, I worry about homophobia.  I would hope that there would not be any disgust over the idea of any two men together as I truly do believe that everyone should be able to love and be with anyone they want.  Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that Duran Duran has had homophobia connected with them.  In fact, I would argue that part of the reason Duran hasn’t had the critical acclaim that other bands have had is because they were deemed to be too “girly”, “gay”, “non-manly” because of their fashion sense, their use of makeup and their female dominated fanbase.  So, I would hope that their fans aren’t contributing to that and can just appreciate the beauty of the JoSi instead!

Personally, I cannot wait to enjoy it myself!  I have to warn the people I’m going to the Chicago show with that they better not get in the way of me seeing any and all JoSi moments.  I’m sure that Rhonda can help with that as I have threatened her safety and well-being more than a few times after she has blocked my view!  I should probably also give them a heads up that I might *squee* a little at those little moments, which may or may not ruin people’s hearing.  Just sayin’.