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Last minute weekend double delight – Girls On Film (Soko) & Late Bar (Barbarians) Making Patterns Rhyme Tribute Album

Taking a break from vacation unpacking and laundry (yes, I’m back!!) to listen to the newest sneak peaks from the upcoming Making Patterns Rhyme album (August 2014).

Up first is Soko’s version of Girls on Film. According to Paul Beahan (Manimal), this version is “downbeat and goth-y”.  I definitely get that “slightly The Cure” flavor from the very beginning, and I have to admit – the song is quickly growing on me.  I like the subdued nature of the melody – it’s not quite as frenetic as the original, and my feet definitely start finding the beat during the chorus.  My ears are happy.  It’s different, but recognizable.  I think this is liable to become one of my favorites off of the album.

Love for Girls on Film aside, I will openly admit I’m having a lot more trouble with Barbarian’s Late Bar.  Here’s the real deal: the song is one of my all time favorites from the band, and I really love that the original is dark and obscure.  It’s tough to hear it done more upbeat…and up to date.  That said, even here, I can find things I really like, such as the middle 8 (between verses).  I think the one attribute I like least is that they’ve changed the rhythm of the song. It may grow on me, but right now I just want to grab the drumsticks out of the hands of the drummer, take the microphone away…and teach them how it should be done. I’m starting to sound like an old woman yelling at the kids to stop playing ball on my lawn, which is never good. I don’t want to completely pan the work, because let’s face it – this probably has far more to do with what I’m used to as a fan than it does the song. I’m curious to hear what others think.

This is the last day to take a listen…so hurry and check it out, then shoot me a comment with your thoughts!

Back to unpacking for me….


So the Party Runs on All Night!!

It’s all about Saturday night!  My convention preparations lately have been all about Saturday night and the same is true with the rest of the convention committee!  There have been conversations with our DJ, and with the management over at Late Bar, decorations have been discussed, menus have been looked at and more!  On the last day of regularly priced registration, I thought it might be good to catch everyone up with some of the finer details then get some input!  

As you all know our evening officially starts at Harry Carey’s for our dinner/dance/banquet at 7 pm.  This, of course, is after everyone who is staying at the Amalfi Hotel enjoys the manager’s reception with their open bar and free appetizers.  The dinner/dance/banquet like the rest of the convention is focused on the theme of the “music between us”.  This means that we are encouraging everyone, every attendee, to come dressed in a way that represents a song, a lyric.  It could be one’s favorite song or a favorite lyric or a title.  I have seen and heard a lot of songs being mentioned as one’s influence for outfits, including Late Bar, Planet Earth, Union of the Snake, Rio, Leopard and more.  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!  I have most of my outfit chosen.  I just need to buy and fix a prop.  So excited!  This banquet, of course, also will include a full meal and the convention committee has basically chosen the menu for the night and we promise that it will be a meal worth remembering.  It will have something for everyone, including vegetarians like me!  Music and dancing will also be a central feature, for sure!  The musical playlist has been chosen and the fan focused slideshow has been worked on but we need everyone’s input on the video playlist for the night.  Yes, you all read that right.  Videos will be played as the dance portion kicks into full gear!  After all, we all know that Duran is very visual and most of us definitely appreciate the visual!  The banquet time is limited so choices will need to be made.  We would love to have the attendees choose the videos.  Now, to help everyone make their choices, let’s list all of Duran videos here:
Planet Earth
Friends of Mine
Girls on Film
Careless Memories
My Own Way
Hungry like the Wolf
Lonely in Your Nightmare
Save a Prayer
The Chauffeur
Is There Something I Should Know?
Union of the Snake
New Moon on Monday
The Reflex
Wild Boys
A View to a Kill
Skin Trade
Meet el Presidente
I Don’t Want Your Love
All She Wants Is
Do You Believe in Shame?
Burning the Ground
Violence of Summer
Ordinary World
Come Undone
Too Much Information
Breath After Breath
Femme Fatale
White Lines
Perfect Day
Out of my Mind
Electric Barbarella
Someone Else Not Me
What Happens Tomorrow
Falling Down
All You Need Is Now
Girl Panic
Of course, there are also side project videos:
Power Station:
Some Like It Hot
Get It On
She Can Rock It
Election Day
The Promise
Goodbye Is Forever
The Flame
Say the Word
So, the question remains, convention attendees, which videos do you want to see most that night at the banquet?!
The banquet just gets the party started, which is why we have arranged to have the group head over to Late Bar for their Planet Earth, or 80s/New Wave night.  I had a great conference call with the club yesterday and they are SUPER excited to host us!  We talked about lots of details related to the night.  First, they have promised us an area in the club and that they would be playing Duran “blocks” that night just for us.  They, too, will show videos so that we can “see the boys on the big screen”!  If that wasn’t enough, I hear that Duran posters might be found around the club as well, definitely helping us to celebrate being Duranies!  I also mentioned that one really cool thing about the Durham meetup we had in August of last year was the Duran related drink specials.  They really loved that idea and I can’t wait to see what they come up with!  With all of this, it will definitely be an all night party that night!  Let’s just hope that everyone will be able to get out of bed on Sunday morning for our goodbye and group picture!  7 weeks from today!!!  I can’t wait!!!

Late Bar – The Daily Duranie Review

It has been a long time since our last review, hasn’t it?  Our apologies!  With that, I am excited to say that today we will continue our ongoing quest to review every last song in the Duran Duran catalog with the review of Late Bar today.  Anyone ever heard of that one??

Rhonda’s turn:

Musicality/Instrumentation: Can’t miss the dirty guitar on this one, nor can one miss the bass.  Or the keyboards.  Or even the drums, and that’s what I like.  No one is the star, and everyone has their hands on the wheel. I especially admire Andy’s soaring guitar, singing right along with Simon during the chorus. I miss songs like this, where everyone and no one is featured.  I love the mid-section where John’s bass and Nick’s keyboards along with Roger’s drums set the tone – one of almost obscurity.  Once again I feel like we’re just peeling back layer after layer, kind of like we’re walking through filmy curtains to find the party when suddenly…there it is. It feels like I’m at a nightclub back in the late 80’s. (well, I have to assume this is what it was like, because back in that time – I was only in my late teens and not quite old enough yet!)  My ONLY complaint about this song is that it’s too short.  I want more.  I have yet to hear them play this one live, and dang it I think they should.  Next tour anyone???

Vocals: Can Simon still sing this low? It is SO low…I love how the song opens, and I have to think he has to be in bass range, and he goes from there way up into second soprano range at times.  It’s impressive and I won’t lie – I could never do it.  That’s why we love Simon, and this song was made for him.  His voice has the perfect timbre when it’s low, beautifully melodic always, and for this song his voice and tone set the mood like no one else.

Lyrics: Where to begin? Well, Room 7609 has never been just a room number…and I’ve yet to stay in a room with that number, but any Duranie worth their membership card hopes for that on any trip they’ve gone on.  We talk about all-night parties any time the mention of touring comes up, and it’s just a feel-good song. This song is all about a party, and for me, that’s a good portion of what being a Duran Duran fan is about.  The fun stuff.  I definitely don’t listen to this song when I want to be in a melancholy mood, that is for sure.  Truly the lyrics remind me of what it’s like to be invited to an afterparty – one that takes place after the main event, up in a hotel room.  Good times were had by all, I am sure. Quintessential Duran Duran that I really wish they would not ignore for a set list.  Can we fix this?!?

Production: There is something deliciously raw about this one that I just love. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels just the slightest bit gritty – there’s no polish or gloss here, and I love it.  I like that hard edge, and I’m glad it wasn’t sanded and polished away by overzealous production staff, it would have watered the song down and it wouldn’t have the same effect. I even like that you can hear Simon speaking in the background during the middle section – it would have been simple to clean that up, but it would have completely ruined the effect.  Nowadays, they’d have messed with it, using autotune and God-only-knows what else to try to make their point.  Ugh.  I think this is fabulous as is.

Overall:  I feel it necessary to admit that this is one of my most favorite Duran Duran songs of all time.  It is right up there with Is There Something I Should Know and Secret Oktober. I am completely and totally biased, without question.  Even our background artwork for Daily Duranie has a little bit of Late Bar in there.(Go ahead and find it – consider it my challenge to you!)  I am just not sure how they could have made the song any better, except in two ways:
1. Make it longer
2. Play it live!!

Cocktail Rating: 4.5 Cocktails!!

Amanda’s take:

Musicality/Instrumentation:  Obviously, one cannot miss the guitars on this one!  In fact, it is hard for me to think of a Duran song besides this one in which the guitar hits you over the head immediately.  Of course, the bass is also super noticeable.  It isn’t like keyboards and drums aren’t there but they are more in the background in this one.  I like that.  While I’m not always into guitar as much as others, I am glad that the songs weren’t all keyboard focused.  Balance is important.  I noticed that the instrumentation on this song begins almost immediately.  There is no lead in, no extra little something that is in so many Duran songs, including songs from this era.  No, there is no time to adjust to this one.  As you as you get used to it, you find yourself completely into and wanting to sing along.  I also love the little interlude in the middle of the song when the bass seems a bit more in front.  It works to build the energy up when the song kicks back into full gear.

Vocals:  Who knew that Simon could sing this low?  Yet, it is so very different than the beginning of a song like New Moon on Monday.  Of course, it doesn’t stay low throughout the whole song.  In many ways, this feels like Simon truly showing what he was capable of as a singer in 1980/1981.  He has quite a range and he is able to convey a kind of dark, sexiness at one moment and a fun, carefree quality the next.  Personally, I love how Simon’s voice sounded throughout this time period and this song is no exception.

Lyrics:  I didn’t really notice the lyrics to this song for a very long time.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps, I was so into the very, very, very catchy chorus that I didn’t really pay attention to the verses.  Now, I do and have.  Let’s talk chorus first, though, because it is the more noticeable part.  Who doesn’t love the line, “There’s an all night party in room 7609?”  I would think that most Duranies would.  It is exactly what many, many of us hope to have or experience on tour.  We all want that all night party in some random hotel room.  I can think back fondly to a few nights of partying on tour myself!  Obviously, in order to party all night, we need to have a bar that is open late.  Who wouldn’t love that?!  As for the verses, I have to admit that I was a little weirded out when I realized that the first line reads, “There’s a hole in the wall next to you.  Things with legs are crawling through.”  That doesn’t seem as party like.  It just gives me the shivers since I definitely don’t like bugs and that is all that I see with this line.  Luckily, it is right in the beginning so I can move past it pretty quickly.  The rest of the lyrics continue with the idea of a party with the mentioning of dancers and mirror balls.  I’ll stick with those images!!

Production:  I wonder what the studio was like during the writing, recording, and producing of this one.  Was it just fun?  Did it take a long time because it feels like it was put together quickly during a time of partying, goofing off?  Of course, it probably wasn’t that way at all but that the feel of the song is so strong that I assume it was like that.  It was probably very serious!  That said, I continue to love the production on this first album and all that came with it.  I continue to be impressed by how some instruments seem a little more pronounced until you really listen.  I love that.  I love that each and every time you can hear a little more.  It works to keep the song fresh for the listener, or at least, me.

Overall:  In my opinion, this song screams Duran Duran to me, not because of the sound as much as the general vibe of partying and having fun.  After all, this is the band that said they wanted to be playing when the bomb drops and the band that reminds us each night in concert that they were designed to make us party.  This song makes us want to party!  Speaking of that, why don’t they play this song more in concert?  More specifically, why haven’t they played this song at a show that Rhonda and I were at?  What can we do to encourage them to?  I think that even if half of the audience doesn’t recognize it, it would still go down well.  The half that does know it will have a ton of excitement and those that don’t will hear the party atmosphere and get into it!

Cocktail Rating:  4 cocktails!!