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Duran Duran History – From Mediterranea

From Mediterranea With Love Cover

Duran Duran history for today takes us all on a little whirlwind vacation away from the holiday madness to Mediterranea.  On this date in 2010, Duran Duran released a special FREE iTunes “one-day download only” entitled From Mediterranea With Love. This 3-Track EP was release only for several European countries, and included Mediterranea, (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (live), and Ordinary World (live).

Not that I’m complaining, but apparently the rest of the world did not get love that Christmas. We must have been naughty.  😀 (Let’s face it, I probably was!)  -R


Mediterranea-The Daily Duranie Review

Okay, this song is not on the digital version of All You Need Is Now.  Yet, it was released as part of an EP for people in Europe.  Thus, we thought it would be good for us to review this song as well.   

Amanda’s take:
Musicality/Instrumentation:  This song starts out in such a silly way.  I swear that I can hear some wave sounds and then music that could have come straight out of a Beach Boys song!  Lucky for me, it quickly changes to a classic Duran sounding song with some strong guitar and bass.  I think that is the thing I really like about this song, in particular.  It gives this carefree, beautiful vibe of a warm, welcoming place while maintaining all instruments.  Other songs on AYNIN are just as beautiful but lack the lush instrumentation that this one provides throughout the whole thing. 

Vocals:  Generally, Simon sounds great, but I don’t like Simon’s voice as much when he tries to reach some of the high notes of the verses.  The chorus, though, contains solid, alluring vocals.  During that part in particular, I feel like his voice is calling me to this paradise. 

Lyrics:  These lyrics aren’t all that poetic and are rather obvious at first glance, yet, still feel like classic Duran.  First, they seem to be about a paradise location somewhere in the world.  Who doesn’t think of warm, tropical places when they think of Duran after seeing the videos filmed in exotic places like Sri Lanka or in tourist meccas like the Caribbean.  Second, this song seems to match what a lot of people have been feeling.  Rhonda has experienced a ton of rain in California and I have had much snow and cold in Wisconsin.  I think we would both welcome a change of scenery in that way!  Lastly, I adore this idea that this place is more than just an escape from rain or winter but that it is somewhere we belong (“there is a place for us”).  We must continue to believe that this exists for all of us.  Then, the song meaning seems to broaden beyond a geographic place but something more essential to one’s existence, something deeper. 

Production:  It seems to me that the production and mix allowed the song to maintain a softness to it.  I this this feeling must have required a very, delicate mix as I could imagine that it would be easy to showcase one instrument over the other, which would have completely changed the feeling of the song. 

Overall:  I believe that this song is quality Duran Duran.  It would fit in well with the rest of their catalog.  I love the idea of a welcoming place, whether is an actual location or a place in the world.  I know that I have often desired to find that place myself and I agree that it is important to believe that this type of place really does exist.  In this way, the song expresses an optimism that I saw throughout Duran’s career.  I think the lyrics and instrumentation is just wonderful but wonder if the song couldn’t have been better with a different beginning. 

Cocktail Rating:  4 cocktails!

Rhonda’s turn

Musicality/Instrumentation:  From the moment the song starts, I would swear I’ve been transported somewhere.  At first, I seem to think I’m going to Sri Lanka again….a la Save A Prayer… but then I realize this is 2010.  We’re going somewhere even warmer and more exotic, if that’s possible!  I love the sound of the waves at the beginning, but admittedly – I’m a sucker for anything that sounds like the ocean, an island…or vacation!  I can see why Amanda would immediately liken it to the Beach Boys. (also a band that I happen to have love for – especially given the fact that I was named after a Beach Boys song…no, I’m not kidding.  Another story for another blog…)  The fact is, as soon as the guitar starts, it’s obvious that Duran Duran has better things in mind.  It’s a strong guitar, probably one of the stronger guitar tracks we hear throughout the new music in that it basically stands on it’s own, with the synths taking the backseat this time.  The bass really backs up the guitar very well – it’s a good, strong balance and in my opinion, it’s a little different from the rest of the songs and the “typical Duran Duran formula” without feeling as though it came from a different planet altogether.   The song is written in very much of an island, tropical feel without being cheesy, and I have to hand it to Duran Duran for being able to create that type of a feel without creating an image of them wearing tacky aloha shirts – not many bands can do that.

Vocals:  I think Simon sounds just a tad whiny on this song when he’s reaching for the upper notes – I have to wonder what he would have sounded like had they simply adjusted the chords for him to accommodate a little lower of a range.  His voice would have sounded far less sharp and a lot rounder and fuller – which would have made the song that much better.

Lyrics: I love the lyrics to this one.  They aren’t the filmy imagery that fans tend to applaud, but they totally take me back to my vacations.  I feel the sun, smell the vanilla in the air, see the calm water….and during the winter that I’m having in California, I need it!  (practically need to grow gills to live here these days….unreal!!!)  I’ve never been to “Mediterranea”, but it’s on my list, right after I get myself on a cruise again, and you can bet I’ll be taking this song right along with me.   I give a big “whatever” to the fans who wave up their arms in frustration to this one, then sit back and relax.  It’s a great song.

Production: I think the production was done very sparingly and simply on this song – and if it wasn’t, that’s how it SOUNDS, which for me is a huge plus.  It’s not layers upon layers of tracks – and I can hear every single sound – which is beautiful.  I think a song like this cries out for simplicity, and to my ears, it absolutely achieves that goal.

Overall:  Count this song among my current favorites – and if I ever get my wish that they move Save a Prayer out of the setlist (dreams are free, and quit throwing tomatoes at your computer, please)…I think this one would be a remarkably good addition, and I’d even sing a long.  It’s beautiful.  White sands, the smell of spicy gardenia in the air mixed with ocean salt…yep, I love it.  Takes me away from the “fun” of potty training my youngest every time!! (and if you don’t think I need a vacation right about now….think again!!)

Rating: 4.5 cocktails!!!