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About a week ago, Duran Duran posted a picture of John and Roger wearing new t-shirts with the upcoming album title, “All You Need is Now.”  These t-shirts were in black and white and simply had that phrase.  Today, I received an email from the ddstore, letting me know that there are new items in the store, including these t-shirts and more advertising the new album.  I immediately had to go check things out, despite the fact that I was still at work and needed to finish a report.  Like many Duranies, I saw many products that caught my attention, including those and other t-shirts, mugs, etc.  Since then, I have seen other fans react with interest, matching my own, and others who aren’t feeling it.

The fans who are not interested in the new merchandise complain that these simple t-shirts look like they could have been made at an online “make your own custom products” store.  While I can’t necessarily argue with that, I also can see why they are as simple as they are.  The title of the album and, even the little part of the song I have heard, incident a feeling of embracing the present and living in the moment.  In many ways, it is about living simply and ignoring the past and stop worrying about the future.  It suggests the need to remove all of the extras and just go with what you love best.  For Duran Duran, it is the music.  Simple as that.  If they were to have really complex designs on the shirts, wouldn’t that be going against the overall feeling and mood they seem to be trying to convey?  Shouldn’t they be simple and straight-forward?  I love the idea of embracing the now and living simply and if the shirts and album help us with that, great!  Of course, the other complaint is about how costly they are, especially at this time of year.

Duran Duran and their management aren’t stupid (although, sometimes, we have wondered).  They are thinking about making a profit like any other business.  Obviously, they want to charge a lot more than what the shirts are worth in order to make money on them.  Yes, the shipping is horribly expensive for those of us living outside of the UK.  Yet, it seems smart of them to put these items up for sale now.  They didn’t wait for tour time, which is great.  First, people are getting ready to buy gifts for the holidays and many of these items could be given for such a purpose.  Second, some people (me) aren’t that excited to buy merchandise at a show.  People don’t have a lot of extra cash at those times because they have spent the money on tickets, travel, etc.  They don’t have a lot of money for extras.  Personally, I don’t like buying t-shirts and posters at a show because I can’t stand having to carry them around.  I will and I have done it when I have had no choice but I don’t like to.  Besides, I like having t-shirts to advertise a new album for the band ahead of time.  After all, if I’m excited about it, I want others to know.  In this day and age, there are too many people out there who don’t know that this band is still around and is still releasing new music.  Wearing t-shirts help to educate the public about the current status of Duran Duran.  🙂

Therefore, based on both the fact that I like the shirts and I like to show my Duranie pride (silly me!), I’m sure that I will be buying a shirt or two.  Of course, I will also put them on my wish lists and maybe my supportive family will buy me one!  Wouldn’t that be cool?! 



I survived my birthday weekend in Vegas.  Thanks to all of you who sent birthday messages via here or Twitter, or my email…or even facebook.  🙂

That said, can you believe I didn’t hear the new clip of Being Followed until about 35 minutes ago?  I kept getting texted on Friday night by Amanda telling me how great it was – and of course I was envious because I knew it wouldn’t be until today that I’d get my chance to listen!

It would be unfair and irresponsible of me if I didn’t acknowledge that there are fans out there that aren’t happy with what they’ve heard so far.  I was honestly expecting far more positive reaction than I have seen thus far today, but then again – we Duranies are a cynical bunch, and we’re tough to impress these days.  I believe that the initial excitement from having heard the clip has died down, and now I’m seeing the tide turn from excitement to negativity, but certainly not everyone feels that way.  It’s music. Everyone has their own opinions, and they certainly have the right to not only decide what they like, but also the right to post their feelings.  In the end, it’s music.

When I first listened, I immediately thought of Sound of Thunder.  I think I was expecting to hear something like the songs off of Rio because that’s what keeps being brought up – but for me, I heard more first album.  I know a lot of people have commented on it sounding like Blondie.  I can hear what they mean, but for me – it’s all about the bass line.  (thankyouJohnTaylor)  I knew I missed the bass on RCM, but I didn’t realize how much until I heard this clip!!  What a relief to hear that his part wasn’t left in the studio this time!  I also heard a guitar – something I haven’t heard in quite a while.  The bass and drums play off of the guitar, which in turn is held together by Nick’s synths….the equation that at least for me, equals the sound that I fell in love with.  I can’t comment on the lyrics, because I only heard one portion and I want to hear the whole song and think about them – but the vocals are lovely as usual.  It is simply amazing that Simon’s voice has only gotten stronger over time.

With all that in mind, I have to say – the song did not blow my mind.  I’m not sure that it really should have.  I’ve never been one to hear a song and fall instantly in love.  I’m more the type that likes to be courted just a bit.  I like to listen, think about it, come back and listen again.  My goodness, it’s taken me decades to love Late Bar, Secret Oktober and To the Shore – but it’s a lasting love.

So, it’s been a few days.  Have you listened again?  What do you think?  Drop Daily Duranie a comment and let us know!  If you love it, tell us why.  If you hate it, say so – but tell us why.  Simply saying you hate it does no one any good – I want to know why.


Being Followed

Sometimes, it is good to be blogging late!  As many in the Duranie world know, Mark Ronson played about a minute and a half snippet of Duran Duran’s song, “Being Followed” tonight!  For Duranies, there is NOTHING more exciting than experiencing Duranie alerts like this!  The only thing better than hearing a new song or part of a new song is having a tour announced!

After listening to the snippet and seeing many fans react to it, I am thrilled to report that pretty much EVERYONE LOVES what they heard!  My initial reaction in hearing the first five seconds was how fabulous it is to hear solid instrumentation that Duran is famous for!  I loved hearing John’s bass so clearly, especially since he was barely on the previous album.  Then, in typical Duran fashion, the other instruments joined in!  Many fans have referenced previous Duran songs like the early “Faster Than Light”, the classic “New Religion” and one of my favorites, “Hold Back the Rain”.  Once the lyrics begin, I focused in to catch as many words as I could.  Here are some of the lyrics I noticed:  “To the voyeur, seated in the darkened room…Paranoia-the only valid point of view…I’m not alone, being followed, someone’s always watching what we do, never alone, I’m in the shadows, I dream things I don’t want you to know.”  While I will always miss some of the cryptic lyrics of the first few albums, these non-cryptic lyrics entertained me.  Are they speaking of their own personal experiences of being famous?  Is it really more about a peeping Tom sort of thing?  I tend to think of the former, especially with the line, “Someone’s always watching what WE do.”  We-as in more than one, as in the band.  Overall, this song feels like Duran to me.  I definitely can’t wait to hear the whole thing and to hear this one at a show because I believe it will be really fabulous live!

Beyond the song, Mark Ronson also gave us a couple of other clues in regards to the plans for this album.  Initially, when introducing it, he said that he believed that the album will be out by the end of the year.  This matches with the latest rumors about a potential Christmas release.  The other, probably more interesting statement, was one that he made when talking over the song.  On the second play, he said, “Exclusive property of Capitol Records.”  Does this mean that they do have a deal with Capitol again?  Ah…let that speculation continue! 

No worry from me about when the album is actually released or how right on as I’m beyond thrilled by this snippet and hopeful that this album will be exactly what the Duranie community needs!  What is your reaction?


And So It Begins….(again!)

Have you heard the news?  Duran Duran recorded an interview yesterday (that would be Tuesday) for the Today Show here in the US.  The show date is November 13th, which is a Saturday.   I was ecstatic to see that they’re finally doing interviews – assumably for the new album, which is great news!!!

Where I live, the show airs beginning at 5am on Saturday.  It just so happens that I will have not only my closest friends here that weekend, but also my blogging-partner-in-crime, so we’ll be doing a joint blog that day on our reactions from the show I am sure.  I can’t wait to see the band again, and what makes this airing even more special is that my closest friends, all of whom I’ve met as a result of being involved in this godforsaken community.   I almost never have the opportunity to experience real “Duranie” moments with my friends, unless it’s at a show – because two of my friends live in the midwest, and the other lives in New Jersey.  They’ll all be here with me that weekend because as the resident old lady of the group – I turn 40  this Sunday.  They are coming out next week to help soften the blow.   I really can’t seem to decide if I’m more excited about seeing a Duran Duran interview, or if I’m genuinely more excited that I’ll get to make comments, point and laugh, and probably squeal in delight at the interview right along with my three friends here in my own living room.  

That’s the beauty of our community.  We all came together for the love of a band, yet our friendships surely transcend the “life” of the band at this point.  No, we’re not all going to be best friends, but I feel so incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon the whole lot of you, and even more so that I’ve found some of the most wonderful friends within this crazy community of ours.  Sure, there’s an amazing amount of competitive, cheap and petty behavior that goes on at times, and yes – I’ve met more than my fair share of people that I feel need a “crazy” certificate; but on the other hand, to meet all of them has made my life so much more colorful.   To think that just six short years ago I’d found, and since then I’ve organized a convention, started a daily blog, found a fabulous group of women to lean on during some of the roughest times of my life, not to mention finding a fantastic writing partner…. I’ve had a good run so far, and I’m looking forward to more!

Hold on tight, because this show is about to get on the road!


Record Sales

Recently, Nick was BBC2 Radio and confirmed that the band hopes on releasing the album, digitally, in December with a physical release in the beginning of 2011.  Around the same time, give or take a day or two, an event on Facebook appeared asking people to RSVP to download the album on December 25th.  Perhaps, this event came after Simon made a statement on his latest Katy Kafe about how the fans will have a Christmas surprise, in regards to the album.  All of this leads me to have further questions.  Will they release the album before a single?  Will there be a single?  Will it really be released on Christmas?  Will having both a digital release and a physical release help album sales?

There has been quite a bit of discussion on the message boards in regards to how well this album will do.  Some people believe that the album won’t sell any better than Red Carpet Massacre because only dedicated fans will buy it.  Others think that the album will sell more depending on the quality of the music.  If it feels like classic Duran, people will buy it.  Here’s my question:  Who are the dedicated fans?  How many of us are there?  How do you define “dedicated”?  Will only Duranies buy it? 

Since we have started this blog, we have been amazed at how many readers we have from places outside of the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.  We have had readers in places like Iraq, India and other places that Duran Duran has never played.  This leads me to wonder how many Duranies there are, worldwide.  I obviously realize that not all Duranies read message boards or post.  Did all “Duranies” buy RCM?  Did they buy as many as they did Astronaut?  Will they buy more copies if the album is solid? 

Call me an optimist but I do believe that some of the people who bought Astronaut but did not buy RCM will buy All You Need is Now, if the album is what they think Duran should sound and be like.


Tell Us What You Know!

Just when I think the day is going to be quiet – a little subtle change appears on the horizon that brings on a small rain shower.

If anyone has been watching, the space under Label has remained fairly blank for while on the band’s myspace and facebook pages, then very quietly it was filled – I’m not sure if it happened this morning or last night, but it now has a name listed.  “Tapemodern”.  I’m going to be up front and honest, this blog isn’t really going to be about the label “announcement” – I’ll leave that to other perfectly capable folks to mull over.  What I am more curious about is the reaction AFTER noticing that space being filled with a name.

One of The Daily Duranie’s fellow bloggers took to her blog this morning, announcing the small change.  You can read it here .  Even more fascinating than the label itself (which really isn’t huge news if you’ve been paying any kind of attention for the last year or so) are the comments AFTER the blog.  Immediately folks jumped on Nathan Stack, who is the handler of the bands myspace and facebook pages.  They wanted to know where he got his information, and Nathan – ever so carefully, I might add, sidestepped the real question. (clearly he’s been learning – good on him!) That’s when another person commented, as anonymous as the first, that Nathan was being coy and evasive and that he should just tell us where he got his information – or if he was just following the bosses orders and wasn’t told why.

Upon reading the comments – I had this clear vision:  Nathan tied to a chair in a small dark room with a single light bulb hanging down from the ceiling.  Someone from the Gestapo standing in front of him, whip in hand, demanding answers.  “Tell us vat you know!”

Really people?  This is our fandom???  One tiny bit of news that isn’t really THAT huge and we’re going to be like the Gestapo to get answers?  One person even commented that if Nathan really changed the label name – that he should know the answers and at least be able to verify whether it’s true or not.  It almost infers that  #1 – Nathan might not have been the one to change the label name, and #2 – that if he did change it and doesn’t know why, than maybe it’s just rumor.   I suppose it’s possible that someone else went onto the accounts – whether that was because they had authority to do so or because the account was hacked as a joke and changed the label – but I kind of doubt that.  Why bother??  So I’ll go out on a limb and say that if it’s on their myspace and facebook, it’s highly likely that it’s their label.   That said, I don’t believe Nathan or anyone else on Duran’s staff is responsible or required to explain themselves to the fan community.  I just can’t quite get over that we’ve gotten to the point where we’re going to question EVERYTHING – even their own facebook and myspace pages – simply because we all know that a fellow fan runs those pages, as if that makes them fair game for bullying.  It doesn’t.

Even more fascinating is the “why”.  Why do we as fans feel it’s our “right” to know everything, and I do mean everything, as soon as it happens?  I’m just like the rest of you, I sit in very anxious anticipation for the next album.  I can’t wait to see them on tour.  I have posters hanging in my closet.  (wait….I probably didn’t need to mention that…. ;D)  Yet I don’t know when it became my right to know exactly what they are doing and why.  I think that at the end of the day, I have to trust that the band has a pretty good idea of what they’re doing and how the business works, even if I don’t always agree with their choices.  They probably wouldn’t agree with many of mine…so we’re good on that one.  In all due time, we’ll find out what made them decide to go with Tapemodern (*coughs* Nick *coughs*), and why there are still listings of UMG distributing a single for them on December 14th.

This whole morning/afternoon has reminded me of the UCLA Internet Symposium that John spoke at this same time last year.  During his speech, he spoke of how Twitter, Facebook and other social mediums have brought the fans so much closer – there’s not nearly the same sort of separation as there was when he was young.  This is true.  He talked about the anticipation he would have over getting specific albums after seeing his favorite bands live, because that was the only way at the time that you could continue to feel that connection after leaving a show.  Nowadays, the line between privacy and public life is so blurred that a lot of that anticipation is lost – which is one reason (out of many I am certain) that John chooses not to participate in those social mediums.  I would venture to guess that “back in the day”, the band could have (and did) switch labels without noticing so much as a ripple of commotion in the fandom.  In present time, we often find out about such things well before the band even intends to announce them, and yet ALL of us (this blogger included) continue to question why the band openly chooses – so it seems – to put up such a brick wall between themselves and their fans, whether that brick wall is perceived, misunderstood, or otherwise.

I think that much of the answer to that question can be found in this blog, on the bands facebook and myspace pages, and on our message boards.


Download vs. Actual Hard Copy

A new rumor has been posted on various message boards and on Gimme a Wristband.  This rumor came via Duran’s makeup artist.  According to this person, Duran’s album will be released through a download version in December and actual hard copy in January.  This, if it is true, is fascinating.

The first question I have is in regards to a record label.  Does Duran have one?  If so, which one?  Was this idea of two separate releases their idea or Duran’s?  What is the logic behind it?  Why does there need to be a month in between?  I, obviously, don’t have any answers to these questions.  I’m sure that, in time, all information will be shared.  Until then, I’m going to continue to speculate.  Maybe they do have a record label and one that wanted it just released via downloading as this would cost less for them and might move more “units”.  I could see Duran, specifically Nick arguing for a hard copy release.  After all, they have always been all about the packaging.  Of course, I could be all wrong.  Maybe the band is releasing it on their own.  They don’t want to wait for the hard copies to be pressed so they will release earlier via downloading.  (Yeah, I’m being super kind about the band’s desire to please the fans in this fashion!)

Assuming this rumor is true (big assumption, I know!), I, for one, am glad that they plan on releasing hard copies.  I can’t imagine not being able to hold a new Duran album in my hands.  What would it be like to not look through the lyrics?  I don’t know that I could survive not seeing the new cover.  If these things were missing, it would be like missing an essential part of Duran.  After all, they have always been about the visual as well the musical. 


Album Release Date Rumor

As my partner-in-crime mentioned yesterday in her blog post, there was a rumor going around a message board about the release date of Duran’s album, “All You Need Is Now”.  The rumored date is Tuesday, February 1st, 2011.  I’ll assume that this is the U.S. release date as new albums drop on Tuesday here.  Rhonda also mentioned that this date is almost 30 years to the day that Planet Earth was released.  Two questions immediately pop in my mind:  First, could this rumor be true?  Second, is this a good idea to connect these two?

First, it definitely seems that this date could be true.  It matches the timeline that we keep hearing in interview after interview.  Interestingly enough, this would give the band wiggle room in terms of fulfilling their statements about releasing the album in January of 2011 as the U.K. would probably release it the day before on Monday, January 31st.  They could actually keep their “promise”. 

Second, is this date a good one?  The surface level of my Duranie self says no.  Why?  It should be released now or next week or next month!  Not 3 months from now!  Ugh.  I don’t think I can take it.  I suspect that most Duranies are like me and are impatient.  After all, we have been waiting for a new album since November of 2007!!!  After that thought comes and goes, the more serious Duranie in me comes out.  Should this new album be connected to their first single?  I realize that they have been advertising this album as the return of the early, classic Duran sound.  Maybe it would help to make that connection explicit.  Maybe fans who left during RCM would come back, simply for the historic nature of it.  I can see some people saying or thinking, “I was a fan for Planet Earth and 30 years later, I’m a fan of All You Need Is Now.”  That might even be what I would be thinking.  Will this connection give me hope that it might be like Planet Earth?  Maybe.  I could dream, right??  After all, Planet Earth is my favorite Duran song of all time.  Therefore, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that this connection between anniversaries would push me into having nothing but optimism for the new material.  What Duranie is going to admit that she/he doesn’t like something released on the same date as something as classic as Planet Earth?!  While that is all true, I started to think a little deeper.

As of right now, this next album is entitled “All You Need Is Now”.  To me, it says that we should all embrace the present and whatever good or bad came from the past is simply that…part of the past.  Wouldn’t it be ironic or even strange to release an album with this title, with this philosophy on the anniversary of the first single?  Wouldn’t that move seem to be contradictory?  Then, I started to think about how the music is being advertised on this album.  If it is supposed to be a return to the early Duran sound, isn’t that about looking and using the past?  How exactly is that embracing the present?  Don’t get me wrong, I, obviously, love, love, love early Duran.  I’m so looking forward to an album that FEELS like classic Duran.  I will also have no problem embracing this present, if it is as good as they all claim it to be.  Nonetheless, it does seem a little strange that they seem to want to focus on the present while still using the past in this way, assuming that is what they are doing.  (It is very possible that this is a coincidence and one that they know NOTHING about or it could be that this is part of a master plan or something in between!)

I hope to love this new album, no matter the title, the release date, or the emphasis on present and/or past.  I’m hoping I love it so much that it holds a special place in my heart that is equal to the special place that Planet Earth holds.  Therefore, I truly want both to have different anniversaries so that I can treasure and focus on them, individually, as true masterpieces.


Song Titles

Today, there is a new rumor flying around the Duran community surrounding a possible song title on the new album.  This would be the 8th song title out of a possible 11, assuming that the rumor is true.  Here are the song titles I have heard, at one point or another:
All You Need Is Now
Blame the Machines
King of Nowhere
Leave the Light On
Being Followed

What is the reaction of this latest addition of “Being Followed” as a song title?  I don’t know.  I haven’t seen much, in terms of a reaction.  Most fans are just wishing that they could actually hear the song rather than just the title.  I get that.  I, too, want, want, want to hear the new stuff now!  Until then, why isn’t there more discussion about what the songs could be about?  After all, it isn’t like we know exactly what songs like Union of the Snake are about even after listening to it and reading the lyrics for decades.  Don’t the fans peculate on that song?  What about songs like American Science?  The Reflex?  Isn’t part of the fan’s fun talking about, analyzing, debating, discussing all things Duran, including having a large chunk of that discussion being about the songs?  Well, I think it is!

“Being Followed”:  Wow.  This song could be about so many things, really.  The most obvious topic could be about people/fans stalking the band.  That seems too obvious for me, especially since they did something similar with “Be My Icon”.  Maybe it is about being an influence to others.  I could see that since they are working with Mark Ronson on this album and he is clearly a fan.  It must have created an interesting dynamic in the studio.

“Leopard”:  This seems to be following in their animal theme, which includes Hungry like the Wolf, Tiger Tiger, Union of the Snake, etc.  In many of those cases, the animals seemed to reference instincts in humans that could resemble animal like behaviors.  Could this song be similar?  Could it be about Simon’s leopard pants that he auditioned for the band in during the fateful meeting in 1980?  That would a hoot!

“Leave the Light On”:  This obviously reminds me of family and friends who leave home but know that they always have a place to go.  Could this be a request that the band has of their fans?  As in, the band may be away for awhile but that they would like to always have a place to go to, a place where they will always be home?  I like the feel of that as I always feel at home when I listen to them.  (I can be such a sappy fan!!)

“King of Nowhere”:  This could be about where the band was at, emotionally, career-wise, after being dropped from their last record label and after the lack of success for RCM.  They were supposed to be on top after the release of that album and they weren’t.  They were in a state of limbo, having to re-examine things, once again.

“Safe”:  Honestly, this is the least interesting title to me because it is one word.  It could mean safe, as in not dangerous.  Playing it safe.  It could be about the band staying with a certain musical style in order to appeal to the most people even if it doesn’t grab really them, even if it doesn’t make people feel or think beyond the surface.

“Runway”:  This is similar to “Safe” in that it is one word and just leads me to think models, fashion, etc.  How very Girls on Film?!

“Blame the Machines”:  This seems to connect with “King of Nowhere”.  Perhaps, this is how Duran has been trying to figure out how and why they found themselves in the place they did after the lack of success with RCM.  Did they blame the record label?  The fans?  Andy?  The musical culture?  Radio and other promotional tools?  This is the only song that we have heard the lyrics for.  Clearly, one of the lines in there indicate that they also blame themselves.  This could be a very eye-opening song for the fans paying attention, I think.

“All You Need Is Now”:  As the album title as well, this song could be the one that encompasses the overall feeling of the album or feeling of where the band is.  It could be as it sounds, a song about embracing the present, letting go of the past and not worrying about the future.  Enjoy the moment as the fans enjoy the new material.

What does everyone else think that the songs could be about?  I would love to hear other ideas and then we can see how accurate our guesses were when the album finally gets released!


The Case of the Cynical Duranie

Over the course of the last few weeks, several tidbits of information regarding the next album has come out – including the title.  Mark Ronson has done some interviews, having acted as producer on the album, and naturally – the band has done some as well.  One would think that the information would cause near-hysteria on the boards, since many of us have been hungry for ANY information at this point.  Oddly though, most of the boards that I have visited have had very little to say on the subject.  A thread here or there, but there’s not nearly as much discussion as I would have imagined a few years back.

If that weren’t enough of an anomaly, the threads themselves have quite a difference in them.  At one point not that long ago, the majority of Duranies would have responded with enthusiastic glee.  A few might have expressed concern over one thing or another, but the enthusiasm would have been infectious.  That really isn’t the case today.  There are far more people questioning the choices of the band than I’ve ever noticed before.  If Mark Ronson does an interview and gushes about the band – the fans can’t stand it and say he’s not being genuine (don’t even get them started on the interview where he says he kind of “forgot” he wasn’t in Duran Duran…). If John says the album is better than the last one, people are virtually rolling their eyes and saying they’ll believe it when they see it. (on a personal note – I don’t see how it could NOT be better, but that’s just me!)  If Roger says the album will be out in January, at least one fan will comment somewhere  that they won’t hold their breath.  It’s as though the majority of fans have completely lost their faith in the band – but they haven’t left the community yet, as though they just can’t help themselves.

I’ve always felt that for the majority, Duranies can be a cynical bunch.  Let someone post a rumor somewhere – if only for discussion purposes – there will be responses from several others calling the poster everything from a liar, to other names I won’t even bother to post.  You all know what I’m talking about.  If someone posts direct information that they themselves have been told by someone “in the know”, someone else will say the infamous words “I won’t believe it until someone in the band or their management comes forward and posts it on the official website.”  This temperament is oddly juxtaposed from the band themselves, or at least the way in which they write their songs – in that the band has always been kind of stood for optimism and joy.  Optimistic is not a word that I would use to describe the majority of their fan base right now.

Then there are the folks who are not only completely cynical, but they also insist for the band to explain their every decision and move – or else they don’t believe what they’ve read, and they get very annoyed with those of us who can recall what we’ve read/heard in interviews etc.  They will say we’re just regurgitating what has been assumed in other posts…or better yet, that we’re making assumptions.  For example, we all know their album Reportage was shelved.  The band hasn’t ever really come out and given a full, complete statement as to why that album never saw the light of day.  They’ve alluded to reasons in several interviews, and Andy has given his version of the events in his book Wild Boy, but that’s as close as I believe we’ll ever come to knowing what happened.  I’m not “assuming” I know what happened when I recall what Andy wrote in his book, or what Simon, John, Nick & Roger have said in their interviews on the subject, but yet that’s not enough.  I run into fans all the time that will post and insist that the band come forward and tell us exactly what happened.  My response to that is always one of amazement.  At what point did we stop being fans, and start feeling as though we own the band, or that we are the bosses?  The band is not our possession, regardless of how long we have been fans.

The fact is, they write the music. They perform the songs.  Each of us then makes a choice to buy what they have made, and attend the concerts and appearances.  That’s pretty much all we are entitled to as fans.  It makes no difference to the band HOW long we’ve been fans – we still do not own them, and really – that’s the way it should be.

So I throw it back to you, dear readers.  Why so cynical these days?  I have my own guesses – but I would love to read what you’re thinking.  Is it because of band history?  Is it because we’ve grown older ourselves and with that comes cynicism?  Is it because of other fans??  Post away and let us know!