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For me, the music will continue to linger. RIP Dolores O’Riordan

I must admit that sometimes, having a paying job outside of the house really slows me down. I can’t always respond to things as quickly as I might like.

On Monday, after I’d already written blogs for that day and the next, I read that Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries had suddenly died. She was found in her hotel room, and she was only 46 years old.

The Cranberries were one of the few bands that my husband and I could consistently agree upon during our early days of dating and marriage. Long car ride? The Cranberries could easily be found in the CD player.  I loved Dolores’s voice, as did everyone.  Calming with just a touch of sadness, sometimes more than others, I could listen to her sing all day, and sometimes, I did.

I can’t remember how many years later I discovered that Simon, of all people, had done a duet with Dolores O’Riordan for Luciano Pavarotti’s Together for the Children of Bosnia concert. The duet is special, not just because of Simon or Dolores, but because their voices were so incredibly unique, and went together beautifully.  Like most DD fans, I have a few MP3’s of duets that Simon has done with other vocalists over the years, but this one is probably my favorite. Thankfully to Billboard, I now have seen the video for it (I’d only ever heard the sound from the performance).  Click the link to see the article and the video clips.

Watch Simon and Dolores O’Riordan perform “Linger”

I think I’m still a bit melancholy over the news. As I said to my husband on Monday, I really dislike this part of life in a lot of ways. So many of the people I grew up admiring most in this world are beginning to pass on, and if you focus solely on the loss, it can be incredibly depressing.  Simon had said something about the music Dolores O’Riordan left behind, and I’m going to try focusing on that. She left behind an incredibly gift that will never go away.





A November Duran Duran Update!

A few things have happened in the past week that we haven’t really covered yet – so here’s the DD update!

ASCAP Golden Note Award

Late last week, Duran Duran was presented with the ASCAP Golden Key Award for songwriting. Simon, Nick and Roger were present for the awards (John Taylor was presumably in LA at his home) at One Embankment. Receiving such an award is a massive achievement and they join the ranks with other past recipients such as Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and Elton John. To fans, however, this is no surprise. We fell in love with songs like Rio and Hungry Like the Wolf but their talent goes well beyond their hits. Songs like The Chauffeur, Secret Oktober, Palomino, Land, Still Breathing, Planet Roaring and so on, are all perfect examples of why the band is so deserving of being recognized by ASCAP.


In other award news, Duran Duran did not win the EMA for Best Live Stage, despite the best efforts of fans worldwide taking their time to vote. Martin Garrix was this year’s winner…but in our eyes, Duran Duran should have won hands down!

A Lesson in Copyright Law

The Fab Five lives on….this time, as members in a lawsuit over US copyrights. (Do you ever get the feeling that the band will never, ever, be fully rid of one another?  It’s like a marriage with children…you can end the marriage, but the kids are the ties that bind. No matter what!) That’s right, Andy Taylor is once again involved with the band, but only because of a lawsuit against Gloucester Place, part of EMI Music Publishing, which is owned by Sony/ATV – a US company.

This is where copyright law gets complicated. The copyright agreements are with Gloucester Place, and the band served that company notices terminating the grant of US copyrights to Duran Duran works (“works” is a term used quite frequently in entertainment law. The basic meaning is anything the band produces.) Gloucester Plan is asking the High Court (of the UK) to declare that the members have breached their music publishing agreement.

The band, on the other hand, is using US law, where songwriters have an “inalienable right” to call for a reversion to their copyright after 35 years (as an aside – this is where I sit back and ask myself, “Has it really been that long?”).  Nick Rhodes explains, “This provision was instigated to help rebalance the often unfair deals which artists sign early in their careers when they have little choice to try to get their first break, with no negotiating power and virtually no understanding of what their copyrights really mean for the future.” When the band requested the reversion back in 2014, they considered it a mere formality, until Sony (it always comes back to Sony somehow, doesn’t it?? They can’t seem to be rid of Sony either.) decided to challenge their right, calling it a contractual technicality.

According to Ian Mill, the Queen’s Counsel for Gloucester Place, the terms of the writer’s contracts were that they would not “seek to obtain a reversion of their copyrights” under the US copyright law and that they would be in “breach of contract should they do so”.

Since the agreements were made in 1980 – the agreements were made with the band members personally and are referred to as “the writers” – including Andy Taylor. Only Simon, Nick and Roger appeared in court, however.

Ultimately, this implication of this decision goes well-beyond the likes of Duran Duran. Many of our favorite bands of this same period (and beyond) would likely face similar fights in court. Any publisher who chooses to fight the protective measures of the US copyright law would find a home for themselves in the UK and set up shop there.

I’ll be interested to see where this lawsuit goes from here.  All in all, an interesting update for this time of year.



Belfast Telegraph UK

MNDR for Remainder of North American Dates

Last night, Duran Duran posted the following on social media:

If you haven’t had a chance, read the terrific Yahoo Music interview with MNDR, where she talks about her experience touring with Duran Duran.  We’re happy to announce she will be continuing on the Paper Gods tour for the remainder of the N. American dates!

As you might imagine, the fan community reacted.  As I looked through the comments on both Twitter and Facebook, I found 4 basic types of reactions.

  • MNDR was great at ____________ show and the keyboards are in “good hands”
  • My worry has increased since Nick has been gone so long that it must be serious.  Can we please have an update about what is going on?
  • Happy?  Why use the word ‘happy’?  Who is happy about it?
  • So upset that Nick won’t be at ______________ show.  Expected him to be there when bought the ticket.

None of these reactions surprised me.  Whenever some upsetting news is given, people respond with all sorts of emotions.  It happened in July when the announcement first came that Nick had to return to the UK and it has happened now.  I can’t blame anyone for his/her reaction as they are all very human responses.

MNDR Was Great:

I have to admit that I would probably fall into this camp.  Both Rhonda and I have mentioned numerous times over our shows this summer that we thought she did a fabulous job.  I still think that.  Does that mean that I preferred her over Nick?  Of course not.  It just means that I was happy that the shows could go on and that the quality of the music was not harmed significantly by a replacement.  Many of us have held tickets to canceled shows in the past.  There is not much worse than that.  If the band had canceled, when would they be able to return?  Who knows?  They might not have and if they did, would I have been able to attend the show(s) then?  Who knows again?  Having MNDR fill in was the best choice, I believe.

Increased Worry:

I totally understand people’s concern.  We all want everything with Nick to be fine and for him to attend the shows.  Yet, we know that he is physically fine based on the Katy Kafe that was posted on the 10th.  Clearly, he wishes that he could be on tour but he has something to take care of.  Who I know what that is?  No.  Do I need to know?  Not really.  I look at my job.  Do I tell my students every time I need to be gone from work?  No.  I don’t tell them anything that won’t effect their classroom experience.  If it doesn’t affect the job, it doesn’t need to be stated.  I understand why people want to know.  They care.  They worry.  Yet, clearly, this is something that Nick wants to keep private.  As hard as it is for all of us who care about Nick a lot, I think we have to try and respect that wish.  I know that it is much easier said than done.


Ah..word choice.  As someone who writes a blog, I am well-aware of how ONE word can upset people.  Those who are upset about the use of the word, ‘happy’, do you really think that DDHQ means that they are happy Nick is gone?  Or do you think they are happy that someone good can stand in so the shows don’t have to be canceled?  Again, as someone who writes and puts thoughts out there to be consumed by the public, I wish people were a less little critical and assume that there was nothing but good intentions behind it.


Again, I totally understand those people who have tickets to shows and expected Nick to be there.  I, too, would be upset.  Heck, I was upset that he wasn’t at my shows.  Again, though, I ask that people assume positive intentions.  Nick and the DDHQ didn’t do this to anger people or frustrate ticket buyers or to dupe people out of money.  Things happen.  We don’t have to like it and we can be angry at the situation but I don’t know that the anger should be directed at the band or their team.  I also ask people about the alternative.  Would people really prefer the shows be canceled only to possibly NEVER happen?  Yeah, the situation sucks.  For sure.  Yet, I believe that something is better than nothing.

On that note, I continue to send love and support to Nick and his family with whatever it is that is being dealt with.  Clearly, there are  a lot of people out there doing the same.


When is Duran Duran news not really news?

I am struggling with how to write this blog so the point is taken, but no one feels like I’m flogging them.  Anyone who knows me recognizes that I can be very blunt, sometimes overly so, and so yes, in this case for me, the struggle is real.

For the past couple of days, I’ve seen a Duran Duran news story being flaunted, retweeted and posted by Duranies. The unfortunate point I would like to make (or fortunate, depending upon your view), is that the story is completely false, as is the joke of a “news” website that somehow makes money by creating stories such as these.

I’m not going to mention the topic of the story or give a link because quite frankly – we need to stop.

There are a good many of us that work for the benefit of this band. By “work” I mean, we spend a great deal of man hours searching the web for news, writing articles, reposting news stories, pictures and tidbits, all for the love of Duran Duran. We all do great work, and it takes all of us (creator, partaker, reader, listener, cheering section, or otherwise) to create this fan ecosystem. However, from time to time, something comes over us. We forget to pay attention to where we’re getting this “news” from. We worry more about being the first to post than we do about the “news” actually being real. Or important. Or even ethical.

What am I talking about?  Let me explain what I don’t mean. This isn’t about posting what we believe to be a real show date only to find out that no, it’s not and that you were mistaken. Mistakes happen. This isn’t really even about speculation about albums, tours, and music. For crying out loud – that’s what we do as fans. This is about posting stories and rumors that can be hurtful, deceitful, and possibly harming someone’s reputation and career.  Even if you’re not the person who not-so-cleverly decided to write a horribly personal rumor about someone and publish it, when you decide to repost that rumor without bothering to investigate and verify the truthfulness, you’ve just added to the problem. Saying you didn’t know isn’t good enough. It does not show due diligence, and it definitely isn’t responsible.

From time to time, even Amanda and I have been caught up in the excitement. It takes the two of us to put ourselves in check. We’ve been sent music – not recently mind you – but prior to the last album being properly released we were sent the full album anonymously. I’m quite sure the band didn’t send it to us, but we really did not know who it was from. It took all of my willpower not to post it and brag that we had the album. Ultimately, we did the right thing. We waited, because even in that moment, it was not OUR news to tell. The band deserved to have the album drop when they wanted and without our broadcasting it ahead of time. We also saw many friends  boast about having it and hearing it ahead of time, but we felt that as a public blog, it was best for us to wait. Maybe we were foolish, but ultimately, it takes that kind of critical thinking to decide what is right and what really is not, even if it would have brought a ton of traffic to our site.

The bottom line here is that for those of us who are bloggers or “fan-producers” of any kind (as all of my fandom textbooks like to call people like Amanda and I), whether it’s by posting photos, writing stories, keeping up a news blog, etc…. not only do we have a responsibility to our material, we have a responsibility to the band and to one another. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be a critical thinker. be BETTER.  Check your sources. Check them twice. A news website that is really “the news” is never going to say that reprinting their material is never OK, even if you have their permission.  That doesn’t even make sense.  Just because a story shows up in a Google search or as a Google alert doesn’t mean it’s truthful.  Just because something is written on the internet doesn’t make it true.  Defamation is a very real thing. Let not be defaming the very people we claim to care about. Real news really WILL come, and when it does, you can be proud to be a part of the brigade of fans that cares about this band.

Mistakes happen. We all make them from time to time. Sometimes we read something thinking it says one thing when in fact it says another. Defaming someone through libel though is a very different thing.  Be aware.




Give Me a Sign: White Knights Festival 2014

If you were following Duran Duran’s social media last night, you would have seen a little announcement that they would be performing at the White Knights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Saturday with more details to follow!!!  (From what I could find online, this is an arts festival.)  Normally, an announcement like that might prompt me to criticize the very short notice, but these days have seen such little Duran news that I just can’t go there.  I won’t go there.  Instead, of course, I’m THRILLED to see that they will be playing LIVE somewhere, anywhere.  Then, of course, I wonder if this isn’t the first drop of news before the flood of excitement of more news, more shows, etc.  Could it be the drought is ending?!?  With the incredibly good week I am having, I believe it is possible!!

As soon as I saw the news, I emailed the other half of this little blog and immediately we discussed how there were signs.  Many of them.

*John’s instagram picture with the caption:  “Visa me!”

*Dom’s canceling of his gig due to scheduling conflicts

*Anna’s update that she would be working with Duran again soon

*Even the updated official website

Did we miss them completely?  Are we that out of practice???  I know that it has been awhile but still!?!  We know better.  We know how to do this.  We are experts, right?

While I’m sure that we are slightly rusty, could it also be that we noticed each of the signs, but didn’t put them together?  I know that we did see them.  On Wednesday, we talked about John’s picture and commented about Anna’s updates.  I know that both of us saw Dom’s statements about having to cancel his show and the update to  Why didn’t we put them together?  Could it be that we didn’t want to have hope and be disappointed?  Could it be that we had Duran no longer consumed the same level of our thoughts?  A little bit of all of the above?  Possible.

Here is what I know.  We will be better from now on.  Our Duranie sense has been turned back on.  We will be paying attention from here on out.  We will be looking for signs and putting them together.  Oh, yes, Duran Duran, we will watching your every move.


March Katy Kafe Summary

I have a feeling that somehow, I completely missed the February edition of the Katy Kafé with Nick.

I don’t know how that happened, only that it did…and we’ll just leave it at that for now. My apologies. However, I’m back at it with for the March edition, and the guest in the Kafé this month was none other than Simon LeBon.  As per usual, I am just going to do a summary of the highlights. If you really want to enjoy the Kafé, the best way is to get yourself a membership to

So, as every Kafé with Simon begins – it seems to take Katy a bit to reign him in. I listened with amusement as Simon told Katy that he likes coffee every once in a while. It seems to me that the very LAST thing Simon needs is caffeine…. One thing is certain, Simon has a lot of energy and he flits from one subject to the next as I’m busily writing notes and attempting to keep up. (it’s pretty impossible…)  Somehow, I think he must know that we mere mortals just cannot. (keep up, that is.)

He explains, I think, that Sphere Studios is no longer Sphere Studios. The owner apparently has another studio here in the LA area that will be called Sphere, so the occupants of the studios in Battersea are voting on a new name.

(…Since everyone on the planet seems to know where to go when they get to the UK and Simon had no trouble mentioning where the infamous “studios” are located, I see no point in refraining from giving away the city here on the blog. If they’re not careful, I might just start posting the address. Maybe seeing fresh faces outside each  day will give the band reason to finish the album….or if nothing else….I’ll get a restraining order out of the deal, and that would likely be entertaining for all involved….Ok, so I’m joking about the address. Don’t email me for it. I didn’t even know the place was in Battersea ’til yesterday, much less the actual address or directions. Yes, I’m really on top of things. I know.)

Simon’s idea is to call it the Southern Sun Studios. This makes me laugh because well, “sun” isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when I think of London. Perhaps that’s the point, as Simon goes on to acknowledge that yes, it does bring the label of Elvis Presley “Sun Records” to mind.

Katy takes this beautiful opportunity to once again try to pry some information out of LeBon…but he’s not playing along. I have to give Katy due credit, she really does try to get information out of him, or at least some sense of clarity. She realizes that to all of us out here – those of us who care, mind you – would really like to know what in the hell they’re doing in the studio each day. We want to know where they are as far as the album goes, and to be blunt – when are we gonna hear something new?! Katy makes the point that while John is saying the album will not be out until 2015, Nick is really still saying it will be a little earlier (at least he’s hopeful!)…and she asks Simon why there seems to be a disconnect. Simon doesn’t say a thing (seriously, there was dead silence in the Kafé at that point!) except to say that she should know by now he’s not going to give a single detail.

Fine then, Simon. Don’t play nicely. I may just have to resort to posting photos and video of your dance moves over the years and we’ll start voting and judging them. That’s fine….I’m sure I can find plenty to keep me busy until one of you decides to spill the secret, or better yet…the album is released.

Katy tries again, going for the “You know who we need in here? We need John Taylor” approach…because at least HE will give us some info. Except that according to Simon, they’re not sending John for interviews any longer. So the album is THAT secret?? You’d think they were afraid of a blog getting hold of all that precious and juicy information and misinformation, then spreading it throughout the internet, fan community and world… or something. Gee. Who’d really do that?!?

(We may speculate. We might continue speculating…but we would never post news that the band didn’t want out there. Not knowingly. That’s not our job, that’s not why we’re here, and that’s not something we would ever promote.)

Simon does say that he’s just finished playing some guitar on the song they’re currently working on , and says that the guitar is kind of a mix between The Cure and Johnny Cash. I can’t even imagine what that must sound like, and it appears I’ve got at least another nine months of wondering ahead of me. Yay.

So what else has Simon been up to? Recently he went to David Frosts’s memorial. David was given a stone at Westminster Abbey (the best description I can give: it’s a stone tile inserted into the wall of the Abbey)

Additionally, he tells Katy that he spends some time tinkering with his motorcycle…thus begins a short discussion of Simon suggesting that anyone who works on cars, motorcycles, etc should wear surgical gloves. Not a bad tip. They’re cheap and can be thrown out when the job is done, although Simon slyly comments that he might sell his on eBay when he’s finished. (He was KIDDING so don’t even think of running an eBay search for them!!) I grimaced, knowing that while the idea of buying such things might be, well…odd to me…he’d probably get a good price for them.

(As an aside, it is the knowledge of these types of things taking place amongst fans that still makes me question whether or not I want to be public about being a fan myself. Whether that makes me judgmental or not – it’s how I feel about being a fan sometimes.)

This led into a lively chat about Simon’s overall handy-work around the house. He admits that he once nearly electrocuted himself. I can’t even imagine how that happened, but I almost wish Simon had shared the story.  You know, just because I’m curious.  (No comments about curiosity killing the cat. I’m not the one who was nearly electrocuted!!)  Katy then shares that one of the first times she visited his home in London, he’d pitched a tent outside.   The things I’ve learned about members of this band over the years…. (yes, I’m musing.)

They continued on, speaking of British and American TV shows, accents and even books.  Simon has been reading a lot of Stephen King as of late…(a future Simon’s reader author, maybe??), and interestingly enough, he even had dinner with Benedict Cumberbatch (Google him if you don’t know who it is) recently.  Simon describes him as a very good person who is obsessed with film. I’d describe him as the perfect British actor (I adore his series, Sherlock)…and he has an open invitation to read stories to me any time he’d like.  *coughs*  Simon closes the Kafé by extending his condolences regarding L’Wren Scott to Mick Jagger.  As abruptly as the Kafé began, it ended, and Simon was off for more work in the studio.


Now the channel is open

Last week, I received my DD Blast from DDM. I’m not sure if everyone gets those, but basically – it’s a little newsletter sent out by DDM, and all you need to do to get it is get on the mailing list. In any case, out of the entire news blast – which I don’t mind saying was a regurgitation of things THIS blog had already covered during the past month – it was the first sentence that interested me most. It said that that the band was still in the studio and that we should be getting snippets of new music soon.

Amanda and I had mentioned the quiet last week in various ways – she even blogged about it – and we’d commented to one another that it would be great to finally hear something. A few notes. ANYTHING (!!!) from the studio. Yes, we’re impatient, but we’re also just downright curious. And nosey! For me, and I highly doubt I’m alone, it’s not just the excitement over getting something new, although don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely that too. It’s hearing that first burst of creativity and then wondering where it will go from there.  How will it end up? I still have snippets from the last album, in particular the one that Mark played on his radio show (I believe his words before playing it was that he was going to get in big trouble but that he was going to play it anyway. I saved it. Of course.). I haven’t listened to it in a long time – like since the album came out, but I can remember listening very intently.  I frowned, trying to focus on every single note. It ended nearly as soon as it began, and I played it over and over again, trying to make sense of it. Did it sound like Duran Duran? Did it sound anything at all like Red Carpet Massacre? What about Rio, did it sound like Rio? Is there really guitar in there??? All of those questions, and many more went through my head. I still remember exactly where I was when I first heard the snippets. I was sitting on my bathroom floor while my youngest was playing in the bathtub! (Yep, it’s nothing but glamour, glamour, glamour here at Casa Rivera.) I remember shaking my head when it ended, wrinkling up my nose and thinking “What in the hell was THAT!” There was one teensy snippet though, that when I heard it, I thought “Now that, is Duran Duran.”, and that was what became the very beginning of Runway Runaway. It was really cool to hear that on the album once it was finished. Kind of like my own “A-HA! Now I get it!!” moment.

On the other hand, any time we’d mention the snippets on either Facebook or even here on the blog, we’d be met with a barrage of “If it’s not coming directly from the band you don’t know if it’s real”, as well as “I refuse to listen to those. I want to wait until the final product.”  Fair enough. Let’s face it, we’ve had our plenty of “fake” snippets rise from various black holes, to be toted as being “the newest music leaks from the studio”, only to be debunked within hours. That’s why Daily Duranie has never, nor will we start posting snippets now, unless the band starts sending them and TELLS us to post them. We don’t do leaks out of respect for the band. That said, we very well might comment on what we’ve seen or heard, but we’re not going to be posting that sort of thing here unless TPTB (The Powers That Be) ask us to do so. No matter, I can understand why people are less than willing to believe the rumors and news unless it comes from the band. We are well aware that there are plenty of others who want to be the first to post the leaked material, and we’re just going to leave them to it. As for those of you masochists out there who will sit back and somehow restrain yourselves from clicking on the snippets, well…you’re better than me. I can’t do it. Just know up front that I’ll be clicking enough for all of you combined, and occasionally we’ll talk about what we’ve heard here on the blog. I will do my best not to spoil it for you!

Naturally though, I can’t let this subject go by without an offer for discussion. How do you feel about the snippets from the studio? Do they help to get you excited by an album? Do you wish they wouldn’t release a thing until it was done? In a past Katy Kafé, Simon mentioned how if they release too much, there is always the concern of listeners having preconceived notions before the album is finished. What do you think about that? I’m curious to know if I’m the only person out there that actually enjoys the whole experience of getting the snippets and talking about them. (Aside from Amanda of course. There IS a reason we started Daily Duranie, you know.) Let me know what you think!


Turn on the tube, hits you with a groove

It is difficult to blog on days like today.  I am trying to sit down and focus on the task at hand, but my mind continues to wander back towards the search and rescue (I refuse to think of it as anything else) efforts in Oklahoma. I really have nothing tying me to Oklahoma other than an old friend from high school – no family or very close friends – except that I too am a parent, and I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to wonder what happened to your children. I am sure I’m not the only one who hugged mine just a little tighter than usual in the past 24 hours.

I lived for two short years in Illinois and went through one single tornado warning – where the sirens go off and you quickly retreat to the basement – and that was enough for this born and bred Californian. It scared me in a way that no earthquake ever could, likely because let’s face it – with an earthquake you have no time to do anything but react. The preparation should have already happened. This was so different – I don’t think I’ve ever felt adrenaline quite like that and the (small) tornado didn’t even touch down closer than 5 miles from my house at the time. My heart goes out to all of the people in Oklahoma, and if you’re so inclined and have the resources to do so – please donate to the Red Cross, who will be out there taking care of those folks long after the media packs up, leaves, and our attentions go elsewhere to whatever newsworthy event comes next.

So forgive me if my attention isn’t solely on Duran Duran.

The music world also took a bit of a beating yesterday when it was announced that Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist (and genius) of The Doors died yesterday at the age of 74. He had been battling cancer of the bile-ducts (not something any of us want to die from). So many people assume Ray’s career was solely contained within the albums that The Doors completed.  Hardly.  He not only produced for Echo and the Bunnymen as well as X, he was an accomplished writer (he penned his memoir, Light my Fire: My Life with The Doors in 1998, along with two novels, one of which named The Poet in Exile explored the myth that Jim Morrison faked his death), and he wrote, performed and collaborated with many other notable jazz, rock, blues and spoken poetry artists in the years before his death. Far be it from me to suggest that he was better after The Doors than during…. but he lived a very full life and music has lost yet another tremendous talent.

While I’m thinking of horrible diseases, I am reminded that while yes it’s true Duran Duran is going to be in the playground of the rich and apparently famous this week (Cannes) they are performing in support of a truly wonderful cause. I am not one to tout much that celebrities have crowned as important – many times I find these charitable causes to be nothing more than another reason to have one’s name in the media with no real substance, but in this case – I think it’s incredibly worthy. amfAR is an AIDS research foundation, in existence since 1985. I am sure most Duranies remember when AIDS was basically a death sentence.  No one really knew much about it other than it plagued the gay community. So much has been learned since then, and yet there is still plenty to be done globally. amfAR is committed to the goal of an AIDS-free generation, and with galas such as the one in Cannes where Duran Duran will be performing, funding proper research can happen. I’ve seen many fans comment that the tickets are incredibly high (they are) and that it’s a shame we “regular people” cannot attend (it is)…but I must say that I’m pleased to see the band give their time to such a worthy cause.

Lastly, is it just me…or does anyone else smell a bit of desperation in the air? It’s the aroma of stale perfume, mixed with just the right tinge of anxiety, along with a wafting of Duranies being roasted over an open fire. I do believe my friends, that the natives are getting restless.  It’s the “dead zone”…the time between albums. The time when I start feeling as though I should really learn how to tap dance and begin to entertain everyone (with laughter of course, because me in tap shoes?? Uh, no.) before bad things happen.

How do I sense that sort of “energy” in the air? Well to begin with – anytime @thisistherealJT starts tweeting about Lady Antebellum and Duranies say NOTHING  about the song choice and start right in with the “OMG John, THANK YOU for coming back to Twitter…please RT me. PLEASE!”…. that’s a sign of desperation. When the very next day another mysterious tweet happens, like “Hogdzrxyf” and people are trying to figure out the code… well…that’s another sign. I won’t mention what my friend and I suggested to Mr. or Ms. Hacker – I mean, if you’re gonna hack, maybe send out something better than just gibberish, you know?? Lastly, after these tweets appear, there seems to be a significant uptick in the speed of the @dailyduranie twitter feed due to the speed with which Duranies are typing “Where is John? Oh man, did I miss him already?” Never mind that it was pretty clear the man was not REALLY tweeting (oh wait, we’re still thinking that last message was code, right??) 

Don’t even get me started on what happens when LeBon decides to get online. I’ve gotta say, at least he’s entertaining – and you never know what he’s going to tweet. Simon doesn’t need to do a sales job on anyone, he’s happy to say whatever he feels like (I love that!), and he doesn’t even need you to respond. That said, from what I can tell – he gets thousands of responses anyway. Thank goodness for Simon, because otherwise I am certain that Duranies would be feasting on one another, and no first-borns would be safe.

That my friends, is Duranie Desperation. Thank goodness we don’t really have much of a message board these days, otherwise the carnage could be supreme.

It’s OK. Admitting the problem is the first step. You’re desperate. Say it with me: “I am desperate”. We can do this. Granted, this may take time (I think we’ve got some time…it’s not even summer yet people!) Embrace the desperation, I say. Feel it wash over you. Know that you are not alone. You’re not. I just said it with you.

Let’s just refrain a bit from roasting one another in obvious sacrifice with the hopes of getting the next album quicker…at least…just yet. 😉

I just hope that band gets us some news somehow…otherwise this stench could be bad come mid-summer! 😉 Might need a CONVENTION to get through it….


(one thing is certain – I need new songs to steal lyrics from for my titles!)

How does it happen, does it fly through the air?

Sometimes it becomes very, very clear just how little I understand of my peers (that is all of you out there), and how this community really works.

I was just about to lay my head down on my kitchen table and wave the white flag of “I have no idea what to blog about today”, when I glanced at Facebook. Several things caught my attention. There was an ultrasound photo with the caption that Andy Taylor is going to be a grandfather. According to what I read from a fan, his daughter Georgie is expecting.

First of all – I have no idea how this information got out there. I don’t know Georgie personally, nor do I know if it’s really even true. I think we all are well-aware of just how often  things get posted online that aren’t factual. I don’t know if Daily Duranie actually follows Georgie either on Twitter (if she’s there) or on Facebook because I don’t pay attention to that sort of thing. If we do, I completely missed the news if it was made public. I know we do follow Andy but he’s been pretty darn silent for quite a while now.  I’m fascinated that I read about such news through a fan before I saw it being made “news” through any sort of actual media or management.  I guess I hesitate a little longer than most to post things like that even if I know it’s true, and that’s on me. Daily Duranie is usually late to break news like this, and to be completely honest – that’s fine with me. I’d rather not post about their personal lives unless I know for sure it’s out there for the world to read. I’m sure that whomever began this posting knew it was fine – I’m not finding fault with anyone on that.

So as I was pondering the idea of the band becoming grandfathers… I glanced a little farther down my newsfeed to see that someone has apparently gotten direct information from Nick Rhodes that they want to share with the rest of the Duranie world on the progress of the album. They say that Nick said they’ve got 9 songs, 2 have lyrics. Good news, certainly.

Once again, I have no idea how this information is out and about. I miss news items sometimes, mainly because I don’t go searching for them. I’m probably one of the very few Duranies out there that does not have a Google alert set up for Duran Duran. I don’t know if Nick made a public statement, contacted a fan directly because they’re buddies, or maybe spoke to someone outside of the studio. Is it even factual and was it even said?? I don’t know, but I have to assume that this fan has her facts straight. All of those things are plausible, and I’m not too shy or embarrassed to admit that we don’t have contacts like that.  It’s true, we don’t. Maybe we should by now, I really don’t know – but we don’t.

My point with this blog isn’t to find fault with those who have gotten these types of information. Please read that carefully – in fact the newsbytes I saw today on Facebook only spurred me to consider how news unfolds in the community, not really so much about whether it all should be posted, because as I mentioned – I don’t know how this information gets out and it’s not really for me to decide what is right or wrong anyway. So the following is more about how I see what Daily Duranie does and where our comfort level lies – it is not a commentary on what I think the rest of the world should be doing, just so we are clear.

What confounds me many, many times in this fandom is how some people seem to know everything that is going on. True – I don’t live in the UK, I’m not friendly with any of the band to just send them an email to find out how their lives are going, and even if that were the case, I guess I figure if they want me (or anyone) to know about the album, they’ll post something themselves?? That’s probably very naive of me. Let’s be honest, investigative journalism is obviously not my career of choice. The whole thing feels very uncomfortable to me, and maybe it’s because I’m not understanding the process.

I don’t become friends with someone simply so that they’ll supply me with information about the band, and I’m the last person that will ask someone direct, pointed questions. When I say to someone that I won’t ask them questions about something, I genuinely mean it. If I am friends with someone “on the inside”, I’m friends with them because for whatever reason – we get along, we have something in common, and it’s genuine. It’s not because I want band information, and it’s not because I want something for “free”. If I started using those contacts as sources for secret insider information, I’d lose friends rather quickly, and that’s just not my grand plan. I guess that for me personally it’s more important for my friends and people that I’ve met along the way that I am friendly with to know that I am a person of my word. I have much respect for them, and I would appreciate the same in return. Daily Duranie will never be the best source for “inside info” from the band, but you know what? That doesn’t really matter to me as much as some might assume.

I don’t think Amanda and I ever considered that we’d be the place people would come for band information or “leaks”. That wasn’t the reason we began the blog, even though we both know that sort of thing is highly respected within the community. We see it. We know that we don’t rate highly in that area. The trouble is, those leaks are not very highly respected from the band or from their management, and to us – that matters just as much as being respected by our people (fellow fans). This blog is not going to be the place fans are going to want to come in order to hear leaked snippets from albums unless the band has already made them public, or to get a file of the new album a few days ahead of everyone else. Why? That’s simple: RESPECT.

We respect the band. We also respect their management, even when we might not agree with their methods. I think that’s a very rare thing in this fan community which is unfortunate.  Let me be honest – it’s easy to be on this side of the fence and find fault. Amanda and I know that, and we recognize that neither of us have built careers in the music business. No thank you. So sure, I can sit on my high horse and call foul, but all the while I’m thinking that it’s a good thing I’m not in charge. I couldn’t do what they do. We built this blog to be a place where things can be discussed, where fans can come and say whatever they want with some decorum of mutual respect for one another, and for the most part, we continue to achieve that. News-wise? Hell no. I still don’t get the system or the rules. Maybe there really aren’t rules for engagement. Anything goes – you find the information however you find it, you post it, the fans praise you for it, and the band ignores the whole thing….except I don’t think they really ignore it. I know it ticks management off when things get out before they’re ready, and you know – I can’t blame them. Bottom line: I don’t know why or how some people seem to know everything, but I think we’ve got some incredibly talented sleuths in our midst.

Amanda and I don’t have “spies” in every corner of the world and many, many times we’re reading something online and scratching our heads trying to figure out how the system of disseminating information really works. Is it really acceptable to ask around? Is it really OK for someone to use the contacts they have within the band’s organization to find out what they know and then immediately share it with the world? I’ve even interviewed someone from the band before – and I wouldn’t dream of bothering that person to find out information. That’s rude! It isn’t cool, and it’s not what I’m about. Respect matters. My word matters – I want people to know when I say something, I mean it and I won’t go back. I realize that’s a very overrated thing in the music industry, but it’s how I operate. No, I probably won’t ever be a CEO of much. Those are the breaks, my friends.

Somebody said something to me just last week that has stuck with me. They said, “Rhonda, you’re too honest.” I kind of chuckled and they continued, “When you don’t know something, you say so. Rather than give the image that you know people and that you’ve got an ‘in’…whether or not you really have one, you are honest about it and say it just like it is, or just like you see it. That’s why you don’t have over a million hits on the blog, and that’s why you feel as though the blog has very little respect. It’s too honest and too real. You could pretend to know far more than you do, and yet you choose to not go that route.”

I suppose that’s true. I understand all about how PR works, and how image is important. Believe it or not, I have done PR in my past. I know the importance of smoke and mirrors. Perhaps the image we’re going for with Daily Duranie is that of accepted honesty. I don’t think I need to make the blog appear as though we know everything that is going on, or that we get things that very few others in the community really get. We are fans, just like you. We love the band, just like you. We give and expect honesty, and we’ll accept that we won’t always agree. It’s pretty much what I expect out of my own friends and family in real life.  A little truth without ego goes a long, long way with me. Maybe it doesn’t make me popular or very professional (which is really kind of screwed up), but like I said – I can look myself in the mirror and know I’m exactly who I say I am. I’m not busy or working hard trying to keep up a facade.

It’s very easy in this fandom to start feeling bad about myself because I don’t have friends on the inside or because I don’t have information before it breaks, or because the people I *am* buddies with don’t supply me with a constant stream of information…and trust me…I’ve had more than my fair share of moments lately where I’ve felt completely out of my element and I’ve wondered what I did wrong. The truth is that I’ve done nothing. Amanda and I have all sorts of euphemisms for the sort of game playing that takes place in this fan community – and by game playing I mean the sort of scramble that goes on so that one person feels like they are on the very top of the anthill. While the blog might not be at the top of the anthill, we are absolutely a part of the foundation that keeps this community running. For me personally, that is more than enough.


Spark the news, set the story alight

Rounding out my week of blogging, I have a few news bytes to share.

Out of (virtually) nowhere, The Ting Tings announced via Twitter that Andy Taylor (yes, that Andy Taylor, produced their new album). This comes out of a collaboration that occurred no less than two years prior – but hey, what’s a couple of years in the music industry? In all fairness, I know an album that took a decade and some to see the light of day…. (yes music fans, that would be TV Mania’s album).  Apparently THIS is what Andy has been doing.  Well, two years ago, anyway. I do miss the days when Andy would banter on Twitter, and naturally we wish him well.

For those who had hoped that Duran Duran would announce a show…they did…and it is one for charity. Remind me to start up a worthy charity after Durandemonium in October, would you? The band is on the roster to perform in Cannes on May 23rd for the Charity AIDS Gala at the Cannes Film Festival….because really, if you’ve got to do one show for the entire year, it should be in Cannes. I find this similar to “being forced” to take sailing excursions while in Australia on tour, having to film videos in say, Sri Lanka…and hanging out with Daily Duranie  virtually anywhere in the world. Oh wait…

For more information on the gig that none of us will be attending (unless you’ve got an “in”…in which case we would love a guest blog!) you can click here, and for one of the many news articles that mentions Duran Duran’s appearance, go here!

Many might think of Cannes and remember back to 2011. I’m not going there….

Let’s see, what else??

Ah yes, an announcement from the desk(s) of Rhonda and Amanda…we are both taking vacations this summer! I will be gone for just over two weeks, as will Amanda. Never fear, the blog will go on as normal – as we will be covering for one another (one of the many benefits of working together as a team) during our absences. However, good help is always welcomed.  As a result, we are looking for a few good guest blogs. A couple of themes to consider: Things you are most proud of as a fan (Maybe going to a show, a specific song, an album…maybe an award the band received, perhaps a special moment or interaction with a band member, perhaps a unique story of how a friendship was made through the fan community are just a few examples of how this theme would work in writing) ; and conversely – things you most regret. (Maybe like me you missed their 1984 tour, or you missed out on a reunion show, or maybe you didn’t appreciate one of their albums until decades after it’s release…or maybe you left a city or hotel on a road trip only to find out that you narrowly missed meeting one of them…again, these are just a couple of examples to spur your creative thinking caps!) Interested in writing for us and seeing your blog in print? Send your finished blogs to our gmail. Questions? Send us a note and we will happily respond.

Disclaimer: As always, we reserve the final judgement for posts published here on the blog. We also reserve editorial rights for formatting as well as pictorial and grammatical edits. 

We’re still working away on the details for Durandemonium 2013. The event is now 162 days away – so glad I posted that countdown box on the website – and we’re compiling a very long list of “to-do’s”.  Just looking at the list makes me twitch a little, but it will all get done. After which, I will probably be ready for another vacation. Or a tour! In case you didn’t see, the hotel rooms for the event are nearly sold out – so if you’re waiting to buy a ticket – I’d get on it!  Once our group rate rooms are gone, we can’t guarantee that the hotel will be able to honor our fantastic room rate. Amanda and I went to go visit the hotel when we were in Chicago, and I have to say – the pictures I have up on the convention website are VERY true to form.  I think we all know how that works with hotels: you’ll look on a website and the pictures are taken from such a fantastic angle that you’ll assume you’re booking a fabulous five-star hotel only to get there and see it’s really a flea-bag motel! Well, I can promise that isn’t the case with The Amalfi. It’s a very nice boutique-like hotel, and what’s more: the pictures of the manager’s reception don’t do it justice at all! We went up to check out the scene and I have to tell you – it looked more like a nightclub in there than it did a hotel! Exactly the right atmosphere for Duranies. We will fill the lounge nicely, and that place will certainly be hopping.  I hope you’ll join us for a great weekend!

Happy (US) Mothers Day to my fellow Moms in the trenches! I hope each of you has a wonderful weekend, with lots of hugs and love.