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Tour Date Detective

I, sometimes, feel like I’m a detective when it comes to Duran Duran tour dates.  I compile all of the clues to try to figure out the plan.  These clues come in many forms.  They come in the form of interviews, tweets, or facebook status updates from the band or band members themselves.  The clues also come from rumors from other fans.  Typically, those rumors start from fans talking to people connected with Duran or talking to people connected to various venues.  Then, there is trying to analyze Duran’s usual touring patterns like how long they typically tour a given location or how much time in between legs of a tour.  This week provided many clues from John Taylor himself via twitter.  Let’s summarize what we know and see what conclusions we can draw.

Right now, for the rest of February, Duran has no tour dates posted or planned.  John has tweeted that he will be working on his book.  Roger is in Italy DJing tonight.  We know that there will not be any tour dates because there is no way that Duran would announce date(s) for just 3 weeks away.  While we all complain about the lack of notice about shows and presales and rightly so, the smallest amount of time between announcement and show is about 6 weeks.  Thus, if they were to announce shows now, the earliest the shows would be would be for March 16th, if that makes sense.  Speaking of March, that month seems to be pretty well filled for dates as the band travels to Asia and Australia.  While there are some dates that can be filled in, it is too late for them to add shows, at least if the band holds to this pattern about time between announcement and show.  They finish in Australia on March 31st.  Before we figure out what might come next, let’s analyze breaks.  It seems to me that in the last few years, the band takes, at least, a couple of weeks off in between legs.  For example, the band finished the UK and Ireland in the third week of December.  The next show wasn’t until the third week of January, giving almost a month off.  The shortest break in between tours is about 2-3 weeks.  Based on all of this information, the earliest new dates would be mid-April.

Then, John Taylor had one of his tweetfests this week and revealed some general information about future touring after being asked about certain spots in the world.  In one tweet, he answered about Argentina and gave the answer of May.  As far as more Europe dates, he has said more than once that summer would be the time.  In specifics, he said that they were ready to announce Italy dates and that Europe looked good for June, July and August.  Of course, US fans wanted to know if anything was in the works here.  John’s response was something like “expect September.”  Okay.  Now, we have even more to work with.

The band’s next leg of touring could be mid-April.  Yet, the next month mentioned by John was May.  My guess then would be that they wouldn’t tour in April since they would really only have a couple of weeks to do dates, assuming that they wanted their usual break.  Perhaps, then, they head to South America in the early part of May and then take a break at the end of May to get ready for Europe.  Summer is filled with European dates from maybe early June to mid-August.  This, then, would leave a good 2-3 week break before heading to the US for early September.  Since he only mentioned that month, I would then assume that they won’t be doing many shows in the US.  If I had to guess, they will play only 2-3 weeks. 

Could my conclusions be wrong?  Of course.  I also understand how plans can and do change depending on what they can get scheduled or what else comes up.  That said, I feel it necessary to try and figure out their plan as it effects my plans!  I know what I should/could expect and know when I need to have money saved and when I can add other plans into my calendar.  So, do you think my conclusions are all wrong?  Do you have different information?  Am I leaving out a source?  Then, am I the only one to try and figure out their plans?  Am I over thinking?  Should I just be content to wait and see what they announce, when?  What do you think?


I almost forgot!!

I can’t even believe this…but I almost forgot to blog today.  I don’t know exactly how it happened, between the 3 hour phone call with Amanda (no, I’m not kidding) my laundry mountain and the 40 mile round-trip to pick my oldest up from school…but I almost forgot.  I was leisurely doing my late-afternoon perusal of the various social networking sites and realized “Crap, the blog!!!”

So, here I am.  Not quite late since it’s only about 9:30ish at night on the east coast.  Definitely not early.  Not really on time, either.  So sorry!  (now you probably realize what it’s like to be one of my children, or even my husband when it comes to dinner.  *gasp*)

I have two things to talk about briefly…first of all, we’re finally getting vinyl!!  I was really becoming concerned that the band had forgotten those of us not exactly born with a silver spoon in our mouths who couldn’t afford the Super Deluxe, Stamped in Gold, Signed, Numbered, Fingerprinted with Blood, Sweat and Tears Vinyl edition that is selling for ridiculous sum of money.  Wasn’t that about $450 US or something??  Anyway, I was waiting for the Super Cheap, Not Stamped in Anything but Vinyl, Not Numbered and most DEFINITELY not Signed or Fingerprinted Vinyl copy for Regular Ole Folks edition.  I seem to recall starting to fidget about whether or not we’d ever get one ’round about April or so…then I put it in the back of my mind, next to the area where I think about cooking dinner.   Then all of the sudden I read the other day that yes, vinyl is coming soon!!

As for dinner, well…it’s coming soon as well.  Just as soon as I start considering what I can make super fast before the husband gets home.

I can’t wait to get the vinyl.  I don’t care that it’s not coming with all of the little extras, I just want a copy of the superb album I already have on CD.  That will be enough for me, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll even allow my husband to open it and play it once or twice.  Then I’ll stare at it for a while before I finally put it in it’s home, next to the rest of my collection.

Then of course, comes the subject of my 3 hour long conversation with Amanda this morning. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a real, honest-to-goodness plotting and scheming session.  Truly, we haven’t had to – we’d planned the UK trip with nary a problem until we actually GOT there and had to deal with the reality of cancelled shows.  We didn’t have to hide a thing from….certain family members who must remain nameless at this time, because he’d given his blessing extremely early and even without bloodshed!  Today however, I found myself giggling and thinking about possibilities with excitement.  I didn’t realize how much joy I get out of planning something I know I probably shouldn’t be doing!!  It’s half the fun!

What are we planning, you ask?  Oh.  Oh I couldn’t possibly say at this juncture.  All I can tell you is that if what I have in mind works, debauchery in the midwest will be imminent.  😉

With that, I must get dinner on the table.  I have buttering-up to do!!