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Happy Birthday Simon 2019!

Rumors have it that it is someone’s birthday today. Guess that means that I should take some time to acknowledge Simon and all that, if I must. If you are on social media, then you are aware that DDHQ has been tweeting/posting some Simon focused interviews, performances, quotes, etc. for his birthday week. I’ll use that as my inspiration to show just exactly what I…uh…appreciate about our favorite lead singer and yours!

Sense of Style

As a kid, I always believed that each and every member of Duran Duran was beyond stylish. Not only did they manage to wear the latest and greatest but they also led to the next trends. Lately, though, I’m not sure I see this in our lead singer…

Hmm…not sure about those greens together…
Of course, he often has friends with his fashion choices.
Then, there are those shoes…

Truly, Simon’s fashion choices never cease to…uh…amaze me.

Perfect Memory

Simon has a perfect memory, right? He has never forgotten the words, right? He would never forget his bandmates. Never, ever, ever..

Immaculate Dance Moves

Of course, everyone knows that Simon has the very best dance moves, agreed? Here are just a few examples:

I recommend watching the first one from about 4:50 or so…

Our favorite…

Gives It Right Back

All of that said, I do appreciate that Simon not only seems to enjoy the loving ribbing that Rhonda and I (and others) do but also gives it right back. I swear when he sprays the water in White Lines, he aims right at the people who “deserve” it the most. I’m not saying that might be us, but…we do get drenched a LOT.

Can’t hit me, Simon!!!

Way with Words

As much as I love to give Simon a hard time (and you all know that I do), I should be fair and also explain that there is so much that I do love about the guy, in all seriousness. First and foremost, he truly does have a way with words. At times, in my life, I have had to defend his lyrics as people too often criticize them for being “nonsense” or something like that. The thing is that those people just don’t understand that good lyrics are like poetry. This means that they are meant to make you think and feel. I, for one, enjoy the heck trying to figure out what exactly Simon might mean at any given time. Here’s a song with some of my favorite lyrics:

Brings Emotional Connection

On top of the fact that Simon’s lyrics are such that I have the opportunity to provide my own interpretation, which I love, his vocals definitely enhance the listening experience. In fact, I would go so far to say that the combination of Simon’s lyrics and vocals really do help me connect emotionally to various songs. The best example of this for me is this one:

Sense of Humor

As I mentioned earlier, I appreciate the fact that all the band members have a sense of humor and that is definitely true of Simon. He seems to always enjoy some laughs and is willing to put himself in positions in which the only result could be laughter. These video clips come to mind:

Helps with Causes

Of course, I also love that Simon contributes his time and energy to various causes. We saw it just recently with the Tall Ships Youth Trust in which he sailed with some inner city kids. Another example is the Blue Marine Foundation, which exists to protect the biodiversity of the seas.

On that note, I truly do want to wish Simon the very happiest of birthdays. I, for one, am thankful for you and all of the joy and laughter as well as the fabulous music you bring into my life.


Year End Katy Kafe 2018 with Simon

This is it, the final year end Katy Kafe. This one focuses on Simon and his list of the top moments of the year. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these and Simon’s does not disappoint. Before I dive into the usual highlights, I recommend going to listen to the Kafe yourself over at Then, you can enjoy it as much as me.

As soon as the kafe began, I could tell that this was going to be a fascinating kafe as Simon explained about slow fruit, which is like a plum but lots smaller. It grows in the UK, which of course is connected to his drink of choice, slow gin. My only reaction to this is that I learn something new everyday. After a few minutes of this, Katy asked about the event of the year. Simon’s reacted by singing a song, a vaudeville song. Well, then. Nope. This kafe was not disappointing. I’m not sure how this is connected to world events but okay. Of course, Simon’s personal event of the year was the birth of his grandson. It is clear that Simon loves, loves, loves taking care of his grandson who is now 6 months old and starting to utter lots of sounds and noise. Now, he would like more grandchildren! Simon also mentioned that the band is back in the studio as a big event. (Yes! Agreed!)

Simon’s movie, “All the Money in the World” was one that he thought was great. (I hadn’t heard of it but it sounds interesting. It is the story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty and trying to get the family to pay the ransom.) Apparently, there is also a TV version. Interestingly enough, he has not seen Bohemian Rhapsody or A Star is Born. As far as TV goes, he mentioned “A Very British Scandal.” I remember hearing about this, which is about a political leader’s gay affair. Simon says that it is a “must be seen”. He also liked a series called, “Killing Eve.” Currently, he is watching “The Little Drummer Girl.”

As far as books goes, he liked “The Stocking Places,” about a guy from a gypsy family who goes on a journey to understand his culture as well as the negative stereotypes about them. The book helped Simon realize that he had prejudice, too, which is helping him to overcome it. To me, that is a major win. He doesn’t typically read non-fiction but this was one that really made him think. A book of fiction that he liked was Reamde by Neal Stephenson. Apparently, he plans on doing a Simon’s Reader about one of the audiobooks that he has listened to/read. Based on some of the books he talked about, I suspect that the next Simon’s Reader will be very interesting.

Simon’s favorite Duran event of the year was watching the BBC4 Takeover Documentary as much as he loved the perfumes. He enjoyed looking back at the band’s history especially since they don’t get that opportunity much as they are too busy in the moment. In 2019, he is looking forward to the next season of Game of Thrones and the shows in February. Before Katy let Simon go, she asked him the same question she asked everyone about when the album…I mean project will be done. He said that they had a great start with a great team but he cannot predict when it will get done. Fair enough.

Like all the rest of these year end kafes, I enjoyed this one as well. ūüôā


March 2018 Katy Kafe with Simon

Before I dive into the highlights and my thoughts regarding this month’s Katy Kafe, I want to thank everyone for the thoughts and well-wishes for my dad. ¬†All of the comments have helped me to keep going in order to be there for him and my mom. ¬†Again, I thank you. ¬†Now, on to the Katy Kafe…

This particular one features Simon answering fan questions, twenty of them in fact! ¬†As always, this is not a word-for-transcript. ¬†Instead, I’m just sharing the highlights along with some of my commentary. ¬†If you want it all (and I know you do), get yourself over to DuranDuranMusic to listen for yourself! ¬†This means that I am not going to cover every question but ¬†will pick out the most interesting to me. ¬†I’m also going to divide them into band related questions and Simon only questions.

Duran Related Questions:

Question:  Does Simon write lyrics all the time or just when an album is coming up?

Simon stated that he does often write down phrases that could work as song lyrics all the time but tends to do more when an album is coming up.  It just happens naturally.  One aspect of songwriting that he focused on was on titles.  He mentioned an artist who had a friend name one of his pieces, which he thought was so fascinating.  At times, being given a title has worked for him like Rio, A View to a Kill, Girl Panic, and Electric Barbarella.  (Note to self:  That could make for an interesting daily question. Which title is better?  Or what is a title that would make for an interesting Duran song.)

Question:  Why is Last Chance on the Stairway not played live?

Simon focused on the middle part of the song that features a vibraphone that he would have to relearn.  I suspect some fans would love for him to do just that in order to hear it live!

Question:  Which DD song from the 80s should get a 2018 make-over?

He suggested Late Bar or My Own Way but commented about how fans really aren’t that keen with changing songs. ¬†(I have to admit that is true. ¬†I remember freaking out a little with the changes done to Too Much Information live in 2015. ¬†To my credit, I actually liked it a lot once I got used to it.) ¬†Katy and Simon focused on changes to Hungry Like the Wolf in 1993. ¬†Simon wants to know which is better: ¬†album version or the live 1993 version of that song. ¬†Answer on Twitter via #AskSimonMarch.

Question: ¬†What was Simon’s favorite DD video to shoot?

Simon really like the ones filmed in Sri Lanka because it was so amazing being there.  He enjoyed the action shots from Hungry but loved the relaxed feel of Save a Prayer and how there was more band in that one.

Question:  What was the inspiration for Cinderella Ride?

Simon talked about someone who helps the sick and the poor, especially in the back streets of London. ¬†(Now I’ll have to relisten to it through that lens!)

Question:  When does the band celebrate the 40th anniversary?

Simon thinks that July 16, 2020 would be a good day as it will be the 40th anniversary of him being on stage with the band for the first time!  (NOTED!  I will keep that date open!)

Question:  Which song would you never get tired of performing?

Simon said that the song has to be something that he could sing in a wheelchair like Come Undone or Secret Oktober. (!!!)

Question:  What does it feel like to be a band that is so loved by many for so long?

Simon loves the music and the guys in the band. ¬†“We look out for each other,” he stated. ¬†Being a part of Duran has made him feel “useful.” ¬†(I get that.)

Simon Only Questions:

Question: ¬†Has the SYN track, “Closer to Your Bed” ever been released? ¬†If so, where can people hear it?

Simon does not think that it has but maybe it should be.  He went on to share that when he was 12, he made a 4 track record when he was part of the church choir.  His old choir master has a clean copy and thinks it should be released.  Simon is considering doing that as a fundraiser in which the proceeds would go to the church choir.  Would people be interested in buying a copy?  If so, tell him again on Twitter with the hashtag #AskSimonMarch.

Question:  Who should play him in a movie?

Simon suggested Aaron Johnson, Ryan Gosling, or even Margot Robbie.

Question:  If he could take out a giant billboard, what would it say?

Be nice. ¬†(Aww…)

Katy must have said a number of times that this is one of the best Kafes they have ever done. ¬†I cannot disagree. ¬†As I stated earlier, I didn’t include everything because there was so much. ¬†Some of the questions I didn’t cover here: ¬†One thing Simon has tried but wouldn’t do again, which 80s peer is he still in contact with, whether or not the duet with Isabelle Adjani would ever be released, who should cover a Duran song and which song, and more. ¬†I, for one, applaud the questions as they were super interesting and loved hearing Simon’s responses. ¬†I look forward to more Kafes like this one!











Happy Birthday Simon!!!

As I started thinking about this blog, I wondered if I have ever done a birthday blog for Simon. ¬†I cannot remember. ¬†It is possible but none really sticks out to me. ¬†Birthday blogs feel a little more pressured than a usual blog. ¬†After all, I feel like I have a do a really good job, which is kinda silly. ¬†Fans are all ready giving their birthday wishes on various social media so it is not like I’m really unique in this message. ¬†Yet, for some reason, I want to do a really good job with this blog.

As our readers know, we like to give Duran Duran a hard time.  We tease those we love and I suppose that we really love Simon based on how much we enjoy giving him a hard time.  How did we get here and why?

Let me start at the beginning. ¬†When I first became a Duran fan, I found myself drawn to Simon. ¬†After all, he was the singer. ¬†He got a lot of attention and was shown a lot on videos and interviews. ¬†Then, as everyone knows, I saw John Taylor in the Reflex video and my kinda-sorta favorite shifted over to John, which is where I have remained for the last 33 years. ¬†Despite becoming a John fan, as a kid, there was still love for the rest of the band members. ¬†This love would never have meant giving grief or teasing any of them individually or as a group. ¬†Nope. ¬†As a kid, I believed that I loved everything that the band did (even if I didn’t). ¬†I didn’t know that fans can approach fandom differently.

When I returned to this fandom as an adult, I found myself surrounded by fans who enjoy teasing the heck out of the band, even if the band never knows or hears it. ¬†Let me give you an example. ¬†In 2005, Rhonda and I went to Vegas with a few friends to see the band perform at Andre Agassi’s Grand Slam for Children, charity concert. ¬†During that weekend, there were many jokes told about all the band members but especially Simon. ¬†Goodness, we even declared “Le Bon” our password that weekend and ran around the MGM Grand yelling that password just for fun. ¬†At the time, I never event thought about why he was our main target. ¬†Now, I realize that he makes it so easy to give him grief. ¬†In thinking about my job as a teacher, I recognize that I’m in a similar vein. ¬†The students like to give me a hard time but they do it with love, especially after seeing how much I ¬†like to give myself a hard time. ¬†Maybe, when it comes down to it, it is easier to give him a hard time rather than admit how much we admire, appreciate and even love him. ¬†I’d like to think that the case with many of my students.

In the last couple of years, our teasing has taken on a new art form. ¬†Simon makes that relatively easy, though, from his dancing as seen here…

…to the clothes he wears.

Simon is on the left, of course!

Let’s just say that he has given us nothing but laughter and fun in the last few years. ¬†You know, it is funny. ¬†If someone asked me, seriously, about what I thought about Simon ten years ago, I’m not sure what I would have said. ¬†I don’t think I understood what I saw or heard about him as there seemed to be lots of stories and rumblings about what he is like when it comes to fans. ¬†I just knew that it would be best to stay away from him as the last thing I wanted was to have a bad story myself. ¬†I didn’t want to think badly of the guy. ¬†Part of me, I think was afraid. ¬†I feared that he might reject me if I ever approached him. ¬†Thus, I always stayed back when others would approach him. ¬†Now, he seems different to me. ¬†I have had a couple entertaining interactions with the guy and I no longer feel afraid of what he might say and do. ¬†Maybe, this is why the teasing is what it has been. ¬†I don’t believe that he would be annoyed or angered by it. ¬†Heck, he might even enjoy and be willing to give it back some. ¬† White Lines, spitting, anyone?! ¬†Again, it reminds me of those whom I have a good relationship with. ¬†They give me grief and I give it right back. ¬†I believe my students and I tease out of love and I know that is the case with Rhonda and I when it comes to Simon.

Now, on this date, I have the pleasure of offering birthday wishes. ¬†I might not have some amazing gifts to give him despite any efforts I might have given. ¬†(Uh…I tried to find some other lime green clothes but couldn’t…) ¬†I’m not really good with sappiness although this blog has turned into that. ¬†EEK! ¬†I will finish up the sappiness by saying that I hope Simon has a happy birthday! ¬†I ¬†truly do hope that it is an amazing one for him and that the day is one where he is surrounded with love and joy. ¬†Now, as my gift, I guarantee that Rhonda and I will do our best to tease him every chance we get, but always in a loving way. ¬†We ¬†toast to him on your special day. ¬†Cheers!


October Katy Kafe with Simon

This week, DuranDuranMusic released the latest Katy Kafe.  Of course, because it is October, it featured one Mr. Simon Le Bon as he celebrates a birthday this month.  As always, we listened to the Kafe and then decided to share our thoughts here.  Unlike normal, we listened to the Kafe together and decided to record our conversation about it for a little video blog.  As you might imagine, we can talk for a long time about Duran Duran and this Kafe gave us plenty of topics to discuss.  Some of them include the anniversaries of both Big Thing and Medazzaland, the end of the Paper Gods tour including tracks from the album live, b-sides, studio plans and more.  While we cover quite a bit of material in the video, we certainly do not talk about every little thing in the Kafe.  If you want to hear all of it and we know that you do, we recommend running over to DDM and getting yourself a membership!

After listening to the Kafe yourselves and our reaction to it, what did you think?


Guest Blog: Simon Le Bon Interview on Hawaii Public Radio

By The ’80s SLB Fan

On the morning of July 14, 2017, I checked out a Tweet from Duran Duran regarding an interview with legendary Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon on Hawai‚Äôi Public Radio with host Dave Lawrence. ¬†Duran Duran performed on July 16, 2017, in Honolulu, Hawai‚Äôi, and this was their very first concert performance in their entire music career in the Aloha state. ¬†So I went ahead and click the link from Duran Duran‚Äôs Tweet in order for me to listen to my big ’80s crush‚Äôs voice on the interview. ¬†I felt so excited. ¬†I could not wait to listen to his voice!

Simon Le Bon discussed his music and acting during his youth, as well as his start with songwriting before he joined Duran Duran. ¬†What really struck me (or I should say, ‚Äėwhat really surprised me‚Äô) while listening to his interview about his youth are as follows:

Simon Le Bon’s Influence In Classical Music During His Childhood

Simon Le Bon started listening to classical music during his childhood in which he got influenced by his mother who liked to listen to that genre. ¬†I remember my childhood in the ’80s when I started listening to classical music on the radio. ¬†I got influenced by classical music from my father who, still to this present day, is a super fan of classical music from instrumental to opera. ¬†I have no clue if Simon really loves listening to classical music these days, but I love classical music! ¬†Every time I drive in my car or do house chores at home, I tune in to classical music on either FM or Internet radio. ¬†Classical music is part of my blood and family history. ¬†My grandparents from my father‚Äôs side, whom I never met, loved listening to classical music. ¬†Even my uncle, my father‚Äôs older brother, loved listening to it. ¬†Among my five older siblings, I am the only one who loves listening to classical music, and they do not. ¬†Whether listening to any kind of music or learning how to play a musical instrument or learning how to sing, classical music is THE very first step in learning music.

Simon Le Bon Studied Playing The Violin During His Youth? Huh?

REALLY!!? NO WAY!!! I didn’t know he studied how to play the violin during his youth. ¬†I thought he studied piano lessons during his youth, which is true as he did mention that during the interview. ¬†However, I was so surprised when he included the word ‘violin‚Äô. ¬†I hope Simon did not make this up. ¬†I am just curious to find out how old he was when he started playing the violin and how many years he played that musical instrument. ¬†I wanted to start studying the violin when I was either 8 or 9 years old, but I was not able to start taking violin lessons due to transportation & schedule issues. ¬†My mother could not drive, and my father was working a 9-to-5 corporate executive job plus business meetings Mondays through Fridays. ¬†I started studying the violin when I was 15 years old, and at the same time, I took orchestra class in my junior year in high school. ¬†I had to take private violin lessons, take a trip with my fellow orchestra classmates to compete for high school orchestra competitions, perform during recitals and school events. ¬†I played the violin for less than 2 years until I graduated high school in 1998. ¬†That same year after I graduated high school, I stopped playing the violin when I started my freshman year in college. ¬†Also, I learned from my father that my uncle took violin lessons when he was in grade school, but it did not last long for him either.

Simon Le Bon’s Influence In Singing

During the interview, Simon Le Bon discussed his influence in singing during his childhood, about his involvement in the choir, and about his amazing choirmaster.  Simon mentioned that his choirmaster taught him how to read music properly, how to learn the theory of harmony, and how to listen to his ears.  Simon fell in love with music, and it just came naturally for him.  I started listening to music on the radio and watching music videos when I was very young about 2 or 3 years old.  Even before I started attending preschool, I started singing in tune.  I even started picking up the microphone and started singing with the Karaoke machine in front of my family and relatives. Oh, dear! I remember having my family’s first Karaoke event in 1985, the year of Africa USA and Live Aid!  Even when I entered Kindergarten in 1986, I sang in music class in tune, while most of my classmates sang horribly and out of tune.  I was so involved in singing in music class from grade school up to my freshman year in high school that I joined the choir.  I didn’t take any voice lessons during my youth.  However, I ended up taking voice lessons during my junior year in college.  

My Opinion & What I‚Äôve Learned So Far During Simon Le Bon‚Äôs Interview On Hawai’i Public Radio

In my opinion, I think the legendary Duran Duran frontman and myself have something in common when it comes to childhood influence in music. ¬†The only difference is Simon Le Bon has a lot of experience, and he‚Äôs been performing professionally for a very long time. ¬†During his youth, he got influenced by music, he started acting and became a thespian, and he even started writing poems and songs. ¬†Songwriting is not my interest and skill. ¬†And can you believe he even studied how to play the flute and a guitar when he was young? ¬†Wow! ¬†That‚Äôs what I really love about Simon Le Bon. ¬†He is a super multi-talented individual. ¬†I think talent not only comes naturally in a person, but it comes from a person‚Äôs heart. His mother was responsible for providing music. ¬†She even strongly encouraged Simon to sing and join the choir. ¬†Having very strong support from a talented individual’s parents is extremely important. ¬†I think his mother deserves huge respect and honor for supporting his gifted talent. ¬†In my side, I feel I did not receive enough strong support from my parents for my talents. ¬†Even though my mother heard my singing abilities when I was young, still she did not do something to help me develop my talents more and encourage me to join a talent show or choir. ¬†I just wish that my parents were so supportive of my talents just like Simon Le Bon’s mother. ¬†I will discuss my other talents aside from my music talents on a later blog. ¬†I hope that Simon Le Bon will read this blog and appreciate it, and I just want to say to him how I admire his special talent so much. ¬†I also hope that I will meet him some day, and I really want to thank him so much for being truly Simon Le Bon.

The ’80s SLB Fan was born in the early 1980s and is considered to be part of “Children of the ’80s” and “Generation Y2K” movement.¬† Around 1983, she started listening to Duran Duran’s “Is There Something I Should Know?” on the radio when she was 2 years old.¬† That same year, she heard the beautiful singing voice of Duran Duran’s frontman, Simon Le Bon for the first time.¬† It took this girl several years until she was 19 while attending college which she ended up having a HUGE ’80s crush on Simon Le Bon.¬† She is residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, and she is an actor, extra, model, and novice voice actor (known as voiceover). She grew up in a family who loves music, and her top favorite musical genres are classical music, EDM, and ’80s music.¬† She official became a Duranie in 2000.¬† Visit The ’80s SLB Fan’s blog site at¬†, where you’ll find her blogs dedicated to Simon Le Bon.

Ultimate Box Set: Side/Solo Projects Part 6

This is our sixth week asking about which side and solo project songs should be considered for the Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.  To catch people up if you have not been reading, we have been attempting to create the fan designed Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.  So far, we have chosen 7 songs in each of the following categories:  Singles, Album tracks, B-Sides/Demos, and Live Songs.  Now, we are working through all of the side and solo projects.

We divided them up because there are simply too many to narrow it down to just 7 songs all at once. ¬†Thus, over time, we asked about Power Station, Neurotic Outsiders, Arcadia, TV Mania, The Devils, Freebass, Dom Brown, and John Taylor. ¬†Now, finally, we will ask about Simon’s solo songs. ¬†Like the previous polls, you can pick seven songs from the list. ¬†Finally, next week, we will put all of the side/solo project songs that people thought should be considered for the box set into a poll and the final 7 will be chosen. ¬†Then, we move on to the final category of official remixes.

Here are the side/solo project songs chosen for consideration so far:

Power Station:

  • Some Like It Hot
  • Get It On/Bang a Gong
  • Communication
  • Murderess
  • Harvest for the World
  • Still in Your Heart
  • She Can Rock It

Neurotic Outsiders:

  • Feelings Are Good


  • Election Day
  • The Promise
  • Goodbye Is Forever
  • The Flame
  • El Diablo
  • Lady Ice
  • Keep Me in the Dark

Dom Brown:

  • Amazing
  • Day Turned Black
  • Crocodile Tears
  • Changing
  • Chocolate Fever


  • Love is Like Oxygen

John Taylor:

  • I Do What I Do
  • Feelings Are Good
  • Always Wrong
  • Anon
  • Don’t Talk Much
  • Losing You
  • Look Homeward Angel
  • Silent Skin
  • Lovers Afternoon
  • Fields of Eden
  • 6000 Miles
  • Immortal
  • Hey Day
  • Just Another High
  • Such a Good Lover

Now, before you vote for the Simon songs, you might want to check out the following playlist.  I put as many Simon songs I could find on it.  Please note that there has been many songs that Simon has appeared on.  I only included the ones that were predominately Simon.

On that note, happy voting!


[socialpoll id=”2449301″]

Final 2016 Year End Katy Kafe with Simon LeBon

On today’s final 2016 year end Katy Kafe, Simon LeBon took time out from a busy day (they performed for Brian Cox’s charity that evening) to chat, covering everything from the weather to the Far East!

Simon begins by saying that it isn’t very cold by UK standards for December. Apparently the weather is hovering around the 40 degree F mark most days. Freezing for Southern California, mild for everyone else! ¬†Katy asks what his favorite “tipple” for Christmastime might be (tipple is alcohol if you’re scratching your head in wonder). ¬†Simon responds exactly as I’d imagined, “Everything!” He does say though that he had some cider brandy shipped to him and is really enjoying that. (I won’t lie, I immediately decided to do a search for that online because it sounds like something I would be into!) After saying that he likes anything from red wine to beer, to champagne, white wine, etc…they move on to the favorites for the year.

World Event

Simon mentions a few things, but first is Brexit. Simon has an interesting take on this‚ÄĒrather than be outraged by the outcome, he is thrilled that the UK was allowed to voice their opinions and make a decision, citing that many other places in the world have “so-called democracies” and yet the people really aren’t allowed to make the big decisions. I can certainly understand that sentiment, and I applaud his open-mindedness.

The ongoing “sad and tragic” war in Syria is also mentioned, and I agree wholeheartedly with Simon that we certainly cannot forget those people or their suffering.

He also cites the electoral race here in America, calling Trump an “extraordinary candidate”, and saying that he isn’t a big fan of Clinton either. He does say though that Trump has wanted this office for a long time, and that now he’s got it, and he had better do something productive with it, going on to remind us that Americans know how to get their Presidents OUT of office if need be.

The Olympics is another big event for 2016, commenting that Andy Murray’s big win in tennis is a first in a very long time for the UK. ¬†(I don’t mind adding here that the Olympics feels like it happened two years ago rather than just this past August. Unreal!)

Favorite Movie

At first, Simon doesn’t recall if he’s actually seen anything, saying that this category could actually be “What ONE film did you see in the theater this year, Simon?”

He then remembers that he saw Jungle Book with John, and he did just recently see Fantastic Beasts, but overall he wants to defer the question to next year, or at least until he goes to see Nocturnal Animals.

Favorite Book

The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry ¬†It is a love story taking place in the Victorian era, and it focuses on the struggle between religion and science. Simon read it quickly and says “It is as good as a book gets.” So there you have it!

Favorite TV Show

He mentions several, but settles on The Vikings, saying that it is brutal and sexy.

Favorite Album

This category nearly stumps Simon. Katy mentions Blackstar¬†by David Bowie, but Simon says no, that it was too depressing. He prefers upbeat. He says he’s still listening to Tame Impala’s album, and then also mentions¬†Lemonade by Beyonc√©, explaining that he loves the project as a whole.

Favorite DD Event

Simon says he loved the tour. All of it, going on to explain that the shows were good and consistent, and so he can’t pick out one moment. He really loved it all.

Personal Event

He really enjoyed sailing but that nothing compares to being on stage. He’s having more fun now, and it’s likely because he realizes that it can’t go on forever.

Onward to 2017

Simon eagerly exclaims “The tour!” He follows that up by saying, “When I am in this mode, it is the single most important thing.” He likes the simplicity of it. ¬†They are still trying to schedule shows in the Far East, and at the time this was recorded they were thinking those shows would be towards the end of next year. I think the takeaway is two-fold: 1. They don’t know for sure where they are going or when. ¬†2. There is no real set schedule for returning to the studio – so we cannot hang on every single word the band says about such things, at least not yet!


Happy 58th Birthday Simon!

So as I write this on Wednesday, Simon’s birthday is tomorrow. He will be 58, which is mind-boggling. ¬†I would swear we miscounted. He doesn’t seem 58. He doesn’t look 58. Must be all that good clean living, right? ¬†<big toothy grin here>

I don’t know how many more of these stories I’ll have for members of Duran Duran. It isn’t as though I run into them every day, but I do have one this year with Simon that I don’t think I’ve written about on the blog before.

This past summer, I saw Duran Duran in Toronto with Amanda and our friend Heather, whom I’ve mentioned on the blog before. Many times, actually. (Hi Heather!!) The three of us went to the show and then went to a nearby hotel for after show libations. As we sat in the lounge, we saw Dave come through and look around. I kind of figured that a band member would come in after that, and sure enough it wasn’t long before Simon stepped in.

Here’s the thing. Simon makes me nervous. Granted, I am shy (in person) to begin with, but he genuinely freaks me out.¬†I never know how he’s going to react, and as such, I try to steer clear. I stay in my seat, I order drinks, and in a lot of ways I just hope the sofa opens up and swallows me whole.

Not that long after Simon came into the lounge, he does the unthinkable and starts walking over towards us. Got to tell ya, my brain couldn’t quite compute what was happening. I mean, walking out way? I’d have thought there was someone on the other side of the room – but we were close to the corner. Nope, he was headed towards us. I didn’t know what to do, so I got up. Drinks had arrived, and feeling like I needed something in my hand, I grabbed mine as he started to address us.

Except that he wasn’t addressing us. He was talking to Heather. This made me smile. Heather hasn’t been to many shows. She went with Amanda and I to the Hollywood Bowl, UC Berkeley and Agua Caliente last fall, and then to a show in Canada (Montreal I believe), and then to Toronto with us again. Yet, Simon knew her by name and was quite insistent he’d met her before.

He had no idea, however, who Amanda and I were. Not that I think he should – in fact, I was kind of relieved he didn’t, even though Amanda and I had met him in Los Angeles at the Ace Hotel after the David Lynch show and he knew who we were then. I even looked him in the eye and told him my name, and said “You really don’t know me, right?” To which he solemnly replied, “No”. ¬†I had to repress my grin as he then toasted each of us on a lovely evening and went about his way. He was nothing but nice and respectful. ¬†He left Heather over-the-moon by recognizing her, and Amanda and I giggled for many hours over the entire scene.

Never mind that not two weeks later, Simon saunters up to the front of the stage with a full mouth of water during White Lines, begins swirling it around in his mouth like he would during a wine tasting, looks right out at us….and swallows the water…because it is a verse too early, and I think he knew that. So during the right verse (or was it chorus?) he goes back, gets the water, comes to the front of the stage….and douses us.

I will miss moments like that. I’m glad the memory is vivid enough to last me a while. ¬†ūüėÄ

Happy Birthday Simon. You still freak me out a bit, and I’m honestly not sure if you like Amanda and I, hate us, or just really enjoy teasing the hell out of us…but I enjoyed seeing you on stage this summer and you made the shows fun for me. Thank you!


October 2016 Katy Kafe with Simon!

I sat down to listen to the October 2016 Katy Kafe with Simon this morning. Four days later than I’d liked, but at least I listened! ¬†As always, I took notes and will provide the highlights. My disclaimer is that, once again, these are ONLY the highlights, and while I try to do the Kafe justice, if you really want the best experience, you are better off paying your membership fee ($35.00 a year) and hearing it for yourself.


It seems to me that every time Simon is in the Kafe, the discussion begins on the topic of coffee. This time was no exception as Simon mentions that he is drinking an Americano black coffee with no sugar. He explains that on his current two pots of coffee per day habit (hey, it was once four-pots, so he’s improving!) he is able to keep the weight down.

makes note to up coffee intake


They spoke briefly about the MTV EMA voting (if you haven’t voted or need to vote today, and you do…check out our blog here for a link). ¬†Simon explained that the environment had everything to do with how special the show in the Piazza Duomo was, and Katy also reminded him that Mark Ronson also joined them on stage that night.

End of US Tour in Colorado

They played a festival to end their tour in the US, and they talked about meeting Stevie Wonder. I hadn’t heard this, but apparently Stevie had called out for the band to join him onstage that final night, and because the band was tired – no one was there to join him (but they did meet).

Is it just me or does it seem like the tour ended months and months ago??? It feels like forever ago that I was packing and unpacking, and then continuing to write about other shows along the way.

Simon also commented that, on orders from his family not to come back (home) until he was no longer an egotistical rock star (and I had to laugh at that…I suppose this is similar to military debriefing!), he decided to do some sailing after the tour. He joined two regattas, one being the Panerai Regatta and another in St. Tropez. ¬†Those apparently did the trick as he is now back at home, settling in, and getting ready to do some work next week with Mr. (Ben) Hudson. ¬†WHAT?

I was curious that Katy didn’t ask for any details on that – Simon mentioned this work twice, and I’m curious about what he’s working on. Perhaps we’ll know at a later date…

More shows?

As we now know, Duran Duran has sent out the official announcement that they will be doing two shows just outside of Washington DC for New Years Eve and New Years Day. ¬†This of course, follows up the show they’re already doing in Cancun. ¬†Simon says he’s very excited about the show in Cancun because he’s never been there, but at the time they taped this Kafe, they hadn’t announced the National Harbor shows yet. So, two more shows¬†for the US this year…and hopefully, something will be announced for other parts of the world soon, although Simon nor Katy made mention of anything during the Kafe.

You say it’s your birthday

Simon turns 58 on October 27th. I’m still wrapping my head around that one. Age is but a number, but that one just doesn’t sound right. Simon says he’s not doing much for his birthday except working with Mr. Hudson, and Yasmin’s birthday is just a couple of days later.

Overall, it was a lighthearted Kafe. Simon sounded lively, properly caffeinated…and ready to tease Katy at a moment’s notice. I’ll note that he didn’t sound at all tired as I might have expected after a tour, but I suppose he’s had a few weeks to readjust!