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Happy Birthday Simon!

One of the most delightful things about social networking (Twitter, Facebook, Google+…etc.) is seeing all of the birthday shout-outs, photos and messages. Today, my Facebook news feed and Twitter timelines are filled to the gills with shout-outs and photos from Duranies around the world, for Simon, who celebrates his 56th birthday today!

Amanda and I have done our share of good-natured teasing at Simon’s expense over the years, but yes – it’s good natured and we tease purely because we love. However, we also know the world would not be the same without him. After all, this IS Daily Duranie, which would not be in existence had he never graced this planet.

Each time I see the band live, or even on TV, there is something very comforting about seeing Simon take the stage with the band. It just feels right.  Maybe it’s really just the familiarity with having him as the front man for so many years, maybe it’s that he feels like extended family at this point (that has absolutely no idea who the rest of us are), or maybe it’s just that for me, Duran Duran wouldn’t be Duran Duran without him. I’m not sure. I just know that I can’t help but smile when he is standing there, center stage, ready to go……(as long as he’s not coming towards us with a mouth full of water and they’re playing White Lines).

So, we raise our martinis (it’s REALLY early for this my time, and as dedicated as I might be to the cause…eek!) in a celebratory toast to Simon.  We hope this next year brings plenty of health, happiness, love, music….and some damn shows!!!!

(I couldn’t resist.  Sorry.)

Happy Birthday Simon!!



Do you feel that vibe in the air??

When we’re out traveling to shows to see the band, Amanda and I will get to the hotel of choice and settle in, and somewhere between the time we get to the hotel and the show, we’ll feel a distinct sense of a shift in the energy.  I don’t know how to explain it, I suppose one might say it’s merely excitement (which I’m sure is part of it), but there’s definitely a wind of change. (10 extra credit brownie…er Duranie points for the fan who can tell me the song that line came from…)  I’m not typically one for describing someone’s aura or any of that – I’m not nearly that insightful, but I do feel the excitement in the air.

Today my friends is August 30th.  I’m not just excited that a week from today ALL of my children will be back in school for the year – I’m excited that in a mere 48 hours, the band will be performing. The world will hopefully be once again put right. (World peace surely can’t be far behind? Ah well…one can dream.)  I hear the rehearsals for the rehearsals are going well and that there are going to be lots of surprises.  I’m excited for those fans who are able to attend, and I am hopeful that I’ve been friendly enough to at least some of you that you’ll remember to send your thoughts on the show to Daily Duranie!  (wink, wink!)

So, the vibe that’s in the air?  That’s not just the impending arrival of Fall.  It’s not just about going back to school.  It’s not even just about the fact that in a week, I’ll actually be able to finish a cup of coffee before my youngest insists I pretend I’m a cat with her. (the things we parents will agree to do…)  It’s that the band will soon be touring, and that is good news for ALL of us.

My best wishes to the band, and especially to Simon.  May the shows go well and that this becomes a mere blip in our memories.  What a strange year!!