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We still got a little time

Happy Monday, and if you’re in the USA, a Happy Labor Day to you!

Today marks my very last day of Summer, because after this day, my son begins school – which means that *I* begin school (yay for ninth grade all over again), and then next week, my two girls start the school year. I’m starting to have serious anxiety about how all of it is going to work each day, and I’m nervous about sending my little one off to kindergarten. All in a days work as a mom, I suppose.

On the other hand, with school starting and September here, I find myself thinking back on my summer. We were busy when we were busy, but we spent plenty of time relaxing here at home too. Our daily lives weren’t jammed packed with mom-planned activities, we went to the beach a few times, and of course we took a really nice vacation too. I have completed nearly none of the projects I said I would do, or would like to do this summer, and I didn’t attend a single concert (that is an abomination!)…certainly not a Duran Duran show…but I *have* been working on a certain convention, I finished a manuscript, and on the bright side, now I’ve got plenty to occupy my time after October 18-20.

My blog is starting to remind me a little bit of the “What did you do this summer?” essays we were always asked to write and hand in during the first week of school. I suppose that’s appropriate, given my little task of getting my son through high school…but honestly I’m more interested with what is ahead rather than taking a lot of time looking back.

I think we have busy times ahead, my fellow Duran-fans. While the album does not appear to be finished, I hear it is on it’s way – which is good. We have a great time planned for Durandemonium, and this week I’m searching for inexpensive mirror (disco) balls online to use in our table centerpieces and other fun decoration ideas. Autumn, such as it is where I live, is always a busy time. We have birthdays, college info nights, high school football games, Daisy Girl Scouts, and then of course there are the holidays coming. It’s my favorite time of year, even though by the time Christmas comes I’m asking myself how on earth I get through it all each year. Then we have hope…at least I do…of hearing that new album next year, and more importantly (yes, it really IS more important) seeing the band onstage again at some point next year. I miss those guys.

With that in mind, I’m off to celebrate the last carefree day of summer with my family. One last day to enjoy the sunshine, do one final family project (we’re building a huge cat tree), not worry (too much) about getting dinner on the table right on time, and then the school year begins.