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There is Definitely Something You Should Know! DD on BBC Four

I love it when there’s news!

As I checked my email this morning, there were a couple of Google Alerts.  In full disclosure, I typically ignore them. More often than not, the alert is about someone with the last name of Duran, which has gotten really old at this point. This morning though, that was to be the case, as I uncharacteristically stopped scrolling and opened the alert.

My Duranie radar must still be working, because the alert announced that Duran Duran will be taking over BBC Four on June 29th!

At 9pm (GMT), viewers will see Duran Duran: There Is Something You Should Know. According to the press release on, “Back2back Productions has been granted exclusive access to the legendary group. Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor open up about their extraordinary career, talking more candidly than ever before about the highs and lows they have endured together over the years.”

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing a brand new interview. I miss those guys.

Then at 10pm (also GMT), the band talks about their early inspirations as they look back together over TV programs, music and films that they grew up with from the 60s, 70s and 80s in a show titled, Duran Duran: A Night In.  Also from the press release, John Taylor notes, “Without the BBC, there would be no Duran Duran. Forty years ago this October, the BBC first aired ‘Barbarella’. It was while watching that late-night screening of the Jane Fonda sci-fi epic that members of a burgeoning Birmingham post-punk band decided the name of one of the films characters – Durand Durand – would make for a cool and unusual band name.”

I think this show would be very interesting, particularly since I’m from the US. I’d love to see it!

But wait!

Most fans know that the BBC is in the UK. While there have been a few requests to stream the shows so that fans may watch worldwide, if you’re not in the UK, you’re pretty much out of luck for this one, at least for now. <cue tears>

Invariably, these types of programs eventually make their way onto YouTube or are passed from fan-to-fan, and I think we can probably expect the same for this one in due time. For now, as it should be…no matter how painful it might be to know I’m going to miss out, the UK fans will be able to experience the shows first. Yes, I absolutely believe they should have the opportunity to see it all first. Make no mistake, I am 100% envious knowing that I probably won’t see this material for a while, but certainly not angry or spiteful. There have been many times the US has had Duran Duran playing live shows here, with very little regard to the country from which they were born. The UK is their home, and as John mentioned – without the BBC there would be no Duran Duran.

People get so angry about the silliest things, such as this night of television. I’ve seen so many upset comments this morning!  Sure, I’d love to see these television shows. I love this kind of thing and I have no doubt that Amanda and I would have tried to watch together and we would have had many vodka tonics and laughed our way through it because these guys crack us up every single time.  Experience tells me though, that I probably will still have the chance to see these shows at some point, just not on June 29th. Somehow, I suspect I’ll likely survive the famine. Maybe.

I just don’t think I am exactly in the position to be complaining here. Duran Duran didn’t get their start here in the US. They certainly weren’t born here in America, and they didn’t cut their teeth in some dank and dark nightclub in an alley in Los Angeles or New York. It wasn’t American TV that embraced them first, like it or not.  I can’t be angry about a TV show or two being shown on the BBC, that is for sure.

Their 40th anniversary celebration isn’t over yet. It’s just begun! It is likely that we can look forward to other special events opportunities in the months to come.

However, if you want to get a sneak peek at the trailer, take a gander at the link below! I’ve watched it about 50 times now, so that should tell you just how badly I wish I could see the show with my UK friends. So sure, take my envy and laugh your way through to June 29th. If anybody figures out a way to watch the show, don’t forget to whisper it to your good friends Rhonda and Amanda!  We won’t tell!!

Duran Duran Take Over the BBC – Trailer!



Duran Duran on Film!

Earlier this week, Duran Duran tweeted the following:

Are you watching ? ’s “Union of the Snake” was featured this week as part of a Pussycat’s performance (of course!) Check it out here & tell us what you think:

I cannot say that I watch the show, but it still made me smile nonetheless.  It seems to me that there has been a lot of Duran spotting in TV shows and movies lately.  Did you know that Duran Duran Wikia has kept track of which Duran songs have been used where?  For example, Ordinary World was used in Baywatch in 1994 and Falling Down was used in Medium in 2008.  The list, which you can read here, is pretty lengthy but is definitely not complete.  For instance, Sunrise was used at the end of a Queer as Folk episode.

Before you ask, there is indeed a similar page for Duran songs used in movies, which you can read here.  Many of them I knew like the use of Notorious in Donnie Darko or Do You Believe in Shame in the movie, Tequila Sunrise.  Some I didn’t know, though, like Hungry Like the Wolf is in the movie, Old School.  Who knew?!

Of course, beyond the use of Duran songs in TV shows and movies, I can think of other instances when Duran has been mentioned.  Did anyone else watch the TV show, Family Ties, back in the 1980s?  I certainly did and I distinctly remember that when the youngest was born, the youngest daughter, Tina, was timing the contractions on her Duran Duran watch.  As I watched this in real time, I think I said out loud to my family that I really should have a Duran Duran watch and being bummed that I didn’t already.

What about the show, Keen Eddie?  Has anyone seen episode 10, Citizen Cecil?  I remember when my friend showed me this episode.  I was practically rolling around on the floor from laughter.  Here’s the basic premise:  A group of armed robbers crash a casino and steal lots of money and a pair of tickets to a football (soccer) game.  This group, of course, is wearing Duran Duran masks!  The best line is when one casino employee declares that they are being robbed by Spandau and the other corrects him by pointing out the guy with the the Simon mask!  Watch for yourself here.  The references begin about two and a half minutes in and continue on for the rest of the show.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I really love, love, love seeing and hearing any and all Duran references in any TV show or movie.  It never ceases to make me smile and reminds me that Duran is a not just a band that I like.  No, Duran Duran is a phenomenon.  They are and have been a significant part of pop culture.  I know that when I mention Duran to people my age or older, every single person knows who I am talking about.  People not that much younger than me have also heard of Duran.  While they might not know or really understand how huge they were, they still know that they are a significant band.  Unfortunately, the youth of today might not be that familiar with Duran.  Yet, the fact that people connected to TV shows and movies keep using them in some capacity says to me that even the kids today will find out about them, if they don’t already know about them.

This, of course, gives me a little bit of hope for the future of the world.  Therefore, I sure the heck hope that there are tons more of mentions of Duran and their music in future TV shows and movies.  Maybe some of the kids will get it and those of us who do get to bask in a moment or five of pride at being a fan.


Duran Duran on Grey’s Anatomy and Kimmel tonight!

Sometimes things come up so fast that I don’t even have time to add them to the calendar here, and today is no exception.

Are you a #TGIT (ThankGodItsThursday) fan?!? Do you love Duran Duran (I hope so, otherwise…you might be visiting the wrong blog…)?? Tonight is YOUR NIGHT to have your senses tingled!!

Several (many) months back, I believe a photo was tweeted of a certain John Taylor visiting Shonda Rhimes’ office. For those who may be unaware, Shonda is the creator of the Thursday night shows on ABC: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder.  Many of us who saw the picture wondered what on earth John Taylor could be doing in Shonda Rhimes’ office, but the mystery remained unanswered…until this morning when I saw this tweet:

“The song Butterfly Girl that I played on and co wrote with @duranduran is used in @GreysABC Greys Anatomy today. @johnfrusciante also plays!” – @dombrownmusic

Gotta admit, I’m pretty excited that one of my favorite songs off of Paper Gods, cowritten by my favorite “not really an official band member but I don’t care” band member is going to be used on one of my favorite TV shows – Grey’s Anatomy. That’s cool!!!  Dom should be very proud, although I know this isn’t the first time he’s had his music used on a TV show before! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to go VISIT his website and ORDER his albums!)

Once upon a time, I worked with an indie (unsigned) band named Folio, and as far as they were concerned, my main goal in life was to get their music on to TV shows. (Yes, I was successful!) There was a website I spent much of my time scouring, in search of the perfect licensing opportunities. At the time, I always wondered why Duran Duran music wasn’t on more TV shows where it would be heard by a huge audience…. lo and behold, here’s their chance!! This is huge, so any and all Duranies out there, watch the show, and shout about it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and even Google+ (if you’re into that sort of thing!)  Our word of mouth MATTERS. (and while you’re doing that, throw my guy @dombrownmusic some love – I’m sure he’d appreciate the tweets!!)

If that weren’t enough (and it never is!), later tonight following Grey’s Anatomy and the other #TGIT shows, Duran Duran will be on Jimmy Kimmel.  Following the broadcast, the post-show concert will be streamed here on Yahoo! Live.  I was in the audience that afternoon, which was held in the back parking lot of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Theatre. It was a lot of fun. I’d never gone to something like that before, and so when I was treated to Hungry Like the Wolf not once but TWICE that afternoon, I smiled, sang and clapped along with abandon! It was a lot of fun despite the 93-degree heat, and the only thing missing was my partner-in-crime, who was flying over the western part of the country at the time to get to LAX later that night. I’m curious to see what takes of the songs they chose to use for the stream, and I’ll be tuning in later myself. When you’re watching the stream later, look for me in the audience!

(On second thought, I spent most of that afternoon willing myself not to faint – note to self: one should ALWAYS take water if they’re lining up outside for the afternoon – I was a hot and sweaty mess by the time the show started, so maybe don’t look for me!) 

Must see and hear @duranduran on #TGIT!  Not a bad way to spend a Thursday night at all!


Review: Duran Duran Performs on the TODAY Show

My fellow Duranie Stephanie and I entered the chance to win Fan Passes for the band’s Today Show performance on September 17 . We live in Western New York, so the travel time to New York City is at least 6 hours. Not to mention, we both have jobs with limited time off, so our attitude was if we get passes, we’ll just figure out how to go. We really didn’t expect to win them at all. But then Stephanie got the email a week before the show saying she won a Fan Pass (good for 2 people). Our conversation together went something like this:

“Holy cow!”

“Can we do it?”

“Would we be able to take the time off with such short notice?”

“Can we afford to go?”

“It doesn’t matter – we are going!!”

So after an abnormally long train ride, we finally get to NYC around 11 pm. We decided to go to a bar near Penn Station and the sign outside says “Welcome Madonna fans!” Wait – what??? Madonna was at Madison Square Garden that night? That was just a block away! How cool would that have been if we could have seen that show too?!

Back to Duran-land: The Fan Pass instructions said they would start letting people in at 5:30 am and no one would be let in after 6 am. We decided to get there around 5:00 and figured we’d be early enough. We knew that we couldn’t get front-row spots because there’s a VIP section between the stage and the Fan Pass section. But we would be closer than the general admission audience, so we’ll just see what we can get. We saw on Facebook that some fans were there around midnight. We decided that if we were going to stay up all night, we’d prefer to spend the time having a few pints and some food. (I know, I never said we were the most hardcore fans! Just hardcore enough to skip work and travel to NYC for a free show.)

So we got to the Fan Pass line around 5 am. We waited. And waited. I met some (of course) nice people in line and we all commiserated about how early it was.



Finally we received our passes which certified that yes, we are now official FANS!


(*Before judging our appearance in the photo, please remember that we stayed up all night before the show!)

It was after 6 am and we still hadn’t been let into the plaza. Now we were starting to get a little angry – and you don’t want to anger Duranies at this hour of the morning. But shortly after 6, a couple black vehicles pull up to the plaza entrance and we heard some fans squealing. Clearly the band had finally arrived. I debated whether the delay was due to Nick’s primping, John getting his hair to defy gravity, or Simon squeezing into his pants. Whatever the reason, we were all glad they finally arrived! Having been at the last-minute-cancellation in Atlantic City in 2012, I was starting to feel like this show might not happen either. But the boys were here – and we were all eager to see them.

Having watched the Today Show concerts on the plaza, I had an idea of what the venue would be like. However, once I was actually there, I realized (spoiler alert) it was a lot smaller than it appeared on TV. But frankly my reaction was, “Well then, I’ll be even closer to the stage than I thought I would be!” As you can see from the sound check photo, it was still pretty dark out when we were let into the plaza. It was rather strange to watch a show that started in the dark and ended when it was light. But as weird as it was for me, it has to be much weirder for the band.


We get into the Fan Pass area and the band is already doing their sound check and rehearsal. To me, this was the coolest part of the experience. Maybe some of you have been at shows where you’ve seen the band do sound check. This was such a treat and a unique experience. I loved that we saw them in their street clothes. We heard their songs multiple times, starting and stopping mid-song. I was thrilled to see that Kiesza was going to perform with them because “Last Night in the City” is my (current) favorite track off Paper Gods. And every time they played it, I loved it even more.


It was hard to tell if the band was in “sound check mode” or if they were grumpy for having to play so early in the morning. Of course the fans were all excited and we had our second wind and were ready for the show! Simon was a little playful with the crowd but I was hoping for a little more. They finished up sound check and left the stage, so we didn’t know how long it would be until they played again. I think a producer from the Today Show gave us the times the band would be on, but we didn’t listen too closely. I was secretly hoping the band would play an entire concert, but knew that was a little too much to hope for. However I was thankful for whatever we could get.

Here’s the setlist as it happened in real-time:

Ordinary World – This was played/filmed first but actually aired in the last hour of the show. I thought it was a downer to start with, and I worried that Simon wouldn’t hit the high notes, but he killed it. In fact the vocals and sound were amazing all around. I saw some chatter online about how the sound on TV wasn’t great. I thought it was awesome in person.

Notorious (snippet) – The show bumped to commercial with this one. If you watched the show and felt like you got cheated out of the song, don’t worry – we did too. What you saw is all we got.

Last Night in the City (with Kiesza) –  If you watch the video you see around 2:52 Kiesza misses the start of her solo verse. She kept missing it in rehearsal too. Methinks Le Bon got Le Pissed.

Hungry Like the Wolf – Overplayed or not, the guys still sold it. And I think this was the one that the crowd was most enthusiastic about.

Pressure Off –  When introducing the band, Savannah Guthrie was a little flustered and called the new album “Paper Goods”. She was standing so close to JT I would have been flustered too.


Save a Prayer – This one they played just for us in the plaza. I’m not sure how others felt, but I was kind of bummed that this was the last song. I’m so used to them ending on an upbeat song that it felt pretty weird for that to be the final song.

I was convinced that they’d play Sunrise given that, well, we were all there together for the sunrise that day. And it’s definitely one that the crowd gets into. Next time guys, OK?

Watching the show back on my DVR, I really enjoyed seeing the little bits when the anchors talked to the audience and showed us arriving pre-dawn. Speaking of the anchors, (a) Carson Daly has piercing blue eyes! I wasn’t standing too close to him but man, those are some sparkly blue eyes! And (b) we saw Dylan Dreyer after the show and man, she is tiny!

I had a great time chatting with fans around us. One woman said it was her first time seeing the band ever. I told her it’s never too late! And to be able to see them that close for free, what a way to see your first show!

Having been to a handful of Duran shows now, I really try to not be stuck behind my camera or phone and fret about getting a great photo or the best video. I really wanted to soak in this unique opportunity and have no regrets. My only regret is that we didn’t show more enthusiasm because then we would have been picked to go down in front of the stage and dance. That would have been incredible, however I was a little camera-shy because I was sort of playing hooky from work, so I wasn’t anxious to be all over the TV screen. Next time Steph, OK?

Thanks to my friend and partner in crime for inviting me to be her +1. I had a wonderful adventure and can’t wait to see them on tour in 2016. If you ever have a chance to start your day with a Duran Duran show, I highly recommend it!

Story & videos from the Today Show


Duran Duran on CBS Sunday Morning!

I LOVE Duran Duran TV appearances!  What fan doesn’t, right?  Nonetheless, this one I have been anticipating for a VERY long time since I knew that they had filmed it awhile ago and there is something about appearing on THIS show.  To me, CBS Sunday Morning is a serious show to be on.  It isn’t just about entertainment like an appearance on Entertainment Tonight (not that there is anything wrong with that!) but this show is about more than the latest in celebrity and Hollywood news.  This is about NEWS.  It is about diving deeper into various topics.  My PARENTS watch this show.  (By the way, they were excited to hear that Duran was on!  They always support my fandom and I think they are secret fans!)  Therefore, I had high hopes for this particular TV appearance.  So, how was it?

Duran’s segment was saved for the last half hour, which on one hand is like torture for those of us watching and anxiously waiting.  On the other hand, I kinda like it.  The best is saved for the end of the program, right?  To keep the viewers watching?  Oh yeah, we were watching all right!  Of course, the tease to Duran’s segment featured Rio but before I even saw the complete part, I was excited.  Why?  The interviewer did not just adopt this idea of the video for Rio being about excess and that Duran lived this decadent lifestyle.  No, they understood that the video was not representational.

The segment was typical, in some ways, as it definitely gave some history and focused a lot on the success of the 1980s.  The part that I really appreciated was the focus on how the rock critics didn’t get them and as Simon said…the more girls they had who liked them, the more the press hated them.  Ah…the stigma that any band with a young female following seems to have.  Clearly, in the press’ eyes, young females should be dismissed as being dumb and uninformed about what good music sounds like, right?  Yeah, my women’s studies students would point out that this usual pattern is more of a case of sexism than anything else.  Another common discussion point that was included was about how connected Duran was to MTV and to videos.  Like the previous talking point, I think the show allowed Nick to make some good points about this connection to videos, which were that they had no idea how “potent” they would be and how they made “iconic” images that, sometimes, haunted them.  Both of these talking points were taken seriously by the show and they were shown to be both positive and negative for the band.  I always appreciate when the full picture of Duran Duran’s story is told like this.

The rest of the segment continued on to discuss Power Station and Arcadia, Simon’s sailing accident, and their comeback in the 1990s.  What I thought was interesting was the discussion at the end about whether or not they are seeking hit records.  Both John and Simon indicated that they are competitive and feel like they have as much going for them as anyone else to get that “attention” that comes with fame and commercial success.  While I can’t disagree with that (Duh!  Of course not!), I appreciated that John acknowledged that there is a part of him that wants to be unconcerned with hits but that there is another part of him that is concerned.  I get that.  I can understand that and I think we all witness that internal tug-of-war with every project they do.

All in all, this was a well-done piece.  They managed to cover a lot of history and topics in a very respectful and informed way.  Homework was clearly completed as the segment was accurate and it was obvious that they knew what issues could and should be discussed.  Truly, it was one of the best pieces I have seen on Duran in a very long time.


P.S. I did want to thank CBS News for placing a link to this lovely blog on their page about what today’s show was going to be about.  To see our blog listed along Duran’s official site and social media sites, makes Rhonda and I beyond proud.

Screenshot of CBS News
Screenshot of CBS News


Duran Duran History – BBC National Lottery

Duran Duran history for today, December 11th goes back to Duran Duran’s performance on the BBC National Lottery Show in 2004. The band performed “What Happens Tomorrow”.

On a side note – California is getting ripped off. We don’t have bands on OUR lottery program.  For that matter, we don’t even really have a program!



Today in Duran History – VH1 Storytellers

On today’s date in 2000, VH1 Storytellers aired in the UK.

I found a clip of this on YouTube, and what I like about it is that the person who uploaded it ONLY recorded the stories…not that I don’t want to hear the music, but I think the very best part of this show is the stories about each of the songs, because even at a show, we rarely hear the insight that goes along with the music. Take a look!

Additionally, a very happy birthday goes out to Amber LeBon, who was born on this date in the year *gasp* 1989!!