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Today in Duran History – Greg Kinnear Show 1995

On this date in 1995, Simon and Warren appeared on Later with Greg Kinnear Show.  This was a late night talk show hosted by Greg Kinnear that aired in the US from 1998 to 2001 .  Obviously, the band was promoting their album of covers, Thank You.  What I find fascinating is that Nick and John weren’t there.  I did find a clip of this interview and performance of Crystal Ship on YouTube, which I included here.

I have to admit that I love when the band appears on talk shows.  I love the interviews and always enjoy performances even if I rarely think that the performances equal what we know Duran is capable of at a concert.  So, what do you think of this interview?  What do you think of this performance?



Today in Duran History – Miami Signing 1995

On this date in 1995, Duran Duran did a record signing at a Blockbuster Music in Miami.  Based on the year, I assume that this signing was for the album, Thank You.  Did anyone go to that signing or another signing of that year?

Having only been to one signing, I have to wonder how different they are.  Obviously, in 1995, Warren would have been there.  Rhonda went to a signing for Astronaut so Andy was at hers.  Mine took place in 2007 for Red Carpet Massacre so it was just the four of them.  Despite the line-up changes, are there many differences?  Yes, I am sure that different stores having slightly varied rules and procedures for how to get to go, what could be signed, etc.  At the end of the day, though, do all signings feel the same?  Let’s face it.  The point of going to a signing is to get those autographs but also to have a minute or two with the band.  I also have to wonder how they decide these are the albums that should have signings and these aren’t.  Why not do more of these kinds of things?

By the way, if you want to read about our experiences at our signings, you can link here for Rhonda’s and here for mine.


Today’s Date in Duran History – Thank You

On today’s date in 1995, Thank You was released in the UK.

Opinions about this particular album vary widely among fans. Some dislike it, others embraced the work.  One very good thing (in my humble opinion) the album did for the band was bring Roger Taylor back into the fray – albeit temporarily – for work on Perfect Day as well as Watching the Detectives. Roger also appeared in the video for Perfect Day.  How can that be bad?!?  (answer: it can’t!)