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Today in Duran History – Las Vegas 2008

On this date in 2008, Duran Duran played at The Joint in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is one of those shows that I so wished that I could have attended.  Many of you might be thinking that my desire to have been there has to do with Vegas and how Duran shows are typically crazy there.  While that might or might not be true, depending on how you look at it and who you talk to, the more significant reason is that Duran had a couple of guests appear on stage with them.  Typically, I am not super wild about that as Duran is all I really need at a Duran show.  Yet, this one I would have been down for!  Who was the surprise guests?  They were David Keuning and Brandon Flowers from The Killers!

People who have been reading this blog for awhile now know that both Rhonda and myself really, really like The Killers.  At times, we have even talked about going on tour for them!  Thus, this would have been an ideal special guest for us.  Lucky for us, I did find some video of them all doing Planet Earth!  How cool is that?!

Were any of you there?  What was it like in person?


Don’t you wanna be misled?

From the confessional file….

I cheated on Duran Duran last night.  (and if you believe I am actually taking it that seriously – you have clearly not been reading this blog with the proper tone of sarcasm that is intended.)   I went to go see The Killers last night at the Honda Center in Anaheim.  I really didn’t have a lot of expectations going into the show – it was the first time I have seen The Killers, even though I have each one of their albums.  I adore Hot Fuss and it is probably near the top of my most favorite album list of all time. (which include Duran Duran’s first album, Tears For Fears Songs from the Big Chair, Tears For Fears The Hurting and AYNIN.) The problem for me has been that I loved Hot Fuss so much that I think it set the bar way high – and they’ve never been able to reach that pinnacle since.  (for me)  Regardless, for one reason or another I’ve not seen them live until last night.

They came onstage with full house lights and they opened with Mr. Brightside – with full house lights up.  They could see us, we could see them, and Brandon Flowers is even more beautiful in person.  The energy from that ONE song and the fact that we all sang it together with all of the lights on as we, the audience, were jumping up and down created an energy that lasted the entire show. (oh yes, yes I did jump….and at some point my body said “Um Rhonda?  Yeah…you’re not 20 anymore.”  I’m being punished rather severely as a result today.) I know DD is a little more dramatic with their openings these days, but I have got to say, the experience was so unique and cool – it might be worth a try.  There were lights, there were lasers, there were pyrotechnics and there was a ton of “k’s” and lightning bolts showering down on us like confetti.

Two more exciting points in the show came when Brandon decided to sing “When You Wish Upon a Star” (due to the proximity to Disneyland)…at which time I announced that Brandon could sing anything he wanted, any TIME he wanted…and when the band played “I Think We’re Alone Now”, a song originally done by Tommy James and the Shondells in 1967, then made famous again in the 80’s by the artist Tiffany.  Yes, I even sang that right along with him and smiled the entire time.

I am still marveling over the sheer amount of energy in that arena last night, and I won’t lie -the idea of a Killer’s road trip is suddenly becoming more appealing. (I’m more addicted to the live shows than I thought, apparently.) I came out of the show completely drenched. I danced and sang the entire time, and truthfully, I don’t know when the last time that happened with Duran Duran. but I look forward to giving them the opportunity.  SOON.



As promised, I am excited to announce the winner of our Bring Me Back contest.  Entries were to include a your favorite “Duran influence” moment from the book.  The winner will be receiving a signed copy of the book directly from it’s author, Karen Booth, as well as a Banks Forest t-shirt (fictitious band in the book)  We had many fantastic entries, but one stood out among the crowd!

Debbie Craggs wrote the following for her entry:

I think my favourite Duran reference has to be when Chris is trying on the clothes and asks Claire whether the trousers make him look like he has a square bum.  It instantly brought to mind the “sing blue silver” clip when the band are at the photo shoot and Simon is talking about changing in front of the cameras and comments on the trousers he is wearing and how they make his bum look square.

It is not a “classic” reference but the moment I read it I could see that bit in the sing blue silver documentary so clearly even though that is also not my most favourite part of the DVD.  I love the imagery and the feelings of being a mum who had a teenage crush on a band member that the book captures and revives in the reader.”
So Debbie, you’re our winner!!  I need for you to send your mailing address to our gmail account, and we’ll get your book and t-shirt in the mail!  
Thank you to everyone for entering!!

Smile like you mean it!

Happy Day After…  or as I like to call it “The Hangover”.

One of my gifts yesterday, aside from the extra pound or so I’m sure I gained from food intake, was a DVD of The Killers Live at Albert Hall.  I’d been wanting this DVD for awhile now, so I was surprised to find it under the tree yesterday.  I watched it last night, and one of the most interesting parts of the DVD (which is fantastic, by the way – it’s the way a concert DVD *should* be done) was a section after the show where they did some behind the scenes type of footage the day before the show.  Some of the footage included some interviews with fans who had been waiting – some as long as the night before – for the show.  These fans came from all over England, Europe,South America, and even the USA.  I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the fans.

Amanda and I have always felt that Duran Duran’s fan base,our community – is very unique.  I still feel as though we truly are, if for no other reason than simply because not many bands even last 30 years, much less have a fan base that has continued with vigor right along with the band.  While I don’t necessarily know if that makes the drama that continues to fester like a bad infection within the community all that special, I do believe we’re all “super special” (read: Crazy.  Insane.  Suckers for punishment.) for continuing to stick around!  (Yes, I’ve still got my humor!)  The fans in The Killers video, while at least several *cough, cough* years younger than I, had much of the same sentiment as I do.  I found myself nodding and even yelling out “I feel your pain!!”, which thoroughly amused not only my husband (My Duranie account is STILL overdrawn!), but also my mother, my sister and my children.  Well, at least the older two.  The youngest just keeps telling me that she missed me when I was on the airplane.  My household is never boring, and I continue to entertain….

The fans continued to echo the same sentiments throughout the interview, that there was nothing quite like The Killers, and that they were worth every single penny and heartache it took to get there.  There were a couple of fans that literally quit their jobs in order to make the trip.  Their feeling was that jobs come and go, but the concert was a once in a lifetime type of thing.  I really am not sure if I’d go to such lengths – but then again, my “job” isn’t really all that easy to quit.  I’m a mom!  Of course each fan mentioned how many shows they’d been to, and how long they’d been a fan.  This amused me because most of the fans had been to somewhere between say 10 and 15 shows.  I know of fans in the Duran community that have cleared 100 shows, so you might say we had a bit of a head start.  Regardless of the short time that The Killers have really been around (since 2001), their fan base is as loyal as they come.  They are bright eyed, vibrant, and have all the hope in the world in their hearts as they follow their band – and it is very reminiscent of what I’ve seen from Duran Duran fans when we’re at our best.

After watching, I came to the conclusion that while our individual circumstances might be different, fans really are very much the same, regardless of the fandom.  The enthusiasm their fans displayed was infectious, and while I probably won’t be traveling across the continent to see The Killers like I do Duran Duran – watching the video made me miss the good times I’ve had with the friends I’ve made along the way during my times of madness as a fan.

*wipes brow*  I’ve got to either save some money or find a job!!!

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