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The Best Way to Buy Tickets?

This week, Nine Inch Nails announced a fall tour along with a different way to buy tickets. covered the ticket purchasing method in this way:

“The group is taking an unusual new/old approach to keep tickets out of the hands of resellers: They will be selling all seats to the tour in person at presale events called “The Physical World,” which will take place May 19 at each venue’s box office, with the exception of Red Rocks for which the presale will take place on May 20 at the Denver Coliseum Box Office.

“All seats (including the best seats) will be available for purchase in person only, first come, first served,” the announcement reads. “Fans can purchase up to four tickets per show. Visit for a complete list of box office locations and further information. Limited quantities of tickets may be released via additional ticketing channels, subject to availability, at a later date to be announced. Ticket inventory available via phone and online channels will include ADA tickets.”

I can definitely appreciate the desire to keep tickets out of the hands of resellers.  After all, many of those resellers are not necessarily fans but people who bought the tickets when they went on sale just to make a profit.  This means that resale tickets are often more expensive than they were to begin with.  No one wants concert tickets to be more than they already are.  Ticket prices have skyrocketed, in my opinion.  In fact, sometimes, they are so expensive that people simply cannot go and that makes me sad.  Live music is one of the greatest things in life and I am sad if people cannot experience it at all.  So, the intention of this ticket buying process is a good one.

Besides the intention, I also had to smile at the idea of fans being in line to buy tickets.  It reminds me of how Record Store Day was in which fans lined up outside of record stores to buy their favorite new vinyl.  Fans could chat while they waited, get to know each other, increase excitement over their upcoming purchases and more.  Of course, I had the same feeling when I was a kid and we waited outside Ticketmaster outlets to buy tickets.  Probably my favorite memory of that was senior year of high school.  The plan was that my two best friends and I would stay at my place overnight and leave early in the morning to drive to the nearest mall (about a half hour away) to wait in line for tickets.  My friends and I cheated a little bit in that we left at like 3:30 in the morning instead of waiting until 6.  My mom didn’t realize how early it was when I told her that we were leaving.  On the way, we stopped for donuts and coffee.  When we arrived, there was already quite a crowd, which included a bunch of people we knew.  It became like a party (until we realized that we desperately needed to find a bathroom and nothing was open).

Part of me would like to return to situations like that until…I think about how this would work now.  This definitely would be a problem when it comes to Duran shows.  First, the band does not play in Madison, WI, or at least they haven’t since 1984.  Therefore, I would have to travel a distance to wait in line for tickets.  The closest city is Chicago, which is 2.5 hours away.  Then, what the heck would Rhonda and I do for shows in cities neither one of us is near?  Would we have to hire someone to get tickets for us???  After all, we have seen Duran play in many different cities.  With a policy like this, we simply couldn’t do that.  We would be out of luck and couldn’t go to as many shows.  This, of course, would hurt the band.  Second, this policy is such that all of the tickets are going on sale at the same time.  Again, what the heck would we do?  Rhonda could go to one ticket outlet and I could go to another.  We would need other friends to go to other cities.  This just simply wouldn’t be possible.

So, in thinking about this idea, while the intention is good, it would suck in practical terms.  It would definitely limit who can attend shows to just people who are able to get to ticket outlets on that day, which probably means local people with flexible jobs.  Then, it certainly wouldn’t encourage fans to go to multiple shows or to travel.  Now, I don’t know much about the Nine Inch Nails fanbase.  Maybe that would work for their fans.  I just know that if Duran Duran would use something like this, many Duranies (like us) would lose our minds.  I think with every other ticket buying policy, one must think through all of the possible ramifications before going for one over the other.  This one is simply one that I wouldn’t want any favorite of mine to use.


Your Pride Is Dead: Buying Concert Tickets

I have a problem.  Rhonda and I have a problem.  It is March, which means that I’m ready to start touring planning.  I’m ready to figure out what hotels we are going to stay at and where we should host meet-ups.  The tour binder is just sitting on my desk silently screaming at me to start getting it ready! Of course, I say all of this knowing that our shows aren’t until July.  We won’t be attending any of the shows in March and April, much to our dismay.  The decisions for this tour weren’t easy but we opted to sit out during the spring in order to do more in the summer when I don’t have to worry about work at all.  It will be beautiful except that we have a problem.

Based on my profession, the problem is clearly not about work.  July is perfect for teachers like me.  At times, I have classes, workshops, etc. in June and August finds me getting ready for the upcoming year.  If the problem doesn’t have anything to do with work, what is the deal?  Money?  Well, the problem is connected with money.  Ah, heck, I might as well just spill it.  We are really hoping to go to the show in Toronto.  It is a city that I have always wanted to visit and it would allow us time to hang with our friend, Heather.  Yet, if you remember when those tickets went on sale, things did not go very well for us.  I was the one assigned to get those tickets and became SO frustrated by the lack of choices.  We couldn’t afford the Platinum or Gold VIP Packages.  We were aiming for Bronze, but no good seats in that section came up.  I tried everything that day.  I refreshed.  I tried looking for tickets via the Ticketmaster “use seat map to find tickets” option.  I also tried to have Ticketmaster “find me tickets” option.  I told my students to focus all of their thoughts and energy on Ticketmaster to give me good tickets that day.  Nothing worked.  In the end, I chose not to buy anything.  It just felt like WAY too much money for crappy seats.

At the time, I felt confident that I made the right call.  I had a limit in terms of how much I was willing to spend and I had a limit about how far away the tickets would be for me to buy.  The fact that I stuck to my limits seemed to prove that I wasn’t an emotional slave to my fandom.  No, I could still use logic and I could stay strong.  What a load of bullshit.  It has been a couple of months since that date of presale and now I find myself regretting that decision.  Desperation seems to be growing.  We still want to go to the Toronto show.  The question then is…how/where do we get tickets?  What do I have to do to get decent seats?!

I talk a good game.  I’m logical.  I’m in control.  I’m lying…I want my Duran Duran tickets, dang it!!!!  What do I have to do to get tickets to Toronto?  Do I need to sell my first born?  Oh wait…I don’t have kids.  Would my cat suffice?  He is kinda useless but I guess he can be cute?!  Do I have to do some sort of strange fandom ceremony where I burn some candles or stare at Duran Duran pictures while listening to Paper Gods over and over and over again?  I could do that!  Is that what it would take?  What are my other options?!  Anyone have the Devil on speed dial?  Maybe that would work?!

Of course, I do know that there might be some online sources for tickets.  Ticketmaster might have tickets and I have checked but…it is still the same problem.  No decent seats for the cost.  Oh, I could buy front row tickets there for over $1200 each.  Uh…that might be a little (LOT) over my budget.  (Who the hell really could afford that?!)  What about the 10th row seat on the far right that is selling for $495?  Uh…no.  That seems ridiculously priced for the location.  Am I wrong?!  (Don’t answer that…I don’t really want to know what you think of my insanity!)  So, it seems like Ticketmaster is not an option. What about those other resale outlets or ticket brokers?  eBay?

I admit that I have purchased tickets through both StubHub and eBay, but each time I do I am nervous.  How do I really know if those are real tickets?!  What if they aren’t?!  Then what?  I wouldn’t know until we get to Toronto.  That said, I would try if those sites had decent seats for the money.  Like those tickets on Ticketmaster, they are either really expensive or less than desirable seats.  Then what?  Ticket brokers?  I have never used ticket brokers.  On one hand, they bother me as they probably took the good seats when the tickets went on sale to begin with and now they are jacking up the price.  On the other hand, they might have tickets we would be interested in.  Can we trust them?  I have no idea.  Anyone know?!  Anyone have advice about which ones can be trusted?  Anyone have any other suggestion about where we could get tickets?  I’m happy to perform some weird Duranie ceremony if it would help…


Insane? Driven? Selfish? All of the above?

I have a big, fat headache.  I’m not sure why.  I keep thinking that it will go away but it hasn’t so far and I think it might be getting worse.  Thus, I haven’t been very productive today.  Maybe the headache is a hangover from yesterday’s activities.  No, I didn’t drink too much.  It isn’t that kind of hangover.  Nope, this hangover is due to the stress from focusing on tickets.  Why?  Well, it isn’t surprising to find out that we want the best seats possible.  Frankly, we got spoiled during our UK shows, especially that final show in Glasgow where we were second row center.  It was an almost ideal spot.  Center is key since I’m kinda a fan of Mr. John Taylor and Rhonda kinda likes that Mr. Dom Brown guy.  Center makes us both happy. The only thing that would have made those seats better would have been to in front. 

The point of this blog post isn’t so much about those seats in Glasgow as it is about our insanity or drive or both to get the best seats possible.  Is it normal for us to want to have the best seats?  I like to think so.  Do other fans try for better seats?  Again, I have seen others attempt to improve their seats.  Here’s the thing.  Rhonda and I have both been to many shows.  We are well into double digits of shows.  Yet, we have yet to get front row seats.  We have gotten to see them play in their hometown but have never had front row.  We were close as I mentioned in Glasgow and we were close to the dreaded Voodoo Festival in 2006.  Interestingly enough, we see many, many, many friends of ours now only have front row but front row MANY times.  Obviously, we are happy for all of them.  We, too, want to experience this, though.  That isn’t asking too much, is it?  Of course, I’m probably opening ourselves up to much ridicule here as I can imagine our readers who never get a show thinking how lucky we are to be able to go to so many shows.  I get that.  I know that we are lucky.  We also sacrifice for our shows.  Make no mistake there–we go to shows instead of doing other things or buying other things.  We have made the shows a priority in our lives. 

I guess my point is that I don’t think our desire for front row or close to it is rare.  I think that most fans would understand and have probably had the same hope.  Based on our experiences compared to others, I wonder what the heck we are doing wrong or what are our friends doing right?  How come they have gotten front row and we still can’t?  I feel like I’m missing some information or that information has been kept from us.  One answer that I’m sure will be coming is the chance for front row goes up with general admission.  Okay.  That might be true.  There are many other reasons that I HATE GA but…I can buy that explanation.  Even so, I still don’t feel like I know the secret to that.  How early do you get in line for front row?  Do you have to have VIP early access for that?  Maybe, getting up front has to do with people you know.  I don’t know.  If that’s the case, clearly, we don’t know the right people. 

Rhonda and I are not going to give up on this dream.  We are driven to have the best tour we can have.  While we both realize that our spot at the show isn’t the only element leading to our enjoyment, we both know the benefits of having good seats.  So, I’m openly asking…what suggestions can you all give for us to get those front row seats?


The lesson to be learned is the point of no return

I don’t think I’ll ever get too old to learn a lesson, and yesterday was no exception.

To begin with, there was the little matter of a presale. I snuck onto Twitter to see how the presales were going, only to see that tickets appeared to have sold out rather quickly. I hadn’t heard from Amanda, so I figured she checked presale availability to find that the tickets did not meet our parameters. . After figuring out that I’d somehow logged myself out of my email and missed Amanda’s first four emails of the day, I saw that while many of our friends on Twitter had gotten their seats for the Durham show, Amanda had come up empty.  Sure, she might have had third row seats in her cart for a moment and thrown them back in a fit of greed for more – but the presale had somehow sold out. Or had it?

I really wasn’t angry or even disappointed by the lack of tickets. I knew we had several options available to us, including coming to our senses, realizing that this show was clear across the country, and deciding to wait for better (and closer) shows. I decided to go ahead and blog for the day. I no sooner finished the final sentence of the blog when my phone rang. It was Amanda, and she was calling to tell me she’d gotten tickets after all.

After I picked myself up off of the floor, I realized that she was telling me that she’d gotten tickets and that I’d be flying across the country. I also discerned that I would need to get my husband very, very drunk at some point during the summer and only then would I tell him about this upcoming adventure!

She decided to keep checking Artist Arena, and realized that if she waited, tickets that might have been placed in someone’s cart weren’t always bought, and those would get thrown back into the mix of available seats. She just waited until she found tickets that interested her enough to buy. The trouble was, where were our seats?  Due to a difference in the seating charts that Artist Arena had verses what the venue had – it has been very difficult to understand where our seats are located. I’ll save you all the agony here and just say that after careful thought, our seats are in the second row of orchestra. Or maybe the fourth row.  Either way, we’re sitting on Dom’s side. Yes, again. We didn’t intend for that to be the case, but you know – Things Happen! With all of our talk about being calm, not buying any seats as a typical “knee jerk reaction”, and trying to be methodical about planning what shows we’d attend and how we’d get from place to place – when it came time to go through the sale, all of our sanity went right out the window. Amanda did a great job with the tickets.  She didn’t give up (I SO would have), she waited (I’m horrible about waiting), and she even inspected the seating chart before buying (my typical M.O. would have been “There was a seating chart?!?”). She really thought she knew where we were buying, but because she was in a classroom and couldn’t exactly block out her students – and because she couldn’t really call and converse directly with me, it made buying the tickets much more difficult, and perhaps we bought tickets that we might not have purchased under normal circumstances.  Not sure that anything we might have done would have changed what we ended up with, but we did learn that being greedy isn’t good!  So now we’re destined to be Dom’s super special stalkers once again…

Which brings me to lesson #2 for the day.

In my excitement over our ticket purchase, I posted a note on Dom’s wall.  I really don’t know what I was thinking – only that I thought it’d give him a chuckle. I’m just a fan like anybody else. Naturally though, other people, whether they are also fans or personal friends of his, don’t know me. They don’t care that I’m a fan. They just see that I’ve posted on his wall before, and that I’m posting again. They don’t realize that I’m happily married, extremely well-educated, that I know my husband is lucky to have me (no really, he is!), and that quite honestly (and not at all humble of me) – I’m a catch. (Of course after I tell my husband about this North Carolina show this may all very well change and I may find myself very much available and not nearly so much of a catch!!) People don’t know that I sat across from Dom on a plane many years back and that I am likely to be one of the first “fans” he made from his tenure with Duran Duran. Amanda and I held up his very first sign at a show. (you can see this in our slide show at the right side of the page)  Most importantly or unfortunately for this particular person – he had no idea that I’m a blogger. He had no idea that I’ve written articles for other websites besides my own, that I’m in the process of finishing a book, or that he was going to end up being the “star” of my next blog on Daily Duranie. (Hey, “name- whom-I’m-choosing-not-to-make-public-out-of-complete-KINDNESS-because-other Duranies-would-tear-you-limb-from-limb-for-being-a-jerk” Congratulations and enjoy your 30 seconds of infamy!!)

**Note to readers: I really don’t intend on continuing to wield the blog as a weapon – this particular instance just happened to provide a teachable moment, I promise!!**

None of that matters on Facebook to people who don’t know you. They see you post regularly or try to interact and come to the obvious conclusion that you *must* be a stalker.  That said, I don’t deny my obsession with Duran Duran.

I am in my forties and write a DAILY blog about being a Duran Duran fan.  That “stalker” thing? That ship sailed a long, long time ago. It’s funny, and I know it. I embrace the funny! However, I do deny the term “Frumpy”..and don’t even get me started on the whole “Old” comment. In fact, had the less-than-wonderful person who wrote that comment been standing in person right in front of me, I can’t honestly guarantee that he would have remained standing for long. Not only am I not frumpy, I’m not afraid to stand up for myself however needed. Regardless, I was completely and utterly mortified. Sure, maybe I should laugh the episode off and pretend it meant nothing, but the fact is – I am completely embarrassed, even this morning. This didn’t take place on MY Facebook page, or MY blog or MY message board, but on Dom’s. His Facebook page isn’t the place for those kinds of comments, and the idea that a post I’d written caused such a thing completely floors me. I can’t even begin to apologize enough for that. I’m a big fan of Dom and the last thing I want to do is cause him trouble. Don’t like me? Jealous of me? Want to make fun of me? Post on my page. Send me an email. Message me on Twitter or Facebook, but don’t be rude on someone else’s wall.

So I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. While I can laugh ruefully at the idea of being called a frumpy old stalker, the truth is – that’s not how I wish to be viewed. It’s funny how you can befriend people that you’ve met maybe one time (if at all!) from all over the world, post on their page and it’s seen as just being friendly. Do the same on a celebrity’s page and it’s taken completely differently – even though they are all just people like you and I. I post on Dom’s page the way I would any other friend, for the most part. I just never thought it was that big of a deal and I certainly wasn’t posting anything that could be construed as my making myself “available” to him. It wasn’t ever like that. The lesson here is that if you post on a celebrity’s page, regardless of whether they recognize you and are friendly with you or not, it’s seen as a desperate attempt for attention. You’re seen as a deranged fan. A stalker.  

After thinking the entire situation over, I really think there are more lessons to be learned here. I might have mentioned that those comments didn’t come from a fellow female fan.  I think I might have expected that, actually. Women can be horrible to one another, and in our particular fandom, there’s a certain competitive nature that takes right over at times.  It’s not classy or pretty, but it exists. This person who called me out was actually male. I have no idea if he’s a fan or not, but he made it very clear that he was sick of seeing women post on Dom’s wall. Never mind that the guy also posted on Dom’s page. Never mind that he also must have been reading his page somewhat regularly to even know I’d posted, because that’s somehow different. Why – because he automatically assumed that because I’m female I’m “after” Dom as opposed to just being a fan of his music? In and of itself that’s pretty fascinating because it doesn’t seem as though he quite understands the whole “celebrity thing”. I’ve ran into my share of male fans though (of Duran Duran and otherwise), and while they are typically kind people for the most part, I’m always a little surprised to see how differently they view things. Men tend to believe that the only reason to be a fan is for the music, and to a large degree – they don’t seem to think that women can grasp the concept.  While it might very well be “cool” for a guy to like bands and things – women can’t possibly like bands for the same reasons. We’re much too “silly” for that. We can’t possibly understand the technical nature behind the music because we’re too busy having fantasies of John Taylor to even begin to understand the intricacies of music. There’s a definite stigma to being a female fan, and in the situation I encountered yesterday – that particular fan made his point very clear.

How will I do things differently? Well, I’ll think twice before posting again, sadly – and maybe I needed to learn that lesson. I suppose I was very naive. As I explained to some friends yesterday, and this is a feeling I’ve read over and over again from other female writers, bloggers and journalists in the music industry: I want to be taken seriously. Sure, I’m a fan, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to hop into bed with any musician or roadie I can find. (Sorry boys) I have a great time at shows. I have fun when I’m out with my friends, but never does that mean making a play for a member of any band.  When I’m home, the blog (for me) is as much a part of my fandom as it is a part of my burgeoning career as a writer. The last thing I want is to be summed up as a groupie, a stalker or be taken less than completely seriously about my writing. Respect is key. Most of the female fans I know feel very similar. Having fun at a show, or going out with friends before and afterward does not equate to being a groupie, nor does it mean we would even invite the opportunity.

Especially from jealous male “fans”.  


The air of desperation

So the update on the presale is this: people who jumped at tickets got them, and currently they are showing the presale as completely sold out on DDM (Artist Arena).

Is that really a surprise to anyone though?  I think the bigger surprise would have been for the presale to have been dead as far as actual sales go.  That would have shocked the pants off of me this morning!  To be fair, until that day comes, and presales have no activity, the “Duran Duran Machine” will never react to our complaints, concerns or suggestions.  It’s truly a shame that a system which is so incredibly flawed and stupid will remain in place purely because of the stench of desperation that clouds the Duranie airspace.  Naturally this is a case of demand and supply.  Supply is low, demand is high, and customer service is at an all-time low.

Truly, we have no one but ourselves to thank for this.  As long as we keep buying, things will never change…and most likely, they will get worse.  Not long ago I wondered how the lack of information flow could get worse. Well, finding out the ticket prices, what they included and STILL not being sure where tickets would be located (meaning price bracket to seat location) until the moment of sale seems fairly worse.  Not knowing if more shows will be added, how long they are touring, or where they’ll be going also seems worse.  So, I won’t even venture to guess how it could get worse from this point.  I don’t want to give anyone any ideas!!

Oh, make no mistake – Amanda and I don’t blame anyone for buying tickets.  That isn’t the point, and we don’t judge anyone but ourselves here.  That air of desperation?  It’s as thick here in my house as it is in Wisconsin, Washington, or even North Carolina.  The trouble is that it doesn’t smell nearly as badly once you’ve got second or third row tickets in your hot little hand, does it? It’s the curse of being a Duranie.  I just have to point out that if we don’t like the system the way it is – we’re doing no one, not ourselves, not anyone, a favor by continuing to buy. Until that changes – we can expect for presales to stay exactly as they are.  It’s shame, but it’s reality.


You want US concert date rumors and info??

I had a great blog about mid-life crisis all written and ready to go this morning. Then I woke up and checked my phone.  I had no less than text messages (a rarity), and three of them had to do with Duran Duran.

In case you haven’t heard yet, and I’m doubtful that’s even possible given how quickly the news is spreading, Duran Duran is playing at Ravinia in Chicago on Wednesday August 29th. This is the first date we’ve heard, and yes – Daily Duranie has spies everywhere! (I’m totally lying about that, but we will gladly take any information that anyone wishes to share, anonymously or otherwise!!)
 Let me give just a bit of background info on dear old Ravinia to set the stage. Ravinia is an outdoor venue just outside of Chicago. It’s a beautiful setting with lots of trees, a lawn area and of course a seated section. Typically people take a picnic basket and enjoy a meal before the show starts. It’s a lot of fun and a unique way to go to a concert. It’s very similar to what happens at the Hollywood Bowl near where I live in California. Due to the fact that Ravinia is seasonal and holds a special place in the heart of Chicagoland, they sell what are called donor subscriptions to seats in the venue. That means that a person can buy several tickets to shows (if not all of the shows) throughout the season and have the same seats for each show, basically. This also means that it’s very possible many of the best seats in the house will have already been sold to “donors” for the Duran show…assuming of course that the ticket holders for this show will choose to attend. That said, this show goes on sale at the Ravinia box office on April 26th.  
Of course, as soon as I logged onto Facebook this morning, the complaints began filing in.  Once again, people are annoyed that we’re getting dates one at a time verses being announced all at once.  Others refuse to believe what is absolutely good information unless the band themselves announces. (It’s ON the Ravinia website.  That’s pretty solid info if you ask me.)  Still others are complaining that it’s a weeknight, and many many more are worried about presale dates.  
Pretty standard fare for Duranies overall, don’t you think?
Naturally this one date being leaked now begs questions such as:  when are the rest of them??  There are plenty of rumors flying around, including that there will be a very limited amount of US dates for this “tour”.  I have no idea what that means exactly, other than I should probably rethink my plan to take 6 weeks and follow the band around the US. 
(I’m totally lying about taking 6 weeks, too….but it sounded good, didn’t it?)    
One thing I will say:  I’m going on vacation from July 28 through August 11th.  The band should plan accordingly, and contrary to popular belief, that does NOT mean to have a show in California during that time, thanks!  
One more thing before I leave you all for the weekend, and that’s simply that Daily Duranie has hopes of doing meetups, pre and post show dinners and drinks, and maybe even a Duranie dorm or more for these shows.  We’re hoping to bridge the gap that DDM left behind in 2005 when they stopped organizing things. As more information becomes available to us, we’ll definitely share and start planning in earnest!