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Today in Duran History – Simon and Timbaland

On this date in 2013, Simon performed with Timbaland at the Sound of Change Concert in the UK.  This concert’s purpose was to promote education, health and justice for every female on the planet.  In the usual Daily Duranie fashion, we addressed this appearance in the blog here.  It got quite a bit of attention and a number of people commented, leading to a significant debate on Facebook, in particular.  A year later and my opinion hasn’t changed.

Here is the performance:

In my search for the performance, I also found an interview with Simon, which you can see here.  Simon’s part starts at about 2:52 minutes in.

What did you think of the performance?  The interview?


Just a Number on the Metal Fence Which Marks the Great Divide

I’m sure, by now, many of you are aware that Simon is due to perform with Timbaland at the Sound of Change Concert in London today.  This is a concert to benefit an organization focused on the health, education and justice for women and girls worldwide.  Simon discussed the strong women in his life as the inspiration for him getting involved.  If you would like to read the full press release, you can go to here.  As soon as this was announced, I sat back and watched the reaction closely since Timbaland creates quite a few reactions among Duranies after his involvement and production of some songs on Duran’s 2007 Red Carpet Massacre album.  I didn’t have to wait long before I saw the strong reactions begin along with the speculation that this could lead to further work with Timbaland.  What was my reaction?  Simple.  I had the same sense of dread that I carried around with me for the years surrounding the Red Carpet Massacre project.  While my dread definitely had to do with the fact that I don’t think Timbaland produced quality DURAN songs, it, more importantly, had to do with our fan community.  This concern for the fan community is exactly why Duran should run far away from Timbaland.

I hated the time surrounding Red Carpet Massacre.  Hated it.  It wasn’t a fun time to be a fan.  As soon there was an announcement that the band was working with Timbaland for RCM, fans immediately began taking sides.  On one side was the camp who was excited by the possibility that Timbaland could help bring a more “urban” sound into the Duran catalog and bring possible commercial success with a hit song.  On the other side was the group of fans who felt strongly that Timbaland didn’t understand Duran or how a band worked.  While songs might be created, they wouldn’t have the heart and soul of Duran.  It seemed to me that there were not many fans who fell in between these two sides.  Everyone had an opinion and that opinion was strong and firm.  No matter how much discussion, I rarely, if ever, saw people move from one camp to another.  Instead, the discussions quickly took on the feel of “beating a dead horse”as the conversations were never ending and the same points were being made over and over and over again.  These conversations were tough and people quickly became emotional.  Duran’s music means that much to people, to fans, to Duranies.  The pro-Timbaland side argued that the other side was closed-minded and accused the other side of wanting to trap Duran into the early 1980s with their sound.  The anti-Timbaland crowd, in turn, accused the pro side of not understanding who Duran is and what their music is really like as, clearly, Timbaland wouldn’t fit with who they are, musically.  These accusations, whether stated or not, whether subtle or not, were harsh and often cut people’s Duranie core.  As the debate raged, people dug in their heels.  This was the exact opposite of fun.  It was hard on the fans who had picked sides and it was hard for those few individuals who truly didn’t take a side.  No one was having any fun.  In fact, this lack of fun combined with increased tension in the community and a change in direction, musically, resulted in a lot of people walking away.  It led many fans to drop out, to leave, to no longer care about Duran, including buying albums or going to shows.  I’m sure that there are some of you who think I’m blowing this out of proportion but I saw it.  I saw many fans leave.  I saw many friends of mine leave.  Fandom is supposed to be fun.  If it isn’t, people will go.

Some of these fans who left during the RCM era will never return.  Duran Duran lost fans then.  Some did come back during the last era, however.  All You Need Is Now is the perfect contrast to RCM.  While musically there is much that could be said about their contrast, I, again, choose to focus on the fan community.  There were no sides taken during AYNIN.  For the most part, the VAST majority of fans LOVED AYNIN.  There was no reason to debate or argue in the same way that there was during RCM.  Most, if not almost all, fans agreed that AYNIN was a fabulous album.  This allowed some of those fans who left during the RCM battle to come back.  They saw that the fans could agree and just be happy over a new album.  They were reminded that fandom could be fun again.  It doesn’t always have to be combative or negative, which is what it certainly felt like during RCM.

Is Duran planning to work with Timbaland again?  I have no idea.  None.  No clue.  Simon’s appearance could be just that…an appearance and nothing more.  I hope that is all it is.  I, personally, don’t want to go back to the days of nonstop debate.  I can’t imagine that ANY fan would want a return to that even if s/he did like RCM and Timbaland.  I think those fans who did like RCM and Timbaland have to acknowledge that it was ugly and less fun then so I can’t imagine a desire to return to it.  My fear is simple.  Fans walked away during RCM due to the disagreement over the music but also over the constant debate in the fan community.  They would walk away again.  More fans would leave.  I also suspect that they would leave a heck of a lot faster this time.  Why would anyone want that?  Why would anyone want the band to make a move that would result in a fractured fan community, at best, or a smaller fan community, at worse?  Let’s hope that my sense of dread was for nothing.  Let’s hope this appearance is all there is to it and that we can all go back to looking forward to DD 14.