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Duran Duran and Culture Club Together On Tour?

The other day I saw a post from Star Magazine in the UK.  What was the headline?  Boy George eyeing joint tour with Duran Duran.  Hmm…If you read the article which I have linked here, the basic gist that is that the idea of Culture Club touring with Duran is Boy George’s ideal tour and that he sees bands touring together to be the latest trend.  Of course, I ponder why this might be the best touring line-up for Boy George and what the Duranies think about it.  Before I do that, I have to acknowledge that this isn’t the first time the idea of the two bands playing together has come up.

Who here remembers Super Concert One?  This was an event that was announced in 1985 but never happened.  So what the heck was it?  This video might give you an idea:

The New York Times described the event like this:

Pop music will join sports events as closed-circuit, pay-per-view entertainment Dec. 27, when a concert by Duran Duran, Culture Club and a third band to be announced will be transmitted from Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, Calif.

The show, ”Super Concert One,” will be offered to approximately 2,000 small theaters – with under 3,000 seats – and to the approximately three million cable subscribers equipped for pay-per-view programs. It will also be broadcast in FM stereo. Prostar Satellite Systems, which has transmitted world championship boxing matches, will carry the concert.

Funny enough, one Duranie asked Katy why the event never came to pass:

Hello everyone. I hope this email find you all in good spirits and health. My question is for any of the band that can remember it, I’m encoding an article about Super Concert One with Culture Club that was apparently to take place on December 27, 1985. I was wondering why it never came to fruition because I think that would have been a great show. I know whatever it was that got it cancelled took place before Simon and Yasmin’s wedding but I can’t for the life of me remember why. Thanks in advance. Anita


So, needless to say, this idea of Duran Duran and Culture Club is not a new one.  Then, the question is why now and what do the fans think about it?  From what I can tell, the reaction is mixed.  Some people who are fans of both bands are excited by the idea.  After all, it would allow them to see both bands at the same time.  Perhaps, the cost of this one ticket would be less than two tickets for two separate shows.  On the other hand, I see others questioning the motivation of Boy George specifically.  Some wonder if this isn’t a way for Culture Club to sell more tickets, expand their audience.  Likewise, some Duranies think that this would not be the best move for Duran Duran.  They believe that Duran doesn’t need Culture Club fans to be able to sell tickets.  (I have to agree on that.  Duran sells plenty of tickets on their own.)  To those fans, a tour with both bands would be a sign that Duran is in decline because they would be admitting that they needed other fans to sell out their shows.

I’m not sure what I think, to be honest.  On one hand, I have seen double bills like Chic and Duran work really well together.  I have to acknowledge that Chic played first and their set was generally shorter than Duran.  Would I feel differently if it was the opposite, that Duran had opened for Chic?  So, would I be okay with this idea as long as Culture Club opened up for Duran and played a much shorter set?  Maybe.  I do have to wonder how this type of tour would work for fans.  Would fans of both bands have to fight for VIP packages?  Would one band’s fans have less opportunity for good seats or would competition be even more fierce?  If that is the case, that makes me nervous.  Then, I fear what would happen to ticket prices.  Would they be sky high because you are seeing two famous bands?

I don’t think that Duran needs to do this type of tour.  While seeing both bands at one time might be fun, I worry that it would open a can of worms as far as details like the ones I mentioned go.  Would fans of both bands suffer from greater competition and higher ticket prices?  Would the benefits outweigh these possible negatives?  I doubt it.  What do the rest of you think?


On this date in 2011, there was a show in Bournemouth, UK


On this date in 2011, there was a show in Bournemouth, UK.

I know this because I was there.

This was the second of four shows Amanda and I were to attend in the UK. We began our day in Brighton, after having attended our first show the night before. This day though, was special. We were not going to be traveling to Bournemouth by train as we’d originally thought, but instead, we were going by car with new friends.

One might think that taking a trip by car from one venue to the next wouldn’t constitute much in the way of memories, but I have to tell you—it is what I remember most about the trip.

Yes, of course I have memories from the shows. That goes without saying. I remember the band taking the stage each night, I can remember the lights going ablaze during Before the Rain and the triumphant feeling that would go over the crowd as they were able to see the band. I remember the encores and how we’d be able to get closer to the stage and clearly see the expressions on the faces of the band. Those moments are golden.

What I am finding as time moves on, is that my memory for each individual show isn’t all that clear. I can’t remember which show I ended up in the very front row for the encore, for example. I do remember some things about each show, but more and more, the lines seem to be blurred. Meeting friends though?  This, I remember with clarity.

Michelle, Amy and Jo were kind enough to share their vehicle with us, and we had the best time. Truthfully, I have stronger memory of that car ride than I do of some of the shows I’ve been to, and these thoughts are what get me through some of the less-than-fun days that many of us all have from time to time.

I can remember getting to Bournemouth and going to our hotel, and then setting off for a walk through the shops. I loved Bournemouth. It was such a cute town, and the best part about the UK in general is that these towns are set up to encourage walking. Where I live in California, it just isn’t that way everywhere. We embrace our cars, which is a shame – we miss a lot that way, I think.

I bought a zebra-striped umbrella, looked at tiger-striped adult-sized onesies (Seven and the Ragged Tiger, don’t you know…), and then we went to dinner. The restaurant was wonderful, but the company is what made the dinner special. It usually is.  We even went to another nearby hotel for some tea and met with other friends – Julie and Alison. (I seem to remember the hotel being fancy, or posh as they say!) The show itself, I don’t remember quite as much. Usually it takes Amanda saying something to jar my memory, sadly.

I remember running into Faby – I think it was in Bournemouth – out of nowhere. I was so delighted to see her and Gerardo. The thought reminds me, even now, that our community is a family. We might not always agree or get along, but there is nothing like seeing one another after a long absence. I treasure these memories and hold on to them tightly during long hiatus when there is not much of anything going on.

The next morning, I can remember standing on the curb outside of the Premier Inn where we stayed (budget friendly, and if I recall – it was pretty nice, except for the bag breakfast including an inedible muffin and undrinkable coffee!). I could see the ocean, the sky was bright and clear, and it was deliciously cool outside. Coming from California, where it is almost always summer – the change in weather was a treat. I loved it.

The only thing I wish I’d been able to do, and this goes for all the cities we visited, was to stay longer. I would have enjoyed soaking in the culture (and the colder UK weather, believe it or not!), but we were on a mission.  I know I’ve said many times that I would like to go back, and I would. At one point in my life I took it for granted that of course I’d go back. Now, I have to admit I’m not sure if the opportunity will come, but if it does—I’d jump at it in a second.

Good memories.


Version 11: The Belasco Theater Los Angeles!

I promised the name of this review for their show at The Belasco Theater was going to be Version 11.  I don’t know what wise guy numbered the set lists for this tour……

I am thrilled to take a small break from writing to say hi and share a little bit of my experience from Monday, especially while the band is likely 40,000 feet up, headed back home!

To begin with, I don’t mind writing that the pre-sale for this last-minute show was a challenge of epic proportions. However, I could have predicted that as soon as I heard that Ticketmaster was handling the sales. I’m sorry to report that way, but it’s the truth. I heard tales from fans who were even unable to get onto Duran Duran’s website, much less Ticketmaster. I heard the password didn’t work for many, and in my own case – I just kept getting kicked out of the Ticketmaster portion of the sale and had to keep putting the password back in to try for tickets again and again. Speaking of which, there is something VERY wrong when at 10:00 on the dot I am requesting tickets and am already being told there are none. I ended up with one ticket (needed two), and decided to try my luck at on the Live Nation pre-sale, which went far better. Early entry be damned, at least I was going.

Speed ahead less than two weeks to the actual show, which took place on Monday, May 2nd.  Unfortunately, there was no way for Amanda to get out here (we are sinking everything we’ve got into our July shows – the band is going to see us all month-long at various gigs, so they should be prepared and plan their spit-zones accordingly.), and for some strange reason – my husband decided he needed to go with me. We went with a couple of my other Duranie friends (shout outs to Shelly & Katie), and planned to make a day of it, languishing on the beautifully picturesque Los Angeles sidewalks as we wait all day in the lovely GA line.  I had gotten reports that there were people in line as early as 3am for the show, and felt that was definitely over the limit of what I would be willing to do for this band. (Yes actually, I do have some limits!) Turns out that no, actually there was someone in line at midnight for the show. (Oh hell no. I don’t ever need the front that bad!)  So, by the time we arrived at The Belasco at 12:30 – we were pleased to see that the line really wasn’t very long at all.  We set up camp for the day, complete with chairs, blankets, some snacks and beverages.

Here’s the thing about GA lines. They don’t suck unless you’re stuck in the rain or bad weather. Otherwise, there is a lot of socializing that goes on, and just like any other show – I have a great time seeing people I hadn’t seen in months, so my afternoon was spent roaming up and down the line chatting with people, and the time flew by.  Before I knew it they were setting up barricades and we were packing up and getting ready to go in.

Once inside, we settled into some prime viewing spots. I have to say, the audience, at least for me, was well-behaved. No pushing, shoving or trying to get up to the front. It was really nice, and I am happy to say I didn’t even mind it being GA for a change!  Before long, Mr. Hudson came out to do his DJ set.  I’m going to be honest – I had low expectations.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured there would be mostly music I didn’t know, and maybe I’d find something I liked. I was wrong. Mr. Hudson knew his audience, and he played a LOT of fantastic music.  He had no trouble looking at the crowd, smiling and seemed to have a great time himself. We danced along and after what felt like a super short set, he was leaving the stage and the roadies came out to set up for the main event.

Rather than retell the entire show, I’m going to focus on a few areas:


I was near the front, but for me, the sound seemed really muddy at times. I hope it’s not my hearing but you never know!!  I had a hard time even hearing some of Mr. Hudson’s music, and then when the band came out there were certain songs that just didn’t sound clear. I am assuming it was the sound system and acoustics of the venue that sucked. Even at the very end when John spoke into the microphone I only picked up on bits of what he said and I couldn’t hear Nick at all. (if anyone knows what they said could you let me know?)  This was the first time I’d seen the updated visuals and even the risers the band was on – for this show the risers/steps didn’t correspond with the onscreen visuals (they didn’t light up at all), but the visuals were really nice.  The one thing I have to mention is that the band doesn’t move as much as they used to…and by the band I mean John, Dom & Simon.  I couldn’t decide if this was because the stage was small (and it was) or if it was because their current production and choreography has them standing pretty much in their own spots. Since this was the only time I saw them, I couldn’t tell. Maybe the band was just tired. ???

Other than that though, I thought they looked and sounded great. Some said that Simon sounded raspy and I did see him cough but I guess I didn’t pick up on his voice being as raspy as it was in the weeks prior.  I liked how he sat down during What are the Chances, too.

Set List:

This was the only show I saw for this leg of their tour, and honestly – while the set list has a few additions (the short medley including NMOM, the Space Oddity tribute to Bowie and IDWYL), the rest of the set is pretty much the same as I saw in October.

To the band: I heard what you said in your Sirius XM town hall, that you’re aware the diehards want B-sides but that it’s not feasible because no one else knows those songs, and it would also mean relearning how to play them.  I guess from our point of view as fans, there comes a point when it makes zero sense to keep going to see the same basic show over and over again, and that is really what it’s become as of late to many people.  I can’t say I’m in that group yet because I’ve got tickets to 8 shows in July.  (I deserve every last one of them and it’s the way A & I are going to celebrate finishing our manuscript), but I see their point as well as I see that of the band. I walked up and down the GA line on Monday – I wish I would have taken video (and in July I will), because nearly everyone I spoke with are doing less shows this summer as a direct result of the set list not changing enough.  So I guess it comes down to whether or not the die hards really make enough of a difference in ticket sales (which I doubt, but I don’t know), and whether it’s worth the time to remember how to play Careless Memories or Friends of Mine or Late Bar, Secret Oktober, New Religion (which we’ve surveyed as being the #1 most requested  song die hards want to hear)…etc.  I don’t know.  I don’t think anyone expects an entirely new set list, but I think being brave enough to switch out a few would freshen the show as much for us as it would the band.

New Moon on Monday

All of that said, in my opinion, I have to be honest – I stood in awe several times during the show on Monday. When Simon sang New Moon on Monday – even though it was only 25 seconds – my heart swelled.  I haven’t heard that song live in many years (I can’t remember when it was played last). I adored every second of it and honestly just stopped and stood there, trying to soak it all in.  I had goosebumps and thoroughly enjoyed every single second.

I Don’t Want Your Love

Another great moment for me was during IDWYL. Again, it’s been a while since it was played – and when it stopped showing up on the set list I was happy to see it get a rest, but now that it’s back in the set it feels rejuvenated. The band seems happy playing it, and the fans really seemed to get into it too.


The Space Oddity tribute was really, really cool – thank goodness the band has a guitar player (Dom Brown) that can handle it. I’d hate to have to see poor Nick have to sample all of that, otherwise. 😉  I even got teary eyed. It was a beautiful moment that I’m glad I was able to see.  While I still think SAP does not belong in the encore, I loved the tribute to Prince with the lovely things Simon said about him. For me, I’m still rocked to the core that he’s gone, and it’s nice to know the band cared enough to say something.


In a perfect world, the band would change-up their set even a little before July.  I know I’m a big (and loud) proponent of some of the obscurities – but even if the band didn’t incorporate B-sides,  there are other ways. They could shelve three songs that are tired, break down the set and they don’t give the impact the band needs, and add in three others that haven’t been played in years but are still known to many like New Religion, All You Need is Now, and maybe Serious…but those are just three off the top of my head from a catalog of thousands and at this point – I don’t really care what they put in the set as long as it’s new.  The few I’d remove might be: AVTAK, Come Undone and Ordinary World (with What are the Chances you don’t need both – and WATC is the one you need to be selling right now anyway). Granted, for every song I mentioned there are going to people screaming, “NOOOOO not that one.”  No kidding. We all have favorites, and yeah I’ve seen the outcry for The Reflex. Too damn bad. That’s the way it works folks, and I didn’t even bother to mention Rio, HLTW or GOF because those are stalwarts in every way for this band. Yeah, I’m tired of HLTW but it is the song everybody on the planet knows. I get it.  I see it when they play, and to be fair, I still dance and sing along, so what can I say?? I’m just gonna roll my eyes every time and Nick can smirk in my direction. No one will die if they miss AVTAK, but I think some might without Rio and HLTW. That said – if the band ever plays a fan show with B-sides (dreams are free) I had better not hear anything about anyone being hungry.

….you know, another way for them to handle this is to play a longer set like some of their contemporaries already do. Just saying. Ok, ok…moving on…

Still hate the spit zone (White Lines), but the good news is that I ducked.  Unfortunately, I failed to warn my husband. Oops.  He especially enjoyed the grin on Nick’s face as Simon spewed over the top of us. (ha ha ha)

The confetti canon is a great moment. I love it and I hope they don’t get rid of it. Still think Pressure Off is a fantastic song, I just wish we had radio stations with platforms to support it. (don’t we all?)

Danceophobia has really lost it’s luster for me. I picture it as a sort of rusted, slightly dented mirror ball now. It’s as used as Lohan herself (too much??), and it’s time to put it away.  Not even John’s dancing can save it, and now that Jessie Wagner is no longer touring with the band, why even bother – not even Lindsey knows the words anyway.

Best moment of the show for me? New Moon on Monday.

Worst? When they left the stage and the house lights went up.  🙂

Biggest surprise? It’s a tie: Kiesza coming out to sing Last Night in the City, which was VERY fun and a real treat – she is darling and is an amazing singer, and I Don’t Want Your Love  – I thought I’d still be bored with it, and wasn’t.

I can’t wait until July 8th. Chicago.  By then, I’ll be done writing and ready for a month-long party.

I hope the band will be ready.  For now, back to the salt-mines with me!


Duran Duran History – Universal Amphitheater

Duran Duran history for February 3rd has Rhonda recalling her very first time experiencing #Duranlive. On this date in 1989, Duran Duran played at the Universal Amphitheater (later renamed Gibson Amphitheater, which was torn down recently) at Universal City (Universal Studios), Los Angeles, California.  This date was included on their Big Live Thing tour.

My memories from the show include dressing up…because of course the band was going to see me from my seats in the very back of the theater, and the fact that I was astonished to hear how differently they sounded live (as opposed to the album).  Concert newbie – how little I really knew back then!!  I also remember feeling that somehow I’d really missed out because it was no longer “The Fab Five” up on that stage.  A feeling I would have to settle for until 2003.  Anyone else at this show?


Today in Duran History – Charlotte

On today’s date in 1999, Duran Duran played at the Blockbuster Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Did anyone attend??

This date was included on the Let It Flow tour.  Erin Evermore was the opening act, and I even found the set list on Duran Duran’s wiki!

Here’s the set list:

  1. Girls on Film
  2. Hungry Like the Wolf
  3. Notorious
  4. Hallucinating Elvis
  5. Out of My Mind
  6. Come Undone
  7. All She Wants Is
  8. Friends of Mine
  9. Someone Else Not Me
  10. Secret Oktober
  11. White Lines
  12. Lava Lamp
  13. Electric Barbarella
  14. Planet Earth
  15. Ordinary World
  16. Pop Trash Movie
  17. The Reflex
  18. Rio


Today in Duran History – Verona, Italy

On today’s date in 2012, Duran Duran played at Verona Arena in Italy.  This date was of course part of the most recent All You Need is Now World tour.  Oddly, this is one of the very few dates in the tour archive on that does NOT have a setlist or tour notes included.  My failing memory doesn’t allow for me to remember if this was a special show or if something bizarre happened that might account, so if you happen to have been there or remember the night, feel free to comment!

I found a clip of Mediterranea from that show to share: