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Are You a Groupie???

Last night, I was with some friends at a local comedy club.  Before and after the show, of course, we talked about what is new in our lives and plans we had for the summer.  When I was asked that question, I hesitated.  Do I tell them about the tour I have planned next month?  It is certainly on my mind as Rhonda and I were on the phone, right before I left, talking tour and other things.  Why hesitate?  Why not share something that I’m looking forward to?  Well, I think I gave that some thought before responding about touring because non-fans might not understand.  They might think it is crazy to fly into New Orleans, drive to Biloxi for a show, drive to Atlanta for a show, drive to Durham for a show and then drive to Portsmouth for a show before turning around and going back to Durham to fly home.  Worse than crazy, they might ask one question I always dread:  “Are you a groupie?”  Luckily, they didn’t ask that question and seemed generally excited for me.  That said, there have been times I have been asked that and I’m sure there will be more in the future.

When I have been asked if I was a groupie, I never know how to respond.  First, I never know how they are defining a groupie.  Is it the female lead character in a movie like Almost Famous?  Is it like Pamela Des Barres in her books?  Do I assume that?  If so, then, I assume that they are asking if I follow the band in order to get the ultimate autograph (some sort of sexual contact).  Obviously, the answer here is no…but my answer is really not the important part.  Of course, some may use the word to describe someone who just follows a band.  Nonetheless, the term never feels good.  It never seems positive.  It always feels like some sort of put down. Then, I wonder if I’m the only one who has been asked this.  Are other fans asked this?  What about male fans?  Do they get asked this?  Do fans of actors or sports teams get asked this?  Certainly, movies like Bull Durham would say that there could be sports fans who follow a team in order to have some sort of sexual contact.

Do you know what I think is really strange?  I have seen and heard other fans call each other groupies or have implied that other fans are displaying stereotypical groupie like behavior.  At those times, they certainly aren’t using the term to tell someone that she is fabulous.  Nope.  They used them as insults.  Why do this?  Why would other fans use a term like groupie?  What purpose does that serve? 

So, let me ask the rest of you here.  How do you define “groupie”?  How do you think others typically define it?  Is it a term used only for females?  Is it a term used only for fans of rock/pop bands?  Have you been asked this question of whether or not you are a groupie?  What do you think the best way is to respond to that?  Have you seen fans call each other groupies in an insulting fashion?  Any ideas why fans would do that?  Obviously, I would welcome any and all answers to this.  On top of my concern about having to respond last night, I’m also working on a chapter in the book that mentions groupies.  I generally would like to know how people define it and how it comes up in our fandom, in Duranland. 


We’re living our lives in a networker nation

Tour riders. I really know nothing about them other than they exist, and that for some bands and performers – they can get pretty wild with their expectations and demands. For Duranies, I’m fairly certain I can assume that we’ve ALL seen/heard the clip from SBS where dear old Spy Matthews (Tour Production Manager for the Sing Blue Silver tour in 1984) is on the phone, presumably with some lowly assistant venue type person, reading them the riot act over the band’s demands…aka…their tour rider. I didn’t know much about Stolichnaya vodka until that fateful video viewing…but of course after that, I had to try it when I got to college, and yes, I always remember Stoli because of Sing Blue Silver. (Note: I don’t hold the band responsible for my underage drinking in college, nor do I blame them for their bad taste in vodka.)  Cristal though? Not bad, actually. Good times.

I am way, way behind in my news reading, but something caught my eye today as I repeatedly pressed the “delete” key while going through my news…and the item comes from none other than Mr. Steve Aoki, DJ Extraordinaire. Apparently a few weeks back Steve’s tour rider became public information, and every news outlet from here to London and back decided it was news worthy of running. The rider contained seemingly wild things such as packs of underwear and t-shirts, organic fruits, champagne… (His rider notes that it must have a cork!  In the name of Duran Duran – what in the hell are people trying to pass as champagne these days???) and 1 1/8 ounces of local grass. Well then. There you have it, right? Not so fast…because not an entire day after this tour rider surfaced, Steve responded on his own blog, clearing up a few things. You can read his entertaining and yet educational response right here.

As I said, I really don’t know much about tour riders. In the past I did some work for a band who was really just starting out, and their tour rider was fairly non-existent. Those guys were just hoping some fans would pay for their dinner and get them some cigarettes, and you know – a cooler with some cold drinks would have been nice. They openly dreamed of the day they could have a rider like Duran Duran (They had opened for them for several shows while they toured the US in 2005), and during some moments of humor – they would talk to me about Nick’s rolling wine storage cabinet that accompanied the band while on tour. I don’t think those guys knew much about wine, but they were certainly impressed. Now that I think about it, they never mentioned much in the way of excess beyond the wine storage cabinet, but I can’t lie – reading Steve’s rider makes me wonder what Duran’s must look like, or did look like back in the day.

So, I invite you to have a little fun, get creative, and think outside the box a bit. What would you want on a rider if you were touring?

Happy 4th of July to our US readers today – enjoy those fireworks and be safe!!


Too Old for This???

Lately, age has been on my mind and not in a happy sort of way.  First, I have been watching my father deal with his getting older and not being able to do as much as he once could.  Second, while I think I am immune to the aging factor, clearly, I’m not.  Last night, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to go out with a couple of people I worked on the campaign with.  These campaign staffers are a lot younger than me.  A LOT younger.  While it was great fun to drink, tell stories, and remind each other of the fun aspects of working on a political campaign, it hasn’t been so fun today for me.  Let’s just say that when I was 20-something, the hangovers weren’t fun but tolerable and were short in duration.  Now, the hangovers are horrible!  I still feel like hell and I stopped drinking 18 hours ago!  What the hell was I thinking?!  Then, of course, age also seemed to come up in Duranland, especially in connection to Wednesday’s performance for Trident Gum with Steve Aoki.

From what I have been reading about Wednesday’s event, there was a mosh pit on the floor, which included a lot of pushing and shoving.  If that wasn’t bad enough, I heard things about cake being thrown and champagne being poured.  Oh boy.  In reading these stories, I saw a number of comments mentioning about how they were “too old” to deal with those kind of concert antics!  I have to admit that I had the same thoughts!  Heck, I felt like I was too old way back in 2006 at the Voodoo Festival where we had to deal with the crowd surfing, trying to keep our spot and more.  I knew then I was too old to stand for literally hours in the exact same spot without food, water or bathroom breaks in order to be up front at a festival.  This experience was so bad, for me, that I made a silent vow that I would and should seriously not go to any Duran event in which they were playing with someone else (unless that someone was Duran like).  I realize that if everyone followed my rule then Duran wouldn’t have any supporters at various events.  That is unfortunate, but I have to look out for my rapidly aging body!  Am I the only one who has this rule or wants to avoid any scene with crowd surfing, mosh pits and flying food?!

Of course, the band has to deal with aging issues as well.  Just the other day, I posted a picture of John on my personal facebook and got comments from non-Duranie friends about how he is “an old fart now”!  Wow.   Don’t think that is really necessary.  Of course, many other friends responded with how good he looks, though, and he does.  They all look good for their age.  Of course, the media can be just as unkind as my friend.  Just today, we were sent the link to an article in the Daily Mail about how Simon is way too old to wear what he wore on Wednesday.  If you feel like reading this horrendous article, it is here.  I am always irritated by this kind of thing.  First, as I mentioned before, they still look damn good.  We could only be so lucky.  Second, that’s the only kind of insult you can give, media person?  It is unintelligent and shows a true lack of effort to find a real criticism to make.  Here’s a new flash:  Duran Duran is a band.  They make and play MUSIC.  Why don’t you focus on that?  No, that would require work and an IQ above 70. 

As much as I acknowledge that I can’t and/or won’t do things like I did when I was younger, I am constantly motivated by the band.  Just when I think I can’t tour like I use to.  I remind myself that the band can still do it.  Thus, I should be able to as well!  Today was definitely a reminder about how I can and should approach our little tour in August.  I can still do shows and hopefully survive a GA show, too!  I can still travel through the 7 states that we will pass through.  Yet, I need to do this with more moderation than I would have when I was younger.  This won’t make the tour less fun, just more successful for us! 


Want You More…as in More US dates were added yesterday!

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday: John Taylor is in fact a big ole fibber.

A couple weeks back, someone asked John (I’m sure he gets asked this nearly every day) if there were any more US dates coming for this summer and his reply was that he doubted it.  As I read that reply, my heart sank just the teeniest little bit because I had been hoping for just one more show to be added to their schedule at some point between Durham, NC and Connecticut.  Why?  I don’t know what started it, but somewhere along the line Amanda and I have convinced ourselves that we need four shows.  My husband always says “Need or want?” My answer?  “NEED!!”  In any case, I assumed that John was right and that I should probably be satisfied with the shows we’d been given.  My goodness I’ve seen them quite a bit this past year anyway, and I know that. So I moved on to the “Who on Gods Green Earth is going to watch my children while I’m away?” stage of planning, never really considering that while John doubted there would be more dates added, that there’s always a chance.

Shoot ahead a bit to yesterday afternoon when very quickly and stealth-like, not one but TWO more dates were added to the US tour.  One for Pittsburgh on August 26, and one for Portsmouth Virginia on August 22.  I had to read the posting over twice to make sure I wasn’t deluding myself.  I had to laugh, because Amanda and I had both been hoping they’d add another show, but it was only by sheer luck that I’d caught the info, and I knew that unless I emailed Amanda with an appropriate eye-grabbing title (That I won’t share here for fear of actually offending someone…and the fact that I won’t share it for that reason should tell you all something. I am typically not afraid to offend!), she’d never see the info herself, at least not until after tomorrow when the gubernatorial recall campaign for her state ends.  Lo and behold, not only did Amanda see the email, I received a hurried phone call.  After expressing some relatively mild frustration, we agreed that the Virginia show is a  “must-do”.  I’m excited because the Norfolk Virginia area is somewhere I’ve never been, and have always wanted to see.  So rather than end our little tour in Durham, we’ll be organizing a little caravan from Durham to Portsmouth the day after the Durham show!

Excitedly, there appears to be a fair number of people at least considering going on to see the band in Virginia – and since the drive from Durham to Portsmouth is rather short, we think we might even be able to leave in plenty of time to get a meet-up together in Portsmouth before the show.  Stay tuned here for details as they become available.

In the meantime, no John probably isn’t a fibber.  Of course I’m teasing just a bit…but take it from me, the tour dates crop up when you least expect them!


How much is too much?

Last week I was chatting with some friends who mentioned that the band was looking quite tired after (during) their tour in South America.  This conversation coincided with some additional dates being announced by the band for their summer tour of Europe and America.  The question ultimately became whether or not the band was doing too much.

Naturally, all of us want to see the band perform, and the idea of having more than one opportunity to do so is exciting.  On the same token, no one wants to see the band driven to exhaustion, and there are at least a few fans that feel they’re overdoing it.  No one wants to have another summer like the last, when Simon was unable to sing, and yet all of us want to be able to have one more chance to see them onstage before the band goes on hiatus for an undetermined length of time.  Where is the happy medium?

I suppose I take somewhat of a hard line on the subject because while yes, I think touring can certainly be grueling – I also firmly believe it’s part of their job.  It’s what makes money, and it’s what is required.  I’m not heartless, but I also think there are very, very few professions where one can truly decide to take a year off in order to write and record an album along with time for vacationing and relaxing. Most other careers pretty much insist on the idea of continuing to travel and sell one product while concurrently developing the next product and getting it ready for market.  There’s no such thing as a “hiatus” or “downtime”.  It would seem that touring goes along with the job, and nowadays it’s required more than ever in order to make a buck!

Who is to say how much is really too much?  Is it the band?  Is it management?  Is it ticket sales or demand?  There used to be a saying in the industry – “leave ’em wanting more!”  Curiously, it would appear at least to me that audiences are requiring more and more, and yet as a fan I can say that when the band does finally leave the stage for the last time on this tour and retreats back into their offstage lives and personas – I will absolutely miss seeing them, and of course I’ll still be wanting more.   So have they done too much?  Is it enough?


Tour Expectations and Lessons Learned

It’s official.  The Daily Duranie is going on tour.  We have purchased tickets for 2 shows.  I can count that a tour, right?  I think so, especially when we plan on adding a third.  As you all might have guessed, the two shows are Durham, North Carolina, and Biloxi, Mississippi.  We hope to add Atlanta, which is to fall in between and maybe something else depending on how we feel and what, if anything, gets added.  To me, this equals a tour.  For one thing, we have to fly to get there.  Second, we will see the band in 3 different states.  This amuses me, as once upon a time, Rhonda and I made arrangements to “go on tour” for another band, but one related to Duran Duran.  In fact, this band was an opening band for Duran Duran in 2005.  Anyway, as we made plans to see that band, we knew of two shows but we kept hearing rumors of a third.  We joked that it wouldn’t be a proper tour without three shows.  Well, we got those three shows in three different states.  We openly declared that three shows in three states equaled a tour.  In fact, we wrote this equation on a window of my parents’ van that we borrowed so that we could travel in style around the great Midwest!  Anyway, now that I’m calling this an official tour, I’m starting to think about previous tours and those experiences.  In fact, in discussing which shows to go to, how we are going to travel, which tickets to buy and more, we have been making constant references to past tours.  Why?  I suppose because we truly do believe that you learn many lessons on tour, at least we hope so.  This way every tour gets better than the last!

We have been “on tour” a few times.  Okay.  We have been on tour more than a few times.  Some tours have involved lots of driving.  Others have involved more plane travel.  Still others have had relatively little travel.  We have seen all types of shows from small theaters to large arenas.  We have seen the band indoors and outside.  We have had seats and we have experienced general admission.  Heck, we even survived a festival!!!  Sometimes, we have traveled with other friends and, sometimes, we have gone by ourselves.  At times, we have been to parties the night before a show.  Sometimes, those parties took place a few hours before a show or immediately following a show.  Thus, you would think that we would be experts at this by now and that none of it stressed us out or got us excited!  It would be old hat, by now.  Yet, we still do get stressed out and need to remind ourselves of the lessons learned. 

Some of the lessons we have learned include that if driving most of a tour, it is important to give some time in between travel days and/or make sure that people can take turns driving, never do festivals unless you don’t care how far back you are, know as much as you can about the venue/seating chart/costs as you can before buying tickets, everyone included should be on the same page about activities/budget/etc. and much more.  Presently, Rhonda and I are trying to use what we have learned to make our tour better than previous ones.  For example, we are hoping to get to Biloxi the day before the show so that we have 2 nights there before driving on to Atlanta.  We will make sure that both of us can drive the rental car.  Of course, some lessons are bigger, more important than others.  One of those big lessons is that every show can’t be everything.  Maybe, it can, but you shouldn’t expect that from one show.  For example, show X cannot be the best band performance, the best seats, the best time with friends, the best pre-show and post-show fun.  Nothing can be that perfect.  That just isn’t really natural and normal and we certainly don’t have any luck that would result in a perfect experience.  I mean..really…we are two people who have never been front row, who have never gotten a drumstick or guitar pick or pictures with the band.  Thus, a lesson we learned is to try to make realistic expectations.  Don’t expect to meet the band or don’t expect to get a picture with a band member.  Don’t expect the post-show activities to be the most fun ever.  Thus, if any or all of those happen, you will pleasantly surprised.  If you expect it to happen, you are only leading yourself to disappointment.  I understand this impulse to try and plan for perfection.  I, too, have tried for that and, in most cases, I am disappointed.  Yet, when I limit my expectations to something more realistic, I have been wowed!  The show in Glasgow last December is a perfect example.  It was right after Birmingham, which I had TONS of expectations for.  While Birmingham was great, Glasgow was better, WAY better.  I think part of this is due to the fact that I didn’t have any real expectations for Glasgow. 

I guess I’m pointing out this lesson because I have seen US fans already begin talking about how the show(s) are going to go for them, like they can predict the future or that they can make it happen exactly as they want it, too.  While I understand their excitement, I worry for them.  How will they feel if things don’t go as planned?  Will this disappointment be so much that they won’t want to tour?  Yes, you can argue that if they, too, learn this, it would help them with future tours.  That’s true, if the people continue to tour.  I just don’t want anyone, including myself, to be let down by a show or a tour.  After all, this is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?  How much fun is it to have these super huge expectations to only have them crash and burn?  Can anyone live up to perfection?  Is that fair to the band?  To oneself?  To the friend(s) and the other fans around you?  Thus, I offer a little advice.  Keep the expectations reasonable in order for it to be fun, no matter what!!!


No Regrets!!

One of the things about Duran Duran that has always impressed me was their consistent focus on the now, the present.  They constantly get asked questions regarding the past, especially the 1980s.  They typically respond with how excited they are about the current era, what they are currently working on.  Then, of course, they are starting to get asked questions about the future more and more.  How long will they continue?  Will there be another album?  Recently, when in Dubai, Simon participated in an interview and indicated that the band might have another 5 or 10 years.  This, of course, caught my attention and I filed it away under things I should and would want to talk about on the blog.  Then, this morning, I asked an open-ended question on our facebook and twitter about which song people would like to hear live that they haven’t.  On twitter, it led to a discussion on John Taylor’s solo days.  On both, when people mentioned a specific song, frequently, other people would respond that they saw the song performed live during a specific tour.  Simon’s interview and today’s discussions reminded me that I already have some regrets about my fandom, but that I don’t ever want to have more. 

I cannot be the only one to regret things regarding Duran Duran, am I?  Like many people out there, Duran Duran was placed on the back burner in the mid-late 90s.  There were a variety of reasons for this, including not being wowed at a concert I saw in 1993, being and graduating from college, starting my career, and completing graduate school.  I was pretty busy during that time of my life and didn’t have any extra money at all.  Of course, it didn’t help that my favorite band member, John Taylor, left the band.  I didn’t completely ignore Duran and Duranland as I watched shows like Storytellers when it aired and saw various TV performances during the Medazzaland era.  That said, I didn’t follow a lot of what John Taylor was up to.  In many ways, I couldn’t as I didn’t even have a computer at home when I graduated from college!  That’s how broke I was!!  Anyway, I regret not following his career at that point as I would have loved to see him perform during his solo days.  Those gigs were small and looked to be a ton of fun.  Thus, I have to admit regretting that.  I wasn’t able to participate much during the reunion, either, due to finishing my master’s degree.  Thus, when I had the chance to dive back in, I did in 2004.  I was determined to do as much as I could.  That motto remains with me to this day.  I don’t want to look back and regret any other era of Duran even when I wasn’t excited about an album (*coughRCMcough*). 

It seems to me that there are other fans who are like me in that they look back and regret their non-involvement.  These regrets could be as upsetting as missing a whole era or they could be missing out on a tour.  Based on today’s response to my question about a song to hear live, there are many people who missed a tour and missed hearing/seeing one of their favorite songs performed live.  Obviously, Duran doesn’t play the exact same songs every night during a tour so it is possible that people saw a tour but didn’t have a specific song on the setlist(s) for the show(s) they went to.  Yet, some songs were played consistently during specific tours.  Then, what about this idea that Duran might be done in 5 or 10 years.  While I don’t even want to think about it at all, I have to acknowledge that they cannot continue forever.  They can’t.  Thus, I can’t wait until the next show, the next tour.  I have to do as much as I can NOW.  I don’t want to have any regrets ever again when it comes to this band!

As Rhonda and I plan for the summer tour, I am keeping this in mind.  There are many goals that I haven’t been able to fulfill yet.  For example, I haven’t seen a show from front row.  I haven’t gotten photos with the band except for one picture with Nick that I shared with my friend.  I don’t have any guitar picks or drumsticks.  Now, of course, I can’t control my seats or meeting the band, but I can only try and that means going to shows.  I won’t regret if I don’t get those front row seats or pictures but I will regret if I don’t try. 


There Is Nothing Gonna Ace This…

I confess that I have been home sick with a fever, sore throat, runny nose, and exhaustion.  Now, it might be my fever or a dream but I swear that I saw actual tour dates from Duran Duran!  Did that really happen?!  Rhonda and I have definitely posted many blogs criticizing the band’s team or offering suggestions about how to do things better.  In this case, I have nothing but major praise to offer!!!  I’m so impressed by the email saying what information they know.  If you saw yesterday’s blog, this email from DDM to members included dates and locations.  In some cases, venues and sale information was given.  Perfect!  This allows many of us to plan!  Will other information be added? Obviously, the answer there is yes.  Venues will need to be listed as will ticket sale information.  Will other dates be added, many want to know?  I have no idea.  Are there spots for them to add more dates?  Sure.  Will they?  I don’t know.  Now, that said, they still won’t play for four days in a row.

Of course, not everyone is going to be satisfied.  For example, not everyone got the email.  While that is a problem, the information was shared widely within a few minutes.  Another complaint is when and where they are going.  People don’t have shows near them.  I understand this, but the band cannot cover every place in North America.  Other people are choosing to sit this one out for various reasons, including family vacation plans, not liking the setlists, and not wanting to ruin memories from a previous great show.  Nonetheless, I don’t think the fans really can offer anything less than praise here, even if the tour won’t work for individual people.

This email gave us tour dates for shows that won’t take place for another 4 months!!!!  This is unheard of in Duranland.  In most cases, in recent times, we have gotten dates 6-8 weeks ahead of a tour.  People can plan easier with less stress, including knowing how much money needs to be saved.  Can we ask for anything more?  Of course, it will be interesting to see how the presales go.  Will they be announced in advance?  How soon in advance?  It seems to me that we will have some time before the presales happen.  I would suspect that most of the presales will happen the week that the public sale happens.  As with anything else happening in Duranland, I’m sure we will be commenting!

Now, Rhonda and I have to figure out what we can do.  Right now, we have tickets to Durham and will be building a tour around that show.  On top of that, we have been missing the old Duranie Dorms (group rate at hotels).  Therefore, we would like to know how interested people are in doing that.  Likewise, we hope to get meetups planned for shows as well.  So, what shows are people planning on doing?  Would people be interested in doing Duranie Dorms?  Meetups?

I have to admit that I love when tour dates come out!  I love the excitement in the fan community!  I love planning!  I love having a tour to look forward to!  To me, this is best part of Duranland!  In this case, the planning is even more fun since people cannot complain about the band and the team behind them!  It is less stressful because of the notice.  It is fabulous!!!!  Thank you DDHQ!!!



I just received the following email!  Let the planning begin!!!

We have received numerous requests to give fans an idea of where the band will be this spring and summer. Unfortunately we are still confirming exact details for a number of dates but wanted to let you know the cities we will be visiting. Dates that have been announced will have the venue listed and additional details can be found in the TOUR section of Venue, on-sale and pre-sale details (as they become available) will be posted on the front page of
Apr 28 Brasilia, Brazil Nilson Nelson (Tickets on sale now)
Apr 30 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Citibank Hall (Tickets on sale now)
May 02 Sao Paulo, Brazil Credicard Hall (Tickets on sale now)
May 04 Buenos Aires, Argentina Luna Park (Tickets on sale now)
May 05, Buenos Aires, Argentina Luna Park (Tickets on sale now)
May 08 Santiago, Chile Espacio Riesco (Tickets on sale now)
Jun 25 Wroclaw – Poland (venue tba)
Jun 27 Prague, Czech Republic – O2 Arena (Tickets on sale now)
Jun 28 Budapest – Hungary – Papp László Budapest Sport Arena (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 4 Berlin – Germany (venue tba)
Jul 6 Thessaloniki, Greece – Earth Open Air (Tickets on sale April 5th. Pre-sale tba)
Jul 9 Istanbul – Turkey (venue tba)
Jul 12 Belgrade – Serbia – Exit Festival (Tickets on sale now. No Pre-sale)
Jul 14 Ljubljana -Slovenia (venue tba)
Jul 16 Verona – Italy Verona Arena (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 18 Roma – Italy – Foro Italico (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 20 Cattolica – Italy – Arena Della Regina (Pre-sale March 30th at 10am local time. Login and visit the European Pre-sale link)
Jul 21 Lucca – Italy – Piazza Napoleone (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 23 Carcasonne – France – Festival de Carcassonne (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 25 Monaco – Monaco – Sporting Club (Details tba)
Jul 27 London – England (venue tba)
Aug 8 Saratoga, CA (venue tba)
Aug 9 Saratoga, CA (venue tba)
Aug 11 Costa Mesa, CA (venue tba)
Aug 12 Tucson, AZ (venue tba)
Aug 15 Catoosa, OK (venue tba)
Aug 17 Memphis Botanical Gardens Memphis, TN (Details tba)
Aug 18 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi, MS (Details tba)
Aug 19 Atlanta GA (venue tba)
Aug 21 Durham Performing Arts Center – Durham, NC (Pre-sale now at United States pre-sale link at
Aug 24 Mashantucket, CT (venue tba)
Aug 25 Atlantic City, NJ (venue tba)
Aug 28 Kettering, OH (venue tba)
Aug 29 Ravinia Festival Highland Park, IL

** NOTE: Stay tuned for information regarding additional shows as they are confirmed. Always check the NEWS page under the band photo at
** NOTE: If a date (above) is not yet on the official website it will be soon. We wanted our members to be the first to have this information.
** NOTE: Unfortunately we do not have ANY information about cities not listed here. If we receive information it will be posted on the TOUR page
Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!

More on our reaction tomorrow!!!


Shadows on your side…we’ve got INFORMATION on summer tour dates!

It’s Thursday morning and I have news to share on this beautiful, non-headache filled morning. (it’s honestly cloudy and gray in So CA…and I hear the band are soaking up sun and water in Sydney…what’s up with that?!?)

Today’s blog was originally entitled “He can’t dance and so can you!” (If you’re a Stephen Colbert fan, you might chuckle.  If you’re not then, well…I sound like an idiot.) That blog has since been pre-empted for the following breaking news:

(so this part isn’t the breaking news….)
I was in the car headed to drop off my son this morning to school and broke his “no music” rule for in the morning.  I should explain that he’s on the autistic spectrum (he’s high functioning though and you wouldn’t even know he was on the spectrum if I didn’t tell you), and if there is one thing that gets him in a horrible mood quicker than anything, it’s music in the morning.  He’s a grouch in the morning, and to him, pop music is just a bunch of noise.  I think his brain has a hard time with organizing it all first thing in the morning.  I’m sort of the same way – I like peace and quiet (which is IMPOSSIBLE in my house) when I first get up. We listen to talk radio in the morning on that 10 minute drive to school just so that there’s relative peace in the car.  Anyway, this morning I broke the rule and had Shadows On Your Side on.  I have always loved that song – in fact it’s probably one of my favorites off of Seven and the Ragged Tiger (SATRT for those Duranese speakers out there…)  Little did I realize that the song would be indicative of the day ahead.

(Here’s the breaking news!)
I’m sure many of you have seen the little love note that was posted on the band’s website this morning.  If not, you can find it here:  (there’s a link for those of you anal Duranies out there that don’t believe a single thing unless you read it directly on the band’s website – I know you’re out there!)

I’ll give you all a second to read through the dates.  Go ahead…you know you wanna!

March 29th, 2012

We have received numerous requests to give fans an idea of where the band will be this Summer. Unfortunately we are still confirming exact details but wanted to let you know the cities we will be visiting so that you may plan your travels. As soon as we have details they will; be posted in the TOUR section of the website. As soon as additional cities and dates are confirmed we will update the list.
Expect an email with details soon.
Thank you,
Duran Duran
Sat 23 Jun
Sun 24 Jun
Mon 25 Jun Wroclaw – Poland
Tue 26 Jun
Wed 27 Jun Prague, Czech Republic
Thu 28 Jun Budapest – Hungary
Fri 29 Jun
Sat 30 Jun
Sun 01 Jul
Mon 02 Jul
Tue 03 Jul
Wed 04 Jul Berlin – Germany
Thu 05 Jul
Fri 06 Jul Theseloniki – Greece
Sat 07 Jul
Sun 08 Jul
Mon 09 Jul Istanbul – Turkey
Tue 10 Jul
Wed 11 Jul
Thu 12 Jul Belgrade – Serbia – Exit
Fri 13 Jul
Sat 14 Jul Ljubljana -Slovenia
Sun 15 Jul
Mon 16 Jul Verona – Italy
Tue 17 Jul
Wed 18 Jul Roma Foro Italico – Italy
Thu 19 Jul
Fri 20 Jul Cattolica – Italy
Sat 21 Jul Lucca – Italy
Sun 22 Jul
Mon 23 Jul Carcasonne – France
Tue 24 Jul
Wed 25 Jul Monaco – Monaco
Thu 26 Jul
Fri 27 Jul London – England
Sat 28 Jul
How about that lovely London date on Friday, July 27th. Hmm….I wonder what could possibly be going on in London on that date! Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, anyone?!? The plot continues to thicken….  
Just prior to London, they are playing in Monaco. Monte Carlo. I have to say, if there was one place I’d love to see the band (there are approximately one million…but just stick with me here…), it would be there. If only I were independently wealthy, I’d just tour the summer away!  Wouldn’t you?!? Seems that there was another Italian date added as well for Cattolica. Sounds like Italy might be the place to be for the latter part of July!  
Back to those US dates…I know that we’re all chomping at the bit for information. We see Europe getting some attention, and like the jealous, overwhelmingly obsessive fans we really are (Admit it.  Acceptance is good!), we want our own, and we’d like them now please. I agree completely. It is sometimes very difficult to remind myself that most of the time under normal circumstances we don’t even have presales until May or even June for dates in late summer – and it’s pretty clear that the band will be coming to the US for a short tour in late summer (August). One thing Daily Duranie does know – thanks to Amanda who keeps track of this sort of thing – we typically get dates 6 weeks to 2 months in advance (not advance of presale, but in advance of shows taking place). I know it’s difficult, but we’re going to need to wait just a little bit and defer to the band’s management on this one. We’ve got time, even if I’m biting my nails down to nubs in the process.
Daily Duranie also knows, via some “super sleuthing”, (sarcasm is ALWAYS intended!) that both the Durham, NC date as well as the Chicago Ravinia date were announced in advance in part (if not wholly) due to the venue. In both of those cases, the venue wished to have their own presale for their membership. Each of these venues has a donor or season ticket holder program where people can buy seats to a block or package of shows. Typically these types of venues announce entire seasons worth of shows at one time so that their patrons can buy tickets. In both cases (Durham and Ravinia), the Duran Duran concert is available as an extra ticket that can be purchased by donors. (as opposed to part of a package). In the case of Ravinia – I think the venue went to press extremely early with news of the show and it came as a complete surprise to band management. It happens. The patron presale for that particular show has already taken place, and truthfully I have no information as to what will happen with regard to DDM presale at this point. In the case of Durham, DDM had their presale earlier this week (Monday) – I believe tickets may still be available,  and the Durham patron presale took place yesterday. The whole point here being that these two shows were announced under unusual circumstances.  
Our readers should know by now that Amanda and I are all about being fair. That means we give props to the band (and the Machine that runs the band – Blame the Machine, get it? *sigh*) when deserved, and we’ll also gladly take them to task as needed. We’re fans just like anyone else, first and foremost. In this case, the band and their management deserve a huge thumbs up for the effort. They gave fans information that they didn’t have nailed down, and a thank-you is in order. This is a big step in the right direction. Naturally, I’ve seen a bit of backlash this morning from US fans. I get it, and I have to think that the band gets it too. The trouble is, we are not the sole people in this fandom.  Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t ALL about the US. There are many other people that want their moment with the band, and that’s OK. Our time will come. In fact, we’ve already hosted the band here twice in this tour. While yes, I still feel there’s room for improvement (isn’t there always)? It would be completely unreasonable of me to expect the US dates in their entirety this early. That said, I have faith the dates will be announced soon. The real question will be if we’re given more than 18 hours between the announcement and the presales.  (I beg the powers of be on that one for all of us. A couple of days would be outstanding!!  A weekend would send me over the moon. Any longer than that would be ridiculous.) 
I implore fans to really think the situation through. Have any of you organized a tour – much less a tour encompassing several continents – before? I have not. I have enough of a time getting my kids ready and out the door on time each morning, thanks. While in no way am I saying that the band is perfect about the announcements, I am saying that it’s not a case where they’re not listening and they don’t care. They are, and they do. The olive branch of “here’s what we’ve got so far for Europe” is proof. It’s a start, and we’re all partners in the same cause: we love the band. I think it’s great that fans who are planning to go to Europe can really begin to plan. Hug the band for Daily Duranie if you get a chance!! They won’t know who you’re going on about – but that’s OK!
Oh, and we’re still not being paid by the band! Promise!  I just like what they’ve done and I’m not afraid to give a little. We’re partners (like it or not!) and I’m not here to bash.  
The shadows really ARE on your (our) side today.  Happy planning, everyone!