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I’m over the hiatus!

Just a general welfare check on the blog today…who is dying for some shows?!? News?!?  Excitement of ANY kind?!?

I hear you…and I’m raising my hands right along with all of you. Let me just say that the last couple of days have been…well…challenging…in my household. Illness is afoot. Or underfoot.  Or just sitting here with me.  My entire house has taken turns being sick, and it seems my own immune system is toying with me.  My throat will start to get that slight scratchiness and my head will start to ache, and then it goes away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled it goes away, I just need it to stay away permanently. Last night, I was up for most of the night, unable to sleep.  At some point, as I lay there trying to relax, I longed for the sweet days of being couped up in a tiny vehicle, driving hundreds of miles in a single day to follow Duran Duran on tour, only to get up the following day and repeat the entire process.  (and darn it I would do it again. Gladly!)  Oh, let’s just pull out a few pictures for amusement, shall we??

Amanda, at the wheel….I taunted her plenty on this trip, just for the sport of it.  Good times!

My lap looked like this whenever I wasn’t driving.  Something would make a noise and I would struggle to figure out which devise it was…which was probably amusing for everyone else in the car!  Don’t even get me started on Abigail, our ever-trusty GPS…I think I just started cursing at her whenever she’d speak up towards the end of the trip!
And this is Amanda’s lap.  We had GPS, we had road maps… we had the Tour Binder (our version of the Bible)…we were set!

And this is me in line in Biloxi. Keep in mind…this was the FIRST SHOW and I was already down for the count.  Wow.  Gotta love those GA lines, right?

The Stolen Leopard…I could use one of those about now. No really, I could!

And this is us screwing with the band. Again. We decided to make our own setlist, and I kid you not, had I figured out how to slip it under the door backstage…I would have!  

Yes, it’s time for therapy. Again. So we must find something to amuse ourselves in the interim.  Thankfully, someone in Duran Duran knows us well….

I’m sure you’ve all heard of TVMania by now.  I have to admit, even *I* am intrigued by the project at this point.  Naturally, anything named “Bored with Prozac and the Internet”, A Soundtrack to the Digital Age grabs my attention by default.  Did you catch the new piccie that was shared this morning? (well, it’s morning here where I am…)  Oh, please allow me to share…

please keep in mind this is not my photo and I am giving full credit to whomever took this over in the Duran Duran official camp headquarters.  🙂

Honestly.  If you’re not curious just from the press release that you can read right here , aren’t you just a teensy bit curious from the get-up they’ve got going on in this picture??

A. What is that on Nick’s face… and…

B.  What is on Warren’s head???

I can’t imagine this album will be at all boring.  Rest assured, we’ll be reviewing it here, although I have to admit that I personally will likely be settling for the simple “gatefold” edition vinyl.  Those of you with a bit more disposable income will have to share the splendors of the deluxe package with the rest of us.  We promise not to drool.

That’s it from me today – I’m off to find a nap while I can!


It’s Too Much Information for Me

Sometimes, I struggle with what to blog abut about other times, I have about 50 things I want to talk about.  When it rains it pours, I guess.  Don’t worry I have written them down and hope to get to each one of them!  This week, I returned to work after a 2 and a half weeks break.  The vacation was wonderful and productive.  I felt good going into the week.  I was prepared and knew exactly what I needed to get done when.  Well…I did well the first couple of days.  Then, as you know from Rhonda’s blog yesterday, we have been busy and on the phone with each other a lot.  I have been so overwhelmed by life , from our plans and from work that I keep missing any and all news on the Duran front. This post going to help me out by summarizing the past week in Duranland!

Studio Visit Auction:
Apparently, there is a new auction to observe the band in the studio, get a picture with the band and a tour of the studio.  The money raised will be used to support the National Literacy Trust.  The auction itself takes place on January 22nd but bidding can be done via absentee bidding that goes until January 21.  The information can be found here.  Now, this is a pretty cool prize, in my opinion.  I would love, love, love to be a fly on the wall in the studio and get to watch the band work.  As for the photo, I would be up for that, too, since I don’t have one.  I also love that this is to support literacy.  As a reading teacher, this couldn’t please me more.  That said, I suspect that this one will be too rich for my blood with a plane ticket and the auction cost.  I hope that the band helps the organization bag a lot of cash and good luck to all people who enter!

TV Mania:
There is now a website for TV Mania at:  For those of you unaware (and I know there were many of you–I saw that on twitter), this was a project of Nick and Warren that was started years ago when Warren was still in the band.  The project has never seen the light of day, officially, but I know that there was a demo floating around sometime.  It seems to me that the project will be a lot like Medazzaland in that it was experiential, to say the least.  Now, when this project finally surfaces, Rhonda and I will give it a shot and review it as we do many/most Duran related projects.  I know that there are many fans who are really excited by this and I’m happy for them!  I can’t say I’m as excited as I wasn’t a big fan of the Medazzaland era but I hope that I’m pleasantly surprised!

Roger Taylor is Alive!
Apparently, Roger has been on vacation in Peru and enjoying the beautiful weather!  It is nice to know that he is alive and well.  I think many of us are a bit jealous of the vacation as I stare out the window of my still covered by snow environment despite warmer than normal January temperatures.  I also noticed that Roger was encouraged to write a postcard for all of us to read.  I second that idea!!

John Taylor’s Guest Vocals:
Koishii and Hush, a trance duo, just released a new single, C’est Tout Est Noir, which features some vocals by Mr. John Taylor.  According to Duran’s facebook, John approached it like he did the recording of the song, I Do What I Do, which, to me, meant that it would be almost like a spoken vocal.  Now, that I have heard the track, I think my assessment with that was right on.  Unfortunately, because I have been so busy I haven’t seen/heard much in Duranland about who got the single, what people thought, etc.  Perhaps, a lot of people didn’t download the track.  I did.  I feel like I should give everything a chance even though trance is not my favorite thing.  I have to admit that I thought it was a really good dance track.  I would definitely dig it in the right club setting.  Plus, I really like John’s vocals!  

Duran Duran Update:
Monday saw an official update from the band.  The update, which can be found on, basically stated on the guys are still on vacation but plan to return to the studio with Mark Ronson in March to begin working on the next album.  The update indicated that the band was pleased with the result of working with Mark on All You Need Is Now and can’t wait to see what they would come up with next.  The reaction to this news, from what I saw, was exactly as I had expected it.  Most people were excited!  There were, as always, a few Duranies that were fine with it but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were excited.  Many others pointed out that this isn’t really news as this information has been out there for awhile.  My thoughts about it?  I am THRILLED with this.  I couldn’t be happier.  To me, AYNIN felt like essential Duran.  It didn’t feel dated but it did FEEL like them.  It is easily one of their best albums, in my opinion.  Thus, I can’t wait to see/hear what they come up with next!!!

You know what surprises me about this week in Duranland?  I am surprised that for Duran downtime there was so much going on!  It also says to me that this works well for fans.  Duran is always there, always present even when they are not officially working.  It is like a check-in, of sorts.  It doesn’t have to be much, I don’t think.  It just needs to be something to say this is what they are working on or what they are doing.  I have no doubt that it was keep the fans from doing something drastic!  



Attitude adjustment in progress

It’s a strange time in the Duranie World. I don’t know what is really going on out there, but April has been an odd month. Things feel out of order. I see more strife than is necessary, and more….craziness…than usual. It’s been a weird month, even for me. Sunday is my youngest’s birthday. She will be four, and we’re having a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party for her and her classmates from preschool. I don’t know what happened, but at some point in the past month my darling little princess has turned into a complete monster. Mouthy (gosh I wonder where that came from?!?) with an attitude to match, and I feel as though I’m in a bit of a twilight zone when it comes to parenting her. Up until now she’s always been extremely obedient and I think I grew pretty complacent about the whole deal. I just expect for her to obey, and now suddenly, she’s decided it’s time for some independent thinking. I keep waiting for her head to completely spin around and for her to begin shouting obscenities my way. Yes, it’s been that kind of month the entire way around.

One might think that I shouldn’t be surprised by less-than-positive responses regarding the support of the current guitarist for Duran Duran. Dom and his father have recorded a Blues album, aptly titled Blue to Brown, and I wanted to do our part to support their effort. So I’ve posted a few words of encouragement on both Facebook and Twitter to go his website ( if you haven’t been reading!) and purchase the album. It works out to just over $16 USD right now with the exchange rate. Originally Dom was even offering free postage and handling – I’m not sure if that is still the case, but in my opinion it was a good deal and a great chance to hear some new music at the same time. Sadly, there are still those within the community that take issue with Dom’s involvement in the band…to the point where they simply refuse to buy the album.

Listen, I understand not being a big fan of blues. I get that because I’m not a big fan of rap, for instance. It’s just our individual tastes, and that’s OK. I can only take issue when we’re talking about not buying the album purely because Dom isn’t “a part of Duran Duran.” I suppose my first question would be “What do you consider ‘taking part’?” He’s been around now for what – nine years?  No, he’s not a member…but he sure does play on stage with them and has for the past nine years, and he even has writing credit on several songs on All You Need is Now. That sure seems like “being a part”, but ultimately – it’s really not up to little old me to insist that everyone support Dom, and it would be hypocritical, since I have been more-than-open about my preference for anybody-but-Warren. Unfair of me? Yes, probably so.

There is a bigger issue here though, and that’s living in reality. As I said on Facebook the other day, this isn’t just about whether you like Dom, or Warren. It’s not about whether *I* like either or both of them either. It’s about supporting each of them in the way that they supported OUR band, and took one hell of a lot of grief from us as fans for the past nine years. Like it or not, had neither of them come along, Duran Duran would not be the same as it is today…and Andy Taylor would STILL not be a part of this current band, purely because it is not where he chooses to be. We have to respect that fact. I recognize that’s a tough pill to swallow, but swallow we must. No, Warren wasn’t my favorite, but the fact is for much of the time he was in the band I had to learn to support his being there for the greater good of the band itself. There are a good many songs in the band’s catalog that simply would not have existed had it not been for Warren, and the same to a lesser extent can now be said for Dom. The history is just that, history. Andy, Warren and Dom all have their place in this band, and the sooner we all learn to accept and love exactly where we are, the sooner we can look backward and forward with clarity. Bring on TV Mania and I promise Daily Duranie will be just as supportive!

And now, I must prepare for the drummer’s birthday tomorrow…..alas, I have a birthday blog to write. 🙂

Too Much Information (not really!)

News news news…I think I’ve got a little bit of everything to share this morning!

For those of us going through show withdrawals, a LIVE DVD of a recent show in Manchester England is coming out very soon. The DVD, titled, A Diamond in the Mind, Duran Duran – A Performance – 2011, will be released in early summer of 2012!  Hopefully it’ll tide us all over until we can get ourselves to another show, because as I am fond of saying – when the natives get restless, Duranies will eat one another for breakfast!!!  In addition, I know that David Lynch DVD of Unstaged is coming soon.  Nick…our fearless controller and keeper of DuranTime…has been mixing that in his “spare time”.  I’m hoping we see that DVD before I retire, but if not…it will still prove useful for many a Duranie drinking game, I am sure.  “When you see a hot dog superimposed on the screen, you must drink!”  Cheers!!!

Girl Panic!!  Did anyone happen to catch the interview John did for a Dubai website? One of the topics was the Girl Panic video.  So far it has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube.  John mentions that despite so many views, he doesn’t believe it’s sold even one extra mp3, then follows up by saying “you can see how the model has changed.” I see it, the band sees it, but how does one work with it?!  I’m the first to admit here, I have no ideas. I don’t understand how a video can be viewed so well and still not push sales.  It’s a good thing I’m not a manager.  Does anyone really know?  Amanda and I traded emails about this very topic last night.  I feel as though while no, the band does not need to sell as they did back in 1984 (although lets be honest here – that’d really be nice for them) – sales still matter.  Live shows are great, and sure, they could become a purely live show band and stop writing, but somehow I suspect that wouldn’t be enough.  What to do…what to do…

Warren fans take heed…TV Mania is coming!!  Anyone who has been reading Salvo’s Duranasty website (and everyone should!) knows that the day has finally come where TV Mania will be released…sometime this year. I detected a slight annoyance in Warren’s tone when he described the release as “Yeah, ten years later.”  That nasty Duran-time seems to bleed into everything, doesn’t it?  There’s no real promotion set up for this release, as Nick mentioned that he’d be touring with Duran Duran, so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.  Watch this space, as I’m sure Daily Duranie will be reviewing this project!

Dom Brown was really singing the blues several days back (corny? absolutely!!) when his hard drive, containing the brand new blues album he has been working on with his father, decided it’s time was up. Poor Dom made mention of this last night on Twitter.  “It wasn’t a good place to be for a day or so…. so reliant on technology it’s a little frightening!!” Luckily, it all ended on a good note, thanks to a marathon 16 hour mixing session to finish!  Looking forward to hearing the fruits of all of that labor, as I’m sure Daily Duranie will be doing a review (we’re going to be really busy with reviews!) as soon as the album is available!  I’ve also made a mental note to back up my computer today, thanks to Dom.  Our entire manuscript is on this laptop, and while Amanda also has a copy on hers – I worry about losing the work I’m currently revising (that blasted social network chapter!)  If my hard drive crashed right now, I’d be spending some quality time with my Grey Goose vodka and some olives, that is for sure.

In other fangirl news…I am seeing reports right now that Davy Jones, once of The Monkees, has passed away from a heart attack.  He was 66 years old.  Now, let me just share that while I’ve not mentioned this publicly, I was a HUGE FAN of THE MONKEES.  Huge.  I wasn’t even born when their show was on the air, but I watched reruns every. single. day.  I can remember eating my PB&J’s, sitting on the couch, watching The Monkees each lunchtime. (my mom was pretty cool about letting me eat in the living room, apparently)  They were truly my first “crush” I suppose…and I’ve even seen them in concert back when they reunited.  Daydream believer?  You bet…and at the age of 3 and 4 I probably thought I was going to marry Davy Jones.  It didn’t quite occur to me that there was a significant age difference and that by the time I was watching that show, he was already 5 or 6 years older than what I was seeing.  Never mind that.  I was taking that Last Train to Clarksville and I was definitely meeting him at the station, just as soon as I could read a map!   My heart is very, very heavy at the moment.  I was planning to go see him when he came in concert near me later this spring.

I’m going to go play some of my Monkees albums, and be thankful that a few of my idols are still walking this planet with me……   And they’d better KEEP on walking!