Caught in a Landslide

Yesterday, our first leg of the tour officially ended as I dropped Rhonda off at Midway airport before making my way back home to Wisconsin.  As I drove, thoughts turned to the tour and how quickly it went by.  The days, nights and shows flew by, which I expected but was still found frustrating.  I wanted to enjoy each and every moment and I tried desperately to do that, but time moved too fast.  It felt like I blinked and then it was gone.  Over.  Done.

Duran Duran and the band’s related side and solo projects provided the soundtrack to the drive.  The song Last Chance on the Stairway came on and many of the lyrics captured my attention despite it being a song that I have known for over thirty years.  Lines like, “caught in a landslide,” “the party runs on all night,” “I don’t even know what you’re drinking..” all reminded me of touring.

The traveling from place to place, going from show to show, enjoying drinks and parties in different cities all work together to create the landslide for me.  There is no time really to think, to question much.  You just got to go to move on to what is next.  Now, this tour allowed us more time to think than most.  We didn’t have to leave for our next destination immediately following a show as we had days, in between shows at times, which was nice.  Despite the extra time, I still had the same feeling of being pushed along due to the forces of nature, or in our case, the Duran Duran force.

Now, I’m sure that there are many people who wouldn’t like that feeling.  Heck, I’m surprised that I do considering that I often like to control…well…quite a bit.  I do enough planning before to give me a sense of control, but then I try to just let the tour take me.  As soon as Rhonda and I meet up during a tour, it doesn’t take long for the vortex to pull us in as drinks and laughter start to flow.  The real world occasionally tries to bring us out with national or world events.  Sometimes, our families try to bring us back to reality with messages or less-than-thrilled attitudes.  The pull of touring, though, is strong and most of those attempts don’t work until our tour is over.

With every tour, the end always feels abrupt despite usually having some time after the last show to get ready to rejoin the real world.  This time, we had a whole day to drive from Toronto to Chicago to get ourselves back into real life mode.  Yet, I still felt the change immediately upon dropping Rhonda off at the airport.  The end.  Over.  I thought I wouldn’t notice it as much since I’ll be flying to her neck of the woods in nine days for the second leg.  I did, though.  I felt it even with the very best of circumstances for me.  I do have more touring to come.  I don’t have to work this week (or today, which is usually what I have to do the day after I return from touring).

I do feel some level of contentment sitting in my own living room, after having gotten quite a bit of sleep in my own bed.  I loved being able to pet my cat and I prefer not living out of a suitcase, but part of me that truly loves being in that touring vortex, that landslide where I don’t think too much, where I just feel and experience, where fun and good times are the focus.  While I know that this week will be spent getting things together from when I was gone and gearing up for the next leg, I know that, somehow, I need to prepare myself emotionally for that next time I am pulled from the touring landslide.  That time won’t represent just a break in between legs of a tour, but probably the beginning of a long touring drought.


4 thoughts on “Caught in a Landslide”

  1. I feel exactly the same way. I saw them at The Bowl, then spent two months wondering about the summer tour, then got caught up in the flurry and frenzy of securing those tickets. Then the long wait. Then a surprise show in L.A. in May. Which seemed to make the wait for July even longer.

    Now I’m looking forward to 4 shows in 7 days, then a break until September. That rush of those 4 shows is so hard to explain to someone who isn’t into this band. It’ll make the wait for the 2 shows in September seem even longer, and once they’re over…..ugh.

    And we know this band. They’re on the high of touring, but they’ll want to get into the studio soon….which means 2-3 years (if we’re lucky) before the next tour.

    So all of that was simply to say “I totally get it.”


  2. I’m always sad when my little string of shows ends. I’m so looking forward to the end of this month, but I can tell I already want more. I was listening to Northern Lights earlier,  and this little section of lyrics perfectly sums up how I feel when I see the band on tour:

    “I am a signal somewhere in your bliss
    So do you hear, do you hear my wish?

    You coming down now… from there?
    You coming round now… to share?
    You got a thing that…
    I care, I care about, I care about”

    They are my happiness signal!

    1. First, thank you for giving it one more try to post this comment!! Second, I like the idea that the band is a “happiness signal”! 🙂 -A

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