Cause Maybe We Have More Play Time Than Money

Last week, I introduced the idea of lyric day created by using shuffle to find a Duran related song then lyric to use as a blog starter.  Basically, the idea is that I would press shuffle on what music device is closest to pick out a Duran related song.  From there, I would search the lyrics to find a line that grabs me.  Then, I would write a blog based on what thoughts popped into my mind from that lyric.

This week, when I pressed shuffle the first Duran related song that came up was an Arcadia song, Election Day, to be specific.  My first thought was to blog about the line, “She’s moody and grey.  She’s mean and she’s restless.”  After all, I might resemble that remark but it also seemed too predictable.  Boring.  I don’t want that.  Thus, I chose the lyric, “Cause maybe we have more play time than money.”  This line is one that always catches my attention when I listen to it.  It reminds me of the differences between fandom as a kid and fandom as an adult.

When I first became a Duranie, I was very young (8!).  My fandom was simple then, in many ways.  It involves listening to the records over and over again.  Similarly, it included watching MTV as much as possible for any possible video viewing.  Many Friday nights were spent in my family’s “toy room” on the fold out couch watching Friday Night Videos with my best friend.  Fandom then meant simple consumption.  It was about listening, watching and buying.  What I was buying included the usual 1980s memorabilia.  I bought a lot of magazines.  I saved up money for thicker books like “The Book of Words” and “Sing Blue Silver”.  Christmas and birthday lists featured random Duran related items like the Into the Arena board game or Duran Duran pajamas.  My fan community was very super small.  Basically, it was me and my best friend.  We encouraged each other’s fandom by listening and watching together.  Likewise, we shared purchases with each other and tried to find the cooler items.  As kids, we had a lot more playtime than money and money is what we really wanted for our fandom.

Now, as an adult, my fandom is expressed way differently than my kid fandom.  I still like Duran merchandise, of course.  It is a good time and a good night if I’m able to spend it listening or watching Duran but that is rare.  No, my fandom now has to do with writing, like this blog, for example.  Traveling and going to shows is another significant part of how I express my fandom.  Like my childhood fandom, money is still involved.  Now, I have more money to buy those little Duran related items but there is not much of that around.  I often have some money saved up for shows but…there is a lot of time in which there are no shows to go to.  In many cases, that is just as well since I always have a long to do list.  So, now, that lyric feels like the opposite.  I have more money than playtime especially during the school year.

When shows happen, I try my best to squeeze in a show or two depending on when and where they are.  They are simply squeezed in to a super busy existence.  As a kid I focused on money and the cost of what I wanted in terms of my Duranieness.  Now, of course, money is important to get what I want but I also need the playtime and that does not always exist for me.

What about the rest of you?  Which is a bigger deal in terms of your fandom:  money or playtime?


2 thoughts on “Cause Maybe We Have More Play Time Than Money”

  1. Wow… let’s say when I was a teen I did spend money on magazines, posters and memorabilia stuff
    As an adult, I’m investing money on original albums, on books by them or about them, on the pledge campaigns I’m interested in.
    Playtime has been during both of my ages.

  2. I totally agree. When we’re kids we had more play time than money. I was lucky enough to see loads of cool artists as a kid. Two of my older brothers insisted upon a musical education for me and took me to loads of concerts.

    This developed a taste for music and I listened to a lot. I started my 12″ collection at 14 and I’ve never looked back. My favourite record store guy seemed to be able to get hold of anything.

    As an adult, I’ve still managed to maintain buying albums and going to concerts. Memorabilia is fairly easy to find online and I never go past a record store without going in. After all, you just never know what they’ve gotten hold of that upon discovery you realise you can’t live without.

    For a long while I had more money than playtime but I still managed to catch shows. I’m fortunate enough now to have as much playtime as I want as I choose when I work. This is helpful when you want to do something like see all five Duran Duran concerts at Wembley Arena or follow R.E.M. around the country. So now, my playtime is back to the levels of my childhood,but the money is a lot better than my after school job of a milk round.

    We need to work to exist. But if we don’t get to live and have fun, then what’s the point of it all? The wants are sometimes as important as the needs. Even more importantly, I have provided my son with his musical education and taken him to loads of concerts and thus far he’s loving it. The highlight was him and I invited backstage at R.E.M. and getting photos and invited to the after-party. It was a school night so naughty Mike Mills! My son, Roger, named after a certain drummer from Birmingham, actually got to chat to his namesake at a signing session.

    Music has always been, and always will be, a major component in my life. I’m blessed to have some very special and precious people in my life who also share my passion.

    The playtime with these people is always more important than the money… honey!

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