Changing and Expanding

Over the past several weeks, we have had many people – some well-intentioned, some otherwise, tell Amanda and I that we’re asking a lot of ourselves to come up with a daily blog about the band; or about being fans of this band.

I would agree. It IS a lot to ask ourselves. It never started out to be that way – I loved the name (still do), and at the time we had plenty to write about. More than plenty! There always seemed to be something that would come up.  I knew the time would come when there would be a long dry spell in between albums, and I wondered how we would weather that period, but I figured (as I usually do) that we would cross that bridge when we found it.  We have done far, far better than I would have hoped.

The fact is, this blog is about being a fan…and we are betting that many of you have other interests besides Duran Duran, whether or not they include certain TV shows (I’m a sucker for Sherlock and Scandal myself), other bands (The Killers is near the top of my list), or something else entirely.  As much as Amanda and I have done our due diligence of research on Duran Duran,  I think she’d agree that we’ve likely done far, far more on Fandom itself at this point – something that will likely continue, as will our blogs about being fans.

We recognize that for many of you – your interest with this blog and especially Amanda and I, begins and ends with Duran Duran, and we understand. However, we’ve decided to expand, and as a result we will be throwing other things up for discussion here on a more regular basis from here on out.  Don’t leave yet!  Likely, readers might not notice much difference – except that now I’m making the public announcement that we’re going to be slowly expanding the blog beyond being Duran Duran fans.  We are still kicking around ideas for how that might happen, but there will definitely be a slow evolution taking place. It was never our intention to solely rely on Duran Duran to be the vehicle of our existence. We had always planned to expand in the long term, but it was finding the right time, and both Amanda and I feel that time is near.  That doesn’t mean we’ll leave Daily Duranie behind or that we’ll stop discussing Duran Duran altogether, only that we’ll be expanding our horizons and letting our insanity run wild through other fandoms as well!

This is where our readers – you – come into play.  We obviously want to cover fandoms and topics that you are interested in.  The sky is really the limit here, and we’ll try almost anything once!!  So, I invite you to drop us a line. Let us know what you like.  Tell us what you’d like to read about.  Send us an email:

Additionally, we would like to invite submissions for guest blogs. If you have a particular subject that you’re interested in writing about that has to do with fandom, not necessarily Duran Duran fandom – let’s say you’re a big Harry Potter fan and went to a convention, or you adore Star Trek and even write FILK (songs) – or perhaps you’ve been Sherlocked and want to write all about it, we’re inviting you to write an article and send it to our gmail for submission consideration.  We are pretty open to reading whatever is sent to us, and if we think it’ll fit – we’ll publish it here for all the world to see!

Our guidelines are simply that the article (blog) must be formatted and edited (meaning that it needs to be written in a word processing program of some sort as opposed to sent to us at Facebook, and we ask that you please spell check your work.). Additionally, proper grammar is not only appreciated, it is expected.  Please do not send in submissions that were written as though you’re texting a friend, thank you.  We prefer length to be under 1000 words.  (although if you have an amazing article that is over that amount, we can talk about it)  Daily Duranie has final say over submissions, and we do not pay for publication.

If accepted for publishing, Amanda or I will make contact and request that the author send a small photo and a short 5-6 line bio about themselves for publication. Just as it was back on our blogger site, authors will receive byline credit as well as have a nifty thumbnail photo and bio published with each accepted article.

Change is not easy for any of us, including Amanda and I. It is difficult to know exactly what direction to travel, and we’ve always allowed this blog to sort of evolve organically as opposed to forcing it in one direction or another. We feel as though it’s come to a natural point where it’s time to expand just a little and see how it feels. We hope that many, if not all of our readers, will appreciate some fresh air with what is to come and stick with us for the journey!



8 thoughts on “Changing and Expanding”

  1. Great idea ladies! I think its a natural evolution to this blog, and I think you’ll always be able to anchor yourself to the Duran Duran fandom. I could easily write 1000 words on fan fiction and my writing community (which is a weird hybrid of a writing community/fan site) [NOTE: Not duran-fics] Let me know if this is something that you’d like to feature. (Hey, I know its kind of out there and I understand if you think it might not be your readers’ jam).

    1. I’m going to be brutally honest, Heather. Aside from Duran Duran – we have NO IDEA what our readers might like. None. So, we’re willing to take and try anything. Send us the submission and if it’s good (which I know it will be!), we will gladly print it and probably beg for more.-R

  2. Very exciting news! Will you be changing the name? And will the guest blogs be in addition to the daily DD posts or interspersed? If the latter, what proportion DD to guest blogs will there be? Wishing you the best of luck with this new phase!

    1. Bryony – Amanda and I have talked about the name many, many times. I think the best answer is that we’ll keep going as long as the band keeps going, and for now – other blogs will be interspersed with DD. If they have news or something happens that we want to comment on, Duran Duran will always take precedence, but as I’m sure you’re aware – there are weeks where there has been literally nothing, and if this is to continue for another 10 months, well, we just think we need more to work with.

      As time goes on, we may decide to change things more and have a separate area or page for more pop-culture/other fandom blogs, but for now we’re going to keep it all together here. I have some major concerns about doing this: one of which being that we completely alienate our Duran audience because as we’ve seen in the past – even blogs that reference our own private lives tend to go mostly unread, but we’ll also be doing more outreach into other fandoms and casting a wider net for publicizing anyway, so perhaps we’ll bring in new readers. We’re not sure, but we have to move beyond our comfort zone to continue learning and growing.

      As for your last question about the ratio of DD blogs to other topics or guest blogs – I don’t believe we have one, and I prefer to allow that to unfold over time rather than assign a number. We always hope to have a genuine mix here though, and like I said – Duran still takes precedence. -R

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