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Twitter and facebook have been incredibly crazy places to be lately!  As Rhonda mentioned in a post a few days ago, these sites, particularly twitter, have begun to feel like the old days of message boards where there are a ton of people on, day and night, and that it is VERY challenging to keep up.  In fact, the only way to really do that is to stay signed in at all times.  Why is this?  Well, first, everyone has discovered that everyone else is there.  It is the place to be.  Like the message boards, it is the place to exchange ideas about the band and meet people.  Second, and more interestingly, it is the place where the band members have been interacting with us fans.  It seems that John has been holding a daily chat session with fans where they ask questions and he answers as many as he can.  During those sessions, the fans are not only trying to get their questions answered but also chatting with others about what he said or about the questions asked.  After he leaves, there continues to be some flurry of activity as people react to what they saw/read, publicly, and some behind-the-scenes commenting as well.  A couple of days ago, Rhonda tweeted something about how this was just like being at a bar or club after a show.  Now, I’m not sure how many of our readers have experienced being at a bar or club after a show with a bunch of Duranies and a band member or two but it is quite something and, in many ways, the social interactions are playing out in the same way here in cyberspace as they do in real life.

On the surface level, fans have expressed their joy and excitement over being able to chat with John or Simon.  They get to share this excitement with others who feel the same way.  For some people, this thrill is shared among friends and for others, it is a way of getting to know and becoming friends with other fans.  On this level, everything seems very positive.  No one is being negative about the questions asked (at least not among our followers and the people who follow us) and everyone seems genuinely happy for the people who get their questions answered.  Yet, I worry that this positivity won’t stay or that there is more going on underneath the surface.  For example, are Duranies talking about other Duranies behind the backs, based on their reactions, their questions, or their level of excitement?  I suspect that there are.  Are people paying attention to whose questions are getting answered and whose aren’t?  I bet they are and I bet that some people might be feeling REALLY good about themselves if John has answered multiple questions from them.  They might even be feeling a bit superior because of it.  (Note:  I don’t know this, for sure, but I just saying that it might be a possibility.)  Then, there is the actual interaction between the fans and the band members.

In real life, I find being in the same location as the band and the fans to be fascinating.  At times, I have felt like everyone has been really respectful of each other and the band members.  At other times, I have felt this sort of dog-eat-dog mentality where some fans just push other fans out of the way in order to get more time with the guys.  I have seen people give Nick or Roger or whomever their space and I have seen other times when they did not appear to have much, if any.  Do I know if this bothers them?  Nope.  I don’t.  I am just saying that I have observed a spectrum of behavior.  I am wondering if I am not seeing similar types of behavior taking place online.  Are some fans trying to get as much time as possible with the guys?  Sure.  Am I blaming them?  Not really.  I understand that desire because I have it, too.  Do I think they are trying to push other fans out of their way?  I don’t really know.  It is possible, I guess.  Even if they are, is it malicious?  Maybe, for some, but, I doubt it.  Nonetheless, I am concerned.

I, like every Duran fan who has been witnessing or participating in these little chats via twitter, want them to continue.  I LOVE being able to ask John or Simon questions and have them respond.  I LOVE that they seem to care about what we think and want to interact with us.  That said, I want to keep it positive, for all of us fans and for the band.  I don’t want this to turn into a means of gaining status within the community.  I also want us fans to always be respectful and considerate of each other and of them.  We need to remember to share and to give space.  Then, I think it can remain as fun and as exciting as it has been so far!  If not, I fear that they won’t last.  Some fans will stop logging in and participating and maybe the band will stop as well.  If so, that would hurt all of us. 


6 thoughts on “Chats with Band Members”

  1. Amanda, I think you were far kinder on this topic than I might have been. My actual comment on Friday night was that the tweeting sessions with John are like after parties with the band present at a hotel bar, except I don't end up having alcohol spilled on me. Of course in saying that, I *do* have to be careful not to spit whatever I'm drinking at the time at the computer screen at times after having read some of the more “creative” questions that come across. (that's me being kind..and sarcastic…at the same time.)

    That said, I do sit back in amazement, and embarrassment at times. Not because I'm fascinated by the sheer number of people that still love Duran Duran or John Taylor so much (which in and of itself is really remarkable after 30 years!) – but instead due to lack of filter that some of my fellow fans have in asking the questions that they do. Even more curious is that no matter what time I go on twitter, day or night – I will find most of the same fans on twitter. Kind of like those old message board days! 🙂 -R

  2. LOL
    ok, I have followed you (daily duranie) on Twitter and we just became friends on Facebook because I just LOVE your input and everything you have shared and expressed with us Duranies. I have to completely agree with everything you've said here and on Twitter. I've never had the chance, not back in the 80s and not even now, to interact with the guys quite like what we have now since John joined Twitter and Facebook. As a matter of fact, I've been following Simon since he first opened his Twitter account but he was nowhere near as active as he is now.

    I was particularly surprised that John even opened up his own accounts considering that back in November 2009, John clearly stated he had no intention of opening up any sort of social network account. If anything, he criticized how being so available to fans lessened the intrigue and mystery of the artist. I'm not sure what changed his mind, but it's definitely played to OUR benefit.

    I do appreciate how precious it is to have these two on Twitter and Facebook sharing their lives with us. I think it played a huge role in the popularity and success of AYNIN. I do hope other fans appreciate this and not chase them away. I'm hoping to also Nick and Roger on Twitter as well, as long as things go well with John and Simon.

    Great place you have here by the way 🙂

    Gina Candy O Taylor on Facebook and Twitter

  3. Hi Gina and thanks for taking the time to comment! I really hope that all of the guys will feel comfortable enough to have twitter accounts – but just as every Duranie has their own interests, I'm sure the guys do as well, and it may just be that not all of them have the same level of interest in the internet….I really don't know. It took me quite a while to learn to appreciate Twitter. (and even then, I would say I have a like for it at this point. Kind a reasonable amount of respect rather than being good friends. Ha ha) I think it's really exciting to be able to interact with the band, I only wish that we could get past some of the ridiculous line of questioning. It's funny that even for as long as some of us have been fans, there's still a tendency to just go completely crazy when the band is around. It'd be nice to get past that and have real conversations. Just my opinion though, of course. -R

  4. I was genuinly upset by so called fans calling me names after I got a reply from question was called stupid (and other things).how so called fans could be so mean is beyond me

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