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Last night after being questioned about the Chicago date, Duran Duran’s facebook status was updated to say that the Chicago show was on the continuing All You Need is Now tour but that they still had some details to work out with the promoters for that show.  I, of course, found it interesting that they did come to confirm that this date and location were true and to give an explanation as to why the information was not provided by them.  What was more interesting than that, however, as a student of fandom was the reaction from other fans.  Obviously, the reaction varied from excitement to frustration to disbelief.
Many fans were excited by this news of a date in Chicago in August.  Of course, the fans that are close to Chicago were overjoyed as were other fans that might be able to travel to the show.  The other group of people who seemed thrilled with this news are other US fans who now know that they are, for sure, coming back to the States and when.  For those fans, they want to know the rest of the dates and they want to know them yesterday!  Obviously, this Chicago date wasn’t released by Duran and the only reason the information got out was because the venue itself shared it.  August is still a long way off, a full five months away, in fact.  I get why people want the dates, though.  People want to plan.  For some people, this planning might be as simple as I need to know to ask for this date off.  For others, it might be to avoid dates for a vacation.  Still, others want to know to figure out what dates they can and will attend.  What will be interesting now that we have one date are how quickly the other dates, no matter how many or how few there are, will be released in some fashion.  Will Duran headquarters feel it necessary to speed up the process in order to control what gets out, when?  I don’t know.  I guess for those of us who are waiting for the rest of the dates, we can only hope.
Other fans used the opportunity to talk about their neck of the woods.  People commented on the status update to request shows in their location.  Some of these locations included big cities and some included smaller places or places that Duran has never played at.  Some people even suggested specific venues or dates.  Of course, many European fans were thinking about their part of the world and wondered why they haven’t received any information regarding shows there, especially since they are supposed to be happening in the summer and many were rescheduled shows from last summer.  I can understand this feeling.  If I was in Europe, I, too, would want to know the dates.  After all, everyone has to plan!  That said, I hope that they realize that the release of this US date had nothing to do with the band or their team.  It got out because of the venue.  Now, if they want to complain about the lack of dates to Europe or how they seem to be taking a long time with that in general, I totally get that!  Complain away as I’m not sure what is taking so long with those dates! 
The European fans were not the only fans to voice negative reactions.  Obviously, there are many other parts of the world that don’t have any shows to look forward to, no matter when they are announced.  Many of the fans in that situation were gracious, though, and expressed happiness for American fans.  Yet, many American fans did not seem happy, including some located in or near Chicago.  Complaints about the venue were heard.  Now, for all of the venues I have been to in Chicago, believe it or not, but I have never been to the Ravinia.  Thus, I cannot speak about the venue.  It may be a bad choice or not.  I don’t know.  Some of the criticism I saw included that the people who attend shows there are “snobby”.  Others said there are many areas in the venue where you cannot actually see the stage.  Some did not like that it would be outside.  Suggestions about other venues were made.  I can appreciate making suggestions, but this appears to be definite since the venue and many news outlets have reported this.  Duran isn’t going to change it.  Nonetheless, while reading these reactions, I cannot help but to think of the other group of fans I mentioned earlier, the fans that get no shows.  None.  Zero.  I suspect that they wouldn’t complain about the venue or location if they got even one show that they could go to.  Likewise, I’m sure that the European fans would love to have some show to plan for, no matter where it was.  At the same time, I can understand those fans that are unhappy with the venue or date.  The date isn’t great for me, either, as I’m required to be at work the next day.  A week earlier or a weekend would have made a big difference for me.  However, I do understand and acknowledge that there are fans that do not have this opportunity so I should appreciate what I have.  I have to put myself in their shoes for awhile. 
The last kind of reaction I saw was disbelief.  People doubted it because it didn’t come from Duran headquarters.  Even when they confirmed the date and location, people still question it since there was a statement made about details to work out.  Could the date fall through?  Sure.  Anything is possible.  We have learned that.  Yet, this date and location seems locked in and I bet those details are ones that we won’t even see or hear about. 
The varied reaction among Duranies tells me a lot.  It tells me that we have been doing this for a long time.  It tells me that the Duran machine isn’t always good about sharing information.  It tells me that when a show is announced, we almost all struggle to look beyond ourselves and our own wants and situations. It tells me that really not all fans are going to be happy at the same time.  It tells me that as crazy as yesterday was in Duranland, it is still the same old Duranland!

7 thoughts on “Chicago Date Reactions!”

  1. I've been to Ravinia a couple times, but I only had lawn tickets, and it's true you cannot see the stage from parts of the lawn. There are speakers set up so you can hear the music, but it's very much a wine & cheese picnic environment and it does attract a more “upscale” audience. Some people go ALL OUT with their food & drink, and it's almost like the music is an afterthought. Being a big Duran fan I'd have to say if I can't get a pavilion seat I probably won't bother going at all. Also, Ravinia donors get first shot at pavilion tickets. I don't know what percentage of Ravinia donors want to go see Duran Duran, but odds are the best seats will already be purchased by the time we can get to them. Unless DDM has some reserved, I have no idea. Probably not. I'm not counting on it. The tickets go on sale for the general public at the end of April, so I'm sure that's why the calendar has been announced so far ahead of time.

  2. Just now learning that this is an outdoor venue I'm wondering if most US shows to be scheduled this summer will all be outdoor. They did this during the RCM tour if I'm not mistaken. I prefer indoor venues but at this point, I'd be happy with a show anywhere.

  3. I saw DD in concert for the “Wedding Album” tour in 1993 at Blossom Music Center, a similar venue to the Ravinia. I was so grateful to be there that it didn't matter to me that I was sitting in the grass, it rained cats and dogs while we stayed under a blanket not wanting to miss a minute of our first DD concert.
    What is lacking at Blossom, and perhaps at the Ravinia, is the technology that one has access to in a club, arena, and so forth. There were no monitors for us to see the band. We had to squint and it was a different flavor of concert….the lawn, the wine and cheese catered to go crowd. Not the jumping up and down, singing every song concert like I have attended in the 80's (Synchronicity and Serious Moonlight tours), or even the AYNIN concert I attended in October, Cleveland.
    So how the heck are they gonna pull off the kind of show DD is known for in this type of environment? The stage production would not fit a venue like Blossom or Merriweather Post Pavillion; I imagine the Ravinia would be similar. I know they were in Chicago after Cleveland and don't want to go back to the same venue. But I can't for the life of me envision this.

  4. From what I have heard, the donors are blacked out for this show. Thus, there will be more tickets available than a typical show there. As for DDM, it will be interesting to see what if any they can reserve. It might be the best way to get decent tickets.


  5. The donors are blacked out as far as that they don't have their normal season tickets for this show. That said, donors were given the opportunity to buy tickets earlier than the general public. I've been told by my sister (whose friend is a Ravinia donor) that tickets were available as of Thursday or Friday. (I've lost track of days…but it was one of those!) I don't know if maybe the box office only had certain sections available for purchase or what though. I mean, it's very possible that they've set aside enough for a DDM presale, you know? -R

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