Confessions of a Duran Duran Fan Podcast Episode

I love when people send me links or information about something Duran Duran related.  This week a friend of mine sent me information about a podcast called, The Mortified Podcast:  Share the Shame.  Apparently, this is a weekly podcast that features storytelling in which adults share embarrassing pieces from their childhoods.  This particular episode (75) focused on being a Duran fan.  I can relate to that title.  My friend said that it was “hilarious”.  I could not wait to listen and assured her that I would be covering it here.  Before I dive into what I thought, has anyone listened to this podcast?  What did you think?

Right away, it was off to a good start with a little “remember the 1980s?  The music that is playing in your head is Duran Duran.”  Indeed.  Then, they go on to say that it wasn’t just the sound of the band that created the 1980s but also the look and the attitude.  Sigh.  So true.  Then, there is a mention about how fans weren’t just in love with the lead singer but also that bass player.  Now, I am finding myself really relating as I, too, fell in love with John Taylor then!  Apparently, this podcast episode focused on two female fans.


She introduced her story by talking about her school experiences and how Duran Duran and John Taylor helped her get through.  She goes on to read from her diary in 1984 where she stated that she was devoted to loving Rob Lowe and Duran Duran.  After buying Seven and the Ragged Tiger, she wrote about how much she loved John Taylor even though she had never met him.  (As I listened, I could see my diary being very, very similar….)  She commented that she had liked him for almost a year (which must be a record)!  Ah…to be that young.

She goes on to talk about getting tickets to their concert and hoping that her dad could get her into rehearsal (ha!).  From there, maybe, John would talk to her and she could invite him over.  Likewise, she considered using a boy at school who liked her as practice for John Taylor.  I think you probably get that this is absolutely hilarious!  I particularly enjoyed the story of the concert where she was given a stuffed animal that had landed on stage…not by John but by a roadie but still, he could have touched it!

Julie Ann:

Like Dana before, Julie Ann turned to MTV and music to escape.  In her case, it wasn’t school but her parents’ divorce.  This of course became an obsession with Duran Duran, which included writing fantasy stories with her best friend.  She read one of these.

The basic gist of this story was that the main character’s parents died and she ran into John Taylor (whose father had a mild heart attack).  He was clearly interested so asked her out.  They formed such a connection that the band insisted that she move in with them (after one day!) but…there was a complication.  Simon liked her, too!  Then, something horrible happened to John!  Oh, the drama!!  Never fear, Duranies, it ends on a happy note!

This podcast was simply enjoyable as heck.  Both women were great storytellers.  Part of me always worries that when stories of teenage fans are released that people will use those to diminish or dismiss female teenage fans or former teenage fans.  After all, neither one of these women shared anything about the music.  Instead, they chose to focus on John and the other band members and their looks.  This could lead people to assume that they only liked them for their appearance.  But people are dumb.  Female teenage fans could have loved John for how he looked and how he played.  If they had focused on the music, it just wouldn’t have been as funny.  Simple as that.  Sometimes, it is also good to laugh at ourselves and the silliest part of ourselves.  So, I highly recommend this little podcast if you would like to laugh at yourself former teenage self and fellow fans!


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