Contest Wishes

The other day I ran across a contest being offered by Depeche Mode.  While I am a fan of Depeche’s, I wouldn’t consider applying to any contest in order for big Depeche fans to do so.  That said, I still had to look at.  What were the requirements to participate?  What did people win?  Would this be good for Duran to do or are there better ideas out there?

Here is what the post on Facebook said:

Here’s your exclusive opportunity to WIN 2 tickets + a backstage meet & greet with Depeche Mode at any show on the upcoming European tour ==> 

The band will fly you and a friend to the European city of your choice, invite you to a pre-show meet & greet, and you’ll get a backstage tour! Hotel and airfare? That’s covered, too! It will be a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience you won’t want to miss.

To get entered to WIN, just donate $10 to charity: water using the link below. They’re raising funds to help provide clean and safe water to millions of people in need all over the world. So far, they’ve helped over 7 million gain access to drinking water which greatly affects health, education and other opportunities.

Hurry, you only have a limited amount of time to enter! Donate today ==>

Okay.  I like that in order to be entered into the contest, one must simply donate $10 to this charity.  It is a good way for a band/artist to raise money for something that they care about.  Duran could do this kind of thing for the Road to Recovery organization, for example.  What I am unsure of is how often people can donate.  If you donate $20, does that mean that you have two chances to win?  I would assume so, which makes sense.  If the band is trying to get as much money as possible for the cause, then this would encourage multiple donations.  On the same token, I hate when contests become all about who has the most money.  This means a lot of fans don’t really have a chance.  Another thing I like about the contest, though, is that it is not about having a skill or the ability to do something other than a simple donation.
As for what fans can win, this seems to me to be a pretty great package!  The winner gets two tickets to a show of the person’s choice, a backstage meet and greet, hotel and airfare.  I know that I would love a contest like this for Duran.  Then, I think back to that multiple donation equals multiple chances to win.  Wouldn’t it be better to give the fan who does not have the money to travel the win?  Yet, if this contest is done with the idea being that the more money spent equals the more likelihood of a win, that takes those fans out of the picture.
I just think it would be nice once in awhile for fans who don’t have many opportunities because of their financial situation to be able to have a chance.  I know that there Duranies, for example, who have won contests, auctions, etc. because they are willing and able to do so.  I don’t criticize them.  Good for them.  After all, if I had more money, I would do the same.  I do know, though, that there are a lot of fans who don’t get much or don’t get to do much because of their circumstances.  Some people reading this might say that we have gotten to do a lot, which is very true.  We have flown for shows, for example.  Does it mean that I wouldn’t want an opportunity?  That I think I should sacrifice myself to give others a chance?  Probably, I should.  In reality, though, I would want to win if Duran offered something like this.  I guess, I just think there should be a limit as to how much/how many times people could enter the contest.  I like the idea of a more even playing field where everyone has the same chance.  I would also hope that for this contest, serious Depeche fans are donating to have a chance.  I wouldn’t want people who just like Depeche to win. I would want someone who loves Depeche to win.  Likewise, if Duran did something like this, I would hope it would go to a Duranie and not someone who just saw the post and thought it would be cool.
What do the rest of you think?  Is this a contest that Duran should mirror?  What do you think of the winnings?  What do you think about how people enter it?  If you were to design a contest for Duran, what would it look like?

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