Convention Prep Leads to Alcoholic Consumption

Well, at least, convention prep does that to us.  If you have been reading this blog, you probably knew that already.  We are fun, like that.  Yesterday was a pretty long day for me.  In fact, I was up for 23.5 hours before calling it a day.  It started out slightly strange with me finishing packing the last minute items and dropping my very spoiled feline off at his grandparents house (aka my parents who have a cat tree for him there and everything!).  Then, work lasted forever.  Just forever.  You all know what that feels like when you are just antsy and can’t wait to get out of somewhere.  Finally, I was on the road and arrived in the beautiful city of Chicago for a little Durandemonium at about 5:30.  After picking up a couple of people from California, including that partner-in-crime of mine, we headed to the hotel to unload a ton of boxes.  I looked like I was moving into the hotel or, to Chicago.  In all honesty, this van was packed the night before with some help from my parents.  I really needed my mom’s visual-spatial skills to figure out how everything was going to fit and, in such a way that I would still be able to see!  After all, I’m not used to driving their van or any van for that matter!  Anyway, once we arrived at downtown Chicago, the convention committee went to work.  We had to unload the boxes on to 3 luggage carts and haul them up to our floor.

From there,  we organized and re-organized, separating boxes into things that need to be completed and things that didn’t need to be completed as well as things for Friday and things for Saturday.  To say that this was a bit of a challenge in our hotel room with limited space is an understatement.  Then, we finished some tasks for games.  As our convention attendees know, there are games during registration and games on Saturday.  I, personally, can’t wait to play with my new Duranie friends!  We completed some tasks for registration and then we went to work in an assembly line fashion to put everyone’s registration materials together!  Of course, in true Daily Duranie fashion, we ordered some pizza and enjoyed some of the Amalfi Hotel’s famous cocktails!  When you work hard, you deserve some treats, right?  That’s what Rhonda and I figured!  Here we are with the first drink of the weekend and definitely not the last of the night!  I was impressed by how easily the convention committee worked and how quickly and easily we completed our tasks.  In fact, we were so good that we finished with time to go out!  Just like I had hoped!  After all, we are here to have fun, too!

We were ready to go out and have some fun by a little after 11.  Perfect.  A few of us from the convention committee along with some attendees headed over to NEO.  It is a little club in the back of an alleyway that I just adore.  It is tiny, dark and a relaxed atmosphere.  People are casual and friendly.  Everyone is welcome and feels comfortable.  Even better, Thursday night’s is their retro night!  How very fitting!  Within twenty minutes of us walking in there, guess who might have been played?!  Yeah, that’s right.  Duran Duran with my personal favorite, Planet Earth.  Do you think they sensed that we were there?!  From then on, I don’t think I left the dance floor more than twice!  I danced and danced and knew pretty much every single song that they played.  It was great!  The crowd was fun, too, with some more interesting characters and moments that don’t need to be remembered.  Rhonda and I talked to this one guy at the bar who asked how we all knew each other since we had many states represented and none of them were Illinois.  We tried to explain that we were all Duran fans and that we had met at previous conventions or at shows.  I don’t know that he ever really understood!  I had a ton of fun with my friends as we were all dancing and singing along.  At one point, I sort of took it all in and thought about that line that is often repeated in John’s book.  The music never sounded better.  I think I might utter that line a few more times over the weekend.


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