In 2012, fellow Duran Duran fans would approach us at our meet-ups and ask when we were going to have a convention. Typically we’d would look at one another and laugh it off. “A CONVENTION?!? Are you nuts?!?  Those are a lot of work!  There is simply no way we could do something like that.”  Then we’d would go back to talking about the band.  All the while, both of us contemplated the possibility in their heads. (Perhaps Rhonda more than Amanda at that point…)

After coming back from another fantastic road trip to see the band in the Southeast United States, we started really considering the idea.  A convention would be a great way to keep the fan base active while the band went into the studio to record their next album, and besides – we didn’t want the party to end. Conventions are a wonderful way to spend time with fellow fans, strengthening friendships, celebrating the very thing that brought us all together to begin with, but ultimately it’s about cultivating relationships and bonding as a community.  We had a definite idea of what kind of a convention we wanted to attend, so it was a matter of putting that vision into reality.

So for the next year, we organized a committee of volunteers, and worked very hard to bring Durandemonium – our special name for the conventions we hold for Duran Duran fans – to fruition. In October of 2013, we held the very first Durandemonium in Chicago IL at the Hotel Amalfi.  The types of activities appealed to Duranies – everything from Duran Duran themed ice breakers and games to a special theater screening of A Diamond in the Mind, a beautiful banquet held at Harry Caray’s restaurant, and even an after party (What is a Duran Duran fan gathering without an afterparty? We learned from the best, you know!) at Late Bar, a local 80s alternative music late night hot-spot for dancing.  

Below is the slideshow that was created and shown at Durandemonium 2013.  Fans from all over the world sent in photos to be included. You might even recognize some of the background music…

Naturally, our plan is for these events to continue…so stay tuned, because you just never know when the next one will pop up, bigger and better than ever.

Until then…enjoy some of the images from Durandemonium 2013: The Music Between Us

8 thoughts on “Conventions”

    1. Hi Raju,

      There are a few different people who plan meet-ups for fans. In our case, we do conventions named Durandemonium, and meet ups when the band is touring. We are planning a convention for this year, but I don’t think the convention will be in the NYC area. If that should change though – we’ll announce it here for sure. As for any other groups, I haven’t heard anything, but that could change once the band becomes more active, and if so we’ll gladly pass on the word.


  1. Marisa Hernandez: hi Amanda and Rhonda ! Do you know if you’ll have a convention in Pheoinx Arizona?if so that would be durantastic!

    1. Hi Marisa! Right now, we don’t have any plans for a convention there but you never know where we might have one in the future! 🙂 -A

  2. Hi Amanda and Rhonda are your conventions only for adults ? Its because I’m ……… 14 years old 🙂 dd4life

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